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"Linguists of the Year" Awards

úterý 21. prosince 2010.

Dear colleagues,

Among the various initiatives undertaken in favour of the language industry worldwide, the Inttranet™ "Linguists of the Year" Awards are of particular interest.

The Prize, awarded in 2010 for the 6th time, recognises the struggle - and sometimes the personal sacrifice - of linguists both alive and dead who have been the focus for media attention during the past year, and have increased public awareness of the importance of linguists and languages as a result.

Nominees are selected and the winner elected by the members of the Inttranet™, the global network of professional interpreters and translators, and by the readers of Inttranews™, the network’s daily news bulletin, read by linguists in more than 140 countries and syndicated by over 200 translation associations, companies and academic institutes.

The winner of the Awards is invited to donate the cash prize to a charity association of their choosing.

We invite you to demonstrate the same generosity of spirit as the linguists nominated for the Awards, and participate by making a donation, for a value of your choice, to the charity of your choice.

In exchange for your donation, your logo will be displayed for one year on the Inttranet™ "Linguists of the Year" Awards website, and benefit from the growing media coverage attracted by the prize (23 articles on the Awards were published in as many countries in 2009).

You may also indicate in your communication that you are participating in the Inttranet™ "Linguists of the Year" Awards, and indicate the total amount of the donations we have raised for charity.

To participate in the Inttranet™ "Linguists of the Year" Awards, please visit:


With our thanks in advance for your support, we remain,

Yours sincerely,

Malcolm Duff
Chief Editor, Inttranews