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Vícejazyčný slovník lékařských zkratek používaných v lékových studiích

sobota 23. července 2011.

0 (Eng) not present; no abnormality

+/- (Eng) uncertain/equivocal

+ (Eng) present; noted

++ (Eng) present significantly

+++ (Eng) present in excess

+ve (Eng) positive

= (Eng) equivalent to

1-0-1 (Ger) twice daily (b.i.d.), morning and evening

1-1-1 (Ger) three times daily (t.i.d.)

1/12 (Eng) for one month

1/52 (Eng) for one week

1-B (Eng) 1-benzylimidazole

1. rl. (Dan) første reservelæge

2DE (Eng) two-dimensional echocardiography

2D-TEE (Eng) two-dimensional transoesophageal echocardiography

2PCR (Eng) PCR-baseret assay (kolorektal)

2/2 (Eng) secondary to

3 (Eng) OK; satisfactory

3-GE (Ger) Dreigefäßerkrankung

3TC () lamivudine

5-ASA (Eng) 5-amino-salicylic acid

5-AZ (Eng) 5-azacytidine

5-FU (Eng) 5-fluorouracil

5-HT (Eng) 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin)

6-MP (Dan) 6-mercaptopurin

6-TG (Eng) 6-thioguanine

18FDG (Dan) 18F-fluorodeoxyglukose

25-OHD (Dan) 25-hydroxyvitamin

a (Eng) arterial

A&Ox3 (Eng) alert and oriented x 3 (to time, place, person)

A (Eng) alveolar

Aa (Latin) Actinobacillus actinomycetem comitans

AA (Dan) acetabularindeks angel

A/a (Eng) alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient

aa (Latin) arteriae

AA (Dan) arbejdsbetinget astma

AAA (Dan) abdominal aortaaneurisme

AAB (Fr) abdomen à blanc

AABR (Eng) auditory brainstem response audiometry

AAC (Eng) antibiotic-associated colitis

AACc (Eng) American Association of Clinical Chemists

AAD (Ital) alloxazina-adenina dinucleotide

AaDO2 (Eng) alveoli-arterial oxygen difference

AaDO21.0 (Eng) alveolar-arterial O2 difference at FIO2 1.0

AAE (Eng) acquired angioedema

AAF (Eng ) aminoallantoic fluid

AAFB (Eng) alcohol-acid fast bacilli

AAG (Fr) asthma aigu grave

aa g (Latin) ana gram (same, stated number of g of each substance)

AAI (Fr) anticorps anti-insuline

AAL (Eng) anterior axillary line

AAM (Span) anticuerpos antimitocondriales

AAMI (Eng) Age-Associated Memory Impairment

AAN (Fr) anticorps antinucléaires

AAP (Eng) alanine aminopeptidase

AAPS (Eng) American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

aa pts g (Latin) ana partes gram (stated number of g of mixure, consisting of equal parts of each substance)

AAR (Ital) acido-alcool resistente

AAS (Eng) atomic absorption spectroscopy/spectrometry

AASP (Eng) Advanced Automated Sample Processor (Varian)

AAST (Eng) American Association for the Surgery of Trauma

AAT (Eng) Aachen Aphasia Test

AATE (Dutch) aminoadenosine triacide ester

AAU (Eng) acute anterior uveitis

AAM (Span) anticuerpos antimitocondriales

AAV (Eng) adeno-associated virus

A&B (Eng) appearance and behaviour

AB (Dan) alternativ behandling

Ab (Eng) antibody

Åb (Swe) återbesök

A&B (Eng) appearance and behaviour

ABC (Eng) airway, breathing, circulation

ABCD (Eng) age, blood pressure, clinical features, duration of symptoms

abd. (Ger) abdominal

Abd. (Dan) abdomen

ABD (Eng) abdomen

ABDI (Span) abdomen blando depresible e indoloro

ABE (Eng) acute bacterial endocarditis

ABEH (Span) aparente buen estado de hidratación

ABEN (Span) aparente buen estado nutricional

ABEn (Port) Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem

ABEP (Eng) auditory brainstem-evoked potential

ABFP (Eng) abdominal blood flow pattern

ABG (Eng) arterial blood gas(es) (“sats”)

ABHI (Eng) Association of British Health-Care Industries

ABI (Eng) ankle-brachial index

Abl. I, II, III (Ger) Ableitung I, II, III (cardiology)

ABM (Dan) akut bakteriel meningitis

ABMT (Dutch) autologe beenmergtransplantatie

ABO (Eng) [system of classifying blood groups]

ABP (Eng) androgen binding protein

ABPA (Dan) allergisk bronkopulmonal aspergillose

ABPI (Eng) Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

ABPM (Eng) ambulatory blood presure monitoring

ABR (Dutch) algemeen beoordelings- en registratieformulier

ABS (Eng) acrylonitrile/butadiene/styrene

ABU (Eng) asymptomatic bacteriuria

ABVD (Eng) doxorubin, bleomycin, vinblastine, dacarbazine

ABW (Eng) actual body weight

ABX (Eng) antibiotics

Ac (Fr) anticorps

ac (Ital) anticorpi

AC (Dan) akalkuløs kolecystit

Ac (Fr) anticorps

ac (Latin) ante cibum (= before meals)

ACA (Eng) active cutaneous anaphylaxis

ACAN (Fr) anticorps anti-nucléaire

ACAS (Eng) asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis study

ACAT (Fr) acyl-CoA cholesterol acyltransférase

ACB (Eng) aorto-coronary bypass

ACBG (Dutch) Agentschap College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen

ACBP (Eng) aorto-coronary bypass

AcBU (Fr) accord bon usage des soins

ACBUS (Fr) Accord de Bon Usage des Soins

ACC (Dan) acetylCoA carboxylase

ACCP (Eng) American College of Chest Physicians

ACD (Eng) absolute cardiac dullness

ACE (Dutch) angiotensine-converterend-enzym

ACEi (Eng) ACE inhibitor

ACEP (Eng) American College of Emergency Physicians

ACFA (Fr) arythmie complete avec fibrillation auriculaire

ACG (Eng) angiocardiogram, angiocardiography

AcG (Eng) accelerator globulin

ACh (Fr) acétylcholine

ACI (Latin) arteria carotida interna

ACGIH (Eng) American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

Ach (Eng) acetylcholine

AcHC (Fr) anticorps de l’héptatite C

AchE (Eng) acetylcholinesterase

AChRs (Eng) acetylcholine receptors

ACI (Latin) arteria carotis interna

ACIP (Eng) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices

ACL (Eng) anterior coronary syndrome

aCL (Eng) anticardiolipin

ACLA (Eng) anticardiolipin antibody

ACLS (Eng) advanced cardiac life support

ACM (Fr) artère cérébrale moyenne

Ac Mo (Fr) anticorps monoclonal

ACMV (Eng) assist control mode ventilation

ACO (Span) anticonceptivos

ACoA (Eng) anterior communicating artery

ACOG (Eng) American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Acoss (Fr) Agence Centrale des Organismes de Sécurité Sociale

ACP (Fr) artère cérébrale postérieure

ACPI (Fr) artère cérébelleuse postéro-inférieure

ACQ (Eng) agoraphobic cognitions questionnaire

ACR (Eng) American College of Rheumatology

ACRP (Eng) Association of Clinical Research Professionals

ACS (Eng) American Chemical Society

ACSH (Fr) autogreffe de cellules sourches hématopoietiques

ACT (Eng) activated clotting time

ACTA (Dutch) Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam

ACTAC (Fr) Association de Recherche sur les Traitements Anticancereux

ACTG (Eng) AIDS Clinical Trials Group

ACTH (Dan) adrenokortikotropt hormon

ACTP (Span) angioplastia coronaria transluminal percutánea

AcT/RVET (Eng) acceleration time to right ventricular ejection time

ACV (Fr) accident cérébrovasculaire

ACVA (Span) accidente cerebrovascular agudo

ACVB (Eng) aortocoronary venous bypass

AcVIH (Span) anticuerpo del VIH (= HIVAb)

AD (Dan) autosomal dominant

a.d. (Eng) as directed

ADA (Eng) adenosine deaminase

ADAM (Eng) androgen deficiency ageing male

ADAS (Eng) Alzheimer’s Dementia [Alzheimer’s Disease] Assessment Scale

ADAS COG (Eng) Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale, Cognitive Subscale

ADC (Eng) appparent diffusion coefficient

ADCC (Eng) antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity

ADD (Eng) attention deficit disorder

ADE (Eng) adverse drug event/effect

ADEC (Eng) Australian Drug Evaluation Committee

ADEM (Dan) akut dissemineret encefalomyelitis

adénoK (Fr) adénocarcinome

ADG (Eng) average daily gain

ADH (Dan) alkoholdehydrogenase (enzym)

ADHD (Eng) attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

ADI (Eng) acceptable (admissible) daily intake

ADICAP (Fr) Association pour le Développement de l’Informatique en Cytologie et Anatomie Pathologique

ADK () adenocarcinoma

ADKA (Eng) azide dextrose kanamycine agar

ADL (Dutch) activiteiten van het dagelijks leven

ad lib (Latin) ad libitum [as desired]

ADM (Fr) Agence du Médicament

ADME (Eng) Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion

ad mod. (Latin) ad modum

ADN (Fr) acide désoxyribonucléique (= DNA)

ADNFLE (Dan) autosomal dominant nocturn frontallapsepilepsi

ADO (Fr) anti-diabétiques oraux

ADOC () Adriamycin (doxorubicin) + cisplatin + vincristine + cyclophosphamide (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

ADOS-G (Eng) autism diagnostic observation schedule – generic

ADP (Eng) adenosine diphosphate

ADPCM (Eng) adaptive differential pulse code modulation

ADPKD (Dan) autosomal dominant polycystisk nyresygdom

ADR (Eng ) adverse drug reaction

ADRG (Eng) adjacent diagnosis related group

ADROIT (Eng) Adverse Drug Evaluation Committee

ADS (Ger) allgemeine Depressionsskala

ADT (Fr) accident du travail

ADTP (Eng) alcohol and drug treatment program

ad us. propr. (Latin) ad usum proprium (for own use)

ADV (Fr) aide de visite médical [selling aid]

ADVI (Span) adictos a drogas por vía intravenosa

ADVP (Span) adictos a drogas por vía parenteral

A&E (Eng) accident and emergency

AE (Dan) arbejds-ekg

A/E (Eng) air entry to lungs

A&E (Eng) Accident and Emergency

a.e. (Ger) am ehesten

ae (Ger) altersentsprechend

AEA (Span) antecedentes de la enfermedad actual

AEC (Fr) autorisation d’essai clinique

AECB (Eng) acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis

AED (Dan) antiepileptikum

æf. (Dan) ægtefelle [spouse]

ÆF (Dan) ætiologisk fraktion

AEG (Fr) altération de l’état général

AEGIS (Eng) Adverse Experience Gathering Information System

ÆKA (Dan) ændringskontrolansøgning (= CCR)

AeL (Ger) ärztlicher Leiter

AEM (Span) Agencia Española del Medicamento

AEMH (Dan) søjleorganisation for overlæger under EMO

AEMPS (Span) Agencia española de medicamentos y productos sanitarios

AEP (Eng) appropriateness evaluation protocol

AEPAR (Span) Asociación Española de Profesionales de Actividades de Registro

AER (Eng) auditory evoked response

AES (Fr) accidents d’exposition au sang (= BEA)

AESGP (Fr) Association Européenne des Spécialités Pharmaceutiques Grand Public (=Association of the European Self-Medication Industry)

AESP (Span) actividad elétrica sin pulso

AET (Fr) aspiration endo-trachéale

AEV (Eng) average exposure value

AEZ (Ger) Allgemeiner Ernährungszustand

AF (Dan) autofluorescens

AFAR (Fr) Association Française des Affaires Réglémentaires

AFB (Eng) acid-fast bacillus/bacilli/bacterium

AFC (Eng) antibody-forming cell

AFDR (Eng) acute febrile respiratory disease

AFE (Eng) amniotic fluid embolus

AFI (Eng) amniotic fluid index

Afib (Eng) atrial fibrillation

A Fib ()

AFID (Eng) alkali flame ionisation detector

AFL (Eng) atrial flutter

afld. (Eng) anteflected

AFLI (Dan) atrieflimren

AFLP (Eng) amplified fragment-length polymorphism

AFMPS (Fr) Agence Fédéral des Médicaments et des Produits de Santé [Belgium]

AFO (Eng) ankle foot orthosis

AFOS (Fi) alkalinen fosfataasi (alkaline phosphatase)

AFP (Eng) alpha-fetoprotein

Afs (Fr) Agence Française du Sang

afs. (Dan) afsnit

AFS (Eng) arteria femoralis sinistra

Afsgp (Fr) Association Française des producteurs de Spécialités Grand Public

AFSSAPS (Fr) Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé

AFV (Eng) amniotic fluid volume

AGCUS (Eng) atypical glandular cells of undetrmined significance

AG (Dan) aminoglykoside

A/G ratio (Eng) albumin/globulin ratio

ÄG (Ger) äussere Genitalien

Ag (Eng) antigen

AGA (Eng) appropriate [size] for gestational age

AGAS (Dutch) Algemene Gehandicapten Attitude Schaal

AGB (Port) area de grasa del brazo

AGC (Eng) advanced gastric carcinoma

AGE (Eng) advanced glyceration end-product

AGEP (Dan) akut generaliseret eksantematøs pustulose

AGEPC (Eng) Acetyl-glyceryl-ether-prosphorylcholine

AGEs (Eng) Advanced Glycosylation End-products

AGF (Span) angiografía fluoresceínica

AGG (Eng) agammaglobulinaemia

AGHD (Eng) adult GH deficiency

AGID (Eng) agar gel immunodiffusion

agio (Dutch) assistent-geneeskundige in opleiding

AGL (Ital) acidi grassi liberi

AGN (Eng) antigen

AGNE (Ital) acidi grassi non esterificati

agnio (Dutch) assistent-geneeskundige niet in opleiding

AGO (Fr) Assemblée Générale Ordinaire

AGP (Fr) agrégé-préparateur

AGPLC (Fr) acides gras polyinsaturés à long chaine

A. Gral (Span) Atención General

AGRP (Eng) agouti-related peptide

AGS (Eng) adrenogenital syndrome

AgsHB (Span) antigeno de superficie de la hepatitis B (= HBsAg)

AGT (Ital) acidi grassi totali

AG trans (Fr) acides gras tarns

AGW (Ger) Atemgrenzwert

AH (Eng) anti-hyaluronidase

Ah (Eng) hypermetropic astigmatism

AHA (Eng) American Heart Association

AHAG (Fr) assistant associé généraliste

AHAI (Fr) anémie hémolytique auto-immune

AHASP (Fr) assistant associé spécialiste

AHAT (Span) anexohisterectomía ampliada total

AHB (Ger) Anschlußheilbehandlung

AHD (Eng) arteriosclerotic heart disease

AHE (Ger) Amygdalahippokampektomie

AHF (Eng) antihaemolytic factor (factor VIII)

AHG (Fr) assistant généraliste

AHI (Dan) apnø-hypopnø-indeks

AHIA (Fr) anémie hémolytique immunoallergique

AHLR (Swe) avstånd från hjärt- och lungräddning [= DNR]

AHNO (Span) ayuno hasta nueva orden

AHO (Eng) Albright’s hereditary osteodystrophy

AHPPI (Eng) Association of Human Pharmacologists in the Pharmaceutical Industry

AHSCT (Eng) autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

AHDH (Dan) alpha2-HS-glykoprotein

AHSP (Fr) assistant spécialiste

AHT (Span) anexohisterectomía total

AHU (Eng) air handling unit

AHV (Ger) Alters- und Hinterbliebenenversorgung

AI (Eng) aortic incompetence/insufficiency

a.i. (Dan) alt indkapslet

ÄI (Fi) älykkyysikä (= mental age)

AIB (Dutch) algemene internationale benaming (= INN)

AIBN (Eng) (α,α)-azobisisobutyronitrile

AIC (Eng) Akaike’s information criterion

AICAR (Dan) 5-aminoimidazol-4-crboxamid-ribosid

AICARFT (Eng) 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoide formyltransferase

AICD (Eng) automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator

AID (Eng) automatic interaction detector

AIDP (Eng) acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

AIDPI (Port) Atenção Integrada as Doenças Prevalentes na Infância

AIDS (Eng) acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

AIF (Ital) Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco

AIGR (Eng) amended insulin glucose ratio

AIH (Eng) artificial insemination by husband

AIHA (Swe) autoimmunhemolytisk anemi

AIHI (Eng) auto-immune haemolytic anaemia

AIIA (Dan) angiotensin II-receptorantagonist

AIL (Eng) angiocentric immunoproliferative lesions

AIM (Eng) active ingredient manufacturer

AIMD (Eng) active implantable medical device

AIMDD (Eng) active implanted medical diagnostic devices

AIMS (Eng) APSAC Intervention Mortality Study

AIN (Eng) acute interstitial nephritis

AINE (Span) antiinflamatorios no esteroideos

AINS (Fr) anti-inflammatoire non-steroïdien

AION (Eng) anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy

AIP (Dan) apotekets indkøbspris

AiP (Ger) Arzt im Praktikum

AIPP (Fr) atteinte à l’intégrité physique et psychique

AI/R (Eng) aortic valve replacement

AIS (Eng) abbreviated injury scale

AIT (Fr) accident ischémique transitoire

AIVR (Eng) accelerated idioventricular rhythm

AiW (Ger) Arzt in Weiterbildung

AJ (Eng) ankle jerk

AJCC (Eng) American Joint Committee on Cancer

AJR (Fr) apport journalier recommandé

AK (Dan) antikoagulation // antikoagulans // antikoagulantia

AKA (Dan) alkoholisk ketoacidose

AKG (Ger) Angiokardiogramm, Angiokardiographie

AKE (Ger) Aortenklappenersatz

A-klap (Dan) aortaklap

akt (Dan) aktivitet

akt med (Swe) aktuell medicinering

Al (Swe) avdelningsläkare

AL (Fr) anesthésie locale

ALA (Eng) alpha-linoleic acid

ALARA (Eng) as low as reasonably achievable (occupational medicine)

ALAT (Eng) alanine aminotransferase [formerly SGPT]

ALB (Span) albúmina

Alb (Fr) albumine

ALBP (Eng) acute low back pain

ALD (Eng) approximate lethal dose

ALDH (Dan) aldehyddehydrogenase (leverenzym)

ALE (Eng) active life expectancy

ALF (Eng) acute lung failure

ALFEDIAM (Fr) Association de Langue Française pour l’étude du diabète et des maladies métaboliques

ALG (Eng) antilymphocyte globulin

ALI (Eng) acute lung injury

A-life (Eng) artificial life

ALK (Eng) automated lamellar keratoplasty

ALL (Dan) akut lymfoblastær leukæmi

ALLP (Fr) Association Lyonnaise de Logistique Post-hospitalière

ALM (Eng) acral lentiginous melanoma

ALR (Fr) anesthésie loco-régionale

ALRIV (Fr) anesthésie loco-régionale intraveineuse

ALS (Eng) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

ALT (Eng) alanine transferase (formerlly SGPT)

ALV (Ger) Arbeitslosenversicherung

AM (Eng) alveolar macrophage

am (Latin) ad modum

AMA (Dan) akut modtageafdeling

AMB(c) (Port) area de masa magra de brazo (corregido)

AMC (Fr) autorisation médecin conseil

AMD (Dan) aldersrelateret makuladegeneration

AME (Fr) artère mammaire externe

AMEDOC (Fr) Association des Médecins Experts en Dommage Corporel

AMFarbV (Ger) Arzneimittelfarbstoffverordnung

AMG (Dan) acceleromyografi

AMI (Eng) acute myocardial infarction

A MIBI (Eng) adenosine MIBI

AMID (Ital) arteria mammaria interna destra

AMIG (Fr) artère mammaire interne gauche

AMIS (Ital) arteria mammaria interna sinistra

AMK (Norw) akutmedisinsk kommunkationssentral

AML (Dan) akut myeloblastær leukæmi

AMM (Fr) Autorisation de Mise sur le Marché (= marketing authorisation)

AMN (Fr) aménorrhée

AMNIO (Eng) amniocentesis

AMO (Span) aspirado de médula ósea

AMOS (Fr) ablation du materiel d’ostéosynthèse

AMP (Eng) adenosine monophosphate

amp. (Fr) ampoule

AMPc (Fr) acide asénylique monophosphate cyclique

AMPc (Span) monofosfato de adenosina cíclico

AMPK (Eng) 5’adenosine monophosphate-activated proteinkinase

AMPS (Eng) assessment of motor and process skills

AMR (Ger) Arzneimittelrisiken

AMS (Eng) acute mountain sickness

AMTI (Dan) Afdeling for Mave-/tarminfektioner (at Statens Serum Institut, SSI)

AMTS (Eng) abbreviated mental test score

AMU (Fr) aide médicale urgente

amu (Eng) atomic mass units

AMV (Eng) arteriovenous malformations

AMWHV (Ger) Arzneimittel- und Wirkstoffherstellungsverordnung

AMX (Span) amoxicilina

AMZV (Ger) Arzneimittelzulassungsverordnung (Switzerland)

An (Eng) anaemia

AN (Dan) acanthosis nigricans

ANA (Dan) antinukleært antistof

ANAE (Eng.) alpha naphthyl acid esterase

ANAES (Fr) Agence Nationale d’Accréditation et d’Évaluation en Santé (National Agency for Accreditation and Evaluation in Health);

anat (Swe) anatomisk

ANC (Eng) absolute neutrophil count

ANCA (Dan) antineutrofilocyt-cytoplasmaantistof

ANCOVA (Eng) analysis of covariance

AND (Eng) axillary node dissection

ANDA (Eng) Abbreviated New Drug Application (US)

ANDEM (Fr) Agence National pour le Développement de l’Evaluation Médicale [French Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Procedures]

ANDS (Eng) Abbreviated New Drug Submission (Canada)

ANEMF (Fr) Asssociation Nationale des Etudiants de Médecine de France

ANF (Eng) antinuclear factor

ANGIO (Eng) angiography

ANITR (Span) Análogos nucleosidos Inhibidores de la Transcriptasa Inversa

ANMAT (Span) Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnologia

ANN (Eng) artificial neurone network

ANNITR (Span) Análogos no nucleosidos Inhibidores de la Transcriptasa Inversa

ANNL (Eng) acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

ANOES (Span) anticuerpos anti-órgano específicos

An/OP/UVA (Swe) anestesi, operation och uppvakning

ANORAK (Dan) accelereret nyt optimeret rationaliseret alloplastisk koncept (H:S HH)

ANOVA (Eng) analysis of variance

ANP (Eng) atrial natriuretic peptide

Anpa (Fr) Association Nationale de la Prévention de l’Alcoolisme

ANR (Span) anesthesia y reanimación

ANRED (Fr) Agence nationale pour la récuperation et l’élimination des déchets

ANRS (Fr) Agence National de Recherche sur le Sida

ANRT (Fr) Association Nationale de la Recherche Technique

AnS (Eng) ankylosing spondylitis

ANS (Eng) autonomic nervous system

ant (Eng) anterior

ANT (Fr) accouchement normal à terme

anti-AML (Span) anticuerpos anti-músculo liso

ANUG (Eng) acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis

ANV (Ger) akutes Nierenversagen

ANVISA (Port) Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária

A&O (Eng) alert and oriented

AO (Dan) aorta

ÄO (Fi) älykkyysosamäärä (= intelligence quotient)

Ao (Eng) aorta

ao (Dutch) arbeidsongeschikt

A&O (Eng) alert and oriented

AoBP (Eng) aortic blood pressure

AOC (Eng) advice of charge

AO/CD (Port) aorta-coronária direita

AoCLF (Dan) akut eksacerbation af kronisk leversygdom

AOD (Eng) arterial occlusive disease

AO/DA (Port) aorto-descendente anterior

AOEL (Eng) acceptable operator exposure level (pesticide toxicology)

AÖF (Ger) Aortenklappenöffnungsfläche

AOK (Ger) Aortenklappe

AoKK (Dutch) aortakunstklep

AOM (Eng) acute otitis media

AOMI (Fr) artériopathie oblitérante des membres inférieurs

AOP (Eng) amino-oligopeptidase

AoP (Eng) aortic pressure

AoR (Eng) aortic valve replacement

Ao Tho Asc (Fr) aorte thoracique ascendante

A&P (Eng) anterior and posterior

AP (Dan) akut pankreatit

Ap (Fr) angine de poitrine

A/P (Eng) assessment and plan

ÄP (Ger) ärztliche Praxis

A-P (Span) anteroposterior

A&P (Eng) anterior and posterior

APA (Eng) American Psychiatric Association

APAC (Port) Autorização de Procedimentos de Alto Custo

APAAP (Eng) alkaline phosphatase/anti-alkaline phosphatase

APACHE (Eng) acute physiology and chronic health evaluation

APAP (Eng) acetyl-para-aminophenol

APAT (Ger) ambulante parenterale Antibiotika-Therapie

APB (Eng) arterial premature beat (cardiology)

APC (Dan) adenomatøs polyposis coli [e.g. APC-genet]

APD (Eng) automated peritoneal dialysis

APDC (Eng) ammonium pyrrlidine dithiocarbamate

APDIC (Fr) Aspects des Droits de Propriété Intellectuelle liés au Commerce

APE (Eng) abdominoperineal excision

APEC (Eng) Assymetric Periflexural Exanthema of Childhood

APECED (Eng) autoimmune polyendocinopathy candidiasis ectodermal dysplasia

APENDILAP (Span) apendicectomia laparoscopica

APF (Latin) arteria profunda femoris

APG (Eng) auto-immune polyglandular syndrome

APGAR (Eng) American Pediatric Gross Assessment Record

APH (Dan) arterie pulmonaris hovedstamme

APHA (Eng) American Public Health Association

APhA (Eng) Amercian Pharmaceutical Association

AP-HP (Fr) Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris

API (Eng) active pharmaceutical ingredient

APKD (Eng) adult polycystic kidney disease

APL (Eng) acute promyelocytic leukaemia

APMA (Eng) Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

apoA-I (Eng) apolipoprotein A-I

apoB (Eng) apolipoprotein B

APOE (Dan) apoliprotein E

APP (Eng) avian pancreatic polypeptide

app. (Fr) appendicectomie

APPAMED (Fr) Syndicat de l’Industrie des Dispositifs de Soins Médicaux

APPY (Eng) appendectomy

APR (Dan) abdominoperineal resektion

APRO (Eng) aprotinin

A-prov (Swe) arbetsprov

APRT (Eng) adenine phosphoribosyltransferase

APS (Eng) adult protective services

APSAC (Eng) anisoylated plasminogen-streptokinase activation complex

APT (Eng) amiodarone pulmonary toxicity

APTE (Eng) acute pulmonary thromboembolism

APTL (Fr) angioplastie percutanée transluminale

APTP (Span) tiempo de tromboplastina activado parcialemente (= APTT)

APTT (Eng.) activated partial thromboplastin time (see also TCK)

APUD (Fr) amine precursor uptake and decarboxylation

A-punktur (Dan) arterieblodprøvetagning

APV (Ger) Arbeitsgemeinschaft für pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik

APZ (Dutch) algemeen psychiatrisch ziekenhuis

aq (Latin) aqua (water)

AQ (Ger) Abdomendurchmesser Quer

AQ and CK (Eng) acoustic quantification and colour kinesis [echocardiography]

aq dest (Latin) distilled water

AQL (Eng) admissible quality level (see also NQA)

aq pur (Latin) pure water

ÂQRS (Eng) mean electical axis of QRS

ÂQRST (Eng) mean electrical axis of QRST

aq ster (Latin) sterilised water

AR (Dan) absolut risiko

Ar (Eng) peak area of reference solution

ARA (Eng) American Rheumatism Association

ARA-C (Eng) cytosine arabinoside/cytarabine

ARAII (Span) antagonistas de los receptores de la angiotensina II

ARB (Dan) angiotensin II-receptorblokker

arb enh (Swe) arbiträr enhet

Arbo (Dutch) arbeidsomstandigheden

ARC (Eng) AIDS-related complex

ARCA (Eng) acute respiratory cardiac arrest

ARCI Scales (Eng) Addiction Research Center Inventory Scales

ARD (Eng) acute respiratory disease

ARDS (Eng) acute respiratory distress syndrome

ARE (Port) artéria radial esquerda

AREB (Fr) anémie réfractaire avec excès de blastes

ARED (Eng) arrested or reversed end-diastolic flow

ARF (Dan) Amtsrådsforeningen

ARH (Fr) Agences régionales d’hospitalisation

ARI (Eng) acute respiratory illness(es)

ARIA (Eng) allergic rhinitis and its impact on asthma

ARJ (Fr) arthrite rhumatoïde juvenile

ARM (Dan) aldersrelateret maculopati

ARMD (Eng) age-related macular degeneration

ARN (Fr) acide ribonucléique

ARNm (Fr) acide ribonucléique messager

ARNt (Fr) acide ribonucléique de transfert

AROI (Eng) acceptable rate of oral intake (toxicology)

AROM (Eng) artificial rupture of membranes

ARP (Fr) activité rénine plasmatique

ARPKD (Dan) autosomal recessivt arvelig polycystisk nyresygdom

ARR (Eng) absolute risk reduction

ART (Eng) assisted reproduction technology

ARTIC (Span) anticulación

ARTSAT (Eng) arterial saturation

ARV (Dan) antiretroviral (behandling)

ARVD (Ger) arrhythmogene rechtsventrikuläre Dysplasie

ARVs (Eng) antiretroviral medications

AS (Dan) Angelmans syndrom

As (Span) aereos

a.s. (Dutch) actieve stof

ASA (Eng) acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

A.s.a. (Dan) anamnese som anført

ASAI (Fr) anémie sidéroblastique acquise idiopathique

ASAJ (Port) área de saúde do adolescente e do jovem

ASAP (Eng) as soon as possible

ASAT (Eng) aspartate aminotransferase [formerly SGOT]

ASB (Fr) albumine du sérum bovin (= BSA)

ASBS (Eng) American Society for Bariatric Surgery

ASC (Fr) aire sous la courbe

ASCO (Eng) American Society of Clinical Oncology

ASCUS (Eng) atypical squamous cells of unknown/undetermined significance

ASD (Eng) atrial septal defect/atrioseptal defect

ASE (Fr) aide sociale à l’enfance

ASF (Eng) African swine fever

ASG (Eng) auto-surveillance glycémique

ASGP-R (Eng) asialoglycoprotein receptor

ASH (Eng) American Society of Hematology

ASHD (Eng) arteriosclerotic heart disease

ASI (Eng) acromial spur index

ASIA (Eng) American Spinal Injury Association

ASIH (Swe) avancerad sjukvård i hemmet

ASIS (Eng) anterior superior iliac spine

ASK (Eng) antistreptokinase

ASL (Eng) antistreptolysin

ASLO (Eng) antistreptolysin-O

ASM (Span) anti-músculo liso

ASMA (Eng) anti-smooth muscle antibody

ASMC (Eng) aortic smooth muscle cell

ASMF (Eng) active substance master file

ASMR (Fr) amélioration du service médical rendu

ASO (Eng) antistreptolysin O titre

ASOR (Eng) asialoorosomucoid

ASP (Swe) Apoteksbyråns specialitetsavdelning

ASPA (Ger) Aluminium-Siliko-Polyacrylatzement (dentistry)

ASR (Eng) aggregate safety report

ASRM (Eng) Americal Society for Reproductive Medicine

Ass (Swe) Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen

ASS (Ger) Acetylsalicylsäure

ASt (Ger.) Atemstoßtest (in respiration)

AST (Eng) antistreptolysis titre

ASTL (Fr) antistaphylolysine

ASTM (Eng) American Society for Testing and Materials

ASU (Eng) ambulatory surgery unit

ASV (Eng) anodic stripping voltammetry

ASVD (Eng) arteriosclerotic vascular disease

a.s.w. (Eng) approved social worker

a.t./AT (Swe) allmäntillstånd

AT (Dan) aerob tærskel

A-T (Eng) ataxia-teleangiectasia

ÂT (Eng) Mean electrical axis of T

ATA (Latin) arteria tibialis anterior

AT III (Eng) antithrombin III

ATB (Eng) antibiotic

ATBC (Eng) alpha tocopherol beta carotene

ATBG (Fr) antibiogramme

ATBP (Fr) antibioprophylaxie

ATC (Eng) anatomical therapeutic chemical (classification)

ATCC (Eng) American Type Culture Collection

ATCD (Fr) antécédents

ATD (Eng) antithyroid drug

ATE (Fr) accident thrombo-embolique

ATER (Fr) attaché temporaire d’enseignement

ATG (Span) antígenos

Atg (Eng) anti-human thymocyte globulin

ÅTG (Swe) åtgärd (= action, plan)

ATIH (Fr) Agence technique de l’information hospitalière

ATIN (Eng) acute tubulo-interstitial nephropathy

ATL (Eng) adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma

ATLS (Eng) advanced trauma life support

ATM (Fr) articulation temporo-mandibulaire

ATMI (Span) Asistencia Toxicologica Médica Industrial (Colombia)

ATN (Eng) acute tubular necrosis

ATNC (Eng) agents transmissibles non conventionnels

AT/NC (Eng) atraumatic/normocephalic

ATP (Dan) adenosintrifosfat

ATPS (Eng/Ger) ambient temperature and pressure, saturated (in respiration)

ATR (Eng) attenuated total reflectance

ATRI (Eng) Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (Tokyo)

ATS (Eng) American Thoracic Society

ATs (Russ) (adenylate cyclase)

ATSDR (Eng) Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ATTASS (Fr) attaché associé

ATU (Fr) autorisation temporaire d’utilisation

atü (Ger) Atmosphärenüberdruck, e.g. 5 atü (= atmosphere gauge, atm. gauge)

atv. (Eng) anteverted

AU (Eng) arbitrary units

au (Ger) arbeitsunfähig

AUC (Eng) area under curve

AUF (Ger) Arbeitsunfähigkeit

AUFS (Eng) absorption units full-scale

ÅUH (Dan) Århus Universitetshospital

au n. (Fr) au niveau de

AUP (Dan) apotekets udsalgspris

AUQ (Eng) above upper limit of quantification

AUVB (Ger) allgemeine Versicherungsbedingungen für die Unfallversicherung

aV (Eng) Goldberger limb leads

AV (Eng) arteriovenous

A/V (Eng) ateriolar/venous

AVA (Eng) aortic valve area

AVB (Eng) atrioventricular block

å.v.b. (Swe) åter vid behov (on clinical records, instruction to patient to contact the doctor again only if the patient’s problem recurs)

AVC (Fr) accident vasculaire cérébral

AVCH (Port) acidente vascular cerebral hemorrágico

AVCI (Fr) années de vie corrigées de l’incapacité (= DALYs)

AVCT (Fr) accident vasculaire cérébral transitoire (= TIA)

AVD (Eng) apparent volume of distribution

avd (Swe) avdelning

avDO2 (Eng) arteriovenous oxygen content difference

AVE (Port) aneurisma ventrículo esquerdo

AVF (Eng) arteriovenous fistula

AVFL (Latin) ateversio-anteflexio (uteri)

AVH (Fr) anésthesiques volatils halogenés

AVI (Ger) Arzneimittelverkauf Information (drug sales information)

AVK (Fr) antivitamine K

AV-klap (Dan) atrioventrikulær klap

AVM (Eng) arteriovenous malformation

AVN (Eng) avascular necrosis

A/V Nicking (Eng) arteriolar/venous nicking

AVNRT (Eng) atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia

AVOD (Fr) acuité visuelle oeil droit

AVOG (Fr) acuité visuelle oeil gauche

AVP (Eng) arginine vasopressin

AVPU (Eng) alert, verbal, pain, unresponsive

AVQ (Fr) activités de la vie quotidienne (= ADL)

AVR (Eng) aortic valve replacement

A/V Ratio (Eng) arteriolar/venous ratio

AVS (Eng) arteriovenous shunt

Avs (Fr) avortement spontané

AVSS (Eng) afebrile, vital signs stable

AVT (Ger) Astvenenthrombose

AVVZ (Dutch) arm aan verzadigde vetzuren

AW (Eng) atomic weight

aw (Eng) water activity

A&W (Eng) alive and well

AWB (Ger) Anwendungsbeobachtung

AWBZ (Dutch) Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten [Exceptional Medical Expenses Act]

AWI (Eng) average weekly intake

AWR (Ger) Aufwachraum

AWS (Ger) Abwehrspannung (= guarding)

Ax (Eng) peak area of test solution

AXR (Eng) abdominal X-ray

AXV (Eng) axillosubclavian vein

AY (Span) ayunas

AZ (Dutch) algemeen ziekenhuis

AZA (Dan) azathioprin

AZL (Dutch) Academisch Ziekenhuis Leiden

AZM (Dutch) Algemeen Ziekenhuis Middelheim (Antwerp)

AZQ (Ger) Atemzeitquotient

AZR (Eng) abdominal X-ray

AZT (Eng) zidovudine (Azidothymidine)

AZU (Dutch) Academisch Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Utrecht University Hospital)

AZV (Ger) Atemzugvolumen

B1, B2, B3, B4 (Fr) S1, S2, S3, S4 (= ‘bruit’ in ‘auscultation cardiaque’)

B I, B II (Swe) Billroth I, Billroth II

B (Eng) biceps jerk/reflex

B (respiration) (Ger) atmosphärischer Druck

B1, 2, 3, 4 (Fr) bruit de coeur (premier, deuxième, troisième, quatrième, cinquième) (cardiology)

B1 (Fr) premier besoin d’uriner

B2 (Fr) besoin normal d’uriner

B3 (Fr) besoin impérieux d’uriner

B4 (Fr) besoin douloureux d’uriner

B&C (Eng) board and care

BA (Eng) bioavailability

Ba () barium

BAA (Ger) Bauchaortenaneurysma

BAAR (Span) bacilos ácido-alcohol resistentes (= AFB)

Bab (Swe) Babinski

BAB (Fr) (plâtre) brachio-antibrachial (= long-arm cast)

BAC (Eng) bacterial arteficial chromosome

BACs (Eng) bacterial artificial chromosomes

bact (Eng) bacteriology

BADGE (Eng) bisphenol-A-diglycidylether

BAE (Dan) børneabsenceepilepsi

BAEPs (Eng) brainstem auditory evoked potentials

BAERs (Eng) brainstem auditory evoked responses

BAFGE (Eng) bisphenol-F-diglycidylether

BAG (Ger) Bundesamt für Gesundheit

BAHA (Eng) bone anchored hearing aid

BAK (Eng) British anti-Lewisite (2,3-dimercaptopropanol)

BAL (Dan) bronkoalveolær lavage

BALT (Eng) bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue

BAN (Eng) British Approved Name

BAO (Eng) basal acid output

BAPC (Dutch) buffycoat-arme packed cells

BAPP () bleomycin + Adriamycin (doxorubicin) + cisplatin + prednisone (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

BAPSA (Fr) Budget Annexe des Prestations Sociales Agricoles

BAQIMEPH (Fr) Bureau d’Assurance Qualité et de l’Information Médico-Economique de l’Hospitalisation Privée

BAR (Eng) bronchial anaphylactic reaction

BARQA (Eng) British Association of Research Quality Assurance

BAS (Eng) glood group automated screening

BASDAI (Eng) Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index

BASFI (Eng) Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index

BASPCAN (Eng) British Assocition for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

BAT (Eng) brown adipose tissue

BAU (Eng) biologically active unit

BAV (Eng) bioavailability

BAVC (Fr) bloc auriculo-ventriculaire complete

BAVI (Fr) bloc-auricul-ventriculaire incomplet

BAVT (Port) bloqueio átrio ventricular total

Bb (Dan) Borrelia burgdorferi

BB (Eng) bin breeding (of mice)

BBB (Eng) blood-brain barrier

BBD (Dutch) Bureau Bijwerkingen Diergeneesmiddelen

BBDx (Ital) blocco di branca dextro

BBDI (Fr) bloc de branche droit incomplet

BB-Ebene (Ger) Beckenbodenebene [Hodge’s plane]

b. Bed. (Ger) bei Bedarf

BBG (Dutch) Bureau Bijwerkingen Geneesmiddelen

BBH (Dan) H:S Bispebjerg Hospital

BBK (Eng) Babinski

BBS (Dan) Bardet-Biedl-syndrom

BBSn (Ital) blocco di branca sinistro

BBT (Eng) basal body temperature

BC (Eng) bone conduction (audiology)

BCA (Eng) bichichonic acid

BCAA (Eng) branched-chain amino acid

BCAR (Eng) biopsy-confirmed acute reaction

BCC (Eng) basal cell carcinoma

BCDF (Eng) B-cell differentiation factor (immunology)

BCE (Eng) basal cell epitheliomas

BCF (Eng) bioconcentration factor

bcg (Eng) Ballistocardiogram (cardiology)

BCG (Dan) Bacille Calmette-Guérin [-vaccine]

BCGF (Eng) B-cell growth factor (immunology)

BCI (Eng) blunt cardiac injury

BCKDC (Eng) branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase complex

BCM (Eng) body cell mass

BCNU, BiCNU () carmustine

BCO (Fr) bronchopneumopathies chroniques obstructives

BCP (Eng) birth control pill

BCPIA (Fr) ballonet de contrepulsion intra-aortique

BCR (Eng) B cell receptors

BCRD (Span) bloqueo completo de rama derecha

BCRI (Span) bloqueo completo de rama izquierda

BCRIHH (Span) bloqueo completo de rama izquierda del has de His

BCS (Eng) biopharmaceutical classification system

BCT (Eng) bronchial challenge test

bd (Latin) bis in die (twice daily)

Bd (Swe) byrådirektör

BD (Dan) benzodiazepin

B-D (Eng) Beckton-Dickinson

BDA (Eng) British Dental Association

BDC (Fr) bouche du col

BdC (Fr) bruits du coeur

BDD (Eng) body dysmorphic disorder

BDd (Ger) Blutdruck diastolisch

BDE (Dutch) bijna dood ervaring

BDI (Eng) bin density index

BDM (Ger) Blutdruckmessung

BDN (Eng) basic development needs

bDNA (Eng) branched chain DNA (signal amplification)

BDNF (Eng) brain-derived neurotrophic factor

BDR (Eng) background diabetic retinopathy

BDs (Ger) Blutdruck systolisch

bds (Ger) beidseitig

BDT (Ger) Behandlungsdatenträger

BDZ (Eng) benzodiazepine

bdz. (Dutch) beiderzijds

BE (Dan) brysternæring

BEAB (Span) buena entrada de aire bilateral

Bedöm (Swe) sammanfattande bedömning

BECTS (Dan) benign partiel epilepsi med centrotemporale spikes hos børn = benign epilepsi med centrotemporale spikes = Rolandisk epilepsi

BED (Eng) biological equivalent dose

BEFE (Ger) bindegewebseiweißfreier Fleischeiweiß

BEG (Fr) bon état général

BEH (Fr) bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire

BEI (Span) borde esternal izquierdo

BEM (Eng) basal Eagle’s medium

BEMA (Eng) Benchmarking of European Medicines Agencies

BEME (Eng) best evidence medical education

BEP-20 () bleomycin + etoposide + cisplatin (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

BEPC (Fr) brevet d’études du premier cycle

BER (Dan) baseexcisionsreparation

BERA (Eng) brain-stem evoked response audiometry

BES (Dutch) boezemextrasystole

BESA (Eng) brain ellectrical source analysis

BET (Eng) benign essential tremor

BEV (Eng) beam’s eye view (radiotherapy)

BF (Dan) bifosfonat

BfArM (Ger) Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte

BFAV (Ger) Bundesforschungsanstalt für Viruskrankheiten der Tiere

BFEF (Fr) Base Française d’Evaluation en Santé

BFU (Eng) burst-forming units

BG (Eng) bronchocentraic granulomatosis

Bg/BG (Fr) Ballistocardiogramme (see bcg)

BGA (Eng) blood gas analysis

BGAR (Ger) bioptisch gesicherte Abstoßungsreaktion

BGD (Dutch) bedrijfsgeneeskundige dienst

BGDF (Eng) B-cell growth factor

B-Glu (Swe) blodglukos

BGMA (Eng) British Generics Manufacturers’ Association

BGN (Fr) bacilles à Gram négative

BGP (Fr) bactérie gram positif

BGSA (Fr) biopsite glandes salivaires accessoires

BgVV (Ger) Bundesinstitut für gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz und Veterinärmedizin

BH (Fr) bilan hépatique

BHA (Eng) butylated hydroxyanisole

BHC (Fr) bilan hépatique complet

BHCG (Eng) beta human chorionic gonadotropin

BHE (Fr) (blood-brain barrier)

BHK (Eng) baby hamster kidney

BHRUT (Span) biometria hematica de rutina

BHV (Eng) bioprosthetic heart valve

BHyP (Span) bien hidrato y perfundido

BI (Dutch) betrouwbaarheidsinterval

B.I. (Port) bilhete de identidade

BIA (Ger) Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit

BIAM (Fr) Banque d’Informations Automatisées sur les Médicaments

BIB (Eng) brought in by

BIBRA (Eng) British Industrial Biological Research Association

BIC (Port) bicarbonato

BID (Fr) bloc incomplet droit

bid (Latin) twice a day (bis in die)

BIG (Dutch) (Wet op) beroepsbeoefenaars in de individuele gezondheidszorg

BIL. C (Fr) bilirubine conjuguée

BIL L (Fr) bilirubin libre

BIL T. (Fr) bilirubine totale

bilat (Swe) bilateralt

BILAT (Span) bilateral

bilt/2 (Eng) Van den Bergh’s test (indirect bilirubin)

BIM (Fr) blocage intermaxillaire

BIP (Fr) diamètre bipariétal (foetal measurement)

BiPAP (Eng) bilevel positive airway pressure

BIRA (Eng) British Institute of Regulatory Affairs

BIRD (Span) bloqueo incompleto de rama derecha

BIRI (Span) bloqueo incompleto de rama izquierda

BIT (Fr) Bureau International de Travail (= ILO)

bitr (Swe) biträdande

BIVAD (Eng) biventricular assist device

BiVPM (Eng) biventricular pacemaker

BJ (Eng) biceps jerk

BJHS (Eng) benign joint hypermobility syndrom

BK (Eng) below knee

BKA (Eng) below-knee amputation

Bkg (Ger) Ballisto-gramm/kardiogramm (see bcg)

BKO (Eng) below-knee orthosis

BKS (Ger) Blutkalkspiegel

BKZ (Dutch) Budgettair Kader Zorg [Health Care Budgetary Framework]

BL (Port) balance

BLA (Eng) Biologics License Application (US)

BL CX (Eng) blood culture

BLH (Port) banco de leite humano

BLL (Ger) Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde

blp (Dan) blodprøver

BLS (Eng) basic life support

BLSD (Eng) basic life support and defibrillation

BLSE (Fr) b-lactamases à spectre étendu

blskr (Swe) blodsocker

BLST (Eng) bilateral single lung transplant

bltr (Swe) blodtryck

BLZ (Ger) Blutzucker

BM (Eng) biological monitoring

BMA (Eng) bone marrow aspiration

BMAA (Eng) beta-N-methylamino-L-alanine

BMC (Eng) bone mineral content

BMD (Eng) benchmark dose [toxicology]

BmedSci (Eng) Bachelor of Medical Sciences

BMG (Ger) Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

BMGF (Ger) Bundesinstitut für Gesundheit und Frauen (Austria)

BMI (Eng) body mass index (kg/m2)

BMB (Eng) basal metabolism

BMC (Eng) Biomedical Center (at Huddinge)

BMD (Eng) bone mineral density

BMFG (Ger) Bundesministerium für Frauen und Desundheit (Austria)

BMJ (Eng) British Medical Journal

BMJFFG (Ger) Bundesministerium für Jugend, Familie, Frauen und Gesundheit

BMO (Span) biopsia de médula ósea

BMP (Eng) bone morphogenic protein

BMR (Eng) basal metabolic rate

BMR-vaccin (Dutch) bof-mazelen-rubella-vaccin

BMS (Eng) bare-metal stent

BMSG (Ger) Bundesministerium für Soziale Sicherheit und Generationen (Austria)

BMT (Eng) bone marrow transplant(ation)

BMTx (Eng) bone marrow transplantation

BMU (Eng) basic multicellular units

BMW (Eng) balance-middle-weight

BN (Eng) brown Norway (rat)

BNCO (Span) broncopneumopatía obstructiva crónica (= COPD, COLD)

BNF (Eng) British National Formulary

BNHP (Span) bien hidratado, nutrido y perfundido

BNO (Eng) bowels not opened

BNP (Dan) B-type natriuretisk peptid

BNR (Ger) Berechtigtennummer

BNS (Ger) Blutnervenschranke

BO (Eng) bowels opened

B o Å (Swe) bedömning och åtgärd

BOB (Ger) Bundesoberbehörde

BOE (Dan) benign occipital epilepsi

BOEL (Dan) blik orienteret efter lyd

BOG (Dutch) programma BeleidsOnderzoek Geneesmiddelen [Medicines Policy Research Programme]

B.O. I (Eng) Billroth’s operation I

B.O. II (Eng) Billroth’s operation II

BOD (Eng) biochemical oxygen demand (environ.)

BOEL(-prov) (Swe) blicken-orienterar-efter-ljud (-prov)

Böl (Swe) Biträdande överläkare

BOLD (Eng) blood oxygen level dependent

BOM (Fr) biopsie ostéomédullaire

BOOP (Eng) bronchiolitis obliterans organising pneumonia

BOP (Eng) bleeding on probing

BOPS (Ger) Bundesopiumstelle

BOR (Eng) bowels open regularly

BOS (Eng) break-out session

BOTE (Fr) bonne orientation dans le temps et dans l’espace

Bp (Latin) Bordetella pertussis

BP (Eng) blood pressure (or B.P.)

BPA (Dan) bilateral peritonsillær absces

BPAC (Ital) bypass aorto coronario

BPAD (Eng) bipolar affective disorder

BPB (Eng) black pigmented bacteroids

BPC (Eng) bulk pharmaceutical chemical

BPCG (Ital) broncopneumopatia cronica generale

BPCO (Fr) bronchopneumoathie chronique obstructive

BPD (Eng) borderline personality disorder

BPd (Eng) blood pressure diastolic

BPEG (Span) bajo peso para la edad gestacional

BPF (Eng) Brazilian purpuric fever

BPflV (Ger) Bundespflegesatzverordnung

BPH (Eng) benign prostatic hypertrophy

BPharm (Eng) Bachelor of Pharmacy

BPI (Eng) borderline personality index

BPL (Fr) bonnes pratiques de laboratoire

BPM (Fr) bas poids moléculaire

bpm (Eng) beats per minute

BPN (Fr) bronchopneumonie

BPO (Eng) borderline personality organisation

BPP (Eng) biophysical profile [used in OB/Gyn]

BPPH (Port) banco de preços practicados na area hospitalar

BPPV (Eng) benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

BPR (Dutch) bicepspeesreflex

Bprl (Swe) Biträdande provinsialläkare

BPRS (Eng) Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale

BPRSA (Eng) Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale Augmented

BPs (Eng) blood pressure systolic

BPSB (Eng) blinded sampling with the protected-specimen brush

BPSD (Eng) behavioural and psychological symptoms of dimentia

BPTM (Fr) bucco-pharyngectomie transmandibulaire

BPV (Eng) benign positional vertigo

BQ (Span) bioquímica

BR (Eng) bed rest

BRA (Eng) brainstem response audiometry

BRAD (Eng) bradykinin

BRAO (Eng) branch retinal artery occlusion

BRAS (Eng) Belgium Regulatory Affairs Society

BRB (Eng) bright red blood

BRBPR (Eng) bright red blood per rectum

BRCA (Eng) breast cancer

BRD (Port) bloqueio de ramo direito

BrCN (Ger) Bromcyanid

BRD (Dutch) Bureau Registratie Diergeneesmiddelen

BrdU (Ger) Bromdesoxyuridin

BRE (Fr) balles rondes enrubannées (vet.)

BREF (Fr) bandage, repos, elevation, froid

Brg (Dutch) Besluit registratie geneesmiddelen

BRIC (Eng) benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis

BRIHH (Span) bloqueo de rama izquierda del has de His

BRMES (Eng) Bech-Rafaelsen Melancholia Scale

BRN (Fr) bruits respiratoires normaux

bronchoG (Fr) bronchogramme

BRP (Eng) bathroom privileges

BRPPR (Eng) bright red blood per rectum

BRR (Span) bilirubina

BrT (Eng) bilirubin turnover

BRVO (Eng) branch retinal vein occlusion

BS (Eng) bowel sounds

BSA (Eng) bovine serum albumin

BSAG (Fr) bloc segmentaire antérieur gauche

BSB (Ger) biologischer Sauerstoffbedarf (= Eng. BOD)

BSC (Eng) best supportive care

BSE (Dutch) bezinkingssnelheid van erytrocyten (= ESR)

BSG (Ger) Blutsenkungsgeschwindigkeit

BSH (Fr) bonne santé habituelle

BSI (Eng) Brief Symptom Inventory

BSMB (Dan) Bedre Sundhed for Mor og Barn [projekt]

BSO (Eng) bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

BSP () Bayer Schering Pharma

BSQ (Eng) Body Sensations Questionnaire

BSR (Eng) blood sedimentation rate (see also ESR)

BSS (Eng) balanced salt solution

BSSL (Eng) bile salt-stimulated lipase

BST (Dan) bedriftssundhedstjeneste (= occupational health service)

BSV (Ger) Bundesamt für Sozialversicherung [Switzerland]

BT (Dan) blodtryk

BTB (Dutch) bundeltakblock

BTBV (Eng) beat to beat variability (fetal heart rate)

BTC (Dutch) basaletemperatuurcurve

BTK (Eng) Bruton’s tyrosine kinase

BTPS (Eng) Body temperature and pressure saturated (in respiration)

btx (Dan) botulinumtoksin

BU (Fr) bandelette urinaire

B.U. (Dan) bakteriologisk undersøgelse

BUA (Dutch) Besluit Uitoefening Artsenijbereidkunst

BUAV (Eng) British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection

BUD (Eng) budesonide

BUI (Eng) brain uptake index

BUN (Eng) blood urea nitrogen

BUP (Swe) barn- och ungdomspsykiatri

BUP-DK (Dan) Børne- og UngdomsPsykiatrisk Selskab i Danmark

BUR (Fr) bureau des urgences

BURI (Eng) burimamide

BUS (Swe) Barn- och Ungdomssjukhuset (Lund)

BV (Dutch) borstvoeding

BVA (Dutch) bureau vertrouwensarts

BVAB (Eng) bacterial vaginosis-associated bacteria (1, 2 and 3)

BVC (Swe) barnavårdscentral

BVD (Eng) bovine viral diarrhoea

BVDV (Eng) bovine viral diarrhoea virus

BVM (Eng) bag valve mask

BW (Eng) body weight

BWA (Ger) Brustwandableitung

BWK (Ger) Brustwirbelkörper

BWO (Dutch) Blijvende Werk Onbekwaamheid

BWS (Dutch) beschut-wonenschaal [= schaal ontwikkeld om terugtrekgedrag van chronische psychiatrische patiënten te onderzoeken]

Bx (Dutch) biopsie (verricht)

BX (Span) biopsia

BysZ (Ger) Babinskisches Zeichen

BZ (Ger) Blutzucker

BZD (Eng) benzodiazepine

BzgA (Ger) Bundesverband für gesundheitliche Aufklärung

BZT (Fr) benzodiazépines

BZ-TP (Ger) Blutzuckertagesprofil

BZV (Dutch) biochemisch zuurstofverbruik

BZW (Dutch) begeleid zelfstandig wonen

c (Eng) capillary (respiration)

c’ (Eng) end-capillary (respiration)

C (Eng) complement

C+ (Fr) avec contraste

C- (Fr) sans contraste

C 1-9 (Eng) complement factors 1-9

C1-ER (Dutch) C1-esteraseremmer

C2 (Eng) cluster 2 (tuberculosis subtype)

C3S (Fr) Contribution sociale de solidarité des sociétés

C&S (Eng) culture and sensitivity

CL (Eng) lung compliance (dynamic) (respiration)

CaO2 (Eng) arterial O2-content (respiration)

C(a-vDO2) (Eng) arterial-mixed venous O2 content difference (respiration)

CvO2 (Eng) mixed venous O2-content

CA (Eng) complete arrythmia

Ca (Fr) carcinome

CA-Nomenklatur (Ger) Chemical Abstract name

ca (Eng) carcinoma

CAA (Fr) chromatographie des acides aminés

CAB (Eng) coronary artery bypass

CAB-schema (Dutch) circulatie-ademweg-beademing-schema (bij reanimatie)

CABG (Eng) coronary artery bypass graft

CaBP (Eng) calcium binding protein

CAC (Latin/Eng) Codex Alimentarius Commission

C.à.c. (Fr) cuillère à café

CACP (Eng) camptodactyly, arthropathy, coxa vara and pericarditis

C.à.d. (Fr) cuillère à dessert

CAD (Dutch) consultatiebureau voor alcohol en drugs

CADASIL (Dan) cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopati med subkortikale infarkter og leukoencefalopati

CADASILM (Eng) CADASIL + migraine

CADD (Eng) computer-aided drug design

CADES (Fr) Caisse d’amortissement de la dette sociale

CADREAC (Eng) Collaboration Agreement of Drug Regulatory Authorities in European Union Associated Countries

CAE (Eng) carotid artery endarteriectomy

CAF () cyclophosphamide + Adriamycin (doxorubicin) + 5-fluorouracil (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

CAG (Dutch) coronaire angiografie

CAGE (Eng) cutdown, annoyed, guilty, eye opener

CAH (Eng) congenital adrenal hyperplasia

CAI (Eng) community-acquired infection

CAL (Eng) computer assisted learning

CaI (Fr) grande calorie (kilocalorie)

cal (Fr) calorie

CALLA (Eng) common ALL antigen

CALM (Eng) café au lait macules

CALPAS (Eng) California Psychotherapy Alliance Scales

CAM (Eng ) confusion assessment method

CAMEO (Eng) computer-assisted mechanistic evaluation

cAMP (Eng) cyclic adenosine monoophosphate

CAMR (Eng) Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research

CAMSP (Fr) centre d’action médico-sociale précoce

CAMU (Fr) Capacité d’Aide Médicale Urgente

CAN (Span) concentración absoluta de neutrófilos

CANAM (Fr) Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie des Professions (National Health Insurance Fund for the Professions)

c-ANCA (Eng) central antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody

CANDA (Eng) computer assisted new drug application

cand.med.ind. (Dan) cand.med. i industriel medicin

CAO (Fr) conception assistée par ordinateur

CaO2 (Eng) arterial oxygen content

CAP (Eng) community-acquired pneumonia

cap(s) (Eng) capsule(s)

CAPD (Eng) continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

CAPEDOC (Fr) certificat d’aptitude à l’expertise du dommage corporel

CAPLA (Eng) computer assisted product licence application

CAR (Eng) carcinoma-associated retinopathy

CARA (Dutch) chronische aspecifieke respiratoire aandoeningen

CARDS (Eng) cardiology

CARE (Eng) Community Awareness Emergency Response

CAREB (Eng) Caribbean Epidemiology Centre

CARI (Eng) clinical amplitude/velocity reference imaging

CARIM (Dutch) Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht

CART (Eng) cocaine and amphetamine RNA transcript

CAS (Eng) carotid artery stent

C.à.s. (Fr) cuillère à soupe

CASA (Eng) computer-assisted sperm analysis

CASFM (Fr) Comité de l’Antibiogramme de la Société Française de Microbiologie

CASH (Eng) (Centers for Disease Control) Cancer and Steroid Hormone study

CaSR (Dan) calciumsensorreceptor

CASS (Eng) coronary artery surgery study

CAST (Eng) Canterbury Alcoholism Screening Test

CAT (Eng) choline acetyltransferase

CATCH (Eng) cardiac anomalies, anomalous facem thymic aplasia/hypoplasia, cleft palate, hypocalcaemia

CATH (Eng) catheterisation

CATI (Dan) computerassisteret telefoninterview

CATTP (Fr) centre d’accueil thérapeutique à temps partiel

CAV (Eng) cyloxan, adrimycin and vincristine

CAVH (Eng) continuous arteriovenous haemodiafiltration

CAVMAC (Fr) Caisse d’assurance vieillesse invalidité et maladie des cultes

CAVSD (Eng) complete atrioventricular septal defect

CAY (Span) leucocitos en cayado

CB (Dutch) consultatiebureau (= baby clinic)

C/B (Eng) complicated by

CBA (Eng) cost-benefit analysis

CBC (Eng) complete blood count

CBCL (Eng) Child Behaviour Checklist

CBD (Eng) common bile duct

CBER (Eng) Centre for Biologic Evaluation and Research

CBF (Eng) cerebral blood flow

CBG (Dutch) College ter beoordeling van geneesmiddelen [= Medicines Evaluation Board, MEB]

CBH (Eng) Claude Bernard-Horner (syndrome)

CBI (Eng) continuous bladder irrigation

CBM (Span) concentración bactericida minima

CBMC (Eng) cord blood mast cell

CBO (Dutch) Centraal Begeleidingsorgaan voor de Intercollegiale Toetsing

CBP (Dutch) chronisch benigne pijn

CBS (Dutch) Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

CBT (Eng) cognitive behavioural therapy

CBV (Eng) capillary blood velocity

CBW (Eng) corrected body weight

CBZ (Dan) carbamazepin

CC (Eng) chief complaint

cc (Eng) chief complaint

CCA (Eng) commonn carotid artery

CCAA (Fr) centre de cure ambulatoire en alcologie

CCABG (Eng) conventional coronary artery by-pass grafting

CCAM (Fr) Classification Commune des Actes Médicales

CCAQ (Fr) Comité Central d’Assurance Qualité

CCB (Eng) calcium channel blocker

CCBR (Eng) Centre for Clinical and Basic Research (Denmark, Den Danske Forskningsfond)

CCC (Eng) central corneal clouding

CCCl (Eng) cathodal closure clonus

CCD (Eng) charge-coupled device

CCDS (Eng) company core data sheet

C/C/E (Eng) clubbing, cyanosis, edema

CCE (Eng) clubbing, cynosis, edema

CCEE (Span) consultas externas (= outpatients)

CCF (Eng) congestive cardiac failure

CCG (Span) cinecoronariografia

CCHB (Eng) congenital complete heart block

CCHR (Eng) Canadian CT Head Rule

CCHS (Eng) congenital central hypoventilation syndrome

CCI (Eng) chronic coronary insufficiency

CCIA (Fr) Comité de Coordination Inter Agence (= Inter-Agency Coordination Committee, IACC)

CCID50 (Eng) cell culture infective dose 50%

CCIH (Port) Comissão de Controle de Infecção Hospitalar

CCK (Dutch) cholecystokinine

CCK-PZ (Fr) cholécystokinine-pancréozymine

CCL (Eng) complication and comorbidity level

CCLE (Eng) chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus

CCM (Eng) chronic care model

CCMH (Fr ) concentration corpusculaire moyenne en hémoglobine

CCMHP (Fr) chromatographine sur couche mince à haute performance

CCMO (Dutch) Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek (Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects)

CCMS (Fr) concentré à chaud en milieu synthétique

CCMSA (Fr) Caisse centrale de mutualité sociale agricole

CCMU (Fr) classification clinique des malades des urgences

CCNE (Fr) comité consultative national d’éthique (pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé)

CCO/A (Span) crónico/a

CCP (Eng) contagious caprine pleuropneumonia

CCPD (Eng) continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis

CCPDM (Port) Controle de Cadeia Produtiva e de Distribuicão de Substâncias

CCPPRB (Fr) Comité Consultatif de Protection des Personnes dans [se prêtant à] la Recherche Biomédicale

CCR (Eng) change control request

CCr (Eng) creatinine clearance

Ccr (Span) aclaramiento de creatinina

CCRA (Eng) Certified Clinical Research Associate

CCRC (Eng) Certified Clinical Research Coordinator

CCRP (Eng) Certified Clinical Research Professional

CCS (Eng) Canadian Cardiovascular Society

ccs (Latin) cum correctione sua

CCST (Eng) certificate of completion of specialist training

CCT (Dutch) centraal contacteringsteam

CCU (Eng) clean catch urine

CCV (Eng) compact cell volume

CD (Eng) candidate drug

C/D (Eng) cup to disc ratio

CD4+ (Eng) helper T cell (cluster of differentiation no. 4+)

CDAD (Dan) Clostridium difficile-associeret diaré

CDAI (Eng) Crohn’s Disease Activity Index

CdAM (Fr) catalogue/classification des actes médicaux

CDC (Eng) Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention) (US)

C.d.C, (Fr) cahier des charges

CDD (Fr) contrat [de travail] à durée determine [= fixed-term contract)

CDEIS (Eng) Crohn’s Disease Endoscopic Index of Severity

CDER (Eng) Center for Drug Evaluation and Research [in FDA]

CDES (Fr) commissions départementales d’éducation spéciale

CDG (Eng) congenital disorders of glycosylation

CDGS (Eng) carbohydrage deficient glycoprotein syndrome

CDI (Eng) central diabetes insipidus

CDK (Eng) cadaver donor kidney

Cdk (Eng) cyclin-dependant kinase

CDM (Eng) clinical data management

CDMA (Eng) Canadian Drug Manufacturers Association

CD-MS (Eng) clinically definite multiple sclerosis

cDNA (Eng) complementary DNA

CDP (Eng) continuous distending pressure

CDR (Eng) Clinical Dementia Rating

CDS (Eng) continuous dopaminergic stimulation

cds (Dutch) costodiafragmatische sinus

CDSC (Eng) Communicable Diseases Surveillance Centre

CDSM (Eng) Committee on Dental and Surgical Materials

cdt (Eng) carbohydrate-deficient transferase

CE (Eng) centre-edge (angle on hip)

CEA (Eng) carcinoembryonic antigen

CEAP (Eng) clinical, etiology, anatomy, pathophysiology

CEC (Eng) Commission of the European Communities

CECOS (Fr) Centres d’Etude et de Conservation des Oeufs et du Sperme humains

CE-CT (Eng) contrast-enhanced computed tomography

CED (Eng) critical effect dose [toxicology]

CEE (Eng) conjugating equine estrogen

CEFIC (Fr) Conseil Européen des Fédérations des Industries Chimiques

CEG (Fr) carotide externe gauche

CEGM (Ital) concentrazione emoglobinica globulare media

CEGPR (Eng) certificate confirming eligibility for general practice registration

CEIC (Span) comité ético de investigación clinica

CEIO (Fr) corps étranger intra-oculaire

CEIP (Fr) Centre d’Evaluation and d’Information sur la Pharmacodépendence

CEKU (Dan) Center for Klinisk Uddannelse

CEM (Fr) champ éléctromagnetique

CE-MRA (Eng) contrast-enhanced MR angiography

CEMTV (Dan) Center for Evaluering og Medicinsk Teknologivurdering

CEN (Fr) Comité Européen de Normalisation

CEOM (Fr) Conférence Internationale des Ordres des Médecins

CEP (Eng) counterelectrophoresis

CEPA (Eng) Canadian Environmental Protection Act

CEPC (Fr) Centre Européen de Prévention et de Contrôle

CEPH (Eng) cephalic (presentation)

C.E.P.S (Eng) corporate electronic publishing system

CER (Latin) caries, extractio, restauratio

Cer (Fr) céramide

CERA (Eng) continuous erythropoiesis receptor activator

CERC (Fr) centre d’évaluation et de recherché sur le cancer

CERFA (Fr) Centre d’Enregistrement des Formules Administratifs

CES (Eng) critical effect size [toxicology]

cés (Fr) comprimés

CESAM (Fr) Centre d’Enseignement de la Statitistique Appliquée à la Médecine et à la biologie humaine

CESR (Eng) certificate confirming eligibility for specialist registration

CESU (Fr) centre d’enseignement des soins d’urgence

CETP (Eng) cholesteryl ester transfer protein

CEU (Eng) continuing education unit

C.Ext. (Span) consultas externas (= outpatients)

CE-Winkel (Ger) Centrum-Erker-Winkel (= centre-edge angle of Wiberg)

CF (Dan) koloniseringsfaktor

CFA (Eng) complete Freund’s adjuvant

CFE (Fr) Caisse des français à l’étranger

CFEF (Fr) Collège Français d’Echographie Foetale

CFF (Eng) critical flicker frequency

CFH (Dutch) Commissie Farmaceutische Hulp [Pharmaceutical Care Committee] [of CVZ, q.v.]

CFI (Eng) cardiac function index

CFLP (Eng) Carworth Farm Lane - Petter (Swiss mice)

CFM (Dan) central fedtfordeling

CFO (Eng) critical feeding operations

CFR (Eng) Code of Federal Regulations (US)

CFRD (Eng) cystic fibrosis-related diabetes

CFS (Eng) Certificate of Free Sale

CFST (Dan) Center for Sundheds-telematik

CFU (Eng) colony-forming unit

CFVs (Eng) cyclical variations in coronary blood flow

CFX/Cfx (Eng) circumflex artery

CG (Fr) colon gauche

cg (Eng) centigram

CGA (Span) camp de gran aumento (high-magnification field)

CGB (Span) concentración de globulos blancos

CGD (Span) cirurgia general y digestiva

CG-EA (Eng) continuous glucose-error grid analysis

CGH (Eng) comparative genomic hydridisation

CGI (Eng) Clinical Global Impression

CGL (Eng) chronic granulocytic leukaemia

CGMH (Fr) concentration globulaire moyenne en hémoglobine

cGMP (Eng) current good manufacturing practice

cGMP (Eng) current Good Manufacturing Practice

CGMS (Eng) continuous glucose monitoring system

CGR (Fr) concentré de globules rouges (= PRC)

CGRP (Dan) calcitonin genrelateret peptid

CGS (Span) coma Glasgow score

CH (Fr) centre hospitalier

Ch (Fr) Charrière (in English ‘French’, abbreviated to ‘Fr’ or ‘F’ [catheters etc]

CHAAAE (Port) corada, hidratada, anictérica, acianótica, afebril e eupneica

CHAI (Eng) Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection

Charr (Ger) Charrière

CHB (Eng) compete heart block

ChB (Eng) Bachelor of Surgery

Ch.-B. (Ger) Chargenbezeichnung (batch no.)

CHBA (Fr) centre hospialier du Bois l’Abbaye (Seraing)

CHC (Fr) carcinome hépatocellulaire

CHCM (Span) concentración de hemoglobina corpuscular media

CHD (Eng) coronary heart disease

CHE (Ger) Cholezystektomie

ChE (Eng) cholinesterase

Chemo (Eng) chemotherapy

chemo tx (Eng) chemotherapy

CHEP (Fr) crico-hyoïdo-épiglotto-pexie

CHF (Eng) congestive heart failure

CHG (Dutch) College voor Huisartsgeneeskunde (= Joint Committee on Vocational Training for General Practice)

CHI (Eng) Commission for Health Improvement

CHIC (Fr) centre hospitalier inter-communal

Chir (Fr) chirurgie

CHMP (Eng) Committee for Medical Products for Human Use

CHO (Eng) Chinese hamster ovary

CHOC (Eng) Chinese hamster ovary cells

CHOL (Eng) cholesterol

Chol (Fr) cholestérol

chöl (Swe) cheföverläkare

choly (Eng) cholycystectomy

CHORIO (Eng) chorioamnionitis

CHOP () cyclophosphamide + vincristine (Oncovine) + prednisone + doxorubicin

CHP (Fr) crico-hyoïdo-pexie

CHR (Fr) centre hospitalier régional

CHROMIC (Eng) chromic gut (suture material)

CHRS (Fr) Centre de réadaptation sociale

CHRU (Fr) centre hospitalier regional universitaire

CHS (Eng) compressive hip screw

CHSCT (Fr) Comité d’Hygiène, de Sécurité et des Conditions de Travail

CHSF (Eng) Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation

ChTX (Eng) charybdotoxin

CHU (Fr) centre hospitalier universitaire

CHW (Eng) community health workers

CHZ (Dutch) coronaire hartziekte

CI (Dan) cochleaimplantat

Ci (Eng) Curie

CIA (Fr) communication intra-auriculaire (= atrial septal defect)

CIB (Eng) Clinical Investigator’s Brochure

CIC (Dutch) circulerende immunocomplexen

CICU (Eng) cardiac intensive care unit

CID (Eng) combined immune deficiency

CIDP (Eng) chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

CIE (Eng) counterimmunoelectrophoresis

CIG (Fr) carotide interne gauche

CIH (Fr) Conférence Internationale d’Harmonisation

CII (Span) carótida interna izquierda

CIM (Fr) concentration inhibitrice minimale

CIM-10 (Fr) 10e classification internationale des maladies

CIMAH (Eng) Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazard regulations

CIMS (Eng) clinical investigations monitoring system

CIN (Dan) cervikal intraepitelial neoplasi

CINP (Latin) Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum

CINV (Eng) chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

CIOMS (Eng) Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences (WHO)

CIP (Eng) cleaning in place

CIP-1 (Eng) cdk-interacting protein

CIR (Eng) committed information rate

CIRC (Fr) Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer

CIRSE (Eng) Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe

CIS (Eng) Chemical Information System

cis (Eng) carcinoma in situ

CISC (Eng) clean intermittent self-catheterisation

CISIH (Fr) Centre d’information et de soins de l’immunodéficience humaine

CISP (Fr) classification internationale de soins primaires

CISPROQUIM (Span) Centro de Informaciíon de Seguridad sobre Productos

CISTM (Eng) Conference of the International Societ of Travel Medicine

cisto (Span) cistoscopia

CIT (Dan) konventionel insulinbehandling

CITE (Dutch) Chirurgisch Intensieve Therapie Eenheid

CIV (Eng) continuous intravenous

CIVD (Fr) coagulation intravasculaire disséminée/diffuse

CJD (Eng) Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

CK (Eng) creatine kinase

CKB (Dan) kreatinkinase-isoenzym B

CKCL (Dutch) centraal klinisch chemisch laboratorium

CKI (Eng) chronic kidney insufficiency

CKMB (Dan) kreatinkinase-isoenzym MB (also CK-MB)

CL (cardiology) (Eng) Chest-left arm lead

CLA (Eng) chemiluminescent assay

CLB (Dutch) Centraal Laboratorium van de Bloedtransfusiedienst

CL CR (Span) clearance de creatinina

CLD (Eng) chronic liver disease

CLE (Eng) clear lens exchange/extraction

CL&F (Eng) Compound Logistics & Formulations

CLFP (Fr) col long fermé postérieur

CLHP (Fr) chromatographie liquide à haute performance

CLIS (Fr) carcinoma lobulaire in situ

CLL (Dutch) chronische lymfatische leukemie

CLM (Ital) coltura linfocitaria mista

CLO (Eng) Campylobacter-like organism

CLP (Ital) corpo luteo persistente

Clr (Fr) clearance

CLSC (Fr) Centres locaux de services communautaires

CLSM-zorg (Dutch) continue, langdurige, systematische en multidisciplinaire zorg

CM (Eng) contrast medium

CMA (Eng) ceinture de maintien abdominale

CMAS (Fr) complications et comorbidités associées sévères

Cmax (Eng) concentration maximum

CMB (Fr) concentration minimale bactericide

CMC (Eng) chemistry, manufacturing and control

CMD (Eng) Coordination group for Mutual recognition and Decentralised procedures

CME (Dan) kontinuerlig medicinsk uddannelse

c.mes (Fr) cuillère-mesure

CMF (Eng) cyclophosphamide + methotrexate + 5-fluorouracil (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

CMG (Eng) clinical management group

CMH (Fr) test de Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel

CMHO (Fr) cardiomyopathie hypertrophique obstructive

CMI (Eng) cell-mediated immunity

CML (Eng) chronic myeloid/myelocytic leukaemia

CMLP (Dutch) Centrum Medico Legale Psychologie

CMML (Eng) chronic myelomonocytic anaemia

CMNO (Fr) cardiomyopathie non-obstructive

CMO (Dutch) Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek

CMP (Eng) cardiomyopathy

CMPD (Ital) cardiomiopatia dilatativa

CMPR (Fr) centre médico-psychologique régional

CMR (Eng) clinical materials requisition

C mott (Eng) Mott cell

CMP (Fr) centre médicopsychologique

CMPA (Eng) cow’s milk protein allergy

CMPD (Ital) cardiomiopatia dilatativa

CMPS (Eng) Cesarec-Marke Personality Scheme (psych. testing)

CMR (Eng) Centre for Medicines Research

CMS (Eng) concerned member state

CMT (Eng) cervical motion tenderness

CMU (Fr) Couverture maladie universelle

CMV (Dan) cytomegalovirus

CN (Eng) cranial nerves

CNAF (Fr) Caisse nationale d’allocations familiales

CNAM (Fr) Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

CNAMTS (Fr) Caisse Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs et des Salariés (Salaried Employees Mutual Insurance Fund)

CNAVTS (Fr) Caisse nationale d’assurance vieillesse des travailleurs salaries

CNBPC (Eng) China National Biological Products Corporation

CNC (Eng) computerised numerical control

CNCL (Fr) Comité National Consultatif de Labellisation

CNCPI (Fr) Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle

CNDO (Eng) complete neglect of differential overlap

CNEH (Fr ) Centre National de l’Equipement Hospitalier

CNEVA-LPB (Fr) Centre National d’Etudes Vétérinaires et Alimentaires - Laboratoire de Pathologie Bovine

CNG (Span) coronariografia

CNIL (Fr) commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés

CNIS (Eng) carotid non-invasive study

CNM (Eng) centronuclear myopathy

CNP (Fr) coût non proportionnel (non-proportional cost)

CNPC (Fr) cancer non à petites cellules

CNPF (Fr) Conseil National du Patronat Français

Cnps (Fr) Centre National des Professions de Santé

CNRS (Fr) Centre Nationale pour la Recherche Scientifique

CNRV (Fr) Centre National de Recherche Zootechnique

CNS (Eng) central nervous system

CNV (Eng) contingent negative variation

CNW (Eng) certified nurse midwife

CO (Eng) cardiac output

Co (Eng) coenzyme

co (Fr) comprimé

c/o (Eng) complaining of

COA (Eng) certificate of analysis

CoA (Eng) coenzyme A

COAD (Eng) chronic obstructive airways disease

COB (Span) cuadro de obstruccion bronquial

COC (Eng) combined oral contraceptive

COCM (Eng) congestive cardiomyopathy

COD (Eng) chemical oxygen demand (environ.)

CODECS (Fr) Connaissances et Décisions en Économie de Santé

CoFS (Eng) certificate of free sale

COGS (Eng) cost of goods sold

COHb (Eng) carboxyhaemoglobin

COI (Eng) cost of illness

col (Latin) (on prescription) cola (= filter)

COL (Span) colesterol

COLD (Eng) chronic obstructive lung disease

COLELAP (Span) colecistectomia laparoscopica

Collect-AP (Fr) Collectivités - Assistance Publique

comp. (Span) comprimido

COMP (Eng) Comité des medicaments orphelins/Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products [EU]

COMT (Eng) catechol-o-methyltransferase

CON-A (Eng) concavalin-A

conc. (Latin) concentratus

Conf (Ital) confetto

Conj (Ger) Conjunktiva

const. (Latin) constituens

CONT (Span) contracción

cont. (Lat/Dan) continuat

COP () cyclophosphamide + vincristine + prednisolone (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

COPD (Eng) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

COPP () cyclophosphamide + vincristine + procarbazine + prednisolone (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

CoPuB (Swe/Lat) cor-pulm.-buk (in diagnosis)

COPUM (Eng) congenital obstructing posterior urethral membrane

CoQ (Eng) coenzyme Q

COR (Latin) heart

cor. (Eng) coronal (in MRI)

COREPER (Eng) Committee of Permanent Representatives

Coro (Fr) coronarographie

COS (Eng) Certification of Suitability (of monographs [Ph.Eur.]

COSH (Eng) Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

CoSHH (Eng) control of substances hazardous to health

Cosm (Fr) clairance osmotique

COSTART (Eng) Coding System for a Thesaurus of Adverse Reaction Terms

COT (Span) cirurgía ortopédica

Cother (Eng) concomitant therapy

COTOREP (Fr) Commission Technique d’Orientation et de Reclassement Profressionel

COV (Fr) composés organiques volatiles

COX (Eng) cyclooxygenase

Coxib (Fr) inhibiteur des COX2

CP (Dan) cerebral parese

C/P (Latin) cor/pulmo

cp (Fr) comprimé

CPA (Eng) care planning approach

CPAM (Fr) Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie

CPAP (Eng) continuous positive airway pressure

CPAS (Fr) centre publique d’aide sociale

CPB (Eng) cardiopulmonary bypass (surgery)

CPC (Fr ) coeur pulmonaire chronique

CPCh (Fr) coeur pulmonaire chronique

CPD (Eng) Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Directorate

CPD/CME (Eng) continuing professional development/continuing medical education

cpdos (Span) comprimidos

CPE (Eng) cytopathic effect

CPG (Fr) chromatographie en phase gazeuse

CPH (Eng) Certificate in Public Health

CPHS (Eng) committee for the protection of human subjects

CPI (Fr) cardiopathie ischémique

CPIA (Fr) contre-pulsion per ballonet intra-aortique

CPK (Eng) creatine phosphokinase

CPL (Span) cirurgia plastica y reparadora

CPM (Dan) cerebral pontinmyelinolyse

cpm (Eng) counts per minute

CPMA (Fr) centre de procreation médicalement assistée

CPME (Fr) Comité Permanent des Médecins Européens

CPMP (Eng) Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products (EMEA; EU)

CPMS (Fr) centre psycho-médico-social

CPN (Eng) community psychiatric nurse

CPNS (Fr) carotides palpées et non soufflantes

CPO (Fr) constipation provoquée par les opiacés

CPP (Eng) cerebral perfusion pressure

CPPAR (Port) Centro de Pesquias em Sanidade Animale

CPPC (Fr) cancers pilmonaires à petites cellules

CPPD (Eng) calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate

CPPS (Eng) chronic pelvic pain syndrome

CPPV (Eng) continuous positive pressure ventilation

CPqGM (Port) Centro de Pesquisa Gonçalo Moniz

CPqHEC (Port) Centro de Pesquisa René Rachour

CPR (Eng) cardiopulmonary resuscitation

CPRE (Fr) chloangiographie pancréatographie retrograde (par voie) endoscopique

CPRS (Eng) complex regional pain syndrome

CPS (Eng) carbamyl phosphate synthetase

cps. (Ital) capsula

CPSG (Span) convulsiones parciales secundariamente generalizadas

CPSTA (Eng) cost per successfully treated attack

CPT (Fr) capacité pulmonaire totale

CPU (Eng) coproporphyrins in the urine

CPUE (Fr) capacité pulmonaire utilisable à l’effort

C pulm stat (Fr) compliance pulmonaire statique

CPV (Eng) canine parvovirus

CPVI (Dan) cirkumferentiel pulmonal veneisolation

CPX (Eng) cardiopulmonary exercise

CPZ (Eng) chlorpromazine

CPZNO (Eng) chlorpromazine N-oxide

CQI (Eng) continuous quality improvement

CR (cardiology) (Eng) chest-right arm lead

CR (Dan) Cancerregisteret

cr. (Lat) crasse (coarsely)

CRA (Eng) clinical research associate

CRAM (Fr) Caisse Régionale d’Assurance Maladie

CRAO (Eng) central retinal artery occlusion

CRAP (Fr) coefficient de risqué d’accouchement prématurée

CRB (Eng) case record book

CRC (Eng) clinical research coordinator

CRCM (Fr) centres de ressources de de compétences de la mucoviscidose

CRD (Eng) chronic respiratory disease

CRDS (Fr) Contribution au remboursement de la dette sociale

CREA (Fr) compte rendu d’essais analytiques

CREAI (Fr) Centre Régional pour l’Enfance et l’Asolescence Inadaptées

créat. (Fr) créatinine

CREDES (Fr) Centre de Recherche, d’Etude et de Documentation en Economie de la Santé

Credoc (Fr) Centre de recherche pour l’étude et l’observation des conditions de vie

Cr51-EDTA (Eng) Cr-51-labelled ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid

CREI (Fr) compte rendu d’essais industriels

cresc. (Latin) crescat (= increase [dosage]) (used in Danish)

CREST (Eng) calcinosis, Raynaud, esophageal dysphagia, sclerodactyly, telangiectasia

CRF (Eng) chronic renal failure

CRG (Dutch) Commissie Richtlijnen Gevoeligheidsbepalingen

CRH (Eng) corticotropin releasing hormone

CRI (Eng) chronic renal insufficiency

CRIE (Eng) crossed radioimmunoelectrophoresis

CRL (Eng) crown-rump length

CRM (Eng) cardiorespiratory monitoring (aka partial channel poly(somno)graphy or polygraphy)

CRMV (Port) Conselho regional de medecina veterinária

CRN-Aids (Port) Centroes de Referência Nacional de Aids

CRO (Eng) contract research organisation

CRP (Dan) C-reaktivt protein

CRPS (Eng) complex regional pain syndrome

CRPV (Fr) centre régional de pharmacovigilance

CRRT (Eng) continuous renal replacement therapy

CRS (Eng) chemical reference substance

CRT (Eng) cell residence time

CRTS (Fr) Centre Régional de Transfusion Sanguine

CRVO (Eng) central retinal vein occlusion

CRVVC (Ger) chronisch rezidivierende Vulvovaginalcandidose

CS (Eng) circumscribed scleroderma

C/S (Eng) Caesarean section

Cs (Fr) conscience

cs (Eng) saturation concentration of dug in diffusion layer

c.s. (Latin) cum suis (used in Dutch)

C&S (Eng) culture and sensitivity

CSA (Eng) Controlled Substances Act

CsA (Eng) cyclosporin A

CSAS (Dan) centralt søvnapnøsyndrom

CSB (Ger) chemischer Sauerstoffbedarf

CSC (Eng) central study coordinator

c.s.c. (Latin) cum/sine correctione

CSD (Span) conteo sanguíneo diferenciado

CSE (Eng) cross-sectional echo

C-section (Eng) caesarean section

CSeREMG (Ital) Centro studi e richerche in medicine generale

CSEO (Fr) concentration sans effet(s) observé(s) (= NOEC)

CSF (Eng) cerebrospinal fluid

Csg (Fr) contribution sociale généralisée [supplementary social security contribution]

CSH (Fr) cellules souches hématopoïétiques

CSHPF (Fr) Conseil supérieur d’hygiène publique de France

CSI (Eng) core safety information

CSII (Dan) insulinpumpebehandling

CSIS (Fr) Conseil Stratégique des Industries de Santé

CSK (Swe) Centrala Sjukhuset Kristianstad

CSM (Eng) Committee on Safety of Medicines

CSME (Eng) clinically significant macular edema

CSNE (Fr) coopérant au service national de l’entreprise

CSOM (Eng) chronic suppurative otitis media

CSP (Eng) chiral stationary phase

c. spec. (Fr) compliance spécifique

C-spine (Eng) cervival spine

CSPV (Fr) Centre Suissue de Pharmacovigilance

CSR (Eng) clinical study report

CsRsSs (Span) (pulsos) carotídeos rítmicos, simétricos

CSS (Dan) Churg-Strauss’ syndrom

CST (Eng) contraction stress test

CSTH (Fr) Comité de Sécurité Transfusionnelle et d’Hémovigilance

Csv (Swe) cerebrospinalvätska

CSV (Dan) cerebrospinalvæske

CSWS (Eng) continuous spike waves during slow wave sleep

CT (Dan) koleratoksin

ct (Eng) concentration of drug in dissolution

CTA (Eng) clear to auscultation

ctA (Ger) chemisch-technischer Assistent

CTAB (Dan) cetyltrimethylammonium-bromid

Ctal (Ger) Talspiegel [= trough level]

CT-antigen (Dan) cancer testis-antigen

CTC (Eng) Clinical Trial Certificate

CTCG (Span) convulsiones tónico clónicos generalizadas

CTD (Eng) cumulative trauma disorder

CT-DST (Port) Centros de Treinamento em Doençaos Sexualmente Transmissívelis

CTEPH (Eng) chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

CTG (Dan) kardiotokografi

Ctgb (Dutch) College voor de toelating van gewasbeschermingsmiddelen

CTH (Eng) Certificate in Travel Health

C thor stat (Fr) compliance thoracique statique

CTI50 (Eng) convulsion threshold increase 50%

CTIP (Fr) Centre de traitement de l’information du PMSI

CTJ (Fr) coût de traitement journalier

CTK (Dan) CT-kolografi

CTL (Eng) cytotoxic T-lymphocyte

CTM (Eng) clinical trials materials

CTMC (Eng.) connective tissue mast cells (immunology)

CTMP (Eng) clinical trial of a marketed product

CTN (Eng) Clinical Trial Notification (Australia(

cTNM (Eng) clinical TNM

CTO (Ital) Commissione Terapeutica Ospedaliera

CTP (Eng) clinical trial protocol

CTR (Dan) central tilskudsregister

CTS (Eng) carpal tunnel syndrome

CTV (Eng) clinical target volume

CTX (Eng) Clinical Trial Exemption [Certificate]

CTZ (Eng) chemoreceptive trigger zone

CU (Eng) counting units

Cu (Fr) clairance urée

CUA (Eng) cost-utility analysis

CUEEP (Fr) Centre Université-Economique d’Education Permanente

CUF (Ital) Commissione Unica del Farmaco

CUG (Fr) concentré unitaire de granulocytes

CUP (Fr) concentré unitaire de plaquettes

CUPS (Eng) cancer of unknown primary site

CUS (Fr) cardiogramme ultrasonique

CUSA (Eng) cavitational ultrasonic surgical aspiration/aspirator

CUT (Eng) content uniformity test

cuti (Fr) cuti-réaction

CV (Eng) closing volume (respiration)

CVA (Dutch) cerebrovasculair accident

C + V + A (Dan) koronararteriografi, ventrikulografi og aortografi

CVAS (Span) catarro de vias aereas superiors

CVAT (Eng) costo-vertebral angle tenderness

CVB () cisplatin + vinblastin + bleomycin (cancer chemotherapy regimen)

CVC (Eng) central venous catheter (central line)

CVD (Dutch) centraal veneuze druk

CVE (Eng) cerebrovascular examination

CVE TE (Ital) cardioversione elettrica transesofagea

CVF (Fr) capacité vitale forcée

CVH (Eng) common variable hypogammaglobulinaemia

CVI (Eng) cerebrovascular insufficiency

CVID (Eng) common variable immunodeficiency (or immune deficiency)

CVK (Swe) central venkateter

CVL (Eng) cerebrovascular lesion

CVLP (Eng) chimeric virus-like particle

CVMP (Eng) Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products

CVN (Eng) central venous nutrition

CVP (Eng) central venous pressure

CVR (Fr) capacité vitale résiduelle

CVRF (Eng) cardiovascular risk factors

CVS (Dutch) chronisch vermoeidheidssyndroom

CVSF (Eng) conduction velocity of the slower fibres (ulnar nerve)

CVT (Eng) congenital vertical talus

CVU (Dan) Centre for Videregående Uddannelser

CVVH (Dan) kontinuerlig venovenøs hæmodiafiltration

CVVHDF (Eng) continuous veno-venous haemodiafiltration

CVZ (Dutch) College voor Zorgverzekeringen [Health Care Insurance Board]

CvZ (Dutch) Classificatie van Ziekten

CW (Eng) continuous wave (lasers)

c/w (Eng) consistent with

CWD (Eng) chronic wasting disease

CWE (Eng) constant work exercise

CWH (Ger) Cotton Wool Herd

CWK (Dutch) cervicale wervelkolom

CWT (Eng) Colour-Word Test (psychological testing)

CWZ (Dutch) Canisius-Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (Nijmegen)

CX (Eng) circumflex artery

Cx (Eng) cervix

cx (Swe) cervix

CXp (Fr) circomflexe proximale (= LCXp)

CXR (Eng) chest X-ray

Cy (Eng) cyanosis

CyA (Eng) cyclosporin A

CyC (Span) cabeza y cuello

cyl (Ger) cylindrisch

CyO (Span) consciente y orientado/a

cysto (Eng) cystoscopic examination

cytol (Swe) cytologisk

Cz () central (electrode, on head)

CZP (Dan) clonazepam

CZS (Dutch) centraal zenuwstelsel

D (Dan) døgn

d. (Latin) da (give, dispense)

D1 (Eng) first diagonal branch

D2 (Eng) second diagonal branch

D5LR (Eng) dextrose 5% in lactated Ringer’s solution

D5NS (Eng) dextrose 5% in normal saline

D5W (Eng) dextrose 5% in water

DL (Eng) diffusion capacity ("transfer factor")

DLCO (Eng) diffusion capacity for carbon monoxide

DLO2 (Eng) diffusion capacity for oxygen

D1, 2, 3 (Fr) dérivation 1, 2, 3 (cardiology)

DA (Eng) dopamine

DAA (Span) diarrea asociada a antibioóticos

DAB (Ger) Deutsches Arzneibuch

DAC (Eng) disease awareness campaign

DAD (Eng) diode array detection

DAE (Eng) discontinuation due to adverse event

DAF (Span) derivación aorto-femoral

DAG (Ger) Diacylglycerol

dagant (Swe) daganteckning

dagl (Swe) dagligen

DAHD (Span) desorden de falta de atención hyperactividad (= ADHD)

DAI (Eng) drug attitude inventory

DAINE (Span) drogas antiinflamatorios no esteroideas

DAK (Dan) Det Almenmedicinske Kvalitetsprojekt

DALE (Eng) disability-adjusted life expectancy

DALM (Eng) dysplasia-orientated lesion or mass

DALY (Eng) disability-adjusted life years

DAM (Fr) demande d’autorisation de modification

DAMM (Fr) Demande d’Autorisation de Mise au Marché

DAMOS (Eng) drug application methodology with optical storage

DAMP (Eng) deficits in attention, motor control and perception

DAN (Fr) douleur aiguë du nouveau-né

DANAK (Eng) Danish Accreditation

DAO (Dan) Danske Anæstesiologers Organisation

Dao (Fr) dissection aortique

DAP (Eng) dose-area product

DaPT (Span) difteria, pertusis acelular, tétanos

DAR (Fr) duration de l’action résiduelle

D-Arzt (Ger) Durchgangsarzt

DAS (Eng) double antibody sandwich

DASAIM (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Anæstesiologi og Intensiv Medicin

DASI (Eng) Duke Activity Status Index

DASL (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Hepatologi

DAT (Eng) differential agglutination titration

DATASUS (Port) Departamento de Informática do SUS

dATP (Fr) désoxy-ATP

DAV (Fr) différence artério-veineuse

DAW (Ger) differenzierte Årztewerbung

DB (Dan) dobbeltblindet

Dbl (Ger) Durchblutung

DBC (Dutch) diagnoses behandeling combinatie [= DTC]

DBCG (Eng) Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group

DBD (Eng) disruptive behaviour disorders

DBP (Eng) diastolic blood pressure

DBPCFC (Dan) dobbeltblindet, placebokontrolleret fødevareprovokation

DBS (Eng) deep brain stimulation

DBSD (Eng) Dictionary Based Semantic Disambiguation

DBT (Span) diabetes

D&C (Eng) dilatation and curettage

DC (Dan) dendritcelle

D/C (Eng) discharge(d)

D&C (Eng) dilatation and curettage

DCA (Eng) directional coronary atherectomy

DCB (Port) Denominaçãos Communs Brasileiras

DCBA (Eng) dichlorobenzoic acid

DCBV (Port) distúrbio cerebral vascular

DCC (Eng) dextran-coated charcoal

D-C-C (Span) desayuno, comida y cena

DCCG (Dan) Danish Colorectal Cancer Group

DCCT (Eng) diabetes control and complications trial

DCD (Fr) décédé

DCE (Port) doença coronária estável

DCEM (Fr) deuxième cycle d’études médicales

DCF (Eng) data clarification form

DCG (Fr) décompensation cardiaque gauche

DCh (Eng) Doctor of Surgery

DCI (Fr) Dénomination Commune Internationale

DCIP (Eng) dichloroisopropanol

DCIR (Fr) Dénomination Commune Internationale Recommandée

DCIS (Eng) ductal carcinoma in situ

DCIt (Ital) Denominazioni Communi Italiane

DCM (Port) doença cardíaca

DCO (Eng) diffusion capacity of oxygen

DCP (Eng) Decentralised Procedure

DCR (Fr) dacrocystorhinostomie

DCS (Eng) distributed control system

DCSI (Ital) development core safety information

DCT (Eng) drug challenge test

DCTB (Dan) Dansk Center for Translationel Brystkræftforskning

dCTP (Fr) désoxy-CTP

DCZ (Span) peso desnudo con zapatos

DD (Dan) døgndiurese

d.d. (Latin) [used in Dutch] de die (3 d.d. = 3 x daily)

dd (Dan) dags dato

DD (Fr) diagnostic différentiel

d.D. (Ger) der Deklaration

DDA (Span) deorden de falta de atención (= ADD)

DDASS (Fr) Direction Départmentale des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales

DDAVP (Eng) deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin

DDB (Fr) dilatation des bronches

DDC (Eng) 2’,3’-dideoxycytidine (immunology)

ddc (Fr) des deux côtés

DDD (Dan) definerede døgndoser

DDD/t.i.d. (Swe) definerad daglig dos per 1 000 invånare och dag

DDE (Span) disnea de esfuerzo

DDG (Fr) date de début de grossesse

DDH (Eng) development dysplasia of the hip

DDI (Eng) didavosine

dd in d (Eng) from day to day

ddl (Fr) degré de liberté

DDM (Fr) dysharmonies dento-maxillaires

DdP (Fr) demandeur de projet

DDR (Fr) date des dernières règles

DDS (Eng) doctor of general surgery

DDSP (Eng) dorsal displacement of the soft palate

DDVG (Fr) dimension diastolique du ventricule gauche (= LVED)

DDVI (Span) diámetro diastólico de ventrículo izquierdo

DDX (Eng) doctors and dentists exemption

Ddx (Eng) differential diagnosis

DE (Eng) dextrose equivalents

DE (50) (Fr) dose efficace (50) - see ED (50)

DEA (Eng) Drug Enforcement Agency (US)

DEAE (Fr) diéthylaminoéthyl

DEC (Fr) détection électrochemicale

DECP 50 (Fr) dose d’effet cytopathique 50%

DECS (Eng) Dual Employed Coping Scales

DEG (Eng) diethylene glycol

DEGUM (Ger) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ultraschall in der Medizin

DEHP (Eng) di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate

DEJZ (Eng) dermo-epidermal junction zone

DELM (Eng) Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control

DEM (Fr) débit expiratoire maximal

dem (Latin) deminuatur [used in Danish]

DEMEB (Fr) Direction de l’Evaluation des Médicaments et des Produits Biologiques

DEMS (Dan) Dansk Etnomedicinsk Selskab

DEP (Fr) débit expiratoire de pointe (= PEF)

DER (Span) derecho

DERBH (Fr) diplôme d’études et de recherches en biologie humaine

derm (Fr) dermatologie

DES (Dan) Dansk Endokrinologisk Selskab

DESC (Fr) diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées

DESS (Fr) diplôme d’études spécialisées

dest. (Latin) destillatus

DEVD (Span) doble entrada del ventrículo derecho

DEVI (Span) doble entrada del ventrículo izquierdo

DEX (Eng) dexamethasone

DEXA (Eng) dual energy X-ray absorptiometry

DF (Eng) degrees of freedom

df (Eng) degree of freedom

D.farinae (Latin) Dermatophagoides farinae

DFA (Eng) deep femoral artery

DFD (Span) densitometria fotónica dual

DFE (Eng) dilated fundus examination

DFF (Eng) diastolic forward flow

DFG (Fr) débit de filtration glomérulaire

DFH (Span) difenilhidantoína

DFKS (Dan) Dansk Forening for Klinisk Sexologi

DFLE (Eng) disability-free life expectancy

DFO (Dan) desferrioxamin

DFP (Ger) Dosisflächenprodukt

DFS (Eng) disease-free survival

DFU (Span) densitometria de fotón único

DFZ (Ger) dendritische Follikelzellen

DG (Ger) Darmgeräusche

Dg (Ger) (erste grosse) Diagonalast

dg. (Dan) døgn

DGAS (Fr) Direction générale de l’action sociale

DGD (Dan) Dansk Galde Database

DGE (Ger) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung

DGF (Eng) delayed graft function

DGH (Eng) district general hospital

DGHM (Ger) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie

DGI (Eng) disseminated gonococcal infection

DGIS (Eng) DiGeorge’s syndrome

DGKS (Ger) Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenschwester

DGM (Ital) diametro globulare medio

DGN (Dutch) Dialysegroep Nederland

DGPC (Port) Direccão-Geral de Proteccão das Culturas

DGPharmMed (Ger) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin

DGRST (Fr) Délégation Générale à la Recherche Scientifique et Technique

DGS (Fr) Direction générale de la santé

dGTP (Fr) désoxy-0GTP

DGV (Dutch) stichting DGV, Instituut voor verantwoord geneesmiddelengebruik [Institute for the Responsible Use of Medicines]

DGW (Dutch) diergeneesmiddelenwet

DH (Fr) durée d’hospitalisation

D/H (Eng) drug history

DHA (Eng) docosahexaenoic acid

DHB (Ger) Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin

DHBP (Eng) dehydrobenzperidol

DHCP (Eng) Dear Health Care Professional (letter)

DHE (Dan) dihæmatoporfyrin-ether/ester

DHEA (Eng) dehydroepiandrosterone

DHEAS (Dan) dihydroepiandrosteronsulfat

DHETE (Eng) dihydroxy-eicosatetraenoic acid

DHGP (Eng) gancyclovir

DHM (Ger) Deutsches Herzzentrum München

DHODH (Eng) dihydroorotate deshydrogenase

DHOS (Fr) Direction de l’Hospitalisation et de l’Organisation des Soins Réunion

DHPC (Eng) Direct Healthcare Professional Communication

DHP (Eng) dihydropyridine

DHR (Dan) diskushøjdereduktion

DHS (Eng) demographic health surveys

DHT (Eng) dihydrotestosterone

DHx (Eng) drug history

DI (Eng) diabetes insipidus

DIA (Eng) Drug Information Association

Diag (Fr) diagnostic

Diag1 (Fr) diagonale 1

Diag2 (Fr) diagonale 2

diam teled (Span) diámetro telediastólico

diap (Eng) diaphyseal

DIC (Eng) disseminated intravascular coagualopathy

DICC50 (Fr) dose infectieuse 50% en culture de cellules

DICOM (Eng) Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

DICT50 (Fr) dose infectieuse 50% sur culture de tissu

DID (Eng) delayed ischaemic dysfunction/deterioration

DIDMOAD (Dan) Wolframs syndrom, karakteriseret af diabetes insipidus, diabetes mellitus, optisk atrofi og døvhed

DIEP (Eng) deep inferior epigastric perforator

DIF (Eng) direct immunofluorescence

DIFF (Eng) differential blood count

Diff.-BB (Ger) Differential-Blutbild

dig (Fr) (appareil) digestif

DIG (Ger) disseminierte intravasale Gerinnung

DIGA (Fr) position dorso-antérieure gauche (de foetus) see LDA (Eng)

DIK (Ger) disseminierte intravasale Koagulation

dil (Eng) dilatation, dilated, dilation

DIL (Eng) diltiazem

DIM (Fr) Département d’Information Médicale

dim. (Latin) diminuat (used in Danish)

DIMDI (Ger) Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Dokumentation und Information

DiMeR (Ital) Dipartimento di Medicina Riabilitiva

DIN (Eng) disease impact number

DIND (Eng) delayed ischemic neurological deficits

DIO (Fr) distance/diameter inter-orbitaire

DIOE (Eng) diamètre inter-orbitaire externe

DIOS (Eng) distal intestinal obstructive syndrome

DIP (Eng) distal interphalangeal [joint]

DIPAF (Port) Divisão Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária de Portos, Aeroportos e Fronteiras

DIRVISH (Eng) direct visual hybridisation

DISH (Eng) diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

DISI (Eng) dorsiflexed intercalated segment instability

DIT (Eng) diidotyrosine

Di-Te-Ki (Dan) difteri-stivkrampe-kighoste

DIU (Eng) drug-induced uveitis

div (Latin) (on prescription) divide (= divide)

DIVA (Eng) digital intravenous arteriography

DIVLD (Fr) dispositif intraveneux de longue durée

DJA (Fr) dose journalière acceptable

DJD (Eng) degenerative joint disease

DK (Ger) Dränagekatheter

DKA (Dan) diabetisk ketoacidose

DKG (Ger) Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft

DKIP (Swe) dikloroisopropanol

DKMS (Ger) Deutsche Knochenmarkspendendatei

DKST (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Klinisk Telemedicin

DL (Dan) Dieulafoy-læsion

Dl (Fr) douleur

dl (Swe) distriktläkare

d.l. (Eng) detection limit

DL (50) (Fr) dose létale (50) - see LD (50)

D-LAD (Eng) distal left anterior ascending

DLAO (Port) dupla lesão aórtica

DLB (Eng) dementia with Lewy bodies

DLBCL (Eng) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

DLco (Eng) diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide in lungs

DLD (Fr) décubitus lateral droit

DLE (Eng) discoid lupus erythematosus

DLG (Fr) décubitus latéral gauche

DLI (Dan) Dansk Lægemiddelinformation A/S

DLM (Port) dupla lesão mitral

DLN (Span) dentro de limites normales

DLP (Eng) dose length product

DLU (Fr) Durée Limite d’Utilisation

DLZ (Ger) Durchleuchtungszeit

d.m. (Eng) dry matter

DM (Eng) diabetes mellitus

DMA (Eng) Danish Medines Agency (= LMS)

DMARD (Eng) disease-modifying antirheumatic drug

DMB (Fr) dystrophie musculaire de Becker

DMC (Eng) Drug Monitoring Committee

DMCG (Dan) de danske multidisciplinære cancergrupper

DMCJ (Span) diabetes mellitus de comienzo juvenil

DMD (Eng) disease-modifying drug

DME (Ital) diabete minima emolizzante

DMEM (Eng) Dulbecco’s modified Eagle’s medium

DMF (Eng) drug master file

DMG (Dan) Dansk Melanom Gruppe

DMHD (Eng) dimethyl hexanedione

DMID (Span) diabetes mellitus insulino dependiente

DMS (Fr) durée moyenne de séjour

DMIT (Ital) diabete mellito insulino-dipendente

Dmix (Eng) diffuse mixed (lymphocytic and histiocytic)

DMLA (Fr) dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge

DMME (Fr) debit maximal median expiratoire

DMNID (Span ) diabetes mellitus no insulino dependiente

DML (Fr) déchirure musclo-ligamentaire

DMO (Fr) densité minérale osseuse

DMOS (Fr) diverses mesures d’ordre social

DMP (Fr) dossier médical personnel

DMPK (Eng) drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

DMPP (Ger) Diamethylpiperazine

DMPS (Dan) dimercaptopropansulfat

DMR (Eng) Device Master Record

DMS (Dan) Dansk Medicinsk Selskab

DMSA (Dan) dimercaptoravsyre

DMSO (Eng) dimethylsulphoxide

DMT (Fr) dose maximale tolérable

DMU (Fr) dispositif médical à usage unique

DNA (Eng) deoxyribonucleic acid

DNAp (Eng) DNA polymerase

DNA-p (Fr) fraction principale du DNA

DNAR (Eng) do not attempt resuscitation

Dnase (Fr) deoxyribonucléase

DNCG (Ger/Lat) Dinatrium Cromoglicicum

DNET (Eng) dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumour

DNF (Fr) dégénerescence neuro-fibrillaire

DNI (Eng) do not intubate

DNID (Fr) diabète non-insulino-dépendent

DNN (Span) despresión neonata

DNPH (Eng) dinitrophenylhydrazine

DNPM (Port) desenvolvimento neuro-psico-motor

DNR (Eng) do not resuscitate

DNS (Ger) Desoxyribonucleinsäure

DNU (Fr) dyspepsia non ulcéreuse

D/N+V (Eng) diarrhea/nausea and vomiting

DO (Eng) dopamine

D/O (Eng) disorder

DO2 (Eng) dissolved oxygen

DOA (Eng) date of admission

DOB (Eng) date of birth

DOC (Eng) dissolved organic carbon (in soils)

doc (Swe) docent

DOCA (Eng) de-oxy corticosterone acetate

DOE (Eng) dyspnoea on exertion

DOI (Fr) Direction de l’Organisation et de l’Informatique

DOPA (Eng) 3,3-dihydroxyphenylalanine

DOQI (Eng) dialysis outcomes quality initiative

DORT (Port) distúrbio osteomuscular relacionado ao trabalho

DOT (Eng) directly observed therapy

DOTE (Span) desorientación temporoespecial

DOU (Eng) direct observation unit

DO2I (Eng) oxygen delivery index

DP (Eng) Doppler pressure

dp (Fr) depuis

DP50 (Fr) dose protectrice 50%

DPAP (Eng) diastolic pulmonary artery pressure

DPC (Fr) duodéno-pancréatomie céphalique

DPCA (Fr) dialyse péritonéale continue ambulatoire

DPE (Fr) débit pulmonaire effectif

DPG (Eng) 2,2-diphosphoglycerate

DPH (Eng) diphenylhydantoin

DPI (Eng) dry powder inhaler

DPL (Eng) diagnostic peritoneal lavage

DPM (Fr) désintégrations par minute

DPN (Fr) diagnostic prenatal

DPOC (Port) doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica

DPP (Span) desprendimiento precoz de placenta

DPPI (Span) derivación portosistémica percutanea intrahepática

DPPNI (Fr) décollement prématuré d’un placenta normalement inséré

DPS (Span) déficit de preteína S

DPT () Dermatophagoides

DPTP (Eng) DPY-poliovirus vaccine

DPV (Fr) décollement postérieur du vitré

DPx (Span) diagnóstico principal

DQ (Eng) design qualification

DR (Eng) diabetic retinopathy

DRA (Eng) Drug Regulatory Authority

DPAC (Span) diálisis periotoneal ambulatoria continua (= CAPD)

DPASV (Eng) differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry

DPCA (Span) dialysis peritoneal crónica ambulatoria

DPE (Fr) dossier patient électronique

DPI (Span) demente, postrado, incontinente

DPL (Eng) diagnostic peritoneal lavage

DPN (Span) disnea paroxística nocturna

DPP (Fr) dilatation à petite paume (obstetrics)

DPS (Dan) Dansk Psykiatrisk Selskab

DPT (Latin) Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

dpt () diopter

DPV (Span) desprendimiento de vitreo posterior

dpv (Dutch) dagen post vaccinatie

DQ (Eng) design qualification

DQSE (Fr) Direction Qualité Sécurité Environnement

DR (Port) descolamento de retina

DRAE (Eng) drug-related adverse event

drag (Swe) dragé

DRASS (Fr) Direciton Régionale des Affairs Sanitaires and Sociales

DRC (Fr) dystrophie rachidienne de croissance

DRDG (Fr) Département de Recherche et Développement Galénique

DRE (Eng) diagnostic/digital rectal examination

DREES (Fr) Direction de la Recherches, des Etudes, de l’Evaluation et des Statistiques

Dres.med. (Ger) Doctores medicinae

DRESS (Eng) drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms

DREZ (Eng) dorsal root entry zone

DRG (Dan) diagnoserelaterede grupper.

DRG-pris (Dan) pris for diagnose-relaterede grupper

Dr h.c. (Latin) doctor honoris causa

DRIRE (Fr) direction régionale de l’industrie, de la recherché et de l’environnement

DRK (Ger) das Deutsche Rote Kreuz

DRPLA (Eng) dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy

DRR (Eng) digitally reconstructed radiograph

DRS (Fr) douleur rétrosternale

DRSP (Fr) drospirénone

DRUG (Ger) distales Radioulnargelenk

DRUJ (Eng) distal radioulnar joint

DRVL (Dan) Dansk Register for Vanskelig Luftvej

DRVV (Eng) dilute Russell venom viper

d.s. (Dutch) droge stof/drogestofpercentage

DS (Dan) dissemineret sklerose [= multiple sclerosis]

D/S (Eng) dextrose-saline solution

DSA (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Allergologi

DSAI (Fr) dépistage simple des anticorps irréguliers

DSAIM (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Anæstesiologi og Intensiv Medicin

DSAM (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Almen Medicin

DSAV (Span) defecto del septo auriculoventricular

DSC (Eng) differential scanning calorimetry

DSCG (Eng) Danish Secretariat for Clinical Guidelines (= SfR in Danish)

dsDNA (Eng) double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid

DSDF (Dan) Dansk Studiegruppe for Den Diabetiske Fod

DSE (Fr) dose sans effet

DSFP (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Patientsikkerhed

DSID (Span) diabetes sacarina insulínodependiente

DSIM (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Intern Medicin

DSIP (Eng) delta sleep-inducing peptide

DSIT (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Intensiv Terapi

dsk (Swe) distrikssköterska

DSKS (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Kvalitet i Sundhedssektoren

d-sköt (Swe) distriktssköterska

DSM (Eng) Drug Safety Monitoring

DSMB (Eng) Drug Safety Monitoring Board

DSM-IV (Eng) (American Psychiatric Association) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition

DSO (Eng) drug safety officer

DSOG (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Obstetrik og Gynækologi

DSPaM (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Palliativ Medicin

DSPC (Eng) di-saturated phosphatidyl choline

D.sp.nr. (Dan) Dansk Specialitetsnummer

DSR (Span) distrofia simpatico refleja

DSPR (Dan) diagnostisk sand positivrate

DSR (Eng) dynamic spatial reconstruction

DSS (Eng) Drug Safety and Surveillance

Dssn (Latin) da signa suo nomine [used in Norway, signer med sit navn]

DSST (Eng) Digital Symbol Substitution Test

DST (Eng) dexamethasone suppression test

DSTA (Span) demencia senile tipo Alzheimer

DSUR (Eng) developmental safety update report

DSV (Span) defecto del septo ventricular

DSVG (Fr) dimension systolique du ventricule gauche (= LVES)

DSZ (Span) peso desnudo sin zapatos

DT (Dan) diastolisk tryk

dT (Span) difteria, tétanos para adultos

d/t (Eng) due to

DT2 (Fr) diabète type 2

DTA (Span) defecto del tabique auricular (= ASD)

DTC (Eng) direct-to-consumer [drug advertising]

DTCA (Eng) direct-to-consumer advertising

DTDVI (Span) diámetro telediastolico de ventriculo izquierdo

DTF (Fr) distance talon-fesse (heel to buttock distance)

dTGV (Span) dextrotrasposición de los grandes vasos

DTH (Eng) delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction

DTh (Fr) diamètre thoracique interne

DTI (Eng) Doppler tissue imaging

DTIC (Eng) dacarbazine

DTN (Span) defecto del tubo neural

DTP (Eng) diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis

DTPA (Dan) diethylen-triamin-penta-acetat (diethylen-triamin-eddikesyre)

DTR (Eng) deep tendon reflexes

DTS (Fr) dépense total de santé

DTs (Latin) delirium tremens

DTSVI (Span) diámetro telesistolico de ventriculo izquierdo

DTT (Fr) drain transtympanique

DTTAB (Eng) diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid and paratyphoid A and B

DTTOD (Span) drenaje transtimpánico de oído derecho

DTTOI (Span) drenaje transtimpánico de oído izquierdo

DTV (Eng) deer tick virus

DU (Eng) duodenal ulcer

DUAG (Eng) Danish University Antidepressant Group

DUB (Eng) dysfunctional uterine bleeding

DUDS (Dan) Dansk Ultralydsdiagnostisk Selskab

DUR (Eng) dfferential uptake ratio

DV (Fr) décubitus ventral

D&V (Eng) diarrhoea and vomiting

DVA (Port) disfunção válvula aórtica

DVC (Fr) dérivation ventriculo-cardiaque

DVE (Fr) distribution de volume érythrocytaire

DVG (Fr) dysfonctionnement ventriculaire gauche

DVI (Span) disfunción ventricular izquierda

DVM (Eng) diurnal variation of mood

DVP (Fr) dérivation ventricul-péritonéale

DVPA (Span) drenaje venos pulmonar anómalo

Dvpt (Fr) développement

DVR (Ger) Datenverarbeitungsregister

DVT (Eng) deep-vein thrombosis

DW (Eng) distribution width

D/W (Eng) dextrose in water

D/w (Eng) discuss with

DWI (Eng) diffusion-weighted imaging (MRI)

DWZ (Dutch) dorsale wervelzuil

DX (Span) diagnóstico

DXA (Eng) dual (energy) X-ray absorptiometry

Dx (Eng) diagnosis

dx, dxt (Latin) dexter (= right)

DXA (Dan) dobbeltenergi røntgenabsorption

DXL (Eng) dual X-ray and laser

DXMS (Eng) dexamethasone

DXP (Eng) dextropropoxyphene

DXT (Eng) deep X-ray treatment

DyL (Span) dilatación y legrado

DZ (Ger) Durchleuchtungszeit

Dz (Eng) disease

E, e (Eng/Ger) expiratory / exspiratorisch (respiration)

e (Fr) absorbance molaire

E (Fr) élastance

E1 (Eng) estrone

E2 (Eng) estradiol

E3 (Eng) estriol

EA (Dan) epiduralanæstesi

e.a. (Fr) entre autres

EAA (Eng) essential amino acid

EAACI (Eng) European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology

EAB (Span) equilibrio ácido-base

EABV (Eng) endarterial blood volume

EAC (Fr) erythrocyte-anticorps-complément

EACH (Eng) European Association for Communication in Healthcare

EAD (Eng) early afterpolarisation

EAE (Ital) encefalomielitie acuta emorragica

EAEC (Eng) entero-aggregant E. coli

EAF (Eng) eosinophil activating factor

EAK (Ger) Eidgenössische Arzneimittelkommission

EAM (Eng) external auditory meatus

EAN (Eng) European Article Numbering

EANM (Eng) European Association of Nuclear Medicine

EAO (Eng) European Association for Osseointegration

EAP (Span) edema agudo de pulmón

EAS (Ger) Erregungsausbreitungsstörung

EASD (Eng) European Association for the Study of Diabetes

EASn (Ital) extrasistoli atriali sinistri (cardiology)

EASS (Eng) extracellular actin scavenger system

EAST (Ger) Enzym-Allergo-Sorbent-Test

EAV (Dutch) eenheidsafleveringsverpakking

EB (Dan) enkeltblindet

EBA (Eng) European Blood Alliance

EBD (Ger) ergänzende bilanzierte Diät

EBIC (Eng) European Brain Injury Consortium

EBL (Eng) estimated blood loss

RBLSE (Fr) entérobactéries productrices de béta-lactamases à spectre étendu

EBM (Dan) evidensbaseret medicin

EBMT (Fr) European Group for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant

EBNA (Eng) Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen

EBO (Eng) endobrachyoesophage

EBR (Fr) efficacité biologique relative

EBRT (Eng) external beam radiation therapy

EBUS (Eng) endobronchial ultrasound

EBUS-TBNA (Eng) endobronchial sultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration biopsy

EBV (Eng) Epstein-Barr virus

EC (Eng) effective concentration

e.c. (Eng) extracellular

e-c (Eng) enteric-coated

ECA (Eng) external carotid artery

ECAA (Ital) epatite cronica attiva autoimmune

ECAE (Span) enfermedad cardiovascular arteriosclerótica

ECBC (Fr) examen cytobacteriologique des crachats

ECBU (Fr) examen cytobactériologique des urines/urinaire

ECC (Eng) extracorporeal circulation

ECCE (Eng) European Council on Chiropractic Education

ECCO (Eng) European Cancer Conference

ECD (Eng) electrochemical detection

ECDC (Eng) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

eCDT (Eng) electronic common technical document

ECDEU (Eng) early clinical drug evaulation unit

ECEF (Eng) eosinophil cytotoxic enhancing factor

ECF (Eng) eosinophil chemotactic factor

ECG (Eng) electrocardiogram

ECH (Eng) epicholorohydrin

ECHO (Eng) echocardiography

ECI (Eng) extra-corporeal irritation

e.c.i. (Latin) e causa ignorata [used in Dutch]

ECL (Eng) enterochromaffin-like

ECM (Eng) extracellular matrix

ECMO (Eng) extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

ECN (Eng) early candidate notification

ECO (Fr) extenseur commun des orteils

Eco (Span) ecografía

ECO 2D (Span) ecografía bidimensional

ECOG (Eng) Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group

ECoG (Dan) elektrokortikografi

E.coli (Latin) Escherichia coli

ECP (Eng) eosinophil cationic protein

ECPHIN (Eng) EC Pharmaceutical Information Network

ECR (Eng) extra contractual referral

ECRC (Fr) essais cliniques randomizes controlés

eCRF (Eng) electronic case report form

ECRL (Latin) extensor carpi radialis longus

ECRP (Eng) endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram

ECS (Eng) endocannabinoid system

EC-SOD (Dan) ekstracellulær hypokalciurisk hyperkalcæmi

ECT (Dan) elektrochokterapi

ECUN (Fr) entérocolite ulcéro-nérosante [du nouveau-né]

ECV (Span) enfermedad cardiovascular

ECVH (Span) enfermedad cardiovascular hipertensiva

ED (Eng) erectile dysfunction

ED50 (Eng) median effective dose

EDA (Eng) exploratory data analysis

EDB (Latin) extensor digitorum brevis

EDC (Eng) expected/estimated date of confinement

EDD (Eng) estimated date of delivery

EDF (Fr) extension, dérotation, flexion

EDI (Eng) Electronic Data Interchange

EDIFACT (Eng) Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport [standard]

EDL (Eng) Essential Drug List

EDM (Eng) electronic document management

EDMD (Eng) Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy

EDMF (Eng) European Drug Master File

EDP (Eng) energy dependent phase

ED (Eng) everyday combined (pill)

EDMF (Eng) European Drug Master File

EDQM (Eng) European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines

EDPS (Fr) exempt d’organismes pathogens spécifiques (= SPF)

EDRF (Eng) endothelium-derived relaxing factor

EDS (Dan) Ehlers-Danlos syndrom

EDSS (Eng) Expanded Disability Status Scale

EDT (Eng) emergency duty team

EDTA (Eng) ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid

EDV (Eng) end-diastolic volume

EDXA (Eng) energy dispersive X-ray analysis

EE (Eng) eosinophilic esophagitis

e.e. (Eng) enantiometer excess

EEA (Eng) European Economic Area

EECC (Span) ensayos clínicos

EEE (Fr) Espace Economique Européenne (= EEA)

EEG (Eng) electroencephalogram

EEI (Span) esfínter esofágico inferior

EEII (Span) estremidades inferiores

EENT (Eng) eye, ear, nose, throat

EER (Fr) épuration extra-rénale

EES (Eng) everolimus-eluting stent

EET (Eng) epoxyeicosatrienoic acid

EF (Dan) ekstrem fedme

EFA (Eng) enhancing factor of allergy

EFF (Eng) effacement (of the cervix)

EFG (Span) Especialidad Farmacéutica Genérica

EFGCP (Eng) European Forum for Good Clinical Practice

EFM (Eng) electronic fetal monitoring

EFPIA (Eng) European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations

EFR (Fr) exploration fonctionelle respiratoire

EFS (Eng) electrical field stimulation

EFW (Eng) estimated fetus/fetal weight

EG (Eng) embryonic germ (cells)

EGA (Eng) European Generic medicines Association

EGC (Eng) early gastric carcinoma

EGD (Eng) eosinophilic gastroduodenoscopy

EGF (Eng) epidermal growth factor

EGFR (Eng) epithelial growth factor receptor

eGFR (Eng) estimated glomerular filtration rate

eg gl (Swe) egna glasögon (ophthalmology)

EGID (Eng) eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder

EGO (Ital) esofagogastroduodenoscopia

EGTA (Eng) ethylene glycol-bis (b-aminoethyl ether) N,N,N’,N’-tetraacetic acid

EGTM (Eng) European Group on Tumour Markers

EGW (Ger) Einwohnergleichwert (environ.)

EH (Eng) eye history

EHBO (Dutch) eerste hulp bij ongelukken

EHEC (Eng) enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli

eHF (Dan) ekstensivt hydrolyseret modermælkserstatning

EHF (Eng) ebola haemorrhagic factor

EHM (Eng) external heart massage

EHMA (Eng) European Health Management Association

EHN (Eng) European Heart Network

EHPAD (Fr) Etablissement d’Hébergement pour Personnes Agées Dépendantes

EI (Fr) effet indésirable

EIA (Eng) enzyme immunoassay

EIC (Eng) epidermal inclusion cyst

EID (Fr) Entente interdépartementale pour la démoustication du littoral méditerranéen

EIG (Fr) événement indésirable grave

EII (Span) enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal

EIGI (Fr) effets indésirables graves inattendus

EIH (Span) estancia intra-hospitalaria

EIM (Eng) electrical impedance myography

EINECS (Eng) European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances

EIT (Ital) evento ischemico transitorio

EJ (Eng) external jugular

EJA (Fr) exposition journalière admissible (= PDE)

EJM (Fr) entre jour même

EK (Ger) Ethikkommission

EKA (Ger) Expositionsäquivalent für krebserzeugende Arbeitsstoffe

EKBB (Ger) Ethikkommission beider Basel

EKC (Dan) Elektivt Kirurgisk Center [Frederiksberg Hospital]

EKG (Dan) elektrokardiogram

EKH (Swe) epiklorhydrin

EKK (Dutch) endogene kreatinineklaring

EKN (Ger) Einzelknopfnaht

Ekstr. (Dan) ekstremiteter

EKZ (Ger) extrakorporale Zirkulation

e.l. (Dan) egen læge

ELA (Eng) establishment licence application (US)

ELAM (Eng) endothelial leukocyte adhesion molecule

ELF (Eng) elective low forceps

el.fys. (Dan) elektrofysiologisk undersøgelse

ELHI (Eng) European Leaders for Health Care Improvement

ELISA (Eng) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

ELSCS (Eng) emergency lower segment caesarean section

ELT (Eng) endovenous laser treatment

elts (Eng) elements

ELU (Eng) enzyme-linked immunoassay unit

ELVS (Eng) echocardiographic left ventricular shortening

ELWP (Dutch) externe leer-/werkperiode

EM (Dan) elektronmikroskopi

EMA (Eng) European Midwives Association

EMBL (Eng) European Molecular Biology Laboratory

EMC (Eng) electromagnetic compatibility

EMCDDA (Eng) European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addication

EMD (Eng) Emergency Medicine Department

EME (Fr) état de mal épileptique

EMEA (Dan) Det europæiske lægemiddelagentur

EMG (Eng) electromy(el)ogram/electromyography

EMH (Span) enfermedad de la membrana hialina

EMI (Fr) epaisseur intima media (assessed on Doppler imaging study)

e.m.i. (Eng) elderly mentally ill

EMIT (Eng) enzyme multiplication immunoassay technique

EMLC (Eng) European Midwives Liaison Committee

EMLA (Eng) eutectic mixture of local analgetics

EMN (Eng) European Myeloma Network

EMO (Eng) European Medical Organisation

EMS (Fr) établissement médico-social [= nursing home]

EMSP (Fr) équipe mobile soins palliatifs

EMT (Eng) emergency medical treatment

EMTC (Span) enfermedad mixta del tejido conectivo

EMU (Eng) early-morning (specimen of) urine

EMW (Eng) early morning waking

EN (Eng) enteral nutrition

ENA (Eng) enalapril

ENAP (Eng) excisional new attachment procedure

END (Span) endoscopía

ENFET (Eng) enzyme field effect transistor

ENG (Eng) head engaged (baby)

enh (Swe) enhet

ENL (Latin) erythema nodosum leprosum

ENMG (Eng) electroneuromyography

ENNO (Eng) European Network of Nurses Organisations

ENOG (Eng) electroneurography

ENRD (Eng) endoscopy-negative reflux disease

ENS (Fr) énolase neurone spécifique

ENT (Eng) ear, nose and throat

enzm (Dan) enzymmængde

EO (Span) eosinófilos

E/O (Eng) evidence of

e.o. (Dan) efter ordre

E.O. (Ital) esame obiettivo (= physical examination)

EOA (Eng) effective opening area

EOCCD (Eng) European Organisation for the Control of Circulatory Diseases

EOD (Fr) estomac, œsophage, duodénum

EOG (Eng) electro-oculogram/electro-oculography

EOJ (Dan) elektronisk omsorgsjournal

EOM (Eng) extraocular movement

EOMI (Eng) extraocular movements intact

EON (Ital) esame obiettivo neurologico

EOPA (Span) estudio post-autorización de tipo observacional

EOPS (Fr) Exempt d’Organismes Pathogènes Spécifiques

EOQ (Eng) European Organisation for Quality

EORTC (Eng) European Organisation for Research on Treatment of Cancer

EOS (Eng) end of study

Eos (Eng) eosinophils

EOT (Port) entubação orotraqueal

EP (Eng) European Pharmacopoeia

Ep (Fr) épanchement pleural

e p (Fr) en passant [used in Swedish]

EPA (Eng) Environmental Protection Agency

EPAP (Eng) expiratory positive airway pressure

EPAR (Eng) European Public Assessment Report

EPBRS (Eng) European Pharmacopoeia Biological Refence Substance

EPBS (Eng) European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science

EPC (Eng) entothelial progenitor cell

EPCO (Span) enfermedad pulmonar crónica obstructiva (= COPD)

EPCRS (Eng) European Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substance

EPD (Fr) espace péridurale

EPEC (Eng) enteropathogenic E. coli

EPF (Fr) erytheme pigmenté fixe

EpG (Eng) eggs per gram

EPH gestosis (Eng/Ger) Edema/proteinuria/hypertension gestosis

EPHA (Eng) European Public Health Alliance

EPHMRA (Eng) European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association

EPI (Eng) extended programme of immunisation (WHO)

EPIC (Eng) Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage

EPIG (Span) epigastrio

epikath (Dan) epidural katheter

EPIN (Eng) epinephrine

epi-pumpe (Dan) epidural pumpe

EPIS (Eng) episiotomy

EPIT (Span) epitelio

EPJ (Dan) elektronisk patientjournal

EPK (Swe) erytrocytpartikelkoncentration

EPL (Eng) effective patent life

EPM (Span) excitación psicomotriz

EPN (Swe) etikpövningsnämnd

EPO (Eng) erythropoietin

EPOC (Span) enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crónica

EPPI (Fr) eau pour préparation injectable

EPR (Eng) electronic patient record

Epr (Swe) Extra provinsialläkare

EPRG (Eng) European Pharmacovigilance Research Group

EPS (Eng) extrapyramidal symptoms/syndrome

EPSP (Dan) excitatorisk postsynaptisk potentiale

EPSS (Eng) E-point to septal separation

EPT (Eng) (o)estrogen and progestin therapy

EPU (Fr) électrophorèse des proteins urinaires

EPX (Fr) époux/épouse

Eq (Fr) équivalent

Eq Ac-b (Span) equilibrio ácido-base

EQUALIS (Swe) Extern kvalitetssäkring inom laboratoriemedicin i Sverige

ER (Dan) østrogenreceptor

E+R (Ger) Erreger und Resistenz

ERA (Eng) electric response audiometry

ERB (Ger) Erregungsrückbildung (repolarization)

ERC (Dan) endoskopisk retrograd kolangiografi

Erc (Dan) erythrocytter

ERCP (Dan) endoskopisk retrograd kolangiopankreatikografi

ERBD (Eng) endoscopic-retrograde biliary drainage

ERBS (Ger) Erregungsrückbildungsstörung

ERC (Eng) endoscopic-retrograde cholangiography

ERCP (Eng) endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

ERD (Eng) erosive reflux disease

ERE (Eng) estrogen responsive element

ERF (Eng) enzyme releasing factor

ERG (Ger) Elektrookulogramm

EG (Fr) électrorétinogramme

EPV (Eng) events per variable

ERGE (Span) enfermedad por reflujo gastroesofágico

ERICA (Eng) estrogen-receptor immuno-cytochemical assay (identification of estrogen-receptor proteins)

Erk. (Ger) Erkrankung

EROD (Eng) 7-ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase

ERP (Eng) endoscopic retrograde pancreatography

ERPC (Eng) evacuation of retained products of conception

ERPF (Eng) effective renal plasma flow

ERS (Ger) Erregungsrückbildungsstörung (cardiology)

ERT (Eng) estrogen replacement therapy

ERTF (Span) etapa final de enfermedad renal (= ESRD)

ERV (Eng) expiratory reserve volume

ES (Dan) endoskopisk sfinkterektomi

ESA (Eng) erythropoeisis-stimulating agent

ESAF (Eng) endothelial cell angiogenic factor

ESB (Fr) encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine

ESBL (Eng) extended spectrum beta-lactamase

ESBLPE (Eng) extended-spectrum beta-lactamase–producing enterobacteriaceae

ESC (Eng) European Society of Cardiology

ESCA (Eng) electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis

ECSMID (Eng) European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

ESD (Eng) electrostatic discharge

ESF (Fr) extrémité supérieur du fémur

ESHD (Span) estenosis subaórtica hipertrófica dinámica

ESHI (Span) estenosis subaórtica hipertrófica idiopática

ESI (Eng) epidural steroid injection

ES(-Kompressen) (Ger) eingeschlagene Schnittkanten

ESLD (Eng) end-stage liver disease

ESM (Eng) ejection systolic murmur

e.s.mi.i. (Eng) elderly severely mentally ill

ESMO (Eng) European Society for Medical Oncology

ESN (Fr) examen sous narcose

ESO (Span) esófago/esofágico

e s o (Swe) efter/enligt särskild ordination

ESP (Span) espiración/espiratorio

ESPA (Eng) European Sterilisation Packaging Association

ESPDR (Eng) end-systolic pressure-diameter reltion

ESPGHAN (Eng) European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

ESR (Eng) erythrocyte sedimentation rate

ESRD (Eng) end-stage renal disease

ESRS (Eng) extrapyramidal symptom rating scale

ESS (Eng) Epworth Sleepiness Scale

ESST (Fr) encéphalopathie spongiformes subaigue transmissible

ESSV (Fr) extrasystole supraventriculaire

EST (Fr) exsanguinotransfusion

ESTI (Eng) Electronic Standards for Transfer of Information

ESTRI (Eng) Electronic Transfer of Regulatory Information Gateway

ESUR (Eng) European Society of Urogenital Radiology

ESV (Eng) end-systolic volume

ESWL (Eng) extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy

ET (Dan) ernæringstilstand

ETA (Eng) endotracheal aspirate

ETB (Ger) empfohlene Tagesdosis

ETC (Eng) epirubicin, paclitaxel and cyclophosphamide

ETE (Span) ecocardiografía transesofágica

ETEC (Dan) enterotoksigene Escherichia coli

ETF (Dan) ekstremt tidligt født

Etio (Fr) étiologie

ETN (Latin) erythema toxicum neonatorum

ETO (Eng) extended trochanteric osteotomy

EtO (Eng) ethylene oxide

ETOH (Eng) ethanol

ETOMEP (Eng) European Technical Office for Medical Products

ETP (Ger) epilepsie-typische Potentiale

ETRS (Eng) European Tissue Repair Society

ETS (Fr) établissement de transfusion sanguine

ETT (Eng) exercise tolerance test

ETt (Eng) endotracheal tube

EU (Eng) endotoxin unit

EUA (Eng) examination under anaesthesia

EUCALB (Eng) European Concerted Action on Lyme Borreliosis

EUCOMED (Eng) European Confederation of Medical Devices Associations

EUDRA (Eng) European Union Drug Regulatory Authorities

EudraCT (Eng) European drug application for clinical trials

EUG (Dutch) extra-uteriene graviditeit

EUL (Dan) endoskopisk ultralyd

EUL-FNA (Dan) endoskopisk ultralydvejledt finnålsaspirationsbiopsi

EuropASI (Eng) European Addiction Severity Index

EUS (Eng) external urethral sphincter

EUS-FNA (Eng) endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration

EUSOL (Eng) Edinburgh University solution

EV (Eng) EudraVigilance

ev (Span) endovenoso (= iv)

e.v. (Ital) endovena

EVA (Eng) ethylene vinyl acetate (copolymer)

EVB (Ger) Erythrozytenverteilungsbreite (= RDW)

EVD (Eng) external ventricular drain

EVF (Dan) erytrocyt volumen fraktion

EVLW (Eng) extravascular lung water

EVS (Dutch) elektronisch voorschrijfsysteem [see EPS]

EVSI (Fr) espérance de vice sans incapacité

EVT (Eng) empirically validated treatment

EWCL (Eng) extended-ear contact lens

EWG (Eng) expert working group

EYLS (Eng) equity-adjusted years of life saved

EVMPD (Eng) EudraVigilance Medical Product Dictionary

EWET (Eng) enlarged waist combined with elevated triglycerides

EWMA (Eng) European Wound Management Association

EX (Span) examen

Ex (Eng) on examination

exc (Eng) excision

EX FIX (Eng) external fixation

Ex. läk. (Swe) Extra läkare

EX LAP (Eng) exploratory laparotomy

EXP (Span) expirado

exp. iv. (Swe) expeditionsintervall

EXPL (Span) exploradora

EXT (Eng) extremities

ext (Eng) external

extr (Swe) extremitet

EZ (Ger) Ernährungszustand

EZV (Ger) Extrazellulärvolumen

F (Dan) fæces

F+ (Fr) fièvre

f (Dan) fastende

f. (Latin) formula

Fab (Eng) antigen-binding fragment (of immunoglobulin)

Fc (Eng) -ditto- combines with complement (immunology)

FA (Dan) fysisk aktivitet

fa (Ital) fibrillazione atriale

FAAS (Eng) flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

FAB (Eng) French-American-British

Fab (Eng) antigen binding fragment

FABP (Dan) fedtsyrebindingsprotein

FAC (Span) fosfatasa ácida

FACS (Eng) Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

FACT (Eng) Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy

FAD (Eng) flavine adenine dinucleotide

FADL (Dan) Foreningen Af Danske Lægestuderende

FAEP (Ger) Frühe akustisch evozierte Potentiale

FAF (Eng) fatty acid free

FAH (Eng) Factor VIII antihemofilico

FAI (Span) frontoanterior izquierda

FAKL (Dan) Foreningen af Kommunallæger

FAKS (Dan) Foreningen af Kroniske Smertepatienter

FAL (Span) fosfatasa alcalina

FAM (Ger) Fertigarzneimittel

FAME (Span) fármacos modificadores de la enfermedad (= DMARDs)

FAN (Fr) facteur anti-nucléaire

FANS (Ital) farmaci antiinflammatori non-steroide [= NSAIDs]

FANT (Span) fontanela anterior no tensa

FAO (Eng) Food and Agriculture Organisation

FAP (Dan) familiær adenomatøs polypose

FAPS (Dan) Foreningen af Praktiserende Speciallæger

FAR (Eng) final assessment report

FaR (Swe) fysisk aktivitet på recept

farm (Swe) farmakologi (-sk)

FARAL (Span) fármacos antreumáticos de acción lenta (= SAARDs)

FARES (Fr) Fondation contre les Affections Respiratoires and pour l’Education à la Santé

Farmindustria (Ital) Association of Italian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

FAS (Dan) Foreningen af Speciallæger

FASEB (Eng) Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology

FASS (Swe) Farmacevtiska specialiteter I Sverige

FAST (Eng) Fourier acquisition in the steady state (in MR)

FAT (Eng) fluorescent antibody technique/test

FAU (Eng) fetal assessment unit

FAV (Fr) fistule artério-veineuse

FB (Eng) foreign body

F/B (Eng) followed by

FBA (Ger) Fingerspitzenbodenabstand

FBC (Eng) full blood count

FBG/S (Eng) fasting blood glucose/sugar

FBHH (Eng) familial benign hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia

FBK (Dan) fremskredet brystkræft

FBM (Eng) fetal breathing movements

FBS (Eng) fasting blood sugar

FBSS (Eng) failed back surgery syndrome

FC (Eng) flow compensation (in MR)

Fc (Fr) fraction cristallisable

f-c (Eng) film-coated

FCA (Eng) Freund’s complete adjuvant

FCC (Eng) food chemical codex

FCE (Span) factor de crecimiento epidérmico

FCF (Span) frecuencia cardíaca fetal

FCG (Ital) fonocardiografia

FCHL (Eng) familial combined hyperlipidaemia

FCKW (Ger) Fluorchlorkohlenwassertoff(e) (= CFC)

FCM (Fr) fréquence cardiaque maximum

FCMT (Span) frequencia cardiáca maxima teórica

F_CO2 (Eng) end-expiratory CO2 concentration

FCP (Fr) fonds commun de placement

FCR (Dutch) fludarabine, cyclofosfamide, retaximab

FCRB (Cat) Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomédica

FCS (Eng) fetal calf serum

FCV (Fr) frottis cervico-vaginal

FD (Eng) forceps delivery

Fd (Ger) Fundus

FDA (Eng) fluorescein diacetyl (microscopy)

FDC (Dan) follikulære dendritiske celler

FDDF (Eng) fast-dissolving dosage form

FDE (Ger) Farbdopplerechokardiographie

FDG (Dan) 18F-deoxy-glukose (= fluorodeoxyglukose)

FDG-PET (Dan) 2-[F-18]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glukose-PET

FDI (Eng) feeder density index

FDN (Span) fecha de nacimiento

FDP (Eng) fibrin(ogen) degradation product

FDR (Fr) facteur de risque

FDRCV (Fr) facteur de risque cardio vasculaire

FE (Eng) functional enquiry

FEC (Fr) formulaire d’exposé de cas

FEDESA (Fr) European Federation of Animal Health Associations

FEF (Eng) forced expiratory flow

FEF 25%-75% (Ital) flusso medio espiratorio tra il 25% ed il 75% della CVF

FEH (Eng) family eye history

FEHAP (Fr) Fédération des Etablissements Hospitaliers et d’Assistance Privé

FEK (Swe) Forskningsetikkommitté

FeL (Eng) feline leukaemia

FEM (Eng) femoral

FEMA (Eng) failure modes and effects analysis

FENa (Eng) fractional excretion of sodium

FEP (Span) flujo pico espiratorio

FER (Eng) fractional esterification rate

FES (Eng) functional electrical stimulation

FESS (Eng) functionel endoscopic sinus surgery

FET (Eng) forced expiration time

FEV (Dan) forceret ekspiratorisk volumen

FEV1 (Dan) forceret ekspiratorisk volumen i første sekund

FEVD (Fr) fraction d’éjection du ventricule droit

FEVG (Fr) fraction d’éjection du ventricule gauche

FF (Eng) filtration fraction

FFA (Eng) free fatty acids

FFAMCE (Fr) Fédération Française des Associations de Médecins Conseils Experts

FFbH (Ger) Funktionsfragebogen Hannover

f.f.d. (Swe) föregående fosterdel (obstetrics)

FFI (Fr) faisant fonction d’interne

FFM (Dan) fedtfri masse

FFP (Dan) frisk frosset plasma

FFR (Eng) fractional flow reserve

FFT (Dan) faldforebyggende træning

FFV (Ger) Finger-Finger Versuch (= finger-to-finger test)

FG (Fr) filtration glomérulaire

fg. (Dan) fungerende

FGD (Eng) functional gastrointestinal disorders

FGF (Eng) fibroblast growth factor

FGH (Dutch) familiaire gecombineerde hyperlipidemie

FGR (Span) filtrado glomerular

FGS (Ger) Fettgewebsstück

FH (Dan) fundus hypertonicus

FHA (Eng) filamentous haemogglutin

F-Hb (Swe) fekal hemoglobin

FHF (Eng) fulminant hepatic failure

FHH/R (Eng) fetal heart heard/regular

FHL (Eng) familial haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

FHR (Dan) føtal heart rate

FHS (Swe) förvärvad hjärnskada

FHTG (Eng) familial hypertriglyceridaemia

FHV (Swe) företagshälsovård

FHx (Eng) family history

FI (Fr) facteur intrinsèque

FIBC (Eng) flexible intermediate bulk containers

Fibro (Fr) fibroscopie

FIC (Span) fluido intracelular

FICS (Eng) Fellow of the International College of Surgeons

FID (Fr) fosse iliaque droite

Fidd (Eng) fibrin D-dimer

Fidte (Fr) fosse iliaque droite

FIE (Eng) feline infectious enteritis

Fiehp (Fr) Fédération intersyndicale des établissements d’hospitalisation privée

FIF (Eng) forced inspiratory flow

FIG (Fr) fosse iliaque gauche

FIGO (Fr) Fédération Internationale de Gynécologie et d’Obstétrique

FII (Span) fosa ilíaca izquierda

FIO2 (Eng) inspiratory O2 concentration

FIARO (Ital) Federazione Italiana Associazioni Regionali Ospedaliere

FID (Eng) flame ionisation detector

FIGO (Fr) Fédération Internationale de Gynécologie et Obsétrique

FIM (Eng) functional independence measure

FIMMG (Ital) Federazione Italiana dei Medici di Medicina Generale

FIMR (Eng ) functional ischaemic mitral regurgitation

Finess (Fr) Fichier National des Etablissements Sanitaires et Sociaux

FiO2 (Eng) fraction of inspired/inhaled oxygen

FIP () International Pharmaceutical Federation

FISH (Dan) fluorescens (fluorescerende) in situ-hybridisering

FIT (Fr) fiche d’information thérapeutique

FITS (Fr) Fonds International de Solidarité Therapeutique

FIV (Eng) forced inspiratory volume

FIVETE (Fr) fécondation in vitro et transfert d’embryon

FK (Swe) försäkringskassa

fk (Swe) fältkontroll (in radiotherapy)

FKDS (Ger) farbkodierte Duplexsonographie

FKG (Swe) fonokardiografi

FKK (Dan) Forskningsrådet for Kultur og Kommunikation

FL (Eng) fetal length

Fl (Swe) Första läkare

FL/HL (Ger) Femurlänge/Humeruslänge

fl (Eng) fluid

FLA (Ger) Fluoreszenzangiographie

Fla (Span) flora

FLAIR (Eng) fluid-attenuated inversion recovery

fldr (Swe) föräldrar

FLC (Fr) forme à libération contrôlée

FLEX (Span) flexión

Flex Sig (Eng) flexible sigmoidoscopy

FLI (Fr) forme à libération immediate

FLIA (Span) familiia

FLJ (Swe) fosterljud (obstetrics)

FLM (Eng) fetal lung maturity test

FLOS (Dan) Forskningscenter for Ledelse og Organisation i Sygehusvæsenet

FLP (Fr) (sustained release form)

FM (Eng) Facilities Management

FMA (Dan) forældre med alkoholmisbrug

fmb (Dan) føtomaternel blødning

FMC (Fr) formation médicale continue

FMD (Eng) foot-and-mouth disease (vet.)

FMEA (Eng) failure modes and effects analysis

FMECA (Eng) fiailure mode, effects and criticality analysis

FMF (Dan) familiær middelhavsfeber

FMG (Eng) foreign medical graduate

FMGMS (Eng) foreign medical graduate examination in the medical sciences

FMH (Latin) Foederatio Medicorum Helveticorum [Swiss Medical Association]

FML (Fr) fibre musculaire lisse

FMLP (Eng) formyl-methionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine

FMMP (Span) Fundacion Medica de Mar del Plata

FMN (Fr) flavine mononucléotide

FMP (Eng) final menstrual period

FMR-1 (Eng) fragile X mental retardation - 1

fMRI (Eng) functional MRI (q.v.)

FMS (Dutch) fulminante meningokokkensepsis

FMSS (Fr) fibre musculaire striée squelettique

FMT (Dan) føtomaternel transfusion

FMTC (Eng) familial medullary thyroid cancer

FN (Fr) faux négatifs

F&N (Eng) febrile and neutropenic

FNA (Dutch) fijnenaaldaspiratie

FNAB (Eng) fine-needle aspiration biopsy

FNAC (Dan) finnålsaspirationscytologi

FNB (Eng) Food and Nutrition Board (USA)

FNCLCC (Fr) Fédération des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer

FND (Fr) fosse nasale droite

FNG (Fr) fosse nasale gauche

FNH (Eng) focal nodular hyperplasia

FNMF (Fr) Fédération nationale de la mutualité française

FNOM CeO (ITAL) Federazione Nazionalw degli Ordini dei Medicini-Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri

FNP (Eng) fine-needle puncture

FNT (Dutch) Federatie van Nederlandse Trombosediensten

FNU (Dan) Forskningsrådet for Natur og Univers

FNV (Ger) Finger-Nase-Versuch (finger-to-nose test)

FO (Eng) focused operation

FOB (Eng) fibre-optic bronchoscopy

FOBT (Eng) faecal occult blood test

FOD (Ger) frontookzipitaler Durchmesser

FOFI (Ital) Federazione Ordini Farmacisti Italiani

FOGD (Fr) fibroscopie oeso-gastro-duodénale

FOOSH (Eng) fall on outstretched hand

FOP (Fr) Foramen ovale perméable

FOQ (Fr) fiche observation qualité

föreg. (Swe) föregående (cf f.f.d.)

fort. (Latin) fortis

FOS (Eng) full of stool

FOT (Eng) forced oscillation technique

FoU (Swe) forskning och utveckling

FOV (Eng) field of view (in MR)

FOX (Eng) forkhead-box

FP (Dan) facialisparese

fp (Swe) försöksperson

F + P (Fr) face et profil (radiography, = anteroposterior [AP] and lateral)

FPD (Eng) flame photometric detector

FPG (Dan) fasteplasmaglukose

FPI (Span) frontoposterior izquierda

FPIA (Eng) fluorescence polarisation immunoassay

FPP (Span) fecha probable de parto

FPPP (Fr) fermeture plan par plan [wound closed in layers]

FPR (Span) flujo plasmático renal

FPRE (Span) flujo plasmático renal efectivo

fPSA (Eng) false PSA

FQ (Span) fisicoquímico

FQ1 (Fr) formation qualifiante 1e année

fqt (Fr) fréquement

FR (Eng) Federal Register

Fr (Eng) French (see ‘Ch’ – Charrière)

fr. (Cat) fracción

FRA (Ital) febbre reumatica acuta

fra (Span) fiebre reumàtica aguda

FRALE (Eng) frangible anchor-linked effector

FRC (Eng) functional residual capacity

FRCGP (Eng) Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners

FRCP (Eng) Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

FRCS (Eng) Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

FRCV (Fr) facteurs de risque cardiovasculaires

FRE (Fr) Fonds de Roulement d’Exploitation

FREC (Span ) frecuentes

FRH (Eng) follicle-releasing hormone

FRI (Eng) Fractionation Research Inc.

FRK (Swe) Finlands Röda Kors (= Finnish Red Cross)

FRM (Fr) fauteuil roulant manuel

FROM (Eng) full range of movement

FS (Dan) facialisschwannom

FSa (Eng) full analysis set

FSC (Span) flujo sanguíneo cerebral

FSD (Eng) female sexual dysfunction

FSE (Dan) Forskningsrådet for Samfund og Erhverv

FSG (Eng ) fingerstick gluclose

FSGS (Eng) focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

FSH (Eng) follicle-stimulating/follicular stimulating hormone

FSL (Fr) flux sanguine local

FSME (Ger) Frühsommer-Meningoenzephalitis

FSPF (Fr) Fédération des Syndicats Pharmaceutiques de France

FSPs (Eng) fibrin split products

FSR (Span) flujo sanguíneo renal

FSS (Dan) Forskningsrådet for Sundhed og Sygdom

FST (Ger) Fluss-, Schmier und Trennmittel

FT3 (Eng) free T3

FT4 (Eng) free T4

FTA (Eng) fault tree analysis

FTA-ABS (Eng) fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (test)

FTbl. (Ger) Filmtablette

FTD (Eng) formal thought disorder

FTI (Eng) farnesyl protein transferase inhibitor

FTIR (Eng) Fourier transform infrared spectrometry

FTN (Eng) finger-to-nose

FTND (Eng) full-term normal delivery

FTO (Dutch) Farmaco Therapie Overleg

ftp.(Dan) Forskningsrådet for Teknologi og Produktion

FTT (Eng) failure-to-thrive

FTTO (Dutch) Farmacotherapeutisch Transmuraal Overleg [Interdisciplinary Pharmacotherapeutic Forum]

FU (Eng) follow-up

F/U (Eng) follow-up

FUAP (Dan) Faglig Udvikling i Almen Praksis

FUFOL (Fr) fluoro-uracile + acide folinique

FUM (Span) fecha de última menstruación

FUO (Eng) fever of unknown/undetermined origin

FUR (Span) fecha de últimas reglas (= LMP)

FUT (Dan) fysisk uddannelse og træning [military]

FUTA (Ger) Fahruntauglichkeitsaufklärung

FV (Dan) fødselsvægt

fv (Norw) fostervann

FVA (Dan) fødevareallergi

FVAR (Eng) Final Variation Assessment Report

FVC (Eng) forced vital capacity

FVE (Eng) Federation of Veterinarians of Europe

FVF (Ger) Flimmerverschmelzungsfrequenz (= flicker fusion frequency)

FVL (Dan) faktor V Leiden

FVO (Dan) fødevareoverfølsomhed

FVR (Eng) feline rhinotracheitis virus

FVS (Eng) fetal valproate syndrome

FVT (Ital) fremito vocale tattile

FWHM (Eng) full width at half maximum

FX (Eng) fracture

fx/Fx (Eng) fracture

fys (Swe) fysikalisk (undersökning)

Fz () frontal (electrode)

FZ (Ger) Fingerzählen: an ophthalmological test for the ability to count fingers (= CF in Engish)

fz (Dutch) fysiologisch zout

FZhEL1 (Russ) (FEV1)

_, G, _ (Fr) gradient ventriculaire

(cardiology) (Eng) ventricular gradient

G (Eng) gonorrhoea

g (Eng) gram

G1,2,3 etc. (Fr) grossesse 1, 2, 3 etc.

G#P# (Latin) gravida # para #

G2 (Latin) gravida 2 (2nd pregnancy)

G6P (Eng) glucose-6-phosphate

G6PD (Eng) glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

GA (Dan) gestationsalder

g.a. (Dutch) geen afwijkingen

GA1 (Eng) glutaric acidaemia

GAAZ (Dutch) geriatrische afdeling van een algemeen ziekenhuis

GAB (Span) gasometría arterial basal

GABA (Eng) gamma-aminobutyric acid

GAD (Dan) glutaminsyredecarboxylase

gad (Eng) gadolinium chelates

GAD2 (Dan) glutamatdecarboxylase 2

GADD (Eng) growth-arrest DNA damage-inducible

ga-DTPA (Dan) gadolinium-diethylen-triamin-penta-acetat

GAF (Eng) Global Assessment of Functioning

GAG (Dan) glykosaminoglykan

GAJ (Fr) glycémie à jeun

Gal (Fr) galactose

Galant (Eng) Galant’s reflex

GALP (Eng) Good Automated Laboratory Practice

GALT (Eng) gut-associated lymphoid tissue

Gamma-GT (Fr) gamma-glutamyl transférase

GAMP (Eng) Good Automated Manufacturing Practice

GAO (Fr) glaucoma à angle ouvert

GAP (Dan) galdestenskorreleret akut pankreatitis

Gap (Eng) interslice gap (in MR protocols)

GAPZ (Dutch) geriatrische afdeling van een psychiatrisch ziekenhuis

GAQ (Fr) Groupe d’Amélioration de la Qualité

GARF (Eng) Global Assessment of Relational Functioning

GARFT (Eng) glycinamide ribonucleotide formyltransferase

GAS (Eng) Global Assessment Scale

gastroc (Eng) gastrocnemius

GAU (Ger) grösster anzunehmender Unfall (nuclear technology)

GAUZ (Dutch) geriatrische afdeling van een universitair ziekenhuis

GAVI (Eng) Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunisation

GB (Eng) gallbladder

GB-3 (Fr) globotriaosylcéramide

g.b. (Dutch) geen bijzonderheden

GBD (Eng) global burden of disease

GBL (Dan) gammabutyrolaceton

GBM (Dan) gestationel diabetes mellitus

Gbn (Ger) Gläser bessern nicht

GBP (Eng) good business practice

GBS (Dan) Guillain-Barrés syndrom

GC (Eng) gas chromatography

gc (Swe) gonorré

GC-ECD (Eng) gas chromatography with electron capture detection

GC/FID (Eng) gas chromatography/flame ionisation detection

GCLP (Eng) Good Control Laboratory Practice

GC/MS (Eng) gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

GCP (Eng) Good Clinical Practice

GCP-V (Ger) GCP-Verordnung

GCRP (Eng) Good Clinical Research Practice

GCS (Eng) glucocorticosteroid

GCSF (Eng) granulocyte colony stimulating factor

GCT (Dan) granularcelletumor

GCVP (Eng) glood computer validation practices

GD (Fr) grande distinction

gda (Dutch) geen duidelijke afwijkingen

GDE (Span) grande

GDF (Eng) Global Drug Facility

GDM (Dan) gestationel diabetes mellitus

GDNF (Eng) glial cell-line derived neutrotrophic factor

GDP (Eng) Good Distribution Practice

GDS (Eng) geriatric depression scale

GDSA (Fr) gaz du sang artériel

GDVG (Ger) Gesundheitsdienst- und Verbraucherschutzgesetz

GDx (Eng) glaucoma detection system

GE (Eng) gastroesophageal

(Fr) gélule

GE (2-) (Ger) Gefässerkrankung ((two-)vessel disease)

GEA (Dan) gastroenteroanastomose

GEB (Ger) grosse Eigenblutbehandlung

Geb.Nr. (Ger) Gebührennummer

GEDV (Eng) global end diastolic volume

GEF (Eng) glycosylation enhancing factor

Gef (Ger) Gefäße

GEFS (Eng) Generalised Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures

gel. (Ger) gelesen [checked by person who dictated]

GEM (Fr) glomérulo-néphrite extra-membraneuse

GEMs (Eng) gemini of the coiled bodies

GEMSA (Fr) groupes d’etude multicentriques des services d’accueil.

GEN (Eng) genetics

gen (Eng) general

gen mod (Eng) generalised moderate

gen.utr. (Latin) genu(s) utriusque

GEO (Eng) genetically engineered organism

G-EPJ/GEPJ (Dan) grundstrukturen for elektronisk patientjournal

GEPKA (Dan) Grundstruktur for Elektronisk Patientjournal, Prototype, Klinisk Afprøvning

GERD (Eng) gastroesophageal reflux disease

GE reflux (Eng) gastroesophageal reflux [scan]

GERI (Eng) geriatrics

GES (Fr) gestes élémentaires de survie

GEST (Span) gestacional

GET (Eng) general endotracheal

GETT (Eng) general, endotracheal tube (anaesthesia)

GEU (Fr) grossesse extra-utérine

GF (Eng) growth factor

GFAP (Eng) glial fibrillary acidic protein

GFATM (Dan) Globale Fond til bekæmpelse af Aids, TB og Malaria

GFR (Eng) glomerular filtration rate

GG (Ger) Geburtsgewicht

GGD (Dutch) gemeenschappelijke gezondheidsdienst

GGf (Eng) glial growth factor

GGL (Fr) ganglions

GGLAS (Port) gerencia geral de laboratarios de saude publica

GGO (Dutch) genetisch gemanipuleerde organismen (= GMO)

ggr (Swe) gånger

GGT (Dan) gamma-glutamyl-transferase

GGTP (Eng) gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase

GGZ (Dutch) geestelijke gezondheidszorg

GH (Eng) growth hormone

GHA (Dan) generaliseret hypermobilitas articulorum

GHB (Dan) gammahydroxybuturat

GHb (Eng) glycosylated haemoglobin

GHBP (Eng) growth hormone binding protein

GHM (Fr) groupes homogènes de maladies [diagnosis related groups]

GHP (Eng) Good Hospital Practice

GHR (Fr) grossesse à haut risque

GHRF (Eng) growth hormone releasing factor

GHRH (Eng) growth hormone-releasing hormone

GHRIH (Eng) growth hormone releasing inhibiting hormone

GI (Eng) gastrointestinal

GIA (Eng) gastrointestinal anastomosis

GIB (Eng) gastrointestinal bleeding

GIC (Eng) glass ionomer cement

GIF (Eng) glycosylation inhibition factor

GIFAP (Fr) Groupement International des Associations Nationales de Fabricants de Produits Agrochimiques

GIFIC (Fr) Groupe Intersyndical de Fournisseurs de l’Industrie Chimique

GIFT (Eng) gamete intrafallopian transfer

GIK (Dan) glukose-insulin-kalium-infusion

GILSP (Eng) Good Industrial Large-Scale Practice

GIN (Span) ginecologia

GINA (Eng) Global Initiative for Asthma

GIP (Eng) gastric inhibitory peptide

GIR (Eng) glucose infusion rate

GIS (Dan) geografiske informationssystemer

GISA (Eng) glycopeptide insensitive Staphylococcus aureus

GISSI (Ital) Gruppo italiano per lo studio della Streptochinase nell’ Infarto miocardico

GIST (Dan) gastrointestinal stromatumor

GIT (Eng) gastro-intestinal tract

GIU (Fr) grossesse intra-utérine

GIZ (Ger) Glassionomerzement (dentistry)

GK (Dan) glukokortikoid

GKV (Ger) gesetzliche Krankenversicherung

g.l. (Span) grados de libertad

GLC (Eng) glaucoma

Glc (Fr) glucose

GLDH (Eng) glutamate dehydrogenase

GLO (Span) glucemia

GLP (Dan) glukagonlignende peptid

GLP-1 (Eng) glucagon-like peptide-1

GLT (Eng) glucose loading test

Glu (Fr) glutamate

GM (Fr) grand mal

GMA (Dan) glatmuskelcelle-aktin

GMC (Dutch) Geneesmiddelencommissie (Belgium)

GM-CSF (Eng) granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor

GMD (Span) ganancia media diaria

GME (Fr) germes multi-résistants

GMFM (Eng) gross motor function measure

GMM (Eng) genetically modified microorganism

GMN (Fr) goîte multinodulaire

GMNMP (Span) glomerulonefritis membranoproliferativa

GMNPE (Span) glomerulonefritis post estreptocóccia

GMO (Dan) genetisk modificeret organisme

GMOI (Fr) gammapathie monoclonale d’origine indéterminée

GMP (Eng) Good Manufacturing Practice

GMPc (Fr) GMP cyclique

GMR (Eng) gallops, murmurs, rubs

GMTs (Eng) geometric mean titres

GN (Eng) glomerular nephritis

GNA (Fr) gomérulonéphrite aiguë

GNAPS (Fr) gomérulonéphrite aiguë post-streptococcique

GNB (Eng) Gram-negative bacilli

GNC (Fr) syndrome de glomérulonéphrite chronique

GNEM (Fr) glomérulonéphrite extra-membranaire

GNMP (Fr) glomérulonéphrite membrano-proliférative

GNR (Eng) Gram-negative rod

GNRP (Fr) syndrome de glomérulonéphrite rapidement progressive

GnRH (Eng) gonadotrophin releasing hormone

GO (Fr) Gynécologie-Obstétrique

GOÄ (Ger) Gebührenordnung für Ärzte

GOD (Eng) glucose oxidase

GOO (Eng) gastric outlet obstruction

GORD (Eng) gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

GOT (Eng) glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase

GOX (Eng) glyphosphate oxydoreductase

GP (Dan) galdestenspankreatitis

G-P- (Eng) gravida, para (pregnancies, deliveries)

GPAO (Fr) Gestion de Production Assistée par Ordinateur

GPC (Eng) Gram-positive coccus

GPCR (Eng) G protein-coupled receptors

GPF (Eng) glomerular plasma flow

GPIA (Eng) Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association

GPM (Eng) general preventive medicine

GPP (Eng) Good Pharmacy Practice

GPR (Dan) godt partielt respons

GPS (Dan) mobiltelefon med satellitovervågning

GPT (Eng) glutamate pyruvate transaminase

Gpt/l (Ger) Gammapartikel/l

Gpx (Eng) glutathione peroxide

GPU (Eng) guinea-pig unit

GQ (Eng) general qualification

GQM (Fr) gain quotidien moyen

GR (Eng) glucocorticoid receptor

gr (Eng) grain

grag. (Span) gragea

gral. (Span) general

GRAS (Eng) generally recognised as safe

GRC (Fr) globules rouges congelés

GRE (Eng) gradient echo series (in MRI)

GRF (Eng) growth hormone-releasing factor

GRH (Eng) growth hormone-releasing hormone

GRK (Dan) G-receptor-kinase

GRP (Eng) Good Regulatory Practice

GRT (Span) geriatria

GRTH (Fr) generalised resistance thyroid hormone

Grx (Eng) gravida

GS (Dan) det grønne system (et patientregistersystem)

GSA (Span) gases de/en sangre arterial (= ABG)

GSD (Eng) gestational sac diameter

GSG (Ger) Gesundheitsstrukturgesetz

GSI (Eng) genuine stress incontinence

GSK (Eng) GlaxoSmithKline

GSL (Eng) General Sales List

GSP (Eng) Good Study Practice

GST (Eng) glutathione-S-transferase

GSV (Eng) great saphenous vein

GSW (Eng) gun shot wound

GT (Dan) Gastaut type = sent indsættende idiopatisk occipital epilepsi i barnealderen

gt (Latin) gutta [drop]

GTBB (Fr) groupe de travail sur les bébés à risque

GTM (Eng) global trial manager

GTN (Dan) glyceryltrinitrat

GTNDO (Fr) Groupe Technique National de Définition des Objectifs de Santé Publique

GTP (Eng) guanosine triphosphate

GT-Stopfen (Ger) Gefriertrocknungsstophen

GTT (Eng) glucose tolerance test

gtt (Lat ) guttae [drops]

GTV (Eng) gross tumor volume

GU (Eng) gastric ulcer

GUM (Eng) genitourinary medicine

GUP (Eng) Good Uncertainty Practice

GUS (Eng) genitourinary system

GUT (Eng) genitourinary tract

GV (Span) globo vesical

G/V (Ger) Gewicht/Volumen

GVH (Eng) graft-versus-host (GVHR = reaction, GVHD = disease)

GVHD (Eng) graft versus host disease

GVM (Fr) volume globulaire moyen [mean corpuscular volume – MCV]

GVO (Dutch) gezondheidsvoorlichting en –opvoeding

GVS (Dutch) geneesmiddelenvergoedingssysteem [Medicines Reimbursement System]

Gw (Ger) Gesamtwert

GxP (Eng) [term referring collectively to GCP, GLP, GMP]

GYN (Eng) gynaecology

gyn (Swe) gynekologisk

GxP (Eng) good [pharmaceutical] practice

GXT (Eng) graded exercise stress test

GyO (Span) ginecología y obstetricia

H () Hoffmann (reflex)

H2 (Eng) histamine 2

H2RA (Dan) H2-receptorantagonist

h (Eng) hour

HA (Dan ) hereditært angioødem

HAA (Eng) hepatitis-assoiated antigen

h.a. (Dutch) huisarts

HAART (Dan) højaktiv antiretroviral terapi

HAC (Span) hiperplasia adrenal congénita

HACA (Eng) human anti-chimeric antibody

HACCP (Eng) hazard analysis critical control points

HACE (Eng) high-altitude cerebral edema

HACT (Span) hormona adrenocorticotrópica

HACU (Eng) high-affinity choline uptake

HAD (Fr) hospitalisation à domicile

HADS-D (Eng/Ger) Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale – Deutsche Version

HAE (Dutch) hereditair angio-oedeem

HAES (Dan) hydroxyethylstivelse

HAG (Fr) hypertrophie atriale gauche

hagro (Dutch) huisartsengroep

HAH (Eng) hospital at home

HAI (Eng) haemagglutination-inibiting/inhibition

haio (Dutch) huisarts in opleiding

HALE (Eng) health-adjusted life expectancy

HALH (Fr) hemi-anopsie latérale homonyme

HALS (Dan) hiv-associeret lipodystrofisyndrom

HALY (Eng) health-adjusted life years

HAMA (Eng) Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety

HAMD (Eng) Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression

HA-Milch (Ger) hypoallergene Milch

HAP (Eng) hospital-acquired pneumonia

HAPE (Eng) high-altitude pulmonary edema

HAQ (Eng) health assessment questionnaire

HA-Nr. (Ger) Herstellungsanweisung

HAR (Dutch) hemagglutinatie-remmende (antistoftiter)

HARS (Eng) Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (cf. HAMA)

HAS (Eng) Hamilton Anxiety Scale

HÄS (Ger) Hydroxyäthylstärke

HASL (Eng) hypothetical active-site lattice

HAST (Ger) Hauptstamm

HAT-SO (Fr) hysterectomie abdominale totale – salping-ovarectomie

HAU (Eng) haemagglutinin units

HAV (Eng) hepatitis A virus

HAZOP (Eng) hazard and operability study

Hb (Dan) hemoglobin

HB (Ger) Handbewegungen: an ophthalmological test for the ability to assess movements of the hand (= HM in Eng.)

HBA (Span) hipertrofia biauricular

HBAG (Fr) hémibloc antérieur gauche

HBAI (Span) hemíbloqueo anterior izquierdo

HBcAg (Eng) hepatitis B core antigen

HbCO (Eng) carboxyhaemoglobin

HBD (Eng) healthy blood donor

HbE (Ger) Hämoglobingehalt pro Erythrozyt

HBe-Ag (Eng) hepatitis B envelope antigen

HBIG (Eng) hepatitis B immunoglobulin

HbO2 (Fr) oxyhémoglobine

HBP (Span) hiperplasia benigna de la próstata

HBPG (Fr) hémibloc postérieur gauche

HBPI (Span) hemibloqueo posterior izquierdo

HBPM (Fr) héparines à/de bas poids moléculaire

HBsAg (Eng) hepatitis B surface antigen

HBT (Swe) homosexuella, bisexuella och transpersoner (= LGBT, qv)

HBV (Eng) hepatitis B virus

Hbw (Ger) Handbewegungen

HC (Eng) haemoglobin concentration

HCA (Eng) healthcare assistant

HC/AC (Eng) head circumference-to-abdominal circumference (ratio)

HCAI (Eng) healthcare-associated infections

HCAP (Eng) healthcare-associated pneumonia

HCC (Eng) hepatocellular carcinoma

HCD (Fr) hypochondre droit

HCFA (Eng) Health Care Financing Administration

HCFCs (Eng) hydrochlorofluorcarbons

HCG (Dan) humant choriongonadotropin

HCH (Eng) hospital care at home

HCL (Eng) hard contact lens

HCM (Eng) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

HCP (Eng) healthcare provider

HCPB (Dan) Hovedstadens Center for Prospektive Befolkningsstudier

HCS (Eng) heparin-coated stent

HCS (Eng) human chorionic somatomammotropin

HCT (Span) hidroclorotiazidas

Hct (Eng) haematocrit

HCTZ (Eng) hydrochlorthiazide

HCV (Eng) hog cholera virus

HCW (Eng) health care worker

Hcy (Eng) homocysteine

HD (Dan) henvisningsdiagnose

H de C (Span) hidratos de carbono

HDA (Span) hemorragia digestiva alta

HDB (Span) hemorragaia digestiva baja

HDC (Fr) hernie discale cervicacle

HDCVV (Span) hemodiálisis continua venovenosa

HDD (Fr) hernie discale dorsale

HDFAVC (Span) hemodiafiltración arteriovenosa continua

HDG (Ger) Hauptdiagnosengruppe

HDH (Fr) hémorragie digestive haute

HDI (Dan) hexamethylen-diisocyanat

HDJ (Fr) hôpital du jour

HDL (Eng) high-density lipoprotein

HDM (Dan) husstøvmider

HDLM (Fr) histoire de la maladie

HDN (Eng) haemolytic disease of newborn

HDNV (Fr) hémodilution normovolémique

HDR (Fr) high-dose radiation

HDT (Eng) heat distortion temperature

HDU (Eng) high-dependency unit

HDW (Eng) haemoglobin concentration distribution width

HE (Span) hemodinámicamente estable

H&E (Eng) haematoxyline and eosine

HeALY (Eng) healthy life years

HEC (Eng) haemorrhagic Escherichia coli

HED (Fr) hématome extradural

HEENT (Eng) head, eyes, ears, nose, throat

HEFA (Eng) The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

HEGP (Fr) Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (Paris)

HELLP (Eng) haemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelets

HEM (Eng) health effect monitoring

HEMA (Eng) hydroxyl-ethyl methacrylate

HEME/ONC (Eng) haematology/oncology

HEP (Ger) Histaminäquivalent (im Prickhauttest)

HEP-2 (Fr) human epithelioma pharynx 2

HEPA (Eng) high efficiency particulate air

HepBsAg (Eng) hepatitis B surface antigen

hERG (Eng) human ether-a-go-go related gene

HES (Dan) hypereosinofilt syndrom

hESC (Eng) human embryonic stem cell

HETE (Eng) hydroxy-eicosatetraenoic acid

HEV (Eng) hepatitis E virus

HF (Dan) håndkøbsmidler i frihandel (= OTC, open sale)

Hf (Norw) helseforetak

HFA (Eng) high-functioning autism

HFCVV (Span) hemofiltración continua venovenosa

HFK (Dan) hoftefrakturkirurgi

HFPPV (Eng) High frequency positive pressure ventilation

HG (Dan) heterotrop graviditet

Hg (Eng) haemoglobin

HGA (Ger) hintere Glaskörperabhebung

HGAC (Eng) Human Genetics Advisory Committee

Hgb (Eng) haemoglobin

HGB (Eng) haemoglobin

HGE (Eng) human granulocytic ehrlichiosis

HGF (Eng) hepatocyte growth factor

HGH (Eng) human growth hormone

HGOP (Fr) hyperglycémie orale provoquée

HGPO (Fr) hyperglycémie provoquée [par voie] orale

HGPRT (Eng) hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribasyl transferase

HGT (Eng) height

HGV (Eng) hepatitis G virus

HH (Eng) hiatus/hiatal hernia

H/H (Dan) hæmoglobin/hæmatokrit

HHD (Ger) Hemmhofdurchmesser (diameter of inhibitory zone)

HH-HW (Ger) Hornhaut-Hinterwand

HHM (Dan) humoral hyperkalcæmi ved malignitet

HHN- (Ger) Hypothalamus-Hypophysen-Nebennierenrinden..

HHV (Eng) human herpesvirus

HI (Dan) hæmolyseindeks

HIA (Eng) health impact assessment

HIB (Fr) hernie inguinale bilatérale

Hib (Eng) Haemophilus influenza type B

HIC (Eng) hydrophobic interaction chromatography

HID (Fr) hernie inguinale droite

HIDS (Eng) hyper IgD syndrome

HIE (Dan) hyoksisk isk_misk encefalopati

HIES (Eng) hyper IgE syndrome

HIFU (Eng) high intensity focused ultrasound

HIG (Fr) hernie inguinale gauche

HIGA (Span) Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos

HIMA (Eng) Health Industry Manufacturers Association

HIMS (Eng) hyper IgM syndrome

HIPA (Eng) heparin-induced platelet activation

HIPIP (Eng) Hospital Information, Performance Information Program

HIS (Dutch) huisartsinformatiesysteem

HISS (Eng) head injury severity scale

HIST (Eng) histamine

HIT (Eng) heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

HIV (Dan) humant immundefekt virus

HIV CT (Eng) HIV counselling and testing

HIV-G (Eng) HIV-associated gingivitis

HIV-P (Eng) HIV-associated periodontitis

HJR (Eng) hepatojugular reflex

HK (Fr) hypokinésie

HKB (Swe) hälsokonsekvensbeskrivning (= health impact assessment, HIA)

HKL (Ger) Herzkatheterlabor

HKST (Ger) Herz-Kreislauf-Stillstand

HKV (Ger) Hacken-Knie-Versuch

HKW (Ger) Halogen-Wasserkohlenstoff

HL (Eng) Hooded Lister (rat)

HLA (Dan) humant leukocyt-antigen

HLB (Eng) hydrophilic-lipophilic balance

HKD (Eng) hyperkinetic disorder

HLE (Eng) healthy life expectancy

HLH (Eng) haematophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

HLH G (Fr) hémianopsie latérale homonyme gauche

HLHS (Ger) hypoplastisches Linksherzsyndrom

HLM (Dan) hjerte-lunge-maskine

HLO (Ger) Helicobacter (H. pyloris)

HLPN (Fr) hyperleucocytose à polynucléaires neutrophiles

HLR (Eng) heart-lung resuscitation

HLTs (Eng) high-level terms

HLV (Eng) herpes-like virus

HM (Eng) human milk

HMA (Eng) Heads of Medicines Agencies

HMC (Span) hemoglobina corpuscular media

HMD (Span) hijo de madre diabética

HME (Eng) human monocytic erlichiosis

HMFG (Eng) human milk fat globulin

HMG (Fr) hépatomégalie

hMG (Eng) human menopausal gonadotropin

HM-HT (Ger) Herzmuskelhypertrophie

HMO (Eng) Health Maintenance Organization

HMPAO (Dan) hexamethyl propylen-amin-oxim

HMPC (Eng) Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products

hMGP (Eng) human matrix GIa protein

hMPV (Dan) human metapneumovirus

HMR (Fr) (syndrome des) hématuries macroscopiques récidivantes

Hmt (Span) [haematocrit]

HMS (Dan) hypermobilitetssyndrom(et)

HMTA (Eng) hexamethylenetetramine

HMV (Eng) hours of mechanical ventilation

HMW (Eng) high molecular weight

HN (Fr) hors nomenclature

HNAP (Ger) Hirnnervenaustrittspunkte

HNAST (Ger) Hirnnervenaustrittspunkte

HNF (Fr) héparine non-fractionée [= unfractionated heparin]

HNIG (Eng) human normal immunoglobulin

HNP (Eng) herniation of [herniated] nucleus pulposus

HNPCC (Eng) hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer

HNPU (Eng) has not passed urine

HO (Eng) house officer

ho. (Ger) hierorts (Austrian)

(Swe) höger

HoA (Eng) Heads of Agencies

hOAT1 (Eng) human organic anion transporter 1

HOB (Eng) head of bed

HOCM (Eng) hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

hOCT1 (Eng) human organic cation transporter 1

HOH (Eng) hard of hearing

HOMA (Eng) homeostatsis model assessment

HOMA-IR (Eng) homeostasis model of insulin resistance

HONK (Eng) hyperosmolar non-kerotic state

HOPS (Ger) hirnorganisches Psychosyndrom

HOSM (Eng) high osmolality contrast medium

HOT (Ger) hämatogene Oxydationstherapie

HP (Dutch) huispostnummer

HPA (Eng) hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal

HPAL (Eng) Hamburg Pain Adjective List

HPB (Eng) Health Protection Board (Canada)

HPC (Eng) history of presenting complaint

HPc (Eng) capillary hydrostatic pressure

HPD (Dan) hæmatoporfyrinderivat

HPETE (Ger) Hydroxy-peroxy-eicosa-Tetraensäure

HPF (Eng) high power field

hpf (Eng) high-power field

hP-GH (Eng) human placental growth hormone

hpGRF-40 (Eng) human pancreas growth hormone-releasing factor-40

HPI (Eng) history of present illness

HPif (Eng) interstitial fluid hydrostatic pressure

HPL (Dutch) humane placentale lactogeen

HPLC (Eng) high-performance liquid chromatography

HPLC-GPC (Eng) high-performance liquid chromatography – gel permeation chromatography

HPN (Fr) hydrocéphalie à pression normale

HPO (Fr) hyperglycémie provoquée par voie orale [= oral GTT]

HPOI (Eng) history of present illness

HPN (Span) hemoglobinuria paroxística nocturna

HPOA (Eng) hypophyseal-pituitary-ovarian axis

HPP (Eng) human pancreatic polypeptide

HPT (Swe) hyperparatyreoidism

HPV (Eng) human papillomavirus

HQ (Span) herida quirúrgica

HR (Dan) hormoneceptorer

HRA (Eng) histamine-releasing activity

HRB (Fr) hyperréactivité bronchique

HRCT (Eng) high-resolution CT

HRE (Eng) hormone responsive element

HR-CGH (Dan) højopløsningskomparativ genomisk hybridisering

HRCT (Dan) højopløsningscomputertomografi

HRG (Eng) histidine-rich glycoprotein

HRI (Eng) Hagedorn Research Institute

HROP (Eng) horseradish peroxidase

HRP (Eng) horseradish peroxidase

HRPE (Eng) human retinal pigment epithelium

HRS (Eng) health research system

HRST (Ger) Herzrhythmusstörung

HRT (Eng) hormone replacement therapy

HRV (Eng) heart rate variability

HS (Dan) Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab

HS I + II + ? (Eng) heart sounds 1 and 2 (+? added sounds)

hs (Latin) hora somni (= at bedtime)

HSA (Eng) human serum albumin

HSAL (Ger) Hamburger Schmerzadjektiveliste

HSAN (Dan) hereditær sensorisk og autonom neuropati

HSC (Eng) haematopoietic stem cell

HSCC (Eng) hybrid systems, computation and control

HSD (Fr) hématome sous-dural

HSE (Dan) højt specialiseret enhed

HSF (Fr) hyalinose segmentaire et focale

HSG (Fr) hystérosalpingographie

HSHC (Fr) hémisuccinate d’hydrocortisone

HSIL (Dutch) hooggraadige squameuze itnra-epitheliale laesie

HSL (Eng) hormone-sensitive lipase

HSM (Eng) hepatosplenomegaly

HSMG (Fr) hépatosplenomégalie

HSMN (Eng) hereditary sensory motor neuropathy

HSN (Swe) hälso- och sjukvårdsnämnden

HSP (Eng) Hennoch Shonlein Purpura

Hsp (Eng) heat shock proteins

HSR (Ger) Harnsäure

HST (Ger) Hirn-Schädel-Trauma

Hst (Ger) Harnstoff

HSV (Eng) herpes simplex virus

Ht (Dutch) hematocriet

HT (Dan) hormonterapi

HTA (Eng) Health Technology Assessment

HTAP (Fr) hypertension artérielle pulmonaire [= PAH]

HTE (Span) hipertensión endocraneana

HTG (Dutch) hematogram, hematotachografie

Hte (Fr) hématocrite

HTF (Eng) high torque floppy (guidewire for angioplasty)

HTIC (Fr) hypertension intracrânienne

HTLV (Eng) human T-lymphtropic virus

HTN (Eng) hypertension

HTO (Span) hematocrito

HTP (Fr) hypertension portale

HTQ (Ger) Herz-Thorax Quotient

HTS (Eng) high-throughout screening

HTSH (Eng) human thyroid stimulating hormone

HTLV (Eng) human T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma viris

HTLX (Eng) heart and lung transplantation

HTN (Eng) hypertension

HTP (Fr) hypertension pulmonaire

HTQ (Ger) Herz-Thorax-Quadrant

HTS (Eng) heel to shin test

HTx (Eng) heart transplant(ation)

HU (Eng) Hounsfield unit

HUCH (Eng) Helsinki University Central Hospital

HUGO (Eng) Human Genome Organisation

HUS (Dutch) hemolytisch uremisch syndroom

HV (Fr) hémorragie vitréenne

HVA (Eng) homovanilic acid

HVAA (Eng) heated vaporisation atomic absorption

HVB (Swe) hem för vård eller boende

HVD (Eng) high-vacuum distillation

HVE (Port) hipertrofia ventricular esquerda

HVG (Fr) hypertrophie ventriculaire gauche

HVH (Dan) højvolumenhospital

HVI (Span) hipertrofia de ventrículo izquierdo

HVL (Ger) Hypophysenvorderlappen

HVLP (Eng) hybrid virus-like particle

HVT (Eng) healthy volunteer trials

HW (Ger) Hinterwand

HWA (Ger) Hinterhauptwandabstand (occiput-wall distance)

HWI (Ger) Harnwegsinfektion

HWK (Ger) Halswirbelkörper

HWS (Ger) Halswirbelsäule

HWZ (Ger) Halbwertszeit

HX (Dan) (see HA, HF); explanation by Danish Medicines Agency: HX betyder, at du kun kan købe én pakning af lægemidlet pr. dag og kun i bestemte tilladte (små) pakningsstørrelser. Ønsker du en større pakning, kan den kun købes på apotekerne, herunder apoteksfilialer og apoteksudsalg.

Hx (Eng) history

HY (Port) hysteria

HYE (Eng) healthy years equivalents

hypo (Eng) hypodermically

HX (Dan) (see HA, HF); explanation by Danish Medicines Agency: HX betyder, at du kun kan købe én pakning af lægemidlet pr. dag og kun i bestemte tilladte (små) pakningsstørrelser. Ønsker du en større pakning, kan den kun købes på apotekerne, herunder apoteksfilialer og apoteksudsalg.

Hx (Eng) history (of)

HY (Fi) Helsingin yliopisto (= University of Helsinki)

HYKS (Fi) Helsingin yliopistollinen keskussairaala (= HUCH, qv)

HypoG (Fr) hypogastre

HZV (Eng) herpes zoster virus

HZVA (Ger) Herstellung, Zubereitung, Vertrieb und Anwendung [types of pharmaceutical waste]

I (Eng) inspiratory

I3 sin (Latin) [third left intercostal space] (used in Swedish)

(Swe) intelligensålder

i.a. (Eng) intra-arterial (ly)

ia (Swe) intraarteriellt

IA (Eng) interim analysis

i.a. (Dan) ingen anmærkning

IABP (Eng) intraaortic balloon pump

IABC (Eng) intraortic balloon counterpulsation

IABVD (Span) independiente para las actividades básicas de la vida diaria

IAC (Eng) internal auditory canal

IACB (Eng) improvement in actual clinical benefit

IACC (Eng) Inter-Agency Coordination Committee (WHO)

IAD (Fr) insémination artificielle par donneur

IADE (Fr) infirmière anésthésiste diplomé d’état

IADL (Eng) instrumental activities of daily living

IADM (Dutch) van insuline afhankelijke diabetes mellitus

IAE (Span) inseminación artificial por esposo (= AIH)

IAG (Span) indice de albúmina y globulina

IAHA (Eng) immunoallergic haemolytic anaemia

IAM (Fr) infarctus aigu du myocarde

IAMI (Fr) insuffisance artérielle des members inférieurs

IAMLT (Eng) International Association of Medical Laboratory Technologists

IAMRA (Dan) forum for tilsyndsmyndighederne etc.

IAO (Fr) infirmiere d’accueil et d’orientation

IAo (Fr) insuffisance aortique

IAP (Ital) ipertensione arteriosa polmonare

IAR (Eng) infusion associated reaction

IARC (Eng) International Agency for Research on Cancer

IASP (Eng) International Association for the Study of Pain

IAT (Swe) indirekt antiglobulinteknik/antiglobulintest

IB (Eng) investigator’s brochure

IBC (Eng) intermediate bulk container

IBD (Eng) inflammatory bowel disease

IBE (Eng) individual bioequivalency

IBL (Swe) Institutet för Biomedicinsk Laboratorievetenskap (Swedish Institute for Biomedical Laboratory Science)

IBNR (Engi) incurred but not reported

IBODE (Fr) Infirmière de Bloc Opératoire Diplômé d’Etat

IBP (Eng) invasive blood pressure

IBR (Eng) infectious bovine rhinotracheitis

IBS (Eng) irritable bowel syndrome

IBW (Eng) ideal body weight

IC (Eng) informed consent

IC50 (Eng) inhibiting concentration 50%

IC95% (Fr) intervalle de confiance à 95%

i.c. (Eng) intracellular

ICA (Dan) øcelle-antistof

Ica (Fr) inhibiteur calcique

ICALIN (Fr) Indice composite d’évaluation des activités de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales

ICAM (Eng) intercellular adhesion molecule

ICC (Eng) intraclass correlation coefficient

ICCS (Eng) International Children’s Continence Society

ICD (Dan) implanterbar defibrillator

ICDH (Eng) isocitic dehydrogenase

ICDRG (Eng) International Contact Dermatitis Research Group

ICE (Eng) intermittent cyclical etidronate

ICER (Eng) incremental cost-effectiveness ratio

ICF (Eng) intracellular fluid

ICG (Eng) indocyanine green

ICH (Eng) International Conference on Harmonisation (of technical requirements for registration of pharmaceuticals for human use)

ICIN (Dutch) Interuniversitair Cardiologisch Instituut Nederland

ICK (Eng) inhibitor of cyclin-dependant kinase

ICL (Eng) intraocular contact lens

ICM (Eng) International Confederation of Midwives

ICMJE (Eng) Committee of Medical Journal Editors

ICN (Eng) International Council of Nurses

ICNIRP (Dan) International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection

ICO (Port) insuficiência cardíaca obstrutiva

ICOMT (Fr) inhibiteur de la catéchol-O-methyltransférase

ICP (Eng) intracranial pressure

ICPC (Eng) International Classification of Primary Care

ICPI (Eng) Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index

ICPM (Eng) International Classification of Procedures in Medicine

ICR (Dutch) intercostale ruimte

ICRT (Eng) International Consumer Research and Testing Organisation

ICS (Eng) inhaled corticosteroid

ICSH (Eng) interstitial-cell stimulating hormone (= LH)

ICSI (Eng.) intracytoplasmic sperm injection/injector

ICSRs (Eng) Individual Case Safety Reports

ICT (Dan) intrakutantest

ICU (Eng) intensive-care unit

ICV (Eng) intracerebrovascular

ICVA (Eng) ischemic cerebrovascular accident

ICVD (Dan) ischaemic cerebrovascular disease

ID (Dan) imprintingdefekt

I&D (Eng) incision and drainage

Id (Eng) idiotype

i.d. (Eng) intradermal(ly)

id (Eng) infectious disease

IDA (Eng) Interchange of Data between Administrations

IDB (Fr) Investigator’s Drug Brochure

IDC (Eng) in-dwelling catheter

IDD (Span) internación domiciliaria diferencial

IDDM (Eng) insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

IDE (Fr) infirmier/infirmière diplômé(e) d’état (= SRN)

IDEC (Fr) inhibiteur de l’enzyme de conversion de l’angiotensine

IDET (Eng) intradiscal electrothermal therapy

IDF (Dan) Immun Defekt Foreningen

IDM (Fr) infarctus du myocarde

IDP (Fr) indice de disribution des plaquettes

IDSA (Eng) irritability, depression, self-irritability, anxiety

IDL (Eng) intermediate-density lipoprotein

IDM (Fr) infarctus du myocarde

IDR (Eng) intradermal

IDU (Eng) intravenous drug user

IDV (Eng) intermittent demand ventilation

IDW (Eng) ideal body weight

IE (Dan) infektiøs endokardit

I&E (Eng) Instrumentation and Equipment

I-Ebene (Ger) Interspinalebene [Hodge’s planes]

IEC (Eng) independent ethics committee

IECA (Fr) inhibiteurs de l’enzyme de conversion de l’angiotensine

IECAS (Span) inhibidores des enzima de conversión de la angiotensina

IEE (Span) immunoensayo de enzimas (= EIA)

IEG (Eng) immediate early gene

IEL (Eng) intra-epithelial lymphocytes

IELT (Eng) intravaginal ejaculation latency time

IELTS (Eng) international English language testing system

IEP (Fr) imunoélectrophorèse

IEPS (Fr) immunoélectrophorèse des protéines sériques

IES (Span) índice de eritrosedimentación (= ESR)

IF (Eng) intrinsic factor

IFA (Eng) immunofluorescent antibody

IFAH (Eng) International Federation for Animal Health

IFAT (Eng) Immunofluorescent Antibody Test

IFD (Fr) immunofluorescence directe

IFG (Eng) impared fasting glucose

IFI (Fr) immunofluorescence indirecte

IFLG (Eng) improved formate lactose glutamate

IFM (Fr) Intergroupe Francophone du Myélome

IFN (Dan ) interferon

IFOE (Dan) idiopatisk fotosensitiv occipital epilepsi

IFPMA (Eng) International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations

IfSG (Ger) Infektionsschutzgesetz

IFST (Eng) International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

IFT (Eng) indirect fluorescence test

IG (Dutch) intensieve geneeskunde

Ig (Eng) immunoglobulin

IgA (Eng) immunoglobulin A

IGD (Span) infección gonocócica diseminada

IgD (Eng) immunoglobulin D

IgE (Eng) immunoglobulin E

IGF (Eng) insulin-like growth factor

IGFBP (Eng) insulin-like growth factor-binding protein

IGFIR (Eng) insulin-line growth factor I-receptor

igG (Eng) immunoglobulin G

IgG anti-D (Dan) anti-D immunoglobulin

IGGSD (Eng) IgG subclass defect

IGM (Swe) informationsgranskningsmannen

IgM (Eng) immunoglobulin M

IGPA (Eng) International Generic Pharmaceutical Alliance

IGR (Fr) Institut Gustave Roussy

IGRA (Eng) interferon-gamma releases assays

IGS (Eng) isotonic glucose solution

IGT (Eng) impaired glucose tolerance

IGV (Fr) Institut Gustave Roussy

IGVG (Dutch) Instituut voor Geneesmiddelen, Veiligheid en Gedrag

IGZ (Dutch) Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg

IH (Eng) inguinal hernia

IHA (Eng) indirect haemagglutination—IHA test

IHC (Eng) inner hair cells (of ear)

IHD (Eng) ischaemic heart disease

IHE (Swe) Institutet för hälso- och sjukvårdsekonomi (Lund)

IHEA (Eng) International Health Economics Association

IHN (Fr) insuffisance hépatique néonatale

IHP (Fr) interne des hôpitaux de Paris

IHS (Dan) iskæmisk hjertesygdom

IHSS (Eng) idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis

II (Eng) icteric index

IIA (Fr) invagination intestinale aiguë

IIEF (Eng) International Index of Erectile Function

IIF (Ger) indirekte Immunofluoreszenz

IJ (Eng) internal jugular

i.k. (Dan) ikke kendt

IK (Ger) Institutionskennzeichen

IKA (Dutch) Integraal Kankercentrum Amsterdam

IKC’s (Dutch) integrale kankercentra

IKER (Dutch) incrementele kosteneffektiviteitsratio

IKMN (Dutch) Integraal Kankercentrum Midden Nederland

IKR (Dutch) Integraal Kankercentrum Rotterdam

IKRK (Ger) Internationales Komitee des Roten Kreuzes

IKS (Ger) Interkantonale Kontrollstelle für Heilmittel

IKST (Dutch) Integraal Kankercentrum Stedendriehoek Twente

IKZ (Dutch) Integraal Kankercentrum Zuid

IL (Dan) interleukin

IL 1, 2, 3, etc. (Eng) interleukin 1, 2, 3, etc.

IL-2Ra (Eng) interleukin 2 receptor antagonist

ILAE (Eng) International League Against Epilepsy

ILCOR (Eng) Interntional Liaison Committee on Resuscitation

ILD (Eng) interstitial lung disease

ILI (Eng) influenza-like illness

ILP (Eng) isolated limb perfusion

ILS (Dan) influenzalignende symptomer

ILVD (Eng) ischaemic left ventricular dysfunction

ILVEN (Eng) infllammatory linear verrucous epidermal naevus

im (Eng) intramuscular (ly)

IM (Eng) intramuscular

IMA (Eng) internal mammary artery

IMACS (Eng) Image Management Archiving and Communication System

IMAO (Fr) inhibiteur de la monoamine oxydase

IMB (Eng) intermenstrual bleeding

IMC (Fr) insuffisance motrice cérébrale (= cerebral palsy)

IMCA (Eng) Icelandic Medicines Control Agency (Lyfjastofnun)

IMCI (Eng) Integrated Management of Childhood Illness

IMCL (Eng) intramyocellular lipid

IMD (Dutch) intima-mediadikte

IMG (Fr) interne en médecine générale

IMI (Eng) inferior myocardial infarction

IMIG (Eng) intramuscular immunoglobulin

IML (Fr) Institut Médico-Légal

IMLS (Eng) internal mammary lymphoscintigraphy

IMM (Fr) Institut Mutualiste Montsouris

IMO (Ital) [arteria del] margine ottuso

IMOC (Fr) insuffisance moteur cérébral

IMP (Eng) investigational materials plan

IMPD (Eng) investigational medicinal product dossier

IMRAD (Eng) introduction, matreials and methods, results and discussion

IMRT (Dan) intensitetsmoduleret radioterapi

IMS (Fr) inspection médicale scolaire

IMSS (Span) Instituto mexicano de seguridad social

IMT (Dan) intima media-tykkelse

IMV (Eng) intermittent mandatory ventilation

IN (Fr) infection nosocomiale

i.n. (Eng) intranasal (ly)

INA (Norw) ikke nærmere angitt [= NOS]

INAIL (Ital) Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione Contro Infortuni sul Lavoro

INAMI (Fr) Institut National d’Assurance Maladie Invalidité

INASTI (Fr) Institut National d’Assurance Sociale pour Travailleurs Indépendants

INC (Span) incompleto

INC AB (Eng) incomplete abortion

INCI (Eng) International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients

INCQS (Port) Instituto Nacional de Controle de Qualidade em Saúde

IND (Eng) indomethacin

INDA (Enf) Investigational New Drug Application (US)

INDO () indomethacin

INDSR (Eng) investigational new drug safety report

inf (Eng) inferior

INF (Eng) interferon

INFRAMED (Port) Instituto nacional de farmácia e do medicamento

Infl (Fr) inflammatoire

infl (Swe) inflammation

inh. (Span) inhalación

INHTA (Eng) International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment

inj (Eng) inject

inkomp (Swe) inkompensation

INM (Span) inmunologia

INMi (Ital) Instituto Nazionale Malattie Infettive

INN (Eng) international non-proprietary name

INNTI (Fr) inhibiteur non nucléosidique de la transcripase inverse

INO (Eng) internuclear ophthalmoplegia

iNOS (Dan) inducérbar nitrogenoxidsyntase

INPS (Ital) Istituto Nazionale della Previdenzia Sociale

INR (Eng) international normalised ratio

INRCA (Ital) Istituto Nazionale Riposo e Cura Anziani

inrem (Swe) inremitterad

INRS (Fr) Institut Nationale de Recherche et de Sécurité

INS (Eng) International Network Services

INSEE (Fr) Institut national de statistiques et des études économiques

INSERM (Fr) Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale

INSP (Eng) inspiration

insuff (Swe) insufficiens

INT (Fr) intubation naso trachéale

int (Eng) internal

INTI (Fr) inhibiteurs nucléosidiques de la transcriptase inverse (du VIH) (= NRTI)

INVIMA (Span) Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (Colombia)

INVS (Fr) Institut de veille sanitatire

IO (Eng) intraosseous

IOA (Span) incontinencia de orina de apremio

IOC (Eng) intraoperative cholangiography

IOE (Span) incontinencia de orina de esfuerzo

IOEO (Eng) intraoral and extraoral examination

I&O (Eng) input and output

IOD (Dutch) intra-oculaire druk

IOL (Eng) intraocular lens

IOP (Eng) intraocular pressure

IOPC (Eng) inducible osteogenic precursor cell

IOPS (Fr) indemne d’organismes pathogènes spécifiques (= SPF)

IOT (Fr) intubation oro-trachéale

IOTC (Eng) International Obesity Task Force

IOV (Eng) iso-oscillatory volume

IP (Dan) intraperitonealt

IP3 (Eng) inositol triphosphate

i.p. (Eng) intraperitoneal(ly)

IPAP (Eng) inspiratory positive airway pressure

IPB (Ital) ipertrofia prostatica benigna

IPBV (Eng) intrapulmonary blood volume

IPC (Eng) in-process control

IPCI (Eng) integrated primary care information

IPE (Fr) insuffisance pancréatique exogène

IPEC (Eng) International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council

IPEX (Eng) immunodysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked

IPF (Dan) idiopatisk lungefibrose

IPG (Eng) impedance plethysmography

IPI (Eng) International Product Information

IPK (Ger) In-Prozeß-Kontrolle (= IPC)

IPL (Dan) intenst pulserende lys

IPM (Eng) in-process material

IPNP (Eng) intermittent positive negative pressure ventilation

IPOPI (Eng) International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency

IPP (Eng) intermittent positive pressure

IPPA (Eng) inspect, palpate, percuss, auscultate

IPPB (Eng) intermittent positive pressure breathing

IPPV (Eng) intermittent positive pressure ventilation

IPRG (Eng) interdisciplinary pharmacogenomics review group

IPRO (Eng) independent pharmaceutical research organization

IPS (Eng) systolic pressure index.

IPSC (Fr) index de pression systolique de cheville

IPSP (Ger) inhibitorisches postsynaptisches Potential

IPSS (Eng) International Prostate Symptom Score

IPT (Eng) intermittent preventive (or presumptive) therapy [for malaria]

IP-TFS (Dan) industrielt fremstillet transfedtsyre

IPTi (Eng) intermittent preventive (or presumptive) therapy in infants

IPTp (Eng) intermittent preventive (or presumptive) therapy in pregnancy

IPV (Eng) inactivated poliomyelitis vaccine

IQ (Eng) installation qualification

IQR (Eng) inter-quartile range

IQS (Eng) International Quality Standards

IR (Eng) immediate release

I/R (Fr) ischémie - reperfusion

IRA (Dan) ileorektal anastomose

IRB (Eng) institutional review board

IRBBB (Eng) incomplete right bundle branch block

IRC (Fr) insuffisance rénale chronique

IRCCS (Ital) Istituto di recovero e cura e carettere scientifico

IRCT (Eng) International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims

IRD (Eng) immune restoration disease

IRDS (Eng) infant respiratory distress syndrome

IRENA (Ger) intensivierte Rehabilitationsnachsorge

IRF (Dan) Institut for Rationel Farmacoterapi

IR genes (Eng) immune response genes

gènes IR (Fr) gènes de réponse immune

IRI (Eng) immunoreactive insulin

IRLSSG (Eng) International Restless Legs Syndrome Group

IRM (Fr) imagerie par résonance magnétique

IRMA (Eng) intraretinal microvascular abnormalities

IRMS (Eng) isotope ratio mass spectrometry

IRPTC (Eng) International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals

IRRC (Dan) ikke-resektabel rectumcancer [ICD C20.9]

IRS (Dan) insulinreceptorsubstrat

IRSC (Fr) Institut de Recherche sur le Cancer

IRSNA (Fr) Inhibiteurs de la Recapture de la Sérotonine et de la Noradrénaline

IRT (Eng) isovolumetric relaxation time

IRV (Eng) inspiratory reserve volume

IS (Dan) infantil spasme (= Wests syndrom)

i.S. (Ger) in serum

ISA (Eng) intrinsic sympathomimetic action

ISAGA (Eng) immunosorbent agglutination assay

ISAM (Eng) Intravenous-streptokinase-in-acute-myocardial-infarction study (American)

ISD (Fr) index systolique de pression distale

ISE (Eng) integrated summary of efficacy

ISFTeH (Eng) International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

ISG (Ger) Iliosakralgelenk

ISGA (Eng) Investigator’s Stated Global Assessment

ISGC (Fr) Inventaire et Surfaces Grandes Cultures

ISI (Eng) Institute for Scientific Information (see also NIQ)

ISIS (Dutch) infectieziekte surveillance informatiesysteem

ISL (Fr) insuffisance surrénalienne lente

ISM (Eng) intrinsic sympathomimetic (activity)

ISO (Eng) International Standards Organisation

ISOP (Eng) isoproterenol

ISP (Fr) intérêt de santé public

ISPA (Fr) intérêt de santé public attendu

ISPAD (Eng) International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes

ISPE (Eng) International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

ISQ (Latin) in status quo (= nothing has changed)

ISRB (Eng) Integrated Summary of Risk Benefit

ISRRT (Eng) International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists

ISRS (Fr) inhibiteur sélectif de la recapture de la sérotonine

ISRSNA (Fr) inhibiteurs spécifique de la recapture de la sérotonine et de la noradrénaline

ISS (Eng) International Severity Score

ISSCR (Eng) International Society for Stem Cell Research

ISSD (Eng) infantile sialic acid storage disease

ISSH (Eng) idiopathic subvalvular septal hypertrophy

IST (Eng) Isaacs set test

ISTAHC (Eng) International Society for Health Technology Assessment in Health Care

ISTM (Eng) International Society of Travel Medicine

ISUP (Eng) International Society of Urologic Pathology

IT (Eng) intrathecal(ly)

ITA (Dan) intensivafsnit

ITBV (Eng) intrathoracic blood volume

ITE (Dutch) Intensieve Therapie Eenheid

ITG (Fr) interruption thérapeutique de grossesse

ITL (Fr) indice de thyroxine libre

ITN (Ger) Intubationsnarkose

ITP (Dan) idiopatisk trombocytopenisk purpura

i. Tr. (Ger.) im Trockenzustand

ITT (Fr) incapacité totale temporaire

ITTV (Dan) intratorakalt termalt volumen

ITU (Eng) intensive therapy unit

ITV (Fr) Intégrale temps-vitesse

IU (Eng) international unit

IUAC (Eng) International Union Against Cancer

IUB (Dan) individual ukonventionel behandling

IUCD (Eng) intrauterine contraceptive device

IUD (Eng) intrauterine device

IUFD (Eng) intra-uterine fetal demise

IUGR (Eng) intrauterine growth retardation

IUIS (Eng) International Union of Immunological Societies

IUM (Eng) intrauterine monitoring

IUP (Eng) intrauterine pregnancy

IUPAC (Eng) International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUPC (Eng) intra-uterine pressure catheter

IUS (Dutch) intra-uterien systeem

IUU (Port) incontinência urinária de urgência

IV (Ger) Interferenzvisus

iv (Eng) intravenous(ly)

IV (Eng) inspired volume

IVA (Eng) inferior interventricular artery

IVAK (Swe) intensiv akut

IVAS (Port) infeccão de vias aéreas superiores

IVB (Fr) insuffisance vertébrobasilaire

IVC (Eng) inferior vena cava

IVD (Eng) in-vitro diagnostics

IVDA (Eng) intravenous drug abuser

IVDD (Eng) In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (EU)

IVDK (Ger) Informationsverbund Dermatologischer Kliniken (Information Network of Departments of Dermatology)

IVDU (Eng) intravenous drug user/use

IVF (Eng) in-vitro fertilization

IVG (Fr) insufficance ventriculaire gauche

IV-GGT (Eng) intravenous glucose tolerance test

IVH (Fr) insufficance ventriculaire hypertrophe

IVIG (Eng) intravenous immunoglobulin

IVL (Fr) intra veineux lent

i.V.m. (Ger) in Verbindung mit

IVI (Eng) intravenous infusion

IVL (Fr) intraveineux lent

IVONT (Eng) in-vitro ovum nuclear transplantation

IVP (Eng) intravenous pyelography/pyelogram

IVRI (Fr) infections des voies respiratoires inférieures

IVRS (Eng) interactive voice randomisation service

IVRT (Eng) isovolumic relaxation time

IVS (Eng) intra-vaginal slingplasty

I/V/S (Fr) intubé ventilé sédaté

IVSd (Eng) interventricular septum diastole

IVSE (Fr) (perfusion) intraveineuse à la seringue électrique

IVU (Eng) intravenous urogram/urography

IVUS (Dan) intrakoronar ultralydsskanning

Ix (Eng) investigations

IY (Span) ingurgitación yugular

IZD (Span) izquierdo

J (Eng) jaundice

j (Fr) jour

JA (Fr) jambier antérieur

JACCOL (Eng) jaundice, anaemia, clubbing, cyanosis, oedema, lymphadenopathy

JAE (Dan) juvenilabsenceepilepsi

JAK (Dan) Janus-kinase

JAMA (Eng) Journal of the American Medical Association

JB (Fr) jambier postérieur

JC (Span) juicio clinico

JCA (Eng) juvenile chronic arthritis

JCPTGP (Eng) Joint Committee for Postgraduate Testing in General Practice

JCR (Eng) Journal Citation Reports

JE (Dan) japansk encefalitis

Jejuno (Fr) jéjunostomie

Jg (Ger) Jäger Lesetafeln

JGA (Eng) juxtaglomerular apparatus

JGZ (Dutch) Jeugdgezondheitszorg

JH (Eng) juvenile hormone

JI (Swe) järninlagring

JIA (Dan) juvenil idiopatisk artrit

JIG (Eng) Joint Implementation Group

J&J (Eng) Johnson & Johnson

JK (Ger) jetzige Krankheit

JL (Ger) jetziges Leiden

JMA (Eng) Japan Medical Association

JMF (Eng) Jeffre Modell Foundation

JNDA (Eng) Japanese Drug Application

JP (Eng) jugular pulse

JPC (Eng) Japanese Pharmaceutical Codex

JPMA (Eng) Japanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

jr. (Dan) journal

JL (Ger) jetziges Leiden

JPh (Dutch) Janssen Pharmaceutica

JRA (Eng) juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

JVD (Eng) jugular venous distension

JVP (Eng) jugular venous pressure

K (Eng) knee jerk/reflex

KA (Ger) Krankheitsanamnese

k.A. (Ger) keine Angaben

KA (Fr) constante d’association

KAD (Dan) kateter à demeure

KAG (Dan) koronar arteriografi/angiografi

KAI (Ger) Knöchel-Arm-Index

KAP (Dutch) konijn anti-paard-totaalserum

KAPP (Eng) Karolinska Psychodynamic Profile

KAR (Dutch ) konijn anti-rund totaalserum

KAS (Dan) Københavns Amtssygehus(e)

KASAM (Swe) känsla av sammanhang

KBC (Swe) konsultations- och behandlingscentral

KBE (Ger) koloniebildende Einheit (see CFU)

kbp (Eng) kilobase pair

KBR (Ger) Komplementbindungsreaktion

KBT (Swe) kognitiv beteendeterapi

KBU (Dan) klinisk brystundersøgelse

KBV (Ger) kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

KCA (Dutch) klein chemisch afval

kcal (Eng) kilocalorie (food calorie)

KCS (Eng) keratoconjunctivitis sicca

kD (Eng) kilodalton

KD (Fr) constante de dissociation

KDM (Eng) known diabetes mellitus

KE (Dan) kapselendoskopi

KEA (Dutch) kosteneffectiviteitsanalyse

KEB (Ger) kleine Eigenblutbehandlung

KEK (Dan) kontrastekkokardiografi

kel (Eng) elimination rate constant

KELA (Fi) Kansaneläkelaitos (= Social Insurance Institution of Finland)

kem (Swe) kemisk(t)

KemI (Swe) Kemikalieinspektionen (= Swedish Chemicals Agency)

KET () ketoprofen

KETO (Swe) ketolifen

KF (Dan) knæfleksioner

KFU (Dan) Komitéen Flygtninge Under Jorden

KG (Ger) Körpergewicht

KGW (Ger) Körpergewicht

KH (Dutch) koolhydraten

Kh. (Ger) Krankheit

KHF (Dan) knæ-hæl forsøg

KHG (Ger) Krankenhausfinanzierungsgesetz

KHI (Dan) kronisk hjerteinsufficiens

KHK (Ger) koronare Herzkrankheit

KHV (Ger) Knie-Hacken-Versuch (heel-knee(-shin) test)

KI (Dan) kernikterus (klassisk akut bilirubin encefalopati)

Ki (Fr) constante d’inhibition

KIA (Dan) klinisk immunologisk afdeling

KIBA (Swe) kirurgisk intensivbehandlingsavdelning

KI DS (Swe) Karolinska Institutet Danderyds Sjukhus

KIM-KIT (Dan) kan ikke maskeventileres - kan ikke trakealintuberes

KIP (Eng) kinase inhibitory protein

kir (Swe) kirurgisk

kir. (Fi) kirurgia, kirurginen (surgery, surgical)

KIS (Ger) Krakenhausinformationssystem

KISS (Dan) kvalitet i Sønderjyllands sundhedsvæsen

KIU (Eng) kallidinogase inactivating unit

KIVA (Swe) kirurgisk intensivvårdsavdelning

KJ (Eng) knee jerk

KJGD (Ger) Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitsdienst

KK (Ger) Kleinkind

KKA (Dan) Klinisk Kemisk Afdeling

KKS (Ger) Kallikrein-Kinin-System

k.k. Vz. (Ger) keine knocherne Verletzungszeichen

KL (Ger) Körperlänge

Kl. (Ger) Klappe (= extension, Austria)

kl. (Dutch) klachten

KLBB (Ger) kleines Blutbild

KLEM (Dutch) Vereniging van Klinisch Embryologen

KLH (Eng) keyhole lymphet haemocyanin

Klifo (Ger) klinische Forschung

klin (Swe) klinik, klinisk

KLL (Fi) krooninen lymfaattinen leukemia (= CLL, qv)

KLV (Ger) Krankenpflege-Leistungsverordnung

KM (Ger) Kontrastmittel

Km (Fr) constante de Michaelis-Menten

KMA (Ger) Kuhmilch-Allergie

KML (Swe) kronisk myeloisk leukemi

KMP (Ger) Knochenmarkpunktion

KMS (Dan) Klinisk Måle System (database system)

KMT (Dan) knoglemarvstransplantation

KM-U (Ger) Kontrastmitteluntersuchung

KNMG (Dutch) Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging ter bevordering van de Geneeskunde

KNMP (Dutch) Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij ter bevordering der Pharmacie [Royal Dutch Association for the Advancement of Pharmacy]

KNO (Dutch) keel, neus en oor(heelkunde)

KO (Dan) konventionel operativ teknik

Ko. (Ger) Kontrolle (follow-up)

KOF (Dan) Kræftplan og Forskning [committee]

KÖF (Ger) (Aorten-)Klappenöffnungsfläche

KOL (Swe) kronisk obstruktiv lungsjukdom

KOLS (Norw) kronisk obstruktiv lungesykdom

komm. (Ger) kommissarisch (= acting)

Konf. (Norw) Konferere (= check, compare)

KOPAC B (Dutch) kwaliteit, ontstekingsverschijnselen, plaveiselepitheel, andere afwijkingen endometrium, cilinderepitheel endocervix; ’B’ = boordeelbaarheid van het uitstrijkpreparaat

KP (Dan) kardiopulmonalt

kp (Eng) kiloponds

KPR (Dutch) kniepeesreflex

KPS (Fr) kératite ponctuéesuperficielle

Kps (Ger) Kapsel

KPTT (Span) tiempo de tromboplastina parcial activada con kaolin

KRA (Swe) kommunens rehabilitationsavdelning

KRAM (Dan) kost, rygning, alkohol og motion [risikofaktorer]

KRC (Dan) kolorektal cancer

kron (Swe) kronisk(t)

KRS (Dan) kronisk rhinosinuitis

KS (Eng) Karposi’s sarcoma

K-SADS (Eng) Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia

KSD (Swe) kammarseptumdefekt

KSDH (Dan) kronisk subduralt hæmatom

KST (Ger) Kostenstelle

KSTH (Ger) Kreislaufstillstand in tiefer Hypothermie

KSVLS (Dan) kronisk systemisk vaskulær lækagesyndrom

KT (Dutch) kamertemperatuur

KTD (Dan) karnitintransporterdefekt

KTP (Eng) potassium titanyl phosphate

KTQ (Ger) Kooperation für Transparenz und Qualität

KTS (Dan) karpaltunnelsyndrom

ktr. (Norw.) kontroll

KTVO (Fr) cathéterisme veine ombilicale

KU (Ger) Kopfumfang

(Ger) Kostenübernahme

KUA (Dutch) kostenutiliteitsanalyse

KUB (Eng) kidneys, ureters, bladder (= abdominal X-ray)

KVAI (Dan) kollegial vejledning om abort og indvandrerkvinder

KVE (Dutch) kolonievormende eenheden

KVG (Ger) Krankenversicherungsgesetz

KVIS (Dan) kvalitetsudvikling i speciallægepraksis

KVO (Eng) keep vein open

KVP (Fi) keskiverenpaine (= mean arterial pressure)

KW (Ger) Kohlenwasserstoff

KY (Fi) kansainvälinen yksikkö (= International Unit, IU)

KZH (Ger) Kinderzahnheilkunde

KzH (Ger) krank zu Hause

L (Eng) long/oblique diameter (cardiology)

LA (Eng) local anaesthesia

l.a. (Latin) lege artis

l a (Swe) lokalanestesi

LA/Ao ratio (Eng) ratio of left atrial diameter to aortic diameter

lab (Eng) laboratory

LABA (Dan) langtidsvirkende beta-2-agonist

LAC (Eng) laceration

LABC (Latin) lymphadenosis benigna cutis

LACI (Eng) lacunar infarct

LAD (Eng) left anterior descending (coronary artery)

LADd (Eng) left anterior descending distal

LADm (Eng) left anterior descending mid

LADp (Eng) left anterior descending proximal

LAE (Span) leukemia aguda eritroide

LAF (Eng) laminar air flow

LAGB (Eng) laparascopic adjustable gastric banding

LAH (Eng) left anterior hemiblock

LAHB (Eng) left anterior hemiblock

LAI (Eng) leukocyte adhesion inhibition

Läk (Swe) läkare

LAL (Fr) leucémie aiguë lymphoblastique

LaL (Eng) Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate Test

LAM (Eng) Laboratory Animal Medicine

LAMA (Fr) liquide amniotique méconiale ancien

LAMega (Span) leucemia aguda megacariocitica

LAMF (Fr) liquide amniotique méconiale frais

LAMMo (Span) leucemia aguda mielomonocitica

LAMo (Span) leucemia aguda monocitica

LAO (Eng) left anterior oblique

LAP (Eng) left atrial pressure

lap (Eng) laparoscopy

lap chole (Eng) laparoscopic cholecystectomy

LAR (Eng) left anterior resection

Lareb (Dutch) stichting Landelijke Registratie en Evaluatie Bijwerkingen [National Registration and Evaluation of Side-Effects Trust]

LAS (Eng) low amplitude signals [cardiology]

las (Swe) lasarett

LASIK (Dan) laser in situ keratomeliusis

lat (Eng) lateral

LAT (Dan) antistofundersøgelse for legionella

LATer (Ital) legge sugli agenti terapeutici [Switzerland]

LATS (Eng) long-acting thyroid stimulator

LAVH (Dan) laparoskopisk assisteret vaginal hysterektomi

LB (Dan) livstruende blødning

LBA (Fr) lavage broncho-alvéolaire

LBB (Eng) left-bundle branch

LBBB (Eng) left bundle branch block

LBC (Eng) liquid-based cytology

LBD (Eng) Lewy body dementia

LBO (Eng) large bowel obstruction

LBP (Eng) low back pain

LBS (Eng) liver biopsy specimen

LBTB (Dutch) linker bundeltak blokkade

LBW (Eng) lean body weight

LC (Eng) laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Lc (Ital) leucociti

l.c. (Ital) limite di confidenza

L&C (Eng) light and convergence

LC2 (Eng) low copy cluster 2 (tuberculosis subtype)

LCA (Eng) left coronary artery

LCAE (Fr) ligament croisé antéro-externe

LCAO (Eng) linear combination of atomic orbitals

LCAT (Eng) lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase

LCC (Fr) longueur crânio-caudale (= CRL)

LCD (Eng) low-calorie diet

LCF (Span) latidos cardíacos fetales

LCH (Eng) left heart cath

LCI (Dutch) Landelijke Coördinatiestructuur Infectiebestrijding

LCIS (Eng) lobular carcinoma in situ

LCL (Eng) lateral collateral ligament

LCM (Eng) left costal margin

LC/MS (Eng) liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

LC/MS/MS (Eng) liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

LCP (Fr) ligament croisé postérieur

LCPUFA (Eng) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

LCR (Eng) ligase chain reaction

LCS (Eng) low constant suction

LCX/LCx (Eng) left circumflex

LCXd (Eng) left circumflex distal

LCXp (Eng) left circumflex proximal

LD50 (Eng) lethall dose 50%

LD (Dan) loopdiuretika

L&D (Eng) labour and delivery

LDA (Eng) left dorso-anterior position (of foetus)

LDC-c (Eng) cholesterol contained in LDL lipoproteins

LDF (Eng) laser Doppler flow

LDH (Dan) laktatdehydrogenase

LDL (Eng) low-density lipoprotein

LDM (Eng) low-density microsomes

LDR (Eng) low dose radiation

LDT (Fr) ligature des trompes

LE (Dan) lungeemboli

LEAD (Fr) lupus érythémateux aigu disséminé

LEC (Fr) liquide extra-cellulaire

LECOc (Fr) lithotrities extra-corporelle par onde de choc

LED (Dan) lavenergidiæt

LEEM (Fr) Les Entreprises du Médicament

LEEP (Eng) loop electrical excision of portio (of cervix) (aka LLETZ or LOOP)

LEF (Dan) lavenergifraktur

leg läk (Swe) legitimerad läkare

LEHR (Eng) low-energy high-resolution

LEI (Fr) limitante élastique interne

LEMP (Fr) leucoencéphalopathie multifocale progressive

LEO (Span) lesión ocupante de espacio

LEOCH (Span) litrotripisa extracorpórea con ondas de choque (= ESWL)

LER (Port) lesão por esforço repetitivo

LES (Eng) lower esophageal sphincter

LEU (Span) leucocitos

LF (Eng) lethal factor

LFOV (Eng) large field of view

LFP (Eng) liver function parameters

LFT (Eng) liver function test

LFU (Dan) lungfunktionsundersøgelse

LG (Dutch) levend gewicht

lg (Swe) lönegrad (in employment certificates, etc.)

LGA (Eng) large for gestational age

LGBT (Eng) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons

LGC (Span) leukemia granulocítica crónica

LGV (Latin) lymphograloma venereum

LGI (Eng) lower gastrointesinal

LGIB (Eng) lower gastrointestinal bleed

LGL (Eng) large granular lymphocyte

lgll (Latin) lymphoglandulae

LGM (Fr) lesion glomérulaire minime

LGMD (Eng) limb girdle muscular dystrophy

LGV (Fr) lymphogranulome vénérienne

lf-Stufen (Ger) logarithmische Stufen

LH (Eng) luteinising hormone

LHF (Eng) left-sided heart failure

LHK (Ger) Linksherzkatheter

LHRF (Eng) luteinising hormone releasing factor

LHRH (Eng) luteinising hormone releasing hormone

LHV (Dutch) Landelijke Huisartsenvereniging [National Association of General Practitioners]

LI (Dan) Lægemiddelinformationscentralen

LIAB (Ital) laparoisterectomia con annessiectomia bilaterale

LIC (Dan) jernkoncentration i leveren

LID (Fr) lobe inférieur droit

LIF (Dan) Lægemiddelindustriforeningen (Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry)

LIG (Fr) lobe inférieur gauche

LIH (Eng) left inguinal hernia

LII (Span) lóbulo inferior izquierdo

LIG (Fr) lobe inférieur gauche

LIMA (Eng) left interior/internal mammary artery

LIMS (Eng) Laboratory Information Management System

LIN (Fr) limite inférieure normale

LINF (Span) linfocitos

LIO (Span) lente intraocular

LIPCOF (Eng) lid parallel cojunctival folds

LIPS (Fr) Laboratoire Interrégional de Police Scientifique

LIQ (Span) liquido

LIS (Ger) Laborinformationssystem

LISA (Fr) Libre Service Agricole

Ll (Swe) Länsläkare

LIF (Swe) Läkemedelsindustriföreningen

LINFO (Swe) Läkemedelsinformation AB

LISS (Eng) low ionic strength solution

LITA (Eng) left interior thoracic artery

LK (Dan) laparoskopisk kolecystektomi

LKCT (Dan) leukocyttype

LKH (Dutch) linkerkamerhypertrofie

LKKS (Eng) liver, kidney, kidney, spleen

LKM (Eng) liver-kidney microsome

LKP (Ger) Leiter der klinischen Prüfung

LKS (Ger) Lymphknotenschwellung

LKZ (Ger) Lebendkeimzahl

LL (Port) látero lateral

LLA (Fr) leucémie lympholastique aiguë

LLC (Fr) leucémie lymphoïde chronique

LLE (Eng) left lower extremity

LLETZ (Eng) large loop excision of transformation zone (aka LOOP or LEEP)

LLI (Fr) ligament lateral intérieur/interne

LLQ (Eng) left lower quadrant

LLL (Eng) left lower lobe (lung)

LLQ (Eng) left lower quadrant (abdomen)

LLSB (Eng) left lower sternal border

LLT (Eng) low-level term

LL-verpleeg- (Dutch) leerlingverpleegkundige

kundige ()

LM (Eng) light microscopy

Lm (Swe) läkemedel

LMA (Eng) laryngeal mask airway

LMBG (Ger) Lebensmittel- und Bedarfsgegenständegesetz

LMC (Fr) leucémie myéloïde chronique

LMCA (Eng) left main coronary artery

LMD (Eng) local medical doctor

LME (Dan) lægemiddelmetaboliserende enzym

LMH (Eng) low-molecular heparin

LMI (Eng) leucocyte migration inihibition (immunology)

LMKV (Ger) Lebensmittelkennzeichnungsverordnung

LMM (Eng) lentigo (/lentiginous) maligna melanoma

LMMC (Fr) leucémie myelomonocytaire chronique

LMN (Eng) lower motor neurone

L+M+N- (Fr) pupilles réactives à la lumière, yeux mobiles, pas de nystagme

LMNL (Eng) lower motor neuron lesion

LMNP (Eng) last menstrual normal period

LMP (Eng) last menstrual period

LMR (Dutch) landelijke medische registratie

LMS (Dan) Lægemiddelstyrelsen

LMT (Fr) leucoencéphalopathie multifocale progressive

LMW (Eng) low molecular weight

LMWH (Eng) low molecular weight heparin

LN (Eng) lymph node

LND (Eng) lymph node dissection

LNG (Fr) lévonorgestrel

LNH (Fr) lymphome non-hodgkinien

LNMP (Eng) last normal menstrual period

LNS (Eng ) Lesch-Nyhn syndrome

LO (Dutch) lichamelijk onderzoek

Lo (Eng) lipoxygenase

LOA (Eng) left occiput anterior

LOAEL (Eng) lowest observed adverse effect level (toxicol.)

LOAL (Eng) lowest observed adverse effect level

LOC (Eng) loss of consciousness

LOCF (Eng) last observation carried forward

LOCM (Eng) low osmolality contrast medium

LOD (Eng) limit(s) of detection

LOE (Span) lesión ocupante de espacio

LOEL (Eng) lowest observed effect level (toxicol.)

LOES (Span) lesiones ocupantes del espacio

LOH (Eng) loss of heterozygosity

LOP (Eng) left occiput posterior

LOQ (Eng) limit(s) of quantification

LOS (Eng) lower oesophageal sphincter

LP (Eng) lumbar puncture

Lp (Eng) linearly polarised (in MR)

LPC (Eng) leukocyte particle concentration

LPGD (Fr) la plus grande distinction

LPH (Eng) left posterior hemiblock

LPK (Swe) leukocytpartikelconcentration

LPL (Fr) lipoprotéine lipase

lpm (Span) latidos por minuto

LPN (Eng) licensed practical nurse (US)

LPR (Dan) Landspatientregistret

LPRPDE (Fr) loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels et les documents électroniques (= PIPEDA, Canada)

LPS (Dan) lipopolysakkarid

LPT (Swe) lagen om pyskiatrisk tvångsvård (1991)

LPU (Dan) Den Landsdækkende Patienttilfredshedsundersøgelse

LPV (Fr) leucomalacie périventriculaire

LQ (Eng) lower quartile

LQTS (Dan) langt QT-syndrom

LR (Cat) limts de referència

LRD (Dan) lænderygdegeneration

LREC (Eng) local research ethics committee

LRM (Fr) Laboratoire de Recherches Macromoléculaires

LRS (Dan) lænderygsmerter

LRSI (Fr) loges rénales simples et indolores

LRT (Eng) lower respiratory tract

LRTD (Eng) lower respiratory tract disease

LRV (Swe) lag om rättspsykatrisk tvångsvård

L/S (Eng) lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio

LS (Eng) lumbosacral

Ls (Swe) lokalstatus (in diagnostics)

LSA (Eng) latex slide agglutination (test)

LSB (Eng) left sternal border

LSCS (Eng) lower segment caesarean section

LSCHE (Eng) laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy

LSD (Eng) lysergic acid diethylamide

LSE (Eng) left sternal edge

LSG (Fr) lobe supérieur gauche

LSI (Span) lóbulo superior izquierdo

LSIL (Dutch) laaggradige squameuze intra-epitheliale laesie

LSK (Ger) Laparoskopie

LSN (Fr) limite supérieure de la normale

LSPV (Swe) lagen om beredande av sluten psykiatrisk vård i vissa fall

LSS (Swe) Lagen on stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments)

LSU (Eng) life support unit

LSVC (Eng) left superior vena cava

LT (Dan) varmelabilt enterotoksin

lt (Eng) left

lt. (Ger) laut

LTA (Dutch) Landelijke Transmurale Afspraken [National Interdisciplinary Agreements]

LTE (Port) lobo esquerdo da tiróide

LTG (Ger) Low Tension Glaucoma

LTK (Ger) Laserthermokeratoplastik

LTL (Eng) laparoscopic tubal ligation

LTO (Swe) Lagen om tillfälligt omhändertagande

LTP (Eng) lipid transfer protein

LTS (Eng) lateral tarsal strip

LTV (Eng) long-term variability (fetal heart rate)

LTx (Eng) lung transplantation

LUC (Eng) large unstained cell

LUCAS (Eng) Lund University Cardiac Arrest System

LUE (Eng) left upper extremity

LUF (Fr) Lipiodol Ultra-Fluide

Lufu (Ger) Lungenfunktionsuntersuchung

LUL (Eng) left upper lobe (lung)

LULA (Dan) laparoskopi under lokal anæstesi

LUMC (Dutch) Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

LUNA (Eng) laparoscopic uterosacral/uterine nerve ablation

LUQ (Eng) left upper quadrant (abdomen)

LUSCS (Eng) lower uterine segment caesarean section

LUT (Dan) urinantigenundersøgelse for legionella

LUTD (Eng) lower urinary tract dysfunction

LUTS (Eng) lower urinary tract symptoms

LuTu (Ger) Lungentumor

LV (Eng) left ventricle

LVA (Ger) Landesversicherungsansalt

LVAD (Eng) left ventricular assist device

LVD (Eng) left ventricular dilatation

LVED (Eng) left ventricular end-diastolic dimension

LVEDP (Eng) left ventricular end-diastolic pressure

LVEF (Eng) left ventricular ejection fraction

LVES (Eng) left ventricular end-systolic dimension

LVF (Eng) left ventricular failure

LVFS (Swe) Läkemedelsverkets författningssamling

LVFW (Eng) left ventricle free wall

LV FXN (Eng) left ventricular function

LVH (Eng) left ventricular hypertrophy

LVM (Swe) Lag om vård av missbrukare i vissa fall

L&W (Eng) living and well

LVAD (Eng) left ventricular assist device

LVD (Eng) left ventricular dysfunction

LVDd (Eng) left ventricular diameter diastole

LVDs (Eng) left ventricular diameter systole

LVEDD (Eng) left ventricular end-diastolic diameter

LVEDP (Eng) left-ventricular end-diastolic pressure

LVEF (Eng) left-ventricular ejection fraction

LVESD (Eng) left-ventricular end-systolic diameter

LVF (Eng) left ventricular failure

LVH (Dan) lavvolumenhospital

LVI (Eng) left ventricular deficiency

LVM (Swe) lagen om vård av missbrukare i vissa fall

LVMI (Eng) LV mass index

LVN (Eng) licensed vocational nurse

LVOT (Eng) left ventricle outflow tract

LVP (Eng) left ventricular pressure

LVPWd (Eng) left ventricular posterior wall diastole

LVPWs (Eng) left ventricular posterior wall systole

LVST (Eng) Lee Silverman voice therapy

LVSWI (Eng) left ventricular stroke work index

LVU (Swe) lagen om vård av unga [Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act]

L/W (Eng) living and well

L&W (Eng ) living ane well

LWS (Ger) Lendenwirbelsäule

LWZ (Dutch) lumbale wervelzuil

LYHKI (Fi) lyhythoitoinen kirurgia, lyhytkirurgia (short-stay surgery)

LYHS (Swe) lagen om yrkesverksamhet på hälso- och sjukvårdens område

LYS (Eng) life-year saved

LYTES (Eng) electrolytes

LZ (Eng) lower zone

LZ-EKG (Ger) Langzeitelektrokardiogram

M (Eng) monocyte

M+ (Fr) métastases

m (Eng) murmur

m. (Latin) misce

^m (Fr) même

M1 (Eng) [a segment (the most proximal) of the MCA]

MA (Dan) mucocele appendicis

MAA (Eng) marketing authorisation application

MAb (Eng) monoclonal antibody

MAC (Dutch) maximaal aanvaarde concentratie

MACE (Eng) major adverse cardovascular event

MAD (Eng) mean deviation (statistics)

MADC (Fr) matière azotée digestible cheval

MADD (Eng) mixed anxiety and depressive disorder

MADRS (Eng) Montgomery-Asberg Depression Scale

MADSAM (Eng) multifocal acquired sensory and motor neuropathy

MAF (Eng) macrophage activating factor

MAG (Eng) myelin-associated glycoprotein

MAggF (Eng) macrophage aggregation factor

MAGI (Eng) male accessory gland infection

MAH (Eng) marketing authorisation holder

MAI (Dutch) mitotische activiteit-index

MAIC (Fr) mycobacterium avium intracellulaire

MAJ (Fr) mise à jour

MAK (Ger) monoklonaler Antikörper

MAL (Eng) mid axillary line

MALT (Eng) mucosa/mucous/mucosal-associated lymphoid tissue

MALTOM (Eng) mucous membrane associated lymphocytoid tissue lymphoma

MAME (Eng) mid-air medical emergency

Mamo (Fr) mamographie

mane (Latin) in the morning

MAnr (Dan) markedføringstilladelsesnummer

MANOVA (Eng) multivariate analysis of variance

MAoBP (Eng) mean aortic blood pressure

MAO (Eng) monoamine oxidase

MAOI (Eng) monoamine oxidase inhibitor

MAoP (Eng) mean aortic pressure

MAP (Eng) magnesium - ammonium - phosphate

MAPA (Fr) monitoring ambulatoire de la pression artérielle

MAPC (Eng) multipotent adult progenitor cell

MAPCA (Eng) major aortopulmonary collateral artery

MAR (Dan) melanomassocieret retinopati

Marg (Ger) (der große) Marginalast

Marg2 (Fr) Marginale 2 (= OM2)

Marg3 (Fr) Marginale 3 (= OM3)

MARS (Eng) molecular adsorbents recirculating system

MARTHE (Fr) Mission d’Appui de la Réforme de la Tarification d’Hébergement en Etablissement

MAS () Eng

MASC (Eng) Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children

MASP (Eng) MBL-associated serin protease

massefr. (Dan) massefraktion

massek. (Dan) massekoncentration

massem. (Dan) massemængde

MAST (Eng) multiple allergen simultaneous test

MAT (Dan) mikroagglutinationstest

MAU (Eng) medical assessment unit

MAV (Fr) malformation artério-veineuse

MAVA (Swe) medicinsk akutvårdsavdelning

MB (Fr) mastopathie bénigne

Mb (Fr) member

MBC (Eng) minimum bactericidal concentration

MBI (Eng) minor brain injury

MBChB (Eng) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MBL (Dan) mannosebindende lektin [tidligere mannanbindende protein]

MBP (Eng) major basic protein

MBq (Eng) millibecquerel

MBRVO (Eng) macular branch retinal vein occlusion

MBS (Eng) methyl methacrylate/butadiene/styrene

MBT (Dutch) maximaal toelaatbare blootstelling

MBUJ (Eng) membrano-bulbo-urethral junction

MC (Span) muestra coriónica

mc (Eng) millicurie

MC4R (Dan) melanocortin-4-receptoren

MCA (Dutch) Medisch Centrum Alkmaar

MCAD (Eng) medium chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase

MCAS (Eng) Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

MCB (Eng) master cell bank

MCC (Eng) mother and child care (WHO)

MCD (Eng) mean cell diameter

MCE (Fr) massage cardiaque externe

MCF (Eng) macrophagic chemotactic factor

mcg (Eng) microgram

MCH (Eng) mean cell haemoglobin

MCHC (Eng) mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration

MCHP (Eng) methylhydroxy chalcone polymer

mCi () millicurie

MCID (Eng) minimal clinically important difference

MCJ (Fr) maladie Creutzfeldt-Jakob

MCL (Eng) mantle cell lymphoma

MCM (Port) masa corporal magra

MCO (Eng) managed care organisation

MCP (Dan) metacarpofalangeal

mCRC (Eng) metastatic colorectal cancer

MCS (Eng) master cell stock

M, C & S (Eng) microscopy, culture and sensitivity (of bacteria)

MCT (Eng) medium-chain triglycerides

MCTD (Eng) mixed connective tissue diseases

MCUG (Eng) micturition cystourography

MCUPH (Fr) maître de conference des universities – praticien hospitalier

MCUPHCD (Fr) maître de conference des universities – praticien hospitalier en odontologie

MCV (Dan) middelcellevolumen

MCW (Eng) maternal and child welfare

MD (Eng) multiple dose

MDA (Eng) methylenedioxyamphetamine

MDC (Eng) major diagnostic category

MdC (Ital) mezzo di contrasto

MDCT (Dan) multidetektor CT

MDD (Eng) Medical Devices Directive (EU)

MdE (Ger) Minderung der Erwerbsfähigkeit

MDEA (Eng) methylenedioxyethylamphetamine

MDF (Eng) myocardial depressant factor

MDI (Dan) methylen-diphenyl-diisocyanat

MDL (Dutch) maag, darm en lever

MDMA (Dan) 4-methylen-dioxy-meth-amphetamin (ecstasy)

MDR (Eng) multidrug resistance-related

MDRA (Eng) Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Affairs

MDRD (Eng) modification of the diet in renal disease

MDRTB (Eng) multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis

MDS (Dan) Miller-Dieker-syndrom

mds (Dutch) manisch-depressieve stoornis

MDT (Eng) mean dissolution time

MDV (Eng) mucosal disease virus

MDW (Dutch) Marktwerking, Deregulering en Wetgevingskwaliteit [Market Forces, Deregulation and Quality of Legislation]

ME (Eng) myalgic encephalomyelitis

MEA (Eng) multiple endocrine adenomatosis

MEB (Dutch) Medicines Evaluation Board (Netherlands)

MEC (Dutch) Medisch-Ethische Commissie

Mec (Eng) meconium

MECA (Eng) mecamylamine

MED (Eng) minimum erythema dose

med (Swe) medicinsk, medicin

med kand (Swe) medicine kandidat

med lic (Swe) medicine licentiat

med.gr. (Dan) medio gradu

MedDRA (Eng) Medical Dictionary for Drug Regulatory Affairs

mEDF (Eng) murine eosinophil detection factor

MEDIF (Eng) Medical Information Form

MEDLARS (Eng) Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System

MEDS (Eng) medicines

MEE (Eng) middle ear effusion

MEF (Eng) maximum expiratory flow

MEFZ (Dutch) mono-ethylfumaarzuur

MEFV (Eng) maximum expiratory flow volume

MEG (Eng) monoethylene glycol

MEH (Fr) méningoencéphalite herpétique

MEK (Eng) methyl ethyl ketone

MEL (Eng) maximum exposure limit

MELAS (Dan) myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes

MELS (Eng) membrane-enriched lauryl sulphate

MEM (Eng) minimal essential medium

MEN (Dan) multipel endokrin neoplasi

MENST (Dan) malign epiteloid nerveskedetumor

MEO (Span) músculos extraoculares

MEOI (Span) movimientos extraoculares intactos

MEOPA (Fr) mélange équimolaire d’oxygène et de protoxyde d’azote

MEOS (Eng) microsomal ethanol oxidising system

MEP (Span) meningoencefalitis purulenta

MEPY (Eng) mepyramine

mEq (Eng) milliequivalent

MER (Eng) molar esterification rate

MES (Eng) 2-[N-morpholino] ethanesulfonic acid

MeSeA (Eng) Medicinal eSubmission and eApproval [Belgium]

MET (Span) metílico

METC (Dutch) Medisch Ethische Toetsingscommissie (= Independent Review Board)

Metha (Eng) methacholine

MetHb (Eng) methaemoglobin

Méti-R (Fr) resistant à la méticilline

Mets (Eng) metastases

Méti-S (Fr) sensible à la méticilline

MF (Eng) myelofibrosis

MFAP4 (Dan) mikrofibril-associeret protein 4

MFE’s (Dutch) multifunctionele eenheden

MFH (Eng) malignant fibrous histiocytoma

MFIU (Fr) mort foetale in utero

MFK (Fr) mastopathie fibrokystique

MFM (Eng) maternal fetal medicine

MFO (Eng) mixed function oxidase

MFR (Dan) mæslinger, fåresyge, røde hunde

MFT (Eng) media fill test

MF y C (Span) Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria

MG (Fr) malformations génitales

mg (Eng) milligram

m.g. (Lat/Dan) magno gradu

MGC (Dutch) Medisch Genetisch Centrum

MGD (Eng) mean gestational sac diameter

MGF (Eng) maternal grandfather

MGM (Eng) maternal grandmother

mgr. (Ger) mittelgradig

MGT (Fr) maladie gestationnelle trophoblastique

M/G-test (Swe) Mottagare/Givare-test

MGUS (Eng) monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance

MG1 (Fr) première marginale

MH (Span) mucosas húmedas

MHA (Eng) major histocompatibility antigen

MHC (Eng) major histocompatibility complex (MHC classes: 1, 2, 3)

MHD (Fr) mesures hygiénodiététiques

MHK (Ger) minimale hemmende Konzentration

MHN (Latin ) morbus hemolyticus neonatorum (= HDN)

MHRA (Eng) Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

MHS (Ger) Mittelhirnsyndrom

MHV (Swe) mödrahälsovård

MHW (Eng) Ministry of Health and Welfare (Japan)

MI (Dan) mitralinsufficiens

MIA (Span) movimientos involuntarios anormales

MIBG-Scan (Eng) 133I-metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy

MIB (Eng) methoxyisobutylisonitrile

MIBE (Eng) measles inclusion body encephalitis

Mibi (Ger) Mikrobiologie

MIBT (Eng) multiple individual breath test

MIC (Eng) mean inhibitory concentration

MICI (Fr) maladies inflammatoires chroniques intestinales (= IBD)

MICS (Eng) minimally invasive cardiac surgery

MICU (Eng) medical intensive care unit

MID (Dutch) multi-infarct dementie

MIDA (Eng) Myocardial Ischemia Dynamic Analysis (Philips)

MIDCAB (Eng) minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass

MIDD (Eng) maternally inherited diabetes and deafness

MIE (Dan) medicinsk intraktabel epilepsi

Mie (Fr) maladie

MIE/CD (Port) mamaria-coronária direita

MIE/DA (Port) mamaria-diagonal anterior

MIF (Eng) migration inhibition factor (in immunology)

Mf (Latin) Mycosis fungoides

MII (Span) miembro inferior izquierdo

MIH (Eng) master of international health

MIHR (Eng) minimal(ly) invasive hip resurfacing

miic (Eng) mean inter-item correlation

MIK (Ger) Maximale Immissions-Konzentration

mikr (Swe) mikroskopisk

Mil (Swe) Militärtjänstgöring (in Meritförteckning för läkare)

MILDT (Fr) Mission interministérielle de lutte contre la drogue et la toxicomanie

MIMS (Eng) Monthly Index of Medical Specialities

min (Eng) minute

MINE (Eng) Medicines Information Network for Europe

Minf (Fr) membres inférieurs

MIP (Eng) maximum-intensity projection

MIPS (Eng) Medical Interactions Process Systems

MIR (Span) medicina interna

MIS (Dan) Meldesystemet for Smitsomme Sygdomme

mit. (Latin) mitis weak

MITE (Dutch) Medisch Intensieve Therapie Eenheid

mitte (Latin) dispense this number of tablets

MIU (Eng) million international units

MIV (Span) medicina intensiva

MIVA (Swe) medicinsk intensivvårdsavdelning

µkat (Swe) microkatal (see ‘katal’ in Dorland’s)

MK (Dan) meningeal karcinomatose

MKADD (Eng) map kinase activity death domain

MKD (Dutch) medisch kleuterdagverblijf

MKE (Ger) Mitralklappenersatz

MKG (Ger) Mund-Kiefer-Gesicht

MKH (Swe) alfa-monoklorhydrin

M-klap (Dan) mitralklap

MKP (Ger) Mitralklappenprolaps

MKS (Ger) Maul- und Klauenseuche (vet.)

ML (Eng) midline

ml. (Ger) männlich

MLC (Eng) mixed lymphocyte culture

MLD (Eng) minimum/minimal lumen diameter

MLOS (Eng) mean length of stay

MLR (Eng) mixed lymphocyte reaction

MLSS (Eng) Multi Lingual Survey System

MLTI (MLTCI) (Eng) mixed lymphocyte target (cell) interaction test

MM (Dan) malignt melanom

mm (Norw) mormunn

M&M (Eng) morbidity and mortality

MMA (Eng) methylmalonic aciduria

MMAD (Eng) mass median aerodynamic diameter

mMAST (Dan) modificeret MAST (MalmøMAST)

MMC (Eng) minimum migrating complex

MMEAS (Ger) maximale mitterlexspriatorische Atemstromstärke (in respiration)

MMEFR (Eng) mid-maximal expiratory flow rate

MMG (Eng) mechanomyography

MMG/PLS (Ital) Medici di Medicina Generale/Pediatri di Libera Scelta

MMH (Fr) maladie des membranes hyalines

MMII (Span) miembros inferiors

MMN (Eng) multifocal motor neuropathy

MMP (Eng) multiple medical problems

MMPI (Eng) matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors

MMR (Eng) measles, mumps, rubella

MMS (Eng) methyl methanesulphate

MMSE (Eng) Mini Mental State [or Status] Evaluation

MMSS (Span) miembros superiors

MMT (Eng) mini-mental test

MMTS (Dan) metastatisk medullært tværsnitssyndrom

MMTT (Eng) ed meal tolerance test

MMV (Eng) maximum minute volume

Mn (Fr) métanéphrine

MNC (Span) medicina nuclear

MNCV (Eng) motor nerve conduction velocity

MND (Eng) motor neurone disease

MNE (Fr) médicament non-expérimental

MNG (Ger) mitterer Nasengang

MNHL (Eng) malignant non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

MNI (Fr) mononucléose infectieuse

MNI (Ital) mononucleosis infettive

MNN (Eng) maternal newborn nursing

MNS (Swe) malignt neuroleptikasyndrom

MNSA (Ital) malattia del nodo senoatriale

MNT (Eng) Marke-Nyman Test (psych. testing)

MO (Eng) microscopie optique

mo (Eng) month

MoAb, MOAB (Eng) monoclonal antibody

Mo, Ac () see Ac Mo

MOA (Eng) mode of action

MOAS (Eng) Modified Overt Aggression Scale

MOC (Eng) Management of Change

MODY (Eng) maturity-onset diabetes of the young

MOE (Eng) margin of exposure

MOF (Dan) svigt på tre eller flere organsystemer

MÖF (Ger) Mitralklappenöffnungsfläche

MOH (Dan) medicinoverforbrugshovedpine

MOI (Eng) multiplicity of infection

MoK (Swe) medicinisk och kirurgisk

mol wt (Eng) molecular weight

MOM (Eng) milk of magnesia

MoM (Eng) multiple of the mean

MON (Fr) modes opératoires normalisés [= SOP]

Mono (Eng) monocytes

MOPP (Eng) methotrexate-oncovin-prednisone-procarbazine

MOPS (Eng) 3-[N-morpholino] propanesulfonic acid

MOR (Span) movimientos oculares rápidos

MORL (Port) movimentos oculares de rastreio lento

MoS (Swe) mun(håla) och svalg

MOS (Eng) margin of safety

mOsm (Span) milliosmoles

MOT (Fr) myosite ossifiante traumatique

Mot (Ger) Motilität

MOTSA (Eng) multiple overlapping thin slab acquisition (in MR)

MOTT (Eng) mycobacteria other than tuberculosis

mott (Swe) mottagning

mott ant (Swe) mottagnings anteckning

MOU (Eng) memorandum of understanding

MOV (Dutch) meervoudig onverzadigde vetzuren

MP (Fr) matières protéiques

MPA (Eng) medroxyprogesterone acetate

MPAP (Eng) mean pulmonary artery pressure

MPC (Eng) medical practice committee

MPD (Eng) maximum permissible dose

MPG (Ger) Medizinproduktegesetz

MPGN (Eng) membrano-proliferative glomerulonephritis

MPI (Dan) myokardiescintigrafi

MPL (Eng) mouse potency level

MPLB (Eng) maximum permissible lung burden (toxicol.)

MPM (Dutch) maligne medothelioom van de pleura

MPO (Eng) myeloperoxidase

MPR (Eng) multiplanar reconstruction

MPRGAE (Eng) magnetism-prepared 3-D gradient echo

MPS (Eng) mononuclear phagocytic system

MPT (Dan) antistofundersøgelse for Mycoplasma pneumoniae

MPTP (Eng) 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine

MPV (Eng) mean platelet volume

MPVP (Fr) matière premère vrac purifée

MPW (Eng) medical process waste

MQS (Eng) medication quantification score

MR (Dan) magnetisk resonans

m/r (Eng) modified release

MRA (Eng) magnetic resonance angiography

MRC (Dutch) minimum remmende concentratie

MRCP (Dan) magnetisk resonans kolangiopankreatikografi

MRCS (Eng) Member of the Royal College of Surgeons

MRD (Eng) mean reference diameter

MREC (Eng) multicentre research ethics committee

MRF (Eng) melanocyte releasing factor

MRFG (Eng) Mutual Recognition Facilitation Group

MRI (Eng) magnetic resonance imaging

MRK (Dan) MR-kolografi

MRL (Eng) maximum residue limit

mRNA (Eng) messenger ribonucleic acid

MRP (Eng) mutual recognition procedure

MRPA (Fr) maison de repos pour personnes agées

MRPE (Eng) microencapsulated ragweed pollen extract

MRPM (Eng) murine resident peritoneal macrophage

MRP2 (Eng) multidrug resistance associated protein type 2

MRrhTSH (Eng) Modified Release Recombinant Human Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

MRS (Dan) minimal restsygdom

MRSA (Dan) methicillinresistent Staphylococcus aureus

MRSE (Eng) methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis

MRT (Eng) mean residence time

MRZ (Ger) Maser, Rötel, Zoster

MS (Eng) malabsorption syndrome

Ms (Fr) mois

ms (Eng) millisecond

MSA (Dan) multipel systematrofi

m.s.a. (Span) mésclese según arte [magistral preparations]

MSAFP (Eng) maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein

MSC (Eng) mesenchymal stem cells

MSCT (Eng) multislice CT [computed tomography]

MSD (Eng) mean gestational sac diameter

MSDS (Eng) material safety data sheet

MSE (Eng) mental status/state examination

MSER (Eng) mean systolic ejection rate

MSF (Eng) macrophage slowing factor

MSFC (Eng) multiple sclerosis functional composite

MSH (Eng) melanocyte-stimulating hormone

MSI (Dan) mikrosatellitinstabilitet

MSICU (Enf) medical-surgical intensive care unit

MSIH (Eng) microsatellite instability high

MSIL (Eng) microsatellite instability low

MsIs (Span) miembros inferiores

msk (Swe) matsked

MSL (Eng) midsternal line

MSLT (Dan) multipel søvnlatenstest

MSM (Dan) mænd, der har sex med mænd

MSN (Fr) mort subite du nourisson/nouveau-né

MSNR (Ger) Maßnahmenummer

MSS (Dan) meningoseptisk shock

MSSA (Eng) methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus

MSSU (Eng) mid-stream specimen of urine

MST (Dan) multipel subpial transektion

MSTI (Fr) matière sèche totale intégrée (vet.)

MSU (Eng) midstream urine

MSUD (Eng) maple syrup urinary disease

MSV (Eng) master seed virus

MT (Fr) médecin traitant

M/T [rapport] (Fr) rapport malade/témoin

mtA (Ger) medizinisch-technischer Assistent

MTA (Eng) medical technology assessment

MTB (Latin) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

MTC (Dutch) minimum toxische concentratie

MTD (Eng) maximum tolerated dose

mtDNA (Dan) mitokondrielt DNA

MTE (Eng) mitochondrial trifunctional enzyme

MTEV (Eng) maladie thrombo-embolique veineuse (= VTE)

MTF (Dan) meget tidligt født

mtf (Span) metatarsofalangeal

MTEV (Fr) maladie de thromboembolisme vasculaire

MTHFR (Dan) methylentetrahydrofolatreduktase

mTHPC (Dan) metatetrahydroxylphenylchlorin

MTLE (Dan) mesial temporallapsepielpsi

MT-nummer (Norw) Markedføringstillatelsen-nummer

MTP (Eng) microsomal triglyceride transfer protein

MTR (Dutch) maximaal toelaatbar risico(niveau)

MTRA (Ger) medizinisch-technischer Radiologieassistent

MTS (Dan) mesial temporal sklerose

MTT (Dan) middeltransittid

MTV (Dan) medicinsk teknologivurdering

MTVE (Fr) maladie thromboembolique veineuse

MTX (Dan) methotrexat

MU (Eng) monitor unit

MUCP (Eng) maximum urethral closing pressure

MUFA (Eng) monounsaturated fatty acids

MUG (Dutch) Mobiele Urgentie Groep [Belgium]

MUGA (Eng) multiple gated/multigated acquisition [scan]

Multip (Eng) multipara

MUS (Dan) medarbejderudviklingssamtale

MV (Dan) minutvolumen (= CO, cardiac output)

MVA (Dan) medicinsk visitationsafsnit

MVBD (Port) murmúrio vesicular bem distribuido

MVC (Dan) maksimal voluntær kontraktionskraft

MVD (Eng) mitral valve disease

MVG (Fr) masse ventriculaire gauche

MVI (Eng) multivitamins

MVM (Dan) kombineret multivitaminmineralpille

MVO (Eng) mean venous outflow

MVO2 (Fr) consummation d’oxygène du myocarde

MVP (Eng) mitral valve prolapse

MVR (Eng) mitral valve replacement

MVU (Ital) murmure vescicolare uguale

MVV (Eng) maximal voluntary ventilation

MVZ (Ger) Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum

MW (Eng) molecular weight

MWCB (Eng) manufacturer’s working cell bank

MWV (Ger) maximale willkürliche Ventilation (in respiration; see AGW)

Mx (Eng) management

mx (Eng) mixture

MYBI (Dan) myokardiebiopsi

Mydr (Ger) Mydriase

MYH (Dan) Mut Y homolog

MZ (Eng) middle zone

N (Eng) neutrophil

N/ (Ger) nachrichtlich

n (Eng) neuro

n+ (Fr) nausées

NA (Eng) noradrenaline

N/A (Eng) not applicable

n.A. (Ger) nach Angabe

NAA (Dan) N-acetylaspartat

NAb (Dan) neutraliserende antistoffer

NAB (Eng) National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

NABM (Fr) Nomenclature des Actes de Biologie Médicale

NABP (Eng) National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

NABS (Eng) normal active bowel sounds

NAC (Dan) N-acetylcystein

NACB (Eng) National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry

NACPME (Eng) National Advisory Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education

NACS (Eng) Nordic Association of Clinical Sexology

NAD (Eng) nothing abnormal discovered/detected

NAD+ (Eng) oxidized form of nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide

NADH (Eng) nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide

NADHTR (Eng) nicotinic adenine dinucleotide (reduced) tetrazolium reductase

NADP (Eng) nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate

NADP+ (Eng) oxidized form of nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide

NADPH (Eng) nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide phosphate

NAEL (Eng) no adverse effect level

NAFLD (Eng) non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

NAI (Eng) non-accidental injury

NAIP (Eng) neuronal apoptosis inhibitory protein

NAIS (Ger) nicht-adrenerges inhibitorisches Nervensystem

NÄL (Swe) Norra Älvsborgs Länssjukhus

NAM (Eng) National Agency for Medicines (Finland) (Lääkelaitos)

NAMC (Span) nefrotoxicidad asociada a medios de contraste

NAN (Eng) Nordic Article Number

NANA (Eng) N-acetyl neuraminic acid

NANC (Ger) nicht-adrenerges, nicht-cholinerges inhibitorisches Nervensystem

NAO (Fr) normal assembly operations

NAP (Fr) neuroleptiques à action prolongée

NAPQI (Eng) N-acetyl-parabenzoquinone-imine [metabolite of paracetamol]

NAPS (Eng) nerve agent pre-treatment set

NAQ (Fr) niveau de qualité admissible

NARI (Eng) noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors

NAS (Dan) nyrearteriestenose

NASBA (Eng) nucleic acid sequence-based amplification

NASH (Eng) non-alcoholic steatohepatitis

NAU (Ger) Untersuchung unter Narkose (Eng. EUA)

NAV (Dutch) Nederlandse Anthropogenetische Vereniging

NAVA (Swe) närakutvårdsavdelning

NAW (Ger) Notarztwagen

NB (Dan) neuroborreliose

Nb (Latin) Nippostrongylus brasiliensis

NBD (Eng) neurogenic bladder dysfunction (or: disorder)

NBE (Eng) new biological entity

NBF (Eng) neutral buffered formol

NBI (Eng) no bone injury

NBKS (Ger) Nierenbeckenkelchsystem

NBL (Swe) Nämnden för bedömning av läkemedelsreklam

NBM (Eng) nil by mouth

NBR EMB (Fr) nombre d’emballages

NBT (Eng) nitro blue tetrazolium

NBZ (Ger) Nüchternblutzucker

NC (Eng) non-conformity

NCA (Eng) neurocirculatory asthenia (cardiology)

NCAH (Eng) non-classic adrenal hyperplasia

NCAT (Eng) normocephalic atraumatic

NCB (Fr) névralgie cervicobrachiale

NCD (Eng) non-communicable disease

NCE (Eng) new chemical entity

NCEC (Eng) National Chemical Emergency Centre

NCEP (Eng) National Cholesterol Education Program

NCES (Ger) nicht-cholinerges exzitatorisches Nervensystem

nCPAP (Eng) nasal continuous positive airway pressure

NCPE (Span) nervio ciático popliteo externo

NCF (Eng) neutrophil chemotactic factor

NCI (Eng) National Cancer Institute

NCPIE (Eng) National Council on Patient Information and Education

NCR (Span) neurocirurgia

NCS (Eng) neocarinostatin

NCSP (Eng) Nordic Classification of Surgical Procedures

NCV (Eng) nerve conduction velocity

ND (Eng) not detected

nd (Eng) non-distended

NDA (Eng) New Drug Application

NDBB (Eng) needle-directed breast biopsies

NDD (Ital) natura da definire

NDIR (Eng) non-dispersive infrared spectrophotometry

NDMA (Eng) Non-Prescription Drug Manufacturers Association

NDN (Port) nada digno de notas

ndp (Ital) nulla di particolare (= NAD)

NDS (Eng) new drug submission

NE (Eng) niacin equivalents

NEB (Eng) nebuliser

NEBSS (Eng) National Examination Board for Supervisory Studies

NEC (Eng) necrotising/necrotic enterocolitis

NEDC (Fr) nutrition entérale à debit constant/continu

NEF (Span) nefrologia

NEFA (Eng) non-esterified fatty acids

neFarma (Dutch) Nederlandse Associatie van de Farmaceutische Industrie

NEG (Eng) nonenzymatic glycosylation

neg (Swe) negativ

NEJM (Eng) New England Journal of Medicine

NEL (Eng) no effect level (toxicol.)

NEM (Fr) N-éthyl-maléimide

NEMESIS (Eng) Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study

NEMO (Eng) nuclear factor kappa essential modulator

N/Eng (Eng) not engaged

NEO (Span) neonatologia

néo (Fr) néoplasie

NeoTect SPECT (Dan) SPECT udført med den radioaktivt mærkede somatostatinanalog 99mTc-depreotid

NEP (Fr) nettoyage en place

NEPI (Swe) Nätverk för läkemedelsepidemiologi

NER (Dan) nukleotid excisionsreparation

NERD (Eng) non-erosive reflux disease

NET (Dan) neuroendokrin tumor

NEVIL (Fr) naevus épidermique verruqueux inflammatoire linéaire

NF (Eng) nephritic factor

NF-1 (Dan) neurofibromatose type 1 (Recklinghausens sygdom)

NFA (Ger) Notfallambulanz

NFA(R) (Eng) no further action (required)

NF-AT (Eng) nuclear factor activated T-cell

NFO (Eng) normal feding operations

NFP (Fr) non-fonctionnement primitif

NFR (Eng) not for resuscitation

NFS (Fr) numération formule sanguine (= complete blood count, CBC)

NG (Eng) nasogastric

Ng (Eng) nanogram

NGF (Eng) nerve growth factor

NGMN (Dan) norelgestromin

NGO (Span) nariz, gargantua y oídos

NGT (Eng) nasogastric tube

ngtb (Dutch) niet goed te bepalen

NGU (Eng) non-gonococcal urethritis

NH (Eng) nursing home

NHA (Fr) niveau hydro-aérique

NHC (Span) número de historía clínica

NHCAP (Span) número hospital/centro atención primaria

NHG (Dutch) Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap [Dutch Society of General Practitioners]

NHL (Eng) non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

NHLBI (Eng) National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

NHS (Eng) normal human serum

NI (Eng) nosocomial infection

NIA (Fr) numéro d’identification administrative

NIADM (Dutch) niet van insuline afhankelijke diabetes mellitus

NIAID (Eng) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

NIBP (Eng) non-invasive blood pressure

NIBSC (Eng) National Institute for Biological Standards Control

NIC (Dutch) Nationaal Influenza Centrum

NICE (Eng) National Institute for Clinical Excellence

NICHD (Eng) National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

NICO (Eng) neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis

NICU (Eng) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NIDD (Eng) non-insulin-dependent diabetes

NIDDM (Eng) non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

NIEV (Fr) néoplasie intra-épithéliale de la vulve

NIF () nifedipine

NIGZ (Dutch) Nationaal Instituut voor Gezondheidsbevordering en Ziektepreventie

NIH (Eng) National Institutes of Health

NIHSS (Eng) National Institute of Health Stroke Scale

NIL (Span) neumonia intersticial linfoide

NIOSH (Eng) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NIP (Dan) Det Nationale Indikatorprojekt

NIPD (Eng) nightly intermittent peritoneal dialysis

NIPPV (Eng) nasal inspiratory (or intermittent) positive pressure ventilation

NIQ (Fr) Normes Internes de Qualité

NIR (Eng) near infrared

NIRB (Eng) non-institutional review board

NIS (Dan) natriumjodidsymporter

NIV (Dan) noninvasiv ventilation

NIVEL (Dutch) Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek van de Gezondheidszorg

NIZW (Dutch) [Netherlands Institute for Care and Welfare]

NJF (Swe) Nordisk Jordemor Förbund

NK (Eng) natural killer (cell)

nk. (Dutch) nauwkeurig

NKA (Eng) no known allergies

NKDA (Eng) no known drug allergies

NKF (Eng) National Kidney Foundation

NKI (Dutch) Nederlands Kanker Instituut

NKMA (Eng) no known medical allergies

NKO (Dutch) neus-keel-oren

NL (Fr) neuroleptique

NLA (Eng) neuroleptananalgesia

NLE (Eng) neonatal lupus erythematosus

NLG (Ger) Nervenleitgeschwindigkeit

NLI (Span) neuomonía linfoidea intersticial

NLP (Eng) Natural Language Processor

NLPC (Fr) néphrolithomie percutanée

NLSB (Swe) Nämnden för läkares specialistbehörighet

NLV (Eng) Norwalk-like virus

NM (Eng) nodular melanoma

NMBA (Eng) neuromuscular blocking agent

NMBAI (Dan) neuromuskulært blokerende stoffer med intermediær virkningsvarighed

NMD (Nor) Norsk Medisinaldepot

NMDA (Eng) N-methyl-D-aspartate

NME (Eng) new molecular entity

NMH (Ger) niedermolekulares Heparin

NMHC (Dan) nonmelanomhudcancer

NMI (Dan) Nævnet for Medicinsk Informationsmaterial (Danish Board of Drug Advertising)

NML (Nor) Nordisk Medisinsk Laborantgruppe

NMN (Fr) normoétanéphrine

nmol (Eng) nanomole

NMP (Eng) N-methylpyrollidone

NMR (Eng) nuclear magnetic resonance [= MRI]

NMS (Eng) neuroleptic malignant syndrome

NMSC (Eng) non-melanotic skin cancer

NMT (Eng) not more than

NN (Dan) Novo Nordisk

n.n. (Ger) nicht nachweisbar

NNB (Ger) nicht näher bezeichnet

NNBSD (Eng) non-neuropathic bladder sphincter dysfunction

NNH (Eng) number needed to harm

NNNT (Dutch) Nieuwe Nederlandse Niertest

n.n.o. (Dutch) niet nader omschreven

NNR (Dan) De Nordiske Næringsstofanbefalinger

NNRTI (Dan) nonnukleosidreverstranskriptasehæmmer

NNS (Eng) number needed to screen

n.n. spez. (Ger) nicht näher spezifiziert

NNT (Eng) number needed to treat

NNU (Eng) neonatal unit

NO (Fr) nerf optique

no. (Latin) numero

NOAEL (Eng) no observed adverse effect level (toxicol.)

NOAL (Eng) no observable adverse effects level

NOB (Dan) nonoperativ behandling

NOCT (Span) nocturno

nocte (Latin) at night/in the evening

NOD (Eng) non-obese diabetic (mouse)

NOE (Eng) nuclear Overhausen effects (in NMR spectra)

NOEC (Eng) no observed effect concentration

NOEL (Eng) no observed effect level

NOF (Fr) neck of femur

NOIAA (Fr) neuropathie optique ischémique antérieure aiguë

NOKLUS (Nor) Norsk kvalitetsforbedring av laboratorievirksomhet utenfor sykehus

NOP (Eng) neurocular plane

NOS (Eng) not otherwise specified

NOSA (Eng) non-organ-specific antibodies

NOSIE (Eng) nurses’ observation scale for inpatient evaluation

NP (Eng) national procedure

NPAD (Fr) nutrition parentérale à domicile

NPB (Span) nada por boca

NPC (Span) nutrición parenteral central

NPCB (Eng) National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau

NPCR (Eng) normalized protein catabolic rate

NPDRP (Ger) nicht-proliferative diabetische RP

NPF (Eng) net filtration pressure

NPG (Dutch) Nationaal Programma Grieppreventie

NPH (Eng) normal pressure hydrocephalus

NPL (Ger) Neoplasma

NPO (Eng) neurotic personality organisation

NPP (Eng) new permeation pathways

NPR (Eng) no patient response

nPNA (Eng) normalized protein equvivalent of total nitrogen appearance

NPRF (Ger) Nachprüfung

NPSA (Eng) National Pagient Safety Agency (UK)

NPT (Fr) nutrition parentérale totale

NPTS (Eng) non-perforating trabeculosclerotomy

NPU (Eng) not passed urine

NPY (Dan) neuropeptid Y

NQA (Fr) Niveau de Qualité Admissible

NR (Eng) no result

n/r (Eng) not remarkable

NREM (Eng) non-REM; non-rapid eye movements

NRI (Eng) norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors

NRL (Span) neurologia

NRS (Dan) nakkestivhed og rygstivhed

NRTI (Dan) nukleosid reverstranskriptasehæmmer

NS (Eng) normal saline

N/S (Eng) next step [vet]

n.s. (Eng) not significant

NSA (Ger) Nabelschnurarterie

nsa (Fr) non-spécifié ailleurs

NSAH (Fr) neuropathie sensitive et autonome héréditaire

NSAID (Eng) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

NSApH (Ger) Nabelschnurarterien-pH (cord blood pH)

NSAR (Ger.) non-steroidales Antirheumatikum

NSB (Eng) non-specific binding

NSBGP (Eng) non-specific bowel gas pattern

NSC (Eng) neural stem cell

NSCLC (Eng) non-small cell lung cancer

NSE (Eng) neuron-specific enolase (tumour marker)

NSF (Eng) no significant finding [vet]

NSHPT (Dan) neonatal svær hyperparatyroidisme

NSI (Eng) National Science Indicators

NSILA (Eng) non-suppressible insulin-like activity

NSK (Norw) Norsk Sykepleierforbund

NSL (Eng) Nuremberg Self-evaluation List

NSM (Swe) näst senaste mens

NSMH (Fr) neuropathie sensitivo-motrice héréditaire

NSP (Fr) ne sais pas

NSR (Eng) normal sinus rhythm

NST (Eng) non-stress test

nst (Swe) normalstor

NSTEMI (Eng) non-ST-elevations AMI

NSSTTW’s (Eng) nonspecific ST, T wave changes

NSVD (Eng) normal spontaneous vaginal delivery

NSVT (Eng) non-sustained ventricular tachycardia

N&T (Eng) nose and throat

NT (Eng) nuchal translucency

nt (Eng) non-tender

NTA (Eng) Nordic Telemedicine Association

NTBR (Eng) not to be resuscitated

NTD (Eng) neural tube defect

NTE (Span) necrosis tóxico epidémida

NTG (Eng) nitroglycerin

NTI (Eng) non-thyroidal illness

NTL (Dan) nonterapeutisk laparotomi

NTM (Eng) non-tuberculous mycobacteria

NTP (Eng) negative topical pressure

NT-proBNP (Dan) N-terminal pro B-type natriuretisk peptid

NTU (Eng) nephelometric turbidity unit

NTvG (Dutch) Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde

NTZ (Eng) nitazoxanide

NUCS (Eng) nuclear medicine

NUD (Latin) non ultra descriptus (in diagnostics)

NUDS (Eng) North-Western University Disability Scale

nue (Ger) nüchtern

NUS (Swe) Norrlands universitetssjukhus

nuv sjd (Swe) nuvarande sjukdom

NV (Eng) normal values

Nv (Eng) next visit

N/V (Eng) nausea and vomiting

N&V (Eng) nausea and vomiting

NVALT (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging van Artsen voor Longziekten en Tuberculose

nvCJD (Eng) new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

NVD (Eng) neovascularisation of the disc

NVE (Eng) native valve endocarditis

NVI (Eng) neovascularisation of the iris

NVK (Dan) nyrevenekaterisation

NVO (Span) nada via oral [= NPO/NMB]

NVOG (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Obstetrie en Gynaecologie

NVPO (Fr) nausées et vomissements postopératoires

NVR (Eng) non-volatile residue

NVS (Dan) n. vagus-simulator

NVT (Span) nacido vivo a termino

NVVA (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging van VerpleeghuisArtsen

NVvP (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie

NVvR (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiologie

NVZA (Dutch) Nederlandse Vereniging van Ziekenhuisapothekers

NW (Ger) Normalwert

n.W. (Ger) nach Westergren (ESR, usually omitted in English)

Nw (Ger) Nebenwirkung

nx (Fr) normaux

NYD (Eng) not yet diagnosed

NYHA (Eng) New York Heart Association

NYR (Eng) not yet registered

NZA (Ger) neurozirkulatorische Asthenia (cardiology)

NZN (Ger) Nävuszellnävus

O (Span) orejuelas

O­I (Eng) estrone

OII (Eng) estradiol

OIII (Eng) estriol

O2 (Eng) oxygen

O2ER (Eng) oxygen extraction ratio

O&O (Dutch) onderzoek en ontwikkeling

OA (Dan) oralt antidiabetikum

(Ger) Oberärztin

O/A (Ital) olio/acqua

OAB (Dan) overaktiv blære (overaktiv blæresyndrom)

oab (Eng) on anhydrous base

OAD (Eng) oral antidiabetics

OAE (Dan) otoakustisk emission

OAF (Dan) overtrædelse af formalia

OAG (Fr) oblique antérieur gauche

OAI (Span) occipitoanterior izquierda

OAP (Eng) oscillatory afterpotentials (cardiology)

OAR (Fr) ordonnane à renouveler

OAS (Dan) oplevelse af sammenhæng

oasfb (Eng) on anhydrous solvent free basis

OATP (Eng) organic anion transporting polypeptides

OB (Eng) occult blood

o.B. (Ger) ohne Befund (Eng. nad)

OBB (Eng) occult blood bead

Obd (Latin) (on prescription) Obduc

OBE (Eng) out-of-body experience

OBG (Span) obstetrician/ginecologia

Ob/Gyn (Eng) obstetrics and gynaecology

Obj. (Dan) objektiv undersøgelse (= physical examination)

obj (Swe) objektiv

OBR (Eng) optimised background regimen

OBS (Eng) organic brain syndrome

obs. pro (Lat/Dan) observation for

obs (Swe) observation

OBST (Span) obstrucción

obv (Dutch) op basis van

OC (Eng) oral contraceptive/contraception

OCD (Eng) obsessive-compulsive disorder

OCE (Fr) oestrogènes conjugués équins

OCI (Span) orificio cervical interno

Oclin (Ital) ordinanza del 17 ottobre 2001 sulle sperimentazioni cliniche con agenti terapeutici [Switzerland[

OCNE (Eng) off colour, not eating [vet]

OCP (Eng) oral contraceptive pill

OCT (Eng) optical coherence tomography

Oculogutt (Latin) oculoguttae (eye drops)

OD (Dan) osteitis deformans

od (Eng) once daily

O.D. (Fr) oreillette droite

ODA (Eng) Orphan Drug Act [USA]

ODD (Eng) oppositional defiant disorder

ODF (Fr) ortho-dento-faciale

ODFR (Eng) oxygen-derived free radical

odl (Swe) odling

ODN (Span) odontologia

ODQ (Eng) on direct questionining

ODR (Eng) oxygen diffusion rate

ods (Dutch) oogdruppels

ODT (Eng) orally disintegrating tablets

ODTS (Eng) overseas doctors training scheme

OE (Dan) overekstremitet

O/E (Eng) on examination

o.e. (Dan) overekstremitet

O-Ebene (Ger) obere Scoßfugenrandebene [Hodge’s planes]

OECC (Eng) ostium externum of the cervical canal

OED (Eng) organ electrodermal diagnostics

OEDT (Fr) Office Européen Drogue Toxicomanie

OEL (Eng) occupational exposure limit

OES (Eng) occupational exposure standards

OF (Dan) osteoporotisk fraktur

O/F (Eng) off food [vet]

OFA (Eng) oncofoetal antigen (immunology)

OFO (Ger) offenes Foramen ovale

OFR (Eng) oxygen free radical

OFSP (Fr) Office federal de la santé publique [Switzerland]

OFT (Span) oftalmologia

OG (Dan) osmolalitetgab

og. (Swe) ogift

O&G (Eng) obstetrics and gynaecology

OGD (Eng) oesophagogastroduodenoscopy

ØGB (Dan) øvre gastrointestinal blødning

ØGD (Dan) øsofagogastroduodenoskopi

OGE (Fr) organs génitaux externes

OGM (Ital) organi genitali maschili

OGS (Eng) orthostatic grading scale

OGTT (Dan) [per]oral glukosetolerancetest

OH (Fr) alcool/alcoolique

OHB (Fr) oxygénothérapie hyperbare

OHD (Dan) hydroxy-vitamin D

o.h.h. (Swe) och hans hustru

OHIM (Eng) Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market

OHS (Eng) occupational health service

OHSS (Eng) ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

OHT (Ger) okuläre Hypertension

OI (Eng) ovulation induction

OIB (Ger) operative Intensivbehandlung

OICM (Fr) Office intercantonal des medicaments

OIDA (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque droite antérieure

OIDP (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque droite postérieure

OIDT (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque droite transverse

OIGA (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque gauche antérieure

OIGP (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque gauche postérieure

OIGT (Fr) (présentation) occipito-illiaque gauche transverse

OIE (Fr) Office International des Epizooties

OIH (Eng) orthoiodohippurate

OIN (Span) oftalmoplejía internuclear

OIT (Fr) organisation internationale du travail

OK (Dan) overkrydsning

o.K. (Ger) ohne Korrektur

OKN (Eng) optokinetic nystagmus

OKT (Eng) (numbered) monoclonal antibodies used to identify surface markers of human T cells

OL (Finn) Oulun Diakonissaloitos

Öl (Swe) Överläkare

ÖLI/öli (Swe) övre luftvägsinfektion

OLA (Swe) olykysfallsambulans

OLE (Dan) Organisationen af Læger i Erhvervslivet

OLM (Eng) opioid-like medication

OLS (Eng) ordinary least squares [statistics]

OLT (Eng) orthotopic liver transplant

OM (Eng) otitis media

om (Latin) in the morning

OM1 (Eng) obtuse margin 1

OMA (Fr) otite moyenne aiguë

OMC (Fr) oedeme maculaire cystoïde

OMD (Ital) otite media destra

OMCL (Eng) Official Medicines Control Laboratory

OMCX (Fr) optuse marginal de la circonflexe [= marginal branch of the circumflex artery)

OMF (Ger) Osteomyelofibrose

OMG (Fr) organisme génétiquement modifiée

OMI (Fr) oedème des membres inférieures

OMIM (Eng) Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

O.M.inf. (Fr) oedème des membres inférieurs

OMM (Span) otitis media maligna

omn hor (Latin) every hour

OMPK (Fr) ovaries micropolykystiques

OMS (Fr) Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (= WHO)

oms/h (Swe) luftomsättning per timme

OMT (Fr) Organisation Mondiale de Travail

ON (Eng) optic nerve

on (Lat) every night/at night

ONA (Fr) ostéonécrose avasculaire

o.n.A. (Ger) ohne nähere Angaben

ONATF (Fr) ostéonécrose aseptique de la tête fémorale

ONC (Ital) ordinanza sulla circolazione stradale

ONDAM (Fr) Objectif national des dépenses d’assurance maladie

ONE (Fr) office de la naissance et de l’enfance

ONG (Fr) organisation non-gouvernamentale

ÖNH (Swe) öron-, näs- och hals-

ØNH (Dan) øre-, næse- og hals-

ONIAM (Fr) Office national d’imdeminisation des accidents médicaux

ONM (Span) osteonecrosis del maxilar

Onu (Fr) Organisation des Nations Unies

ONR (Span) orden de no reanimar

ONSS (Fr) office nationale de la sécurité sociale pour travailleurs

ONUSIDA (Fr) UNAIDS [joint United Nations Programme on AIDS/HIV)

OO (Fr) otéome ostéoïde

o o (Dan) oversigt over

OOA (Dan) oversigt over abdomen

OOB (Eng) out of bed

OOH (Eng) out of hours [vet]

OOKP (Eng) osteo-odonto-dermato prosthesis

OOS (Eng) out-of-specification (result)

OOT (Eng) object-oriented technology

OP (Eng) operate/operation

op (Dan/Lat) observatio pro

OPA (Eng) outpatient appointment

opB (Ger) ohne pathologischen Befund

OPBL (Dan) obstetrisk plexus brachialis-læsion

OPc (Eng) capillary colloid osmotic pressure

OPC (Eng) one-point-cut (ampoule)

OPCAB (Eng) off-pump coronary artery bypass

OPD (Eng) Original Pack Dispensing

OPG (Dan) osteoprotegerin

OPI (Span) occipitoposterior izquierda

OPif (Eng) interstitial fluid osmotic pressure

OPN (Fr) (longueur de l’)os propre du nez

OPO (Dan) osteoporose

OPRD (Eng) opioid receptor delta

OPRM (Eng) opioid receptor mu

OPS (Eng) Office of Pharmaceutical Science

OPSI (Eng) overwhelming postsplenectomy infection

OPU (Eng) ovum pick-up

OPV (Eng) oral polio vaccine

OQ (Eng) operational qualification

OR (Dan) odds-ratio

o.R. (Ger) ohne Religion

ORA (Eng) Office of Regulatory Affairs

ORC (Ital) oscilloscopio a raggi catodici

ord (Swe) ordination

ORIF (Eng) open reduction with internal fixation (of fracture)

ORL (Eng) otorhinolaryngology

ORN (Fr) ostéoradionécrose

ORR (Eng) objective response rate

ORS (Eng) oral rehydration solution

Ors (Fr) Organisation Régionale de la Santé

ORSEC (Fr) organisation des secours

ORT (Eng) oral rehydration therapy

OS (Latin) oculus sinister

OSA (Dan) obstruktiv søvnapnø

O-säkert (Swe) noll-säkert (ie. ej säkert; in diagnostics)

OSAS (Dan) obstruktiv søvnapnø syndrom

OSATS (Eng) objective structured assessment of technical skills

OSD (Dan) okkult spinal dysrafisme

OSF (Eng) organ-system failure

OSG (Ger) oberes Sprunggelenk (= talotibiofibular joint)

OSHO (Ger) Ostdeutsche Studiengruppe für Hämatologie und Onkologie

OSM (Fr) otite séromuqueuse

o.spl. (Dan) oversygeplejerske

Osr (Ger) Oberschwester

OsSC (Ital) Osservatore Nazionale sulla Sperimentazione Clinica dei Medicinali

OstA (Ger) Oberstabarzt

OT (Eng) occupational therapist

OTA (Swe) ortopedisk avdelning

OTC (Eng) over the counter

OTD (Eng) out the door

OTE (Span) orientado en tiempo y espacio

Otogutt (Latin) otoguttae (ear drops)

OTIPM (Eng) occupational therapy intervention process model

OT/PT (Eng) occupational therapy/physiotherapy

OU (Latin) oculus utriusque/uterque

o.u. (Latin ) oculus utriusque/uterque [used in Norwegian]

OUH (Dan) Odense Universitetshospital

OV (Span) ordenes verbales

ÖV (Swe) öppen vård

OVC (Eng) orphans and vulnerable children

OVE (Eng) occlusive vascular events

ovl. (Dan) overlæge

OVP (Fr) Office pour la Vulgarisation Pharmaceutique

O/W (Eng) otherwise

OWIG (Ger) Ordnungswidrigkeitsgesetz

oxLDL (Dan) oxideret LDL

oxPEN (Eng) oxidative pentophosphate pathway

OXY (Eng) oxybutynin

Ox3 (Eng) oriented to person, place and time

OyT (Span) ortopedia y traumatología

Oz () occipital (electrode)

P (Dan) plasma

p (Fr) probabilité

P ()

P2 (Eng) pulmonary second sound

PB (Eng) barometer pressure (respiration)

Pc (Eng) capillary pressure (respiration)

Pei (Eng) end-inspiratory pressure (respiration)

PI (Eng) partial pressure of a gas in the inhaled gas mixture (respiration)

Pres (Eng) maximum inspiratory pressure (respiration)

P&A (Eng) percussion and auscultation

P and P (Eng) prothrombin-proconvertin test

P et P (Fr) épreuve de prothrombine-proconvertine

P + P (Ger) Prothrombin-Proconvertin-Test

PΨH (Eng) past psychiatric history

p.a. (Fr) phosphatase alkaline

PA (Dan) peritonsillær absces

pa (Fr) pertussis acellulaire (vaccin)

PAA (Ital) poliomielite anteriore acuta

PAAF (Span) punción-aspiración con aguja fina

PAaO2 (Span) gradiente alvéolo-arterial de oxígeno

PAAZ’en (Dutch) psychiatrische afdelingen van algemene ziekenhuizen

PA-Behandlung (Ger) Parodontalbehandlung

PAC (Eng) plasma aldosterone concentration

Paca (Fr) Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

PACD (Eng) peripheral arterial occlusive disease

PACE (Eng) Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly

PACI (Eng) partial anterior circulation infarct

PaCO­2 (Eng) partial pressure of arterial CO2

PACO2 (Eng) partial pressure of alveolar CO2

PACS (Eng) picture archive and communication system

PACT (Eng) prescribing analysis and cost data

PACU (Eng) post-anaesthesia care unit

PAD (Eng) peripheral artery [or arterial] disease

PADES (Span) programa de atencion domiciliaria y equip soporte

PADP (Eng) pulmonary artery diastolic pressure

PAE (Eng) peripheral arterial examination

PAEG (Span) peso adecuado para la edad gestacional

PAF (Eng) platelet activating factor

PAG (Eng) pulmonary angiography

PAGB (Eng) Proprietary Association of Great Britain

PAGE (Eng) polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

PAGO (Dutch) periodieke arbeidsgezondheidskundig onderzoek

PAH (Eng) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

PAHO (Eng) Pan-American Health Organisation

PAH-1 (Eng) plasminogen activator inhibitor-1

PAI-1 (Eng) plasminogen activator inhibitor 1

PAKW (Ger) polyzyklischer aromatischer Kohlenwasserstoff

PAL (Fr) phosphatases alcalines (leucocytaires)

PALGA-systeem (Dutch) Pathologisch-Anatomisch Landelijk Geautomatiseerd Archief

Palp (Eng) palpable

palp. (Dan) palpable

palp (Swe) palpera, palpabel, palpation

PALS (Eng) Paediatric Advanced Life Support

PAM (Dutch) paard anti-humaan-totaalserum

PAMO (Span) punción aspirativa de medulla ósea

PAN (Eng) Pesticide Action Network

P-ANCA (Eng) perinuclear ANCA

PANSS (Eng) positive and negative syndrome scale

PAO (Eng) peak acid outlet

PAo (Fr) pression aortique

PAO ()

PaO2 (Eng) alveolar partial oxygen pressure

PAOD (Eng) peripheral arterial occlusive disease

PAOP (Eng) pulmonary artery occluded pressure

PAP (Eng) pulmonary artery pressure

Pap (Eng) Papanicolaou test/smear

PAPI (Ital) punto d’angolo postero-interno (postero-medial angle)

PAPM (Fr) pression artérielle pulmonaire moyenne

PAPO (Fr) pression artérielle pulmonaire obstrué

PAPOVA (Eng) papilloma, polyome, simian vacuolating virus

PAPP-A (Eng) pregnancy associated plasma protein A

PAPS (Fr ) phospho-adénosine phosphosulphate

PAPs (Fr) pression artérielle pulmonaire systolique

PAQ (Fr) Processus d’Amélioration de la Qualité

PAR (Eng) preliminary assessment report

PARM (Fr) permanencier auxiliaire de régulation médicale

PAR (Ger) pseudo-allergische Reaktion

PARmi (Fr) pression artérielle rétinienne minimum

park (Dan) partikelkoncentration

PAS (Eng) para-aminosalicylic acid

PASAT (Eng.) Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test

PASI (Eng) psoriasis area and severity index

PAS-PAD (Fr) pressions artérielles systolique-diastolique

PASS (Eng) post-authorisation safety study

PAT, PA Tach. (Eng) paroxysmal atrial tachycardia

pat (Swe) patient

PAT (Fr) pression atriale droite

patol (Swe) patologisk

PATT (Fr) praticien attaché

PAVB (Eng) partial atrioventricular block

PAVK (Ger) periphäre arterielle Verschlusskrankheit (= PAOD)

PAWK (Eng) pulmonary artery wedge pessure

PAZA (Dutch) Postanaesthesie Zorgafdeling

PB (Dan) phenobarbital

Pb (Fr) problème

PBC (Dan) primær biliær cirrose

PBD (Swe) preliminärbedömning

PBE (Ger) Plaque-bildende Einheit

pbe. (Span) probable

PBEF (Eng) pre-B-cell-enhancing factor

PBF (Eng) peripheral blood flow

PBG (Eng) porphobilinogen

PBH (Fr) ponction-biopsie hépatique

PBI (Eng) protein-bound iodine

PBL (Eng) peripheral blood lymphocytes

PBLT (Eng) point of balanced ligamentous tension

PBMT (Eng) point of balanced membranous tension [osteopathy]

PBO (Port) paralisia braquial obstétrica

PBP (Eng) penicillin-binding protein

PBPC (Eng) peripheral blood progenerator cells

PBR (Fr) punction-biopsie rénale

PBS (Eng) phosphate-buffered saline

PBSCT (Eng) peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

PBTD (Dan) pancreasbevarende total duodenektomi

PBU (Swe) psykiatrisk barn- och ungdomsvård

PBZ (Ger) primär biliäre Zirrhose

PC (Dan) pyramidalcelle

pc (Swe) penicilin

p.c. (Ital) punto di congelamento

PCA (Eng) patient-controlled analgesia

PCAIV (Eng) patient-controlled anaesthetic IV

PCB (Eng) polychlorinated biphenyl

PCC (Eng) primary cell culture

PCCL (Eng) patient clinical complexity level

PCD (Dan) programmeret celledød

PCDB (Eng) patient-controlled double-blind

PCE (Eng) phenylcyclohexylethylamine

PCEA (Eng) patient-controlled epidural analgesia

PCEM (Fr) premier cycle d’études médicales

PCF (Eng) process change file

PCG (Eng) primary care groups

PCH (Fr) praticien du care hospitalier

PCI (Eng) percutaneous coronary intervention

PCIME (Fr) prise en charge intégrale des maladies d’enfant

PCJ (Fr) polyarthrite chronique juvenile

PCK (Eng) protein kinase C

PCKD (Eng) polycystic kidney disease

PCL (Eng) postieror cruciate ligament

PCLA (Eng) percutaneous luminary coronary angioplasty

PCM (Eng) pacemaker

PCMK (Eng) pacemaker

PCN (Eng) penicillin

PCNA (Eng) profilterating cell nuclear antigen

PCO (Eng) posterior capsular opacity

PCO2 (Eng) partial pressure of carbon dioxide

PaCO2 (Eng) arterial partial CO2 pressure

PCoA (Eng) posterior communicating artery

PCOD (Eng) polycystic ovarian disease

PCONT (Fr) praticien contractuel

PCOS (Dan) polycystisk ovariesyndrom

PCP (Eng) Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

PCPB (Fr) pression capillaire pulmonaire bloquée

PCR (Dan) polymerasekædereaktion

Pcr (Eng) phosphocreatine

PCRE (Eng) post-cholangiopancreatic retrograde endoscopy

PCS (Eng) psychiatric crisis service

PCSA (Eng) potentially clinically significant abnormalities

PCT (Dan) procalcitonin

PCTS (Eng) pre-clinical trial supply

PCU (Fr) phénylcétonurie

PCV (Eng) packed-cell volume

PCW (Eng) pulmonary capillary wedge

PCWP (Eng) pulmonary capillary wedge pressure

PCZ () prochlorperazine

PD (Dan) lungesygdom

P/D (Eng) proton density

PDA (Dan) personlig digital assistent

PDBu () phorbol-12,13-dibutyrate

PDC (Fr) produit de contraste

PdC (Fr) perte de connaissance

PDD (Eng) primary degenerative disease

PDE (Eng) permitted daily exposure

PDEI (Eng) pharmaceutical electronic data interchange

PDF (Eng) probability density function

PDGF (Eng) platelet-derived growth factor

PDGFC (Eng) platelet-derived growth factor C

PDI (Fr) produit dose longueur

PDIF (Span) presión diferencial

PDK (Dan) peritonealdialysekateter

PDL (Fr) produit dose longueur

PDM (Fr) potential de membrane

PDMA (Eng) Prescription Drug Marketing Act

PDN (Dan) Pharmacoepidemiologic Prescription Database of North Jutland

PDP (Eng) product development protocol

PDPH (Eng) postdural puncture headache

PDR (Eng) Physicians’ Desk Reference

PDRP (Ger) proliferative diabetische Retinopathie

PDS (Eng) paroxysmal depolarising shift

PdS (Fr) prise de sang

PDT (Eng) photodynamic therapy

pdt (Fr) pendant

PDTM (Fr) pas de ticket moderateur

PDUFA (Eng) Prescription Drug Free User Act

PDV (Ger) Patientendatenverwaltung

PDW (Eng) platelet distribution width

PDX (Eng) principal diagnosis

PE (Dan) phenylephrin

(Fr) pression

PEA (Eng) pulseless electrical activity

PEARL (Eng) pupils equal and reacting to light

PEB (Fr) poche des eaux bombante

pec (Eng) pectoralis

PEC (Fr) prise en charge

PED (Fr) pays en voie de développement

peds (Eng) paediatrics

PEEP (Dan) positivt sluteksspiratorisk tryk

PEF (Eng) perfloxacin

PEFR (Eng) peak expiratory flow rate (respiration)

PEFRAS (Eng) Pan-European Federation of Regulatory Affairs Societies

PEG (Dan) perkutan endoskopisk gastrostomi

PEH (Dan) paraøsofagealt hernie

PEI (Eng) polyethenimide

PEL (Eng) permissible exposure level (toxicol.)

PEM (Dan) personlig elektronisk medicinprofil

PENL (Eng) primary extra-nodal localization

PEP (Eng) positive expiratory pressure

PEPCK (Fr) phosphoénol pyruvate carboxykinase

PER (Eng) Pharmaceutical Evaluation Report

PERF (Eng) Pan European Regulatory Forum

perf (Fr) perfusion

PERL (Eng) pupils equal and reactive to light

PERLA (Eng) pupils equal and reactive to light and accommodation

PERRL (Eng) pupils equal, round, reactive to light

PERRLA (Eng) pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation

Perop (Fr) per-opératoire

PES (Eng) programmed electrical stimulation

PESS (Fr) panencéphalite sclerosante subaiguë

PET (Dan) positronemissionstomografi

PetCO2 (Eng) end-tidal CO2 pressure

PETP (Eng) polyethylene terephthalate

PEV (Fr) programme élargi de vaccination (WHO)

PEVD (Fr) pays en voie de développement

PEX (Ger) Pseudoexfoliation

PF (Eng) peak filling

PF3 (Fr) facteur 3 plaquettaire

PF4 (Eng) platelet factor 4

PFA (Eng) plaque-forming cell

pfa (Eng) pure free acid

PFAPA (Eng) periodic fever, adenitis, pharyngitis, aphthae)

pfb (Eng) pure free base

PFC (Fr) plasma frais congelé

PFD (Span) presión de fin de diastole

PFE (Span) peso fetal estimado

PFGE (Eng) pulsed-field gel electrophoresis

PFH (Eng) patient-focused hospital

PFO (Eng) patent foramen ovale

PFP (Ital) paralisi facciale periferica

PFR (Eng) peak flow rate

PFC (Eng) plaque-forming cell

PFK (Eng) phosphofructokinase

PFM (Dan) perifer fedtfordeling

PFN (Eng) proximal femoral nail

Pfs (Fr) parfois

PFT (Eng) pulmonary function test

PFU (Eng) plaque-forming unit

PFZ (Dutch) phosphaat (gebufferd) fysiologisch zoutoplossing

PG (Dan) prostaglandin

6-PG (Fr) 6-prostaglandine

pg (Eng) picogram

PGA (Eng) potato glucose agar

PGC1 (Eng) peroxisome proliferator receptor gamma coactivator 1

PGDF (Eng) platelet growth and differentiation factor

PGE (Fr) prostaglandine E

PGE 1 (Eng) prostaglandin E1

PGES (Eng) prostaglandin E-synthesase

PGEU (Eng) Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union

PGF (Eng) paternal grandfather

PGH (Eng) placental growth hormone

PGI ()

PGL (Eng) persistent generalised lymphadenopathy

P-Glu (Swe) plasmaglukos

PGM (Eng) paternal grandmother

PGO (Dutch) periodiek geneeskundig onderzoek

Pgp (Eng) P-glycoprotein

PGR (Eng) physician’s global rating

PgR (Eng) progesterone receptor

PGX (Eng) prostacyclin

PH (Eng) past history

pH () hydrogen ion concentration

PHA (Dan) phytohæmagglutinin

PHACO (Eng) phacoemulsificatoin

PHARM (Fr) pharmacien

PHB (Eng) polyhydroxybutyrate

PHC (Eng) primary health care

PHE () phenytoin

PhEur (Eng) European Pharmacopoeia

PHGW (Lat/Swe) purpura hypergammaglobulinemica Waldenström

PHF (Eng) paired helicoïcal filaments

pHF (Dan) partielt hydrolyseret modermælkserstatning

PHFU (Fr) praticien hospitalier function universitaire

PHI (Eng) peptide histidine isoleucine

pHi (Fr) pH interstitiel

PHM (Eng) peptide histidine methionine

PHN (Fr) plasma humain normal

Phos. alc. (Fr) phosphatase alcaline

PHP (Span) plan de hidratación parenteral

PHPT (Dan) primær hyperparatyroidisme

pHPT (Eng) primary hyperparathyroidism

PhRMA (Eng) Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

PHS (Eng) Public Health Service (US)

PHT (Fr) phénytoïne

PHTLS (Eng) prehospital trauma life support

PHTPA (Fr) praticien hospitalier – temps partiel

PHU (Fr) praticien hospitalier universitaire

PHx (Eng) previous medical history

Phy (Fr) physiologique

PhZNr (Ger) Pharmazentralnummer

PI (Dan) prognostisk indeks

Pi (Fr) phosphate inorganique

p.i. (Eng) post-infection

PIA (Eng) Pharmaceutical Industries Association

PIC (Eng) Pharmceutical Inspection Convention

PICA (Eng) posterior inferior cerebellar artery

PICC (Eng) peripherally inserted central catheter

PiCCO (Eng) pulse-induced contour cardiac output

PICNR (Span) pupilas isocoricas normoreactivas

PICO (Eng) population, intervention, comparison, outcome

PICU (Eng) Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

PID (Eng) pelvic inflammatory disease

PIE (Eng) positive ion emission

PIF (Eng) prolactin inhibiting factor

PIFR (Eng) peak inspiratory flow rate

PIH (Eng) pregnancy-induced hypertension

PIL (Eng) Patient Information Leaflet

PIM (Eng) Product Information Management

PIMS (Eng) patient information management system

PIN (Eng) prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

PINR (Eng) pupils isocoric, normally reactive

PIO (Fr) pression intra-oculaire

PION (Ger) posteriore ischämische Opticusneuropathie

PIP (Eng) proximal interphalangeal (joint)

PIPEDA (Eng) Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)

PIR (Fr) pouvoir inhibiteur résiduel

PIRLA (Span) pupilas isocóricas y reactivas a la luz y la acomodación

PISA (Eng) proximal isovelocity surface area

PIT (Eng) plasma iron turnover

PITC (Eng) phenylisothiocyanate

PIU (Dan) Patientinformantundersøgelsen

PIV (Eng) posterior interventricular ramus of the right coronary artery

PI3 (Eng) parainfluenza 3

PJ (Ger) Praktisches Jahr

PK (Dutch) phrarmacokinetiek

PKA (Ger) pharmazeutisch-kaufmännische Angestellte

PKC (Eng) protein kinase C

PKE (Ger) Pulmonalklappenersatz

PKL (Dan) postgradut klinisk lektor

P-klap (Dan) pulmonalklap

PKP (Ger) penetrierende Keratoplastik

PKRAD (Fr) polykystose rénale autosomique dominante

PKRAR (Fr) polykystose rénale autosomique récessive

PKU (Dan) phenylketonuri

PKZ (Ger) Preise und Kennzeichen [Austria]

PL (Eng) perception of light

p.l. (Fr) ponction lombaire

PLA (Eng) parallel-line (radioimmuno)assay

PLAB (Eng) Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board

plan åtg (Swe) planerad åtgärd

PLAQ (Span) plaquetas

PLC (Eng) platelet concentrate

PLEDS (Eng) periodic lateralised epileptiform discharges

PLG (Eng) persistent generalised lymphadenopathy

PlGF (Eng) placental growth factor protein

PLHIV (Eng) people living with HIV

PLIF (Eng) posterolateral interbody fusion

PLL (Eng) poly(L-lysine)

PLM (Eng) periodic leg movements

PLMS (Eng) periodic leg movements during sleep

PLOMS (Nor) pleie- og omsorgssystemet

PLOT (Fr) pas de lesion osseuse traumatique

PLOTD (Fr) pas de lesion osseuse traumatique décelée

PLP (Eng) prolonged latent phase (of labour)

PLR (Eng) Product Licence Renewal

PLS (Dan) primær lateralsklerose

PLT (Eng) platelet

PLTc (Eng) platelet concentrates

PLV (Eng) produit de lait de vache

plv (Latin) pulvis [= powder]

PM (Eng) pacemaker

p.m. (Eng) presystolic murmur

PMA (Eng) partial modification application

PMB (Dan) postmenopausal blødning

PMC (Eng) perimyocarditis

PMD (Eng) primary medical doctor

PMDA (Eng) Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (Japan)

PMDI (Eng) pressurised metered-dose inhaler

PME (Fr) pas de moyens extraordinaires

PMETB (Eng) Postgrduate Medical Education and Training Board

PMF (Eng) Plant Master File

PMH (Eng) past/previous medical history

PMHx (Eng) past/previous medical history

PMI (Eng) point of maximum intensity; point of maximum impulse [heart murmurs]

PMK (Eng) pacemaker

PML (Eng) part-time maternity leave

PMLR (Eng) percutaneous myocardial laser revascularisation

PMM (Dan) phosphomanomutase

PMMA (Eng) polymethylmethacrylate

PMN (Eng) polymorphonuclear

PMNL (Eng) polymorphomononuclear leucocyte

PMO (Fr) ponction de moelle osseuse

pmol (Eng) picomole

PMR (Eng) percutaneous myocardial revascularisation

PMRS (Eng) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service

PMS (Dutch) premenstrueel syndroom

PMSI (Fr) Programme/project de médicalisation des systèmes d’information

PMT (Dutch) Psychomedische Team

PMTCT (Eng) prevention of mother to child transmission

PMVE (Eng) polymethyl vinyl ether

PN (Eng) percussion note

p.n. (Latin) pro necessitate [used in Danish]

PNA (Fr) pyelonéphrite aiguë

PNB (Fr) produit brut national

PNBX (Eng) prostate needle biopsy

PNC (Fr) prix de la non-conformité

PND (Eng) paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea

PNE (Fr) polynucléaires éosinophiles

PNES (Dan) psykogent anfald

PNET (Dan) primitiv neuroektodermal tumor

Pneu (Ger) Pneumothorax

PNF (Eng) proprioceptive muscular faciliation (physiotherapy)

PNH (Eng) paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria/haematuria

PNI (Fr) mesure de la pression artérielle de façon non invasive

PNLAT (Fr) programme nationale de lutte antituberculose

PNN (Eng) polymorphonuclear neutrophils

PNO (Fr) pneumothorax

PNP (Dan) polyneuropati

PNS (Eng) peripheral nervous system

PNT (Fr) pression négative tropique

PNV (Eng) prenatal vitamins

PNx (Eng) pneumothorax

PO (Latin) per os

p.o. (Latin) per os (by mouth, orally)

po (Swe) peroralt

PO (Fr) perimeter ombilical

PaO20.21 (Eng) arterial partial O2 pressure at FIO2 = 0.21

PaO21.0 (Eng) arterial partial O2 pressure at FIO2 = 1.0

PvO2 (Eng) mixed venous O2 pressure

PO2 (Eng) partial pressure of oxygen

POA (Ger) peridurale Opiatanalgesie

POB (Dutch) pijn op borst

POBA (Eng) plain old balloon angioplasty

POBT (Dan) perioperativ blodtransfusion

POC (Eng) point of care

POCI (Eng) posterior circulation infarct

POCS (Fr) pointes-ondes continues pendant le sommeil

POCT (Eng) point-of-care testing

POD (Eng) post-operative day

POEMS (Dan) polyneuropati, organomegali, endokrinopatier, M-komponent, skin disorder[-syndrom]

POI (Port) pós-operatório imediato

Pol (Swe) poliklinikläkare

pol (Swe) poliklinisk

polop (Swe) poliklinisk operation

poly-HEMA (Eng) poly(hydroxyethylmethacrylate)

POM (Eng) prescription-only medicine

POMC (Dan) proopiomelanocortin

POMS (Eng) Profile of Mood States

PONV (Eng) post-operative nausea and vomiting

POP (Eng) progestogen-only pill

pop (Eng) popliteal

POPQ (Eng) pelvic organ prolapse quantification

PORP (Eng) partial ossicular replacement prosthesis

POS (Eng) polycystic ovary syndrome

Pos (Eng) position sense

pos (Swe) positive

Posm (Eng) pression osmotique

POSOM (Swe) psykiskt och socialt omhändertagande vid olyckor eller katastrofer

post. (Eng) posterior

POST (Span) posterior

POT (Span) reflejos osteotendinosos

POW (Eng) Powassan (virus)

POWG (Ger) primäres Offenwinkelglaukom

PP (Dan) koagulationsfaktor II-VII-X

p.p. (Dan) perifer puls

pp (Eng) post-prandial

PPA (Fr) peste porcine africaine (vet.)

PPAR (Eng) peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor

PPARd (Eng) peroxisome proliferator receptor delta

PPARg2 (Eng) peroxisome proliferative activated receptor gamma 2

PPB (Fr) plaie par balle

PPBS (Eng) postprandial blood sugar

PPC (Fr) peste porcine classique

PPCD (Fr) pyrophosphate de calcium dihydraté

pPCI (Eng) primary percutaneous crononory intervention

PPCN (Fr) pression positive continue nasale

PPCU (Fr) première prise en charge urgente

ppd (Dutch) postpartum depressie

PPD (Eng) purified protein derivative (of tuberculin)

PPE (Eng) personal protective equipment

PPEF (Port) pressão positiva expiratório final

PPF (Eng) plasma protein fraction

PPG (Eng) postprandial glucose

PPH (Eng) postpartum haemorrhage

PPHN (Dan) persisterende pulmonal hypertension hos nyfødte børn

PPI (Dan) protonpumpeinhibitor

PPi (Fr) pyrophosphate inorganique

p.p.i. (Fr) (eau) pour préparations injectibles

p-piller (Swe) preventivpiller

PPJ (Fr) paquets par jour

PPKO (Dan) primært planocellulært karcinom i ovariet

PPL (Span) puño percussion lumbar

PPLO (Eng) pleuropneumonia-like organisms

PPM (Fr) prix public Maroc

ppm (Eng) parts per million

PPN (Eng) peripheral parenteral nutrition

PPO (Eng) preferred provider organisation

PPP (Eng) platelet-poor plasma

PPPP (Eng) peripartum pelvic pain

PPR (Fr) pseudopolyarthrite rhumatoïde

PPRIS (Span) pulsos periféricos, regulares, iguales y simétricos

PPRF (Eng) paramedian reticular formation of the pons

PPROM (Eng) prolonged preterm rupture of membranes

PPRS (Eng) Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme

PPS (Eng) per protocol set

PPs (Eng) peripheral pulses

PPSB (Fr) prothrombne proconvertine facteur Stuart antihémophilique B

PPT (Eng) pressure pain threshold

P-PTH (Dan) plasma-parathyroideahormon

PPTL (Eng) post-portum tubal ligation

PPV (Dutch) positief voorspellende waarde

PpV (Eng) pars plana vitrectomy

PPWD (Eng) Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

PQ (Eng) performance qualification

PQS (Eng) polar qualification system

p.r. (Eng) per rectum

PR (Dan) partielt respons

P.R. (Span) precio de referencia

PR1G (Fr) professeur 1 grade en odontologie

PR2G (Fr) professeur 2 grade en odontologie

PRA (Eng) plasma renin activity

PRAG (Fr) professeur agrégé détaché dans l’enseignement supérieur

PRBC (Eng) packed red blood cells

PRC (Eng) packed red cells

PRCA (Eng) pure red cell aplasia

PRCIU (Span) probable retraso del crecimiento intrauterine

PRE (Fr) période réfractaire efficace

PRED (Eng) prednisolone

PRELEX (Eng) presbyopic lens exchange

PREOP (Span) preoperatorio

Preop (Fr) pré-opératoire

prep (Swe) preparat

pre-pro ANF (Eng) pre-pro-atrio-natriuretic factor

PRH (Eng) prolactin releasing hormone

PRHO (Eng) pre-registration house officer

PRIFAS (Fr) Programme de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Français sur les Acridiens du Soleil

Prim. (Ger) Primarius/Primaria (Austria, = Chefarzt in Germany)

Primip (Latin) primipara

PRIND (Eng) prolonged reversible ischaemic neurological deficits

prion (Eng) proteinaceous infectious particle

PRIST (Ger) Papier-Radio-Immunosorbent-Test

PRIVIREAL (Eng) Privacy in Research Ethics and Law

PRK (Eng) photorefractive keratectomy

PRL (Eng) phacic refractive lens

Prl (Swe) Provinsialläkare

PRN (Eng) packaging reference number

p.r.n. (Latin) pro re nata (as needed, as required)

PRNP (Fr) polyradiculoneuropathie

pro-ANF (Eng) pro-atrio-natriuretic factor

PROBE (Eng) prospective, randomised, open-label blinded end-point classification [study design]

PROM (Eng) premature rupture of membranes

PROP (Eng) propranolol

propon (Dutch) preoperatief onderzoek

propy (Eng) prophylaxis

Prot. (Fr) protéine

PROT (Span) proteínas

Pro time (Eng) prothrombin time

PRP (Eng) platelet-rich plasma

PRPP (Eng) phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate

PRR (Fr) période réfractaire relative

PRS (Eng) pervasive refusal syndrome

PRT (Eng) plasma recalcification time

PRTH (Eng) selective pituitary resistance to thyroid hormone

PS (Eng) phosphatidylserine

p.s. (Lat/Dan) per secundam (intentionem)

PSA (Dan) prostataspecifikt antigen

PSB (Eng) protected-specimen brush

PSC (Eng) primary sclerosing cholangitis

PSCH (Eng) peripheral stem cell harvest

PSD (Fr) pression sanguine diastolique

PSDI (Eng) positive symptom distress index

PSDS (Ger) Paranoid-Depressivitäts-Skala

PSDS/D-S (Ger ) Paranoid-Depressivitäts-Skala und Depressivitäts-Skala

PSE (Fr) pousse-seringue électrique [= syringe driver]

PSF (Fr) ponction/prélèvement de sang fœtal

PSG (Dan) polysomnografi

PSGB (Eng) Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

PSGL (Fr) psychologue consultant

PSgo (Fr) pression sytoloque du gros orteil

PSH (Eng) past surgical history

PSI (Fr) plan de services individualisé

PSI-1,2 (Fr) préseniline – 1 et 2

PSM (Eng) pan-systolic murmur

PSN (Ital) parto spontaneo normale

PSO (Fr) procédure opératoire standard

PSP (Fr) phénolsulphopthaléine

PSPH (Fr) [privés] participant au service public hospitalier

PSQ (Span) psiquiatria

PSR (Ger) Patellarsehnenreflex

P4SR (Eng) predicted 4-hour sweat rate

PSRA (Dutch) post-streptokokken-reactieve-artritis

PSRU (Eng) periodic safety report updates

PSS (Eng) progressive systemic scleroderma

pSS (Eng) primary Sjögren’s syndrome

PSSHN (Eng) Performance Status Scale for Head and Neck Cancer

PST (Eng) patient self-testing

PSTI (Eng) pancreatic serum trypsin inhibitor

PSTV (Eng) paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia

PSU (Eng) polysulfone

PSUR (Dan) periodisk sikkerhedsopdatering

PSVT (Eng) paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia

PT (Dan) Panyiotopoulos epilepsi

Pt (Eng) patient

pt (Eng) patient

pt. (Dan) patient

Pt. (Fr) point

PTA (Dutch) percutane transluminale angioplastiek

PTB (Fr) prothrombine

PTBD (Eng) percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage

PTC (Eng) percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

PTC (Eng) percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

PTCA (Eng) percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

PTDiag1 (Fr) pontage diagonale 1

PT IVA (Fr) pontage IVA (= graft LAD)

PtcO2 (Eng) transcutaneous partial O2 pressure

PTCR (Eng) percutaneous transluminal coronary reperfusion

PTD (Fr) pression télédiastolique

PT D (Fr) pontage droite (= graft RCA)

PTDVD (Fr) pression télédiastolique ventriculaire droite

PTDVG (Fr) pression télédiastolique ventriculaire gauche

PTE (Span) paciente

PTEA (Port) perda transepidérmica de água

PTFE (Eng) polytetrafluoroethylene

PTG (Fr) prothèse totale du genou

PTH (Dan) parathyroideahormon

PTHC (Eng) percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

PTHrP (Dan) parathyroideahormonrelateret peptid

PTI (Fr) purpura thrombopénique idiopathique

PTK (Ger) phototherapeutische Keratektomie

PTL (Eng) pre-term labour

PTLD (Eng) post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease

ptm (Eng) pneumotachometer

PT Marg (Fr) pontage marginale (= graft OM)

PTME (Fr) prévention de transmission mère-enfant

pTMN (Eng) pathological tumour-node-metastasis

Ptn (Fr) protéine

PTO (Ital ) punto

PTOG (Span) prueba de tolerancia oral a la glucosa

PTP (Eng) posterior tibial pulse

PTR (Ger) perkutane Punktionstracheotomie

pts (Eng) patients

PTs (Eng) preferred terms

PTS (Eng) permanent threshold shift (hearing)

PTSD (Eng) post-traumatic stress disorder

PTSMA (Eng) percutaneous transluminal septal myocardial ablation

PTT (Eng) partial thromboplastin time

PTU (Eng) propylthiouracil

PTV (Dan) pulmonært termalt volumen

PTW (Eng) price to wholesaler

PTWI (Eng) provisional tolerable weekly intake

PTWR (Eng) post-take ward round

PTX (Dan) paratyroidektomi

PTZ (Ger) partielle Thromboplastinzeit

PU (Eng) Prast unit (lab testing)

PUB (Dan) perforation - ulcus - blødning

PUBS (Eng) percutaneous umbilical blood sampling

PUD (Eng) peptic ulcer disease

PUFA (Eng) polyunsaturated fatty acids

PUI (Span) puntos ureterales inferiores

PUK’s (Dutch) psychiatrische universiteitsklinieken

PUFA (Eng) polyunsaturated fatty acids

PUI (Fr) pharmacie à usage intérieur

pulm (Fr) pulmonaire

pulv. (Latin) pulveratus

PUM (Fr) potentiels d’unité motrice

PUMA (Eng) paediatric use marketing authorization

PUO (Eng) pyrexia of unknown origin

PU/PD (Eng) polyuria/polydipsia [vet]

PUPH (Fr) professeur des universités - praticien hospitalier

PUPHC (Fr) professeur des universities – praticien hospitalier consultant

PUPHCD (Fr) professeur des universities – praticien hospitalier en odontologie

pur. (Latin) purificatus

PUS (Span) puntos ureterales superiors

PUT (Dan) urinantigenundersøgelse for pneumokokker

PUVA (Fr) psoralène + UV-A

PV (Eng) parvovirus

Pv (Eng) predictive value

p.v. (Fr) poids vif (of animal)

p/v (Fr) poids/volume

p.v. (Latin) per vaginam

PVA (Fr) plasma viro-atténué

PVAR (Eng) Preliminary Variation Assessment Report

PVC (Eng) premature ventricular contraction

PVCU (Latin) portio vaginalis cervicis uteri

PVD (Eng) peripheral vascular disease

PVE (Eng) prosthetic valve endocarditis

PVF (Eng) pulmonary venous flow

PVG (Fr) pression veineuse gauche

PVI (Dan) pulmonal veneisolation

PVM (Fr) prothèse valvulaire mitrale

PVO (Ital) poliovaccino orale

PVneg (Dan) negative prædiktive værdi

PVP (Dan) perkutan vertebroplastik

PVPE (Fr) pas venu, pas excusé

PVpos (Dan) positive prædiktive værdi

PVPP (Eng) polyvinyl polypyrolidone

PVR (Eng) pulmonary vascular resistance

PVS (Eng) persistent vegetative state

PVSM (Eng) portable vital signs monitoring system

PVT (Eng) pulseless ventricular tachycardia

PVY (Span) pulso venoso yugular

PW (Dutch) Pharmaceutisch Weekblad

Pw (Eng) pertussis whole cell (vaccine)

PWC (Eng) patient working capacity (in psychotherapy)

PWD (Eng) pulse-wave Doppler echocardiography

PWG (Eng) Permanent Working Group of European Junior Doctors

PWI (Eng) perfusion-weighted imaging (MRI)

PWM (Eng) pokeweed mitogen

PWP (Eng) pulmonary wedge pressure

PWPB (Eng) purified water puncture biopsy

PX (Span) pronóstico

Px (Eng) prognosis

px (Swe) provexcision

PXR (Eng) pregnane X receptor

PYD (Dan) pyrindomæne

PyF (Span) piel y faneras

PYFU (Eng) person-years of follow-up

PYLL (Eng) potential years of life lost

Pyz (Eng) pyramidal reflexes

Pz () parietal (electrode)

PZ (Fr) pancréozymine

PZN (Ger) Pharmazentralnummer

PZR (Ger) professionelle Zahnreinigung

PZWL (Polish) Pastwowy Zaklad Wydawnictw Lekarskich

Q (Eng) flow

q (Latin) quaque (each, every)

q1d (Latin) quaque 1 die (every day)

q2h (Latin) quaque 2 hora (every two hours)

q4h (Latin) quaque 4 hora (every four hours)

Q; QB (Fr) débit cardiaque

QS/QT (Eng) shunt volume (intra- or extracardial)

QA (Eng) quality assurance

QALE (Eng) quality-adjusted life expectancy

QALY (Eng) quality-adjusted life years

qam (Latin) each morning

QAP (Eng) Quality Activity Plan

q.b.p. (Ital) quanto bisogna per (= q.s.p.)

QC (Eng) quality control

Qc (Fr) débit cardiaque

QCA (Eng) quantitative coronary analysis

QCM (Fr) qualité à choix multiples

QCT (Eng) quantitative computed tomography

QD (Latin) quantum doloris

qd (Latin) quaque die [every day]

QDC (Eng) quinacrine dehydrochloride

QDR (Eng) quantitative digital radiography

qds (latin) four times a day

QF (Ger) Querfinger (Eng. fingerbreadths, e.g. liver x fingerbreadths below

QFB (Span) quimico farmaceutico biologo

q.h. (Latin) quaque hora [every hour]

qhs (Latin) quaque hora somni [= every night, bedtime]

QI (Fr) quotient intellectuel

qid (Latin) quater in die [4 times a day]

QIED (Fr) quadrant infero-externe droit

QIEG (Fr) quadrant infero-externe gauche

QIID (Fr) quadrant infero-interne droit

QIIG (Fr) quadrant infero-interne gauche

QIP (Fr) quotient intellectuel ”performance”

QIV (Fr) quotient intellectual verbal

q l (Latin) quantum libet

QMI (Fr) quantité maximale ingérée

qns (Eng) quantity not sufficient

qod (Latin) quoque die tertio [= every other day]

QOL/QoL (Eng) quality of life

QOS (Eng) quality overall summary

QP (Eng) qualified person

qpm (Latin) each evening

QPP (Eng) quality frrom the patient’s perspective (qestionnaire)

qq (Fr) quelques

qqh (Latin) quaque quarta [every quarter of an hour]

QR (Fr) quotient respiratoire

QRD (Eng) Quality Review of Documents

QROC (Fr) questions à réponses ouvertes et courtes

QS (Fr) quadrant supérieur [of breast]

q.s. (Fr) quantité suffisante

QSE (Eng) Quality Safety Efficacy

QSED (Fr) quadrant supero-externe droit

QSEG (Fr) quadrant supero-externe gauche

QSID (Fr) quadrant supero-interne droit

QSIG (Fr) quadrant supero-interne gauche

qsp (Fr) quantité suffisante pour

QTc (Eng) corrected QT (interval)

QTL (Eng) quantitative trait loci

Quf. (Ger) Querfinger

QUI (Eng) qualitative ultrasound index

QUL (Swe) Qvalitet-Utveckling-Ledarskap

QWP (Eng) Quality Working Party (CHMP)

QX (Span) quírúrgico

R (Eng) right

R: en (Fr) en réserve

RO (Fr) regurgitation/reflux

r (Eng) correlation coefficient

R1 (Dan) makroskopisk radikal operation

R2 (Dan) radikal operation, hvor der efterlades synligt arvæv

R1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Ger) Herzton (erster, zweiter, dritter, vierter, fünfter)

Raw (Eng) airways resistance (respiration)

RA (Dan) reumatoid artrit

RAA (Fr) rhumatisme articulaire aigu

RAAA (Dan) rumperet abdominalt aortaaneurisme

RAAS (Eng) renin angiotensin aldosterone system

RAB (Dan) registreret alternativ behandler

RAC (Fr) rétrécissement aortique calcifié

RACS (Fr) respiration, activité circulatoire spontané

RAD (Eng) right axis deviation

Rad (Eng) radial pulse

RADIC (Fr) réseau d’aide à domicile pour les insuffisants cardiaques

RAEB (Eng) refractory anaemia with excess of blasts

RAEBT (Eng) refractory anaemia with excess of blasts in transformation

RAEFAR (Span) registro y autorización de especialidades farmacéuticas

RAF (Span) reacción adversa al fármaco

RAG (Eng) radionuclide angiocardiography

RAGE (Eng) receptor for advanced glyceration end-product

RaH (Swe) radiumhemmet [at Karolinska Hospital]

RAI (Fr) recherche d’anticorps irréguliers

RAIU (Eng) radioactive iodine uptake

R.alcaline (Fr) réserve alcaline

RAM (Span) Reacciones Adversas a los Medicamentos

RAMC (Span) reacciones adversas medicamentos conocidas

RAN (Span) ranurado (scored)

RANK (Eng) receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B

RANKL (Eng) receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand

RAO (Eng) right anterior oblique (artery)

RAo (Fr) rétrécissement aortique

RAP (Eng) right atrial presure

RAPD (Ger) relatives afferentes Pupillendefizit

RAPE (Fr) rupture artificielle de la poche des eaux

RAPS (Eng) Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (US)

RAR (Fr) résection antérieure du rectum

Rari (Ger) Rachenring

RAS (Dan) recidiverende abdominalsmerter

RASC (Fr) réservoir d’accès sous-cutanée

RASK (Dan) Roskilde Amts Sygehus, Køge

RAST (Dan) radioallergosorbent-test

RAU (Span) retención aguda urinaria

RAV (Swe) Referensgruppen för antiviral terapi

RAW (Eng) airways resistance

RB (Eng) retinoblastoma

R/B (Eng) referred by

RB1 (Dan) retinoblastomgen

RBB (Ger) rotes Blutbild

RBBB (Eng) right bundle branch block

RBC (Eng) red blood cell

RBD (Fr) register belge du diabète

RBF (Eng) renal blood flow

RBL (Eng) rat basophilic leukaemia

RBP (Eng) retinol binding protein

RBC (Eng) red blood cell (count)

RBE (Eng) relative biological effectiveness

RBF (Eng) renal blood flow

RBP (Eng) retinol binding protein

RBS (Eng) random blood sugar

RBTB (Dutch) rechterbundeltakblok

RBW (Ger) relative biologische Wirksamkeit

RC (Fr) rythme cardiaque

RCA (Eng) right coronary artery

RCAd (Eng) right coronary artery distal

RCAm (Eng) right coronary artery mid

RCAp (Eng) right coronary artery proximal

rCBV (Eng) relative cerebral blood volume

RC1w (Eng) recheck 1 week [vet]

RCC (Eng) renal cell carcinoma

RCCP (Fr) retard de croissance constitutionnel à la puberté

RCCR (Eng) Review and Change Control Request

RCD (Port) recesso costal direito

RCF (Fr) rythme cardiaque foetal

RCFID (Eng) Registration Committee for Import of Drug

RCG (Eng/Fr) radiocardiogram/radiocardiogramme

RCGP (Eng) Royal College of General Practitioners

RCH (Fr) rectocolite hémorragique [= ulcerative colitis]

R-CHOP (Eng) ritudimab-CHOP

RCI (Port) ritmo cardíaco irregular

RCIU (Fr) retard(ation) de croissance intra-utérine

RCM (Eng) right costal margin

RCMI (Fr) radiothérapie conformationnelle avec modulation d’intensité

RCN (Eng) Royal College of Nursing

RCOG (Eng) Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

RCP (Eng) Royal College of Physicians

RCR (Port) ritmo cardíaco regular

RCR 2T (Port) ritmo cardiáco regular em 2 tempos

RCS (Eng) Royal College of Surgeons

RCT (Eng) randomised controlled trial

RCUH (Fr) rectocolite ulcéro-hémorragique

RCX (Eng) ramus circumflexus

RCUH (Fr) rectocolite ulcéro-hémorragique

RD (Dan) rejsediaré

R.d. (Dan) røntgendiagnos

RDA (Eng) recommended daily allowance

RDC (Ital) reazione di deviazione del complemento

RDE (Eng) remote data entry

R.dg. (Latin) ramus diagonalis

RDI (Dutch) relatieve dosis intensiteit

Rdn (Ger) Randnummer

rDNA (Eng) recombinant DNA

RDP (Latin) ramus descendens posterior

RDS (Eng) respiratory distress syndrome (of newborn)

RDT (Span) oncologia radioterapapica

RDU (Ger) rektal-digitale Untersuchung

RDV (Fr) rendezvous

RDW (Eng) red cell distribution width

RDWr (Eng) reticulocyte red blood cell distribution width

RE (Eng) retinol equivalent

RE1 (Fr) rotation externe coude à corps

RE2 (Fr) rotation externe ABD [abduction] à 90º

REAL (Eng) Revised European American Classification of Lymphoid Neoplasms

REBLAS (Port) Red Brasileira de Laboratórios de Saúde

REC (Eng) research ethics committee

REG (Port) regular estado geral

Rec (Swe) recept

RECUB (Span) recubierto

Reg (Eng) registrar

REH (Span) rehabilitación

reit. (Latin) reiteretur

RELIS (Nor) regionale legemiddelinformasjonssenter

REM (Eng) rapid eye movement

REOP (Port) reoperação

REP () Fr

RER (Dan) rekombinationsreparation

RES (Dan) retikuloendoteliale system

RESP (Span) respiratorio

resurin (Swe) residualurin

RETV (Span) resección endoscópica transvesical

REU (Span) reumatología

REUP (Eng) transurethral resection of the prostate

RF (Dan) retroperitoneal fibrose

Rf (Eng) retention factor

RFA (Dan) radiofrekvensablation

RFC (Ital) reazione di fissazione del complemento

RFI (Eng) renal failure index

RFLP (Eng) restriction fragment length polymorphism

RFO (Eng) radio-guided focused operation

RfD (Eng) reference dose

RFLP (Eng) restriction fragment length polymorphism

RfS (Dan) Register for Selvmordsforsøg

RFSU (Swe) Riksförbundet för sexuell upplysning

RFT (Eng) renal function test

RFV (Swe) Riksförsäkringsverket

RFW (Eng) rapid-filling wave (cardiology)

RG (Ger) Rasselgeräusche

r.g. (Dan) rest gemmes

RGB (Span) recuento de globules blancos

RGE (Fr) reflux gastro-oesophagien

RGO (Fr) reflux gastro-oesophagien

RGPT (Fr) règlement général pour la protection du travail

RH (Dan) Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital)

Rh (Eng) Rhesus

Rh+ (Eng) Rhesus (factor) positive

Rh- (Eng) Rhesus (factor) negative

rh (Swe) rörelsehindrad

RHA (Span) ruidos hidroaéreos

RHC (Eng) right heart catheter

RHD (Eng) rheumatic heart disease

Rheum (Eng) rheumatology

RHF (Eng) right-sided heart failure

RhF (Eng) rheumatic fever

RHJ (Fr) reflux hépato-jugulaire

Rh prof (Dan) Rhesusimmunoprofylakse

r-hu EPO (Eng) recombinant human erythropoietin

RhuG-CSF (Eng) pre-combinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor

RHY (Span) reflujo hepatoyugular

RI (Eng) Ratholing Index

R/I (Eng) rule in

RIA (Eng) radioactive iodine uptake

RIBA (Dan) rekombinant immunoblot assay

RiBo (Ger) Rippenbogen

RICP (Eng) raised intracranial pressure

RID (Eng) remission-inducing drugs

RIF (Eng) right iliac fossa

RIG (Eng) rabies immunoglobulin

RIGA (Eng) right inferior gastric artery

RIH (Eng) right inguinal hernia

RIK (Dan) ren intermitterende kateterisation

RIKK (Dan) den regionale infrastruktur for klinisk kræftforskning

RiLiBÄK (Ger) Richtlinien der Bundesärztekammer zur Qualitätssicherung in medizinischen Laboratorien

RIMA (Eng) right internal mammary artery

RIMS (Eng) resonant ionisation mass spectrometry

RIN (Span) razón internactional normalizada (= INR)

RIND (Eng) reversible ischaemic neurological deficit

RIO (Dutch) Regionaal Indicatie Orgaan

RIP (Latin) ramus interventricularis posterior (= PD, PDA)

R.I.P. (Dutch) ruimte-innemend process

RIPT (Eng) repeated insult patch test

RIR (Ital) reazione di ipersensibilità ritardata

RIS (Eng) resonant ionisation spectroscopy

RIST (Eng) radioimmunosorbent test

RITA (Eng) right interior thoracic artery

RIVA (Fr) rythme idio-ventriculaire accéléré

RIVM (Dutch) Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu

RIVP (Latin ) ramus interventricularis posterior (= posterior descending artery)

RJ (Port) ritmo juncional

RKg; RKG (Ger) Radiokardiogramm

RKI (Ger) Robert-Koch-Institut, Bundesinstitut für Infektionskrankheiten und nichtübertragbare Krankheiten

RKT (Dan) radiokemoterapi

RL (Fr) radicaux libres

R/L (Eng) right/left

RLC (Fr) régime légèrement constipant

RLD (Eng) reference lumen diameter

RLE (Eng) right lower extremity

RLL (Eng) right lower lobe (lung)

RLM (Ital) reazione linfocitaria mista

RLQ (Eng) right lower quadrant (abdomen)

RLS (Eng) restless legs syndrome

RLX (Fr) récessif lié à l’X

RM (Eng) reference material

RMC (Ital) residio medico-cirurgico

RMH (Span) resonancia menstrual habitual

RMI (Fr) revenue minimum d’insertion

RML (Eng) right mediolateral

RMM (Fr) relation médecin-malade

RMN (Fr) résonance magnétique nucléaire

RMO (Eng) resident medical officer

RMP (Span) reflejos músculares profundos

RMS (Eng) Reference Member State

RMSF (Eng) Rocky Mountain spotted fever

RN (Eng) registered nurse

RNA (Eng) ribonucleic acid

RNase (Eng) ribonuclease

RNBPEG (Span) recién nacido de bajo peso para la edad gestacional

RNBPN (Span) recién nacido de bajo peso al nacer

RNEF (Eng) radionuclide ejection fraction

RNG (Ger) Radiounuklidgemisch

RNOH (Eng) Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

RNP (Span) recien nacido premature

RNPAEG (Span) recién nacido de peso adecuado para la edad gestacional

RNPT (Span) recién nacido pretermino

RNS (Ger) Ribonucleinsäure

RNT (Span) recién nacido a termino

R/O (Eng) rule out

RO (Dan) mikroskopisk radikal operation

ROC (Fr) réflexe oculo-cardiaque

ROD (Ital) raggruppamento omogenei dei diagnosi [= DRG]

ROI (Eng) region of interest

ROM (Eng) range of motion/movement

ROMI (Eng) rule-out myocardial infarction

ROP (Eng) retinopathy of prematurity

ROPP (Eng) rolled-on pilfer-proof closure

ROS (Eng) reactive oxygen species

ROT (Fr) réflexes ostéotendineux

RP (Dutch) Relatieve Potentie

rp. (Latin) recipe (= Rx) [used in Danish]

RPA (Eng) resection and primary anastomosis

RPC (Ital) rene policistico

RPCA (Fr) résistance à la protéine C activée

RPD (Latin) ramus posterior descendens

RPDE (Fr) rupture de la poche des eaux

RPE (Eng) rating of perceived exertion

RPF (Eng) renal plasma flow

RPG (Port) reeducação postural global

RPGN (Eng) rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis

RPHPLC (Eng) reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

RPLD (Latin) ramus posterolateralis dexter

RPLND (Eng) retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

RPLS (Eng) reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome

RPM (Fr) résidue post-mictionelle [= post-void residual urine]

rpm (Span) respiraciones por minuto

RPMI (Eng) Rosewell Park Memorial Insitute (medium)

RPN (Port) respiração por pressão negativa

RPP (Eng) rate-pressure product

RPPC (Port) respiração por pressão positiva continua nas vias aéras

RPPDE (Fr) rupture premature de la poche des eaux

RPR (Eng) rapid plasma reagin

RPs (Fr) rhumatisme psoriasique [= psoriatic arthritis]

RPSGB (Eng) Royal Pharmaceutical Committee of Great Britain

RPV (Fr) rupture paroi ventriculaire

RQ (Eng) respiratory quotient

RQW (Ger) Rissquetschwunde

RR (Dan) relativ risiko

RRA (Eng) radioreceptor assay

RRE (Eng) raloxifene responsive elements

RRF (Fr) réadaptation, rééducation fonctionnelle

RRMS (Eng) relapsing-remitting MS

RRO (Fr) rougeole, rubéole, oreillons

RRP (Eng) radical retropubic prostatectomy

RRR (Eng) regular rate and rhythm

RRT (Eng) relative retention time (chromatography)

RRR-TV (Eng) rhesus-human reassortant rotavirus tetravalent virus

RS (Dan) risikoscore

RSA (Fr) résumé de sortie anonyme

RSB (Eng) right sternal border

RsCsRs (Span) ruidos cardícos rítmicos

RSC (Span) rectosigmoideoscopia

RSCF (Span) rectosigmoideoscopia flexible

RSCR (Span) rectosigmoideoscopia rigida

RSD (Eng) relative standard deviation

RSE (Eng) right strernal edge

RSI (Eng) repetitive strain injury

RSM (Span) resonsable de seguridad de medicamentos [= DSO]

RSNA (Eng) Radiological Society of North America

RSNP (Fr) rapports sexuels non protégés

RSO (Eng) resident surgical officer

RSP (Eng) respirable particulates

RSPE (Fr) rupture spontanée des poches d’eaux

RSR (Eng) regular sinus rhythm

RSS (Fr) résumé de sortie standardisé

RSSE (Eng) Russian spring-summer encephalitis

RSV (Dan) respiratorisk syncytialvirus

RSVC (Eng) right superior vena cava

rt; RT (Eng) room temperature

RT (Dutch) rectaal toucher

Rt (Eng) residence time

RTA (Eng) renal tubular acidosis

RTbl. (Ger) Retardtablette

RTC (Eng) return to clinic

Rtc (Eng) reticulocyte

RTCA (Port) reflexo tônico cervical assimétrico

RTE (Fr) radiothérapie externe

(r)t-PA (Eng) (recombinant) tissue-type plasminogen activator

RTECS (Eng) Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances

rtg (Dan) røntgen (X-ray)

rtgus (Swe) röntgenundersökning

RTH (Fr) radiothérapie

RTI (Eng) respiratory tract infection

RTIA (Frr) rupture traumatique de l’isthme aortique

RTP (Eng) rapid transfer ports

rTP (Eng) recombinant tissue plasminogen

RT-PCR (Dan) revers transkriptase-polymerasekædereaktion

RTTE (Span) resistente

RTU (Eng) ready-to-use (solution)

RTUP (Fr) resection transurétrale de la prostate

RTUV (Fr) resection transuréthrale de la vessie

RU (Fr) réaction urinaire

RUA (Span) retención urinaria aguda

RUE (Eng) right upper extremity

RUG (Eng) retrograde urethrogram

RUH (Dan) rapporteringssystemet vedr. utilsigtede hændelser

RUL (Eng) right upper lobe (lung)

RUQ (Eng) right upper quadrant (abdomen)

RUSUCU (Fr) réaction urinaire, sédiment urinaire, culture urinaire

RV (Dutch) risicoverschil

RVA (Fr) résistance des voies aériennes

RVAD (Eng) right ventricular assist device

RVD (Eng) reference lumen diameter

RVEDP (Eng) right-ventricular end-diastolic pressure

RVEF (Eng) right-ventricular ejection fraction

RVF (Eng) right ventricular failure

RVFW (Eng) right ventricular free wall

RVG (Dutch) register van verpakte geneesmiddelen

RVH (Eng) right ventricular hypertrophy

RVI (Span) retroventricular izquierda

RV&IVP (Fr) rétro ventriculaire & interventriculaire postérieure

RVK (Dan) regional videnskabsetisk komité

RVM (Fr) remplacement valvule mitrale

RVMI (Eng) right ventricular myocardial infarction

RVP (Dutch) Rijksvaccinatieprogramma

RVR (Eng) rapid ventricular response

RVS (Fr) resistances vasculaires sytémiques

RVSI (Fr) resistances vasculaires systémiques indexes

RVSP (Eng) right ventricular systolic pressure

RVT (Dutch) rust- en verzorgingstehuis

RVU (Fr) reflux vésico-uréthrale

RW (Ger) Randwinkel

RWTH (Ger) Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule

RX (Ital) radiografia

Rx (Eng) treatment

RXT (Ital) roentgenterapia

RXV (Span) radiologia vascular intervencionista

RXT (Span) radioterapia

RYK (Dan) Rygmarvsskadede i Danmark

RyR (Dan) ryanodinreceptor

S (Dan) serum

Σ (Fr) syndrome

s. (Fr) semaine

S/ (Span) sin

S1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Eng) heart sound (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)

SA (Dan) spinal anæstesi

S&A (Eng) sugar and acetone

SAA (Eng) serum amyloid A

SAAG (Eng) serum ascites albumin gradient

SAAK (Ger) schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe für angewandte Krebsforschung

SAARDs (Eng) slow-acting antirheumatic drugs

SAB (Eng) spontaneous abortion

SAC (Eng) safety assessment code [e.g. SAC score]

SACD (Eng) subacute combined degeneration

SACE (Eng) serum angiotensin-converting enzyme

SAD (Eng) seasonal affective disorder

SADAM (Fr) syndrome algo-dysfonctionnel de l’articulatino manoducateur

SADD (Eng) standardised assessment of depressive disorders

SADM (Eng) sodium azide dextrose medium

SADR (Eng) serious adverse drug reaction

SAE (Dan) selektiv arteriel embolisation

SAF (Fr) syndrome d’alcoolisme foetale

SAG (Eng) Scientific Advisory Group

SAG-M (Dan) saltvand + adenine, glucose og mannitol

SAH (Eng) subarachnoid haemorrhage

SAHOS (Fr) syndrome d’apnées/hypopnées obstructives du sommeil

SAI (Fr) sans autre indication

SAJ (Fr) services d’aide à la jeunesse

SAKS (Dan) Dansk Selskab for Artrotopisk Kirurgi og Sportstraumatologi

SAL (Eng) sterility assurance level

SAM (Fr) soulèvement antérieur de la (valve) mitrale

SAMM (Eng) Safety Assessment of Marketed Medicines

SAMR (Fr) Staphylococcus aureus méti(cilline) résistant [= MRSA]

SAMS (Fr) Staphylococcus aureus méti(cilline) sensible [= MSSA]

SAMTR (Span) estafilococo aureus meticilino resistente

SAMTS (Span) estafilococo aureus meticilino sensible

SAMU (Fr) Sérvice d’Aide Médicale d’Urgence

SAN (FR) Service d’accueil d’urgences

SanPol (Ger) Sanitätspolizei (Switzerland)

SANS (Eng) scale for assessment of negative symptoms

SaO2 (Eng) arterial oxygen saturation

SAOS (Fr) syndrome d’apnée obstructive du sommeil

SAP (Eng) sensory action potential

SAPHO (Fr) synovite, acne, pustulose palmo-plantaire, hyperostose (sacrée), ostéite (manubrio-sternale)

SAPL (Fr) syndrome des antiphospholipides

SAPS (Eng) simplified acute physiology score

SAR (Eng) suspected adverse reaction

SARA (Port) síndrome de angústia respiratória no adulto

SARM (Fr) Staph aureus méticilline resistant

SARS (Dan) svært, akut, respiratorisk syndrom

SARSS (Eng) suspected adverse reaction surveillance scheme

SAS (Eng) Statistical Analysis System

SASN (Fr) spondylarthropathies séro-négatives

SAT (Eng) subacute thrombosis

SAU (Fr) services d’accueil d’urgences

SAV (Dan) specifik allergivaccination

SAWP (Eng) Scientific Advice Working Party

SB (Eng) single breath

S/b (Eng) seen by

SBA (Eng) Summary Basis of Approval (US)

sb. (Span) sobre

SBE (Eng) subacute bacterial endocarditis

SBF (Eng) small bowel follow-through

SBFT (Eng) small bowel follow-through

SBG (Eng) serum blood glucose

SBH (Ger) Säure-Basen-Haushalt

SBI (Eng) sulcus bleeding index

SBIR (Eng) Simply the Best Internet Randomisation

SBL (Ger) Sekundärblastom

SBLG (Swe) Svenska Barnleukemigruppen

SBO (Eng) small bowel obstruction

SBP (Eng) systolic blood pressure

SBS (Eng) shaken baby syndrome

SBT (Dan) strakt-benløft-test

SBU (Swe) Statens beredning för medicinsk utvärdering

SC (Eng) study coordinator

s.c. (Eng) subcutaneous(ly)

s/c (Span) sin complicaciones

SCA (Eng) spinocerebellar atrophy

SCAC (Eng) Swiss Study Group for Complementary and Alternative Methods in Cancer

SCAG (Eng) Sandoz Clinical Assessment Geriatric Scale

SCASEST (Span) syndrome coronario agudo sin elevación del segmento ST

SCB (Fr) surface cutanée brûlée

SCBF (Eng) superficial cutaneous blood flow

SCBU (Eng) special care baby unit

SCC (Eng) squamous cell carcinoma

SCD (Eng) sudden cardiac death

SCE (Eng) sister chromatid exchange

SCF (Eng) Scientific Committee for Food

SCI (Eng) Science Citation Index

SCID (Eng) severe combined immunodeficiency

SCIG (Eng) subcutaneous immunoglobulin

SCIWORA (Eng) spinal cord injury without radiologic abnormality

SCL (Eng) soft contact lens

SCL-58 (Eng) symptoms check list; 58 items

SCL-70 (Eng) scleroderma

SCLC (Dan) småcellet lungecancer

SCLCA (Eng) small-cell lung cancer

SCLE (Eng) subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus

SCM (Eng) sternocleiodomastoid

SCMB (Span) ventilación mecánica control sincronizada

SCN (Eng) suprachiasmatic nuclei

SCNT (Eng) somatic cell nuclear transfer

SCO (Span) syndrome cerebral orgánico

SCOR (Eng) skin conditions (cancers) in organ recipients

SCP (Fr) société civile professionnelle

SCR (Eng) stringent complete response

sCR (Eng) stringent complete response

SCS (Eng) spinal cord stimulation

SCT (Eng) stem cell transplantation

sCT (Fr) salmon calcitonin

SCV (Fr) système cardiovasculaire

SD (Eng) Study Director

S/D (Span) su despacho

Sd. (Span) síndrome

sd (Fr) syndrome

SDA (Eng) strand displacement amplification

SDAT (Eng) senile dementia of the Alzheimer’s type

SDB (Eng) sleep disordered breathing

SDF (Fr) sans domicile fixe

SD-Fkt (Ger) Schilddrüsenfunktion

SDGF (Eng) smooth muscle cell derived growth factor

SDH (Eng) sorbitol dehydrogenase

SDI (Fr) souple, dépressible, indolore

SDIP+ (Fr) (abdomen) souple, depressible, indolore, péristaltisme present

SDL (Fr) syndrome des loges

SDLC (Eng) system development life cycle

SDM (Dan) diabetes mellitus diagnosticeret ved screening

s/d/m (Ger) systolisch/diastolish/mittel

SDMV (Fr) syndrome de défaillance multiviscérale

SDO (Ital) Scheda di Dimissione Ospedaliera

SDP (Eng) single-donor plasma

Sdp (Ger) Siedepunkt

SDR (Dan) selektiv dorsal eller posterior rhizotomi

SDRA (Fr) syndrome de détresse respiratoire de l’adulte [or aigu]

SDS (Eng) sodium dodecyl sulphate

SDS-PAGE (Eng) sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

SDV (Eng) source data verification

SDx (Eng) secondary diagnosis

SE (Dan) status epilepticus

Se (Fr) sensibilité

s/e (Eng) side effect

SEAR (Eng) Safety, Efficacy and Adverse Reactions Sibcommittee 9of CSM)

SEC (Eng) soft elastic capsule

sec. (Fr) sécable

sed rate (Eng) sedimentation rate

SEE (Eng) substernal epicardial echocardiogram

SEER (Eng) Purveillance, Epidemiology and End results

SEES (Fr) sonde d’entraînement électrosystolique

SEF (Fr) stimulation éléctrique fonctionnel

SEG (Eng) soft elastic gelatin capsule

seg (Fr) segment

SEGD (Span) seriada esófago gastroduodenal

SEI (Ger) subepitheliale Infiltrate

SELS (Eng) Surface Evaluation of Living Skin

SEM (Eng) systolic ejection murmur

sem (Fr) semaine

SEN (Eng) state-enrolled nurse

SEP (Eng) sensory evoked potential

sep. (Latin) seponat (= discontinue) [used in Danish]

SEPP (Fr) service externe de prévention et protection du travail

SER (Eng) smooth endoplasmic reticulum

SERM (Eng) specific estrogen receptor modulator

SERT (Dan) serotonintransporter

SES (Eng) socio-economic status

se/sp (Eng) sensitivity/specificity

SEU (Ital) sindrome emolitico-uremica

SHE (Dutch) spoedeisende hulp

SEM (Eng) standard error of mean

SEMS (Dan) selvekspanderende metalstent

SEP (Eng) somatosensory evoked potentials

SER (Eng) somatosensory evoked responses

SERM (Dan) selektive østrogen-receptor-modulatorer

SES (Eng) socioeconomic status

se/sp (Eng) sensitivity/specificity

SEUP (Span) sociedad espanol de urgencies prediatricas

SEVA (Eng) Single Event Analysis

SF (Eng) swine fever [vet]

sf (Swe) synfält

SFA (Eng) suppression factor of allergy

SFAR (Fr) Société française d’anesthésie et de réanimation

SFC (Eng) spinal fluid count

SFF (Eng) systolic forward flow

SFH (Eng) stroma-free haemoglobin

SFJ (Eng) saphenofemoral junction

SFK (Dutch) Stichting Farmaceutische Kengetallen [Pharmaceutical Statistics Trust]

SFKK (Swe) Svensk förening för klinisk kemi

SFM (Fr) Sociéte Française de Microbiologie

SFO (Eng) simple feeding operations

SFPC (Fr) Sociéte Française de Pharmacie Clinique

SfR (Dan) Sekretariatet for Referenceprogrammer (see DSCG)

SFT (Ger) Serofarbtest

SFTG (Fr) Société Française de Toxicologie Génétique

SFU (Dan) Sygesikringens Forhandlingsudvalg

SFV (Eng) superficial femoral vein

SG (Eng) Supporting Guidance

SGA (Eng) small for gestational age

SGAW (Eng) specific airways conductance

SGB (Fr) syndrome de Guillain-Barré

SGC (Span) sistema de gestión de la calidad

SGFM (Fr) sage-femme consultant

SGI (Fr) sérum glucose isotonique

SGLVG (Dutch) sterk gedragsgestoorde licht verstandelijk gehandicapten

SGA (Eng) small for gestational age

SGB (Ger) Sozialgesetzbuch

SGC (Ger) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie

SGI (Ger) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Intensivmedizin

SGIO (Ger) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Internistische Onkologie

SGK (Ger) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie

SGO (Ger) Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Onkologie

SGOT (Eng) serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (same as AST)

SGP (Fr) système de gestion du personnel

SGPT (Eng) serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (same as ALT)

SGRE (Span ) sangre

SGRQ (Eng) St George’s Respiratory Questionnaire

SGS (Fr) syndrome de Gougerot-Sjögren

SH (Eng) social history

SHA (Eng) strategic health authority

SHBG (Eng) sex-hormone binding globulin

SHFM (Eng) split-hand/foot malformation

SHIV (Eng) simian/human immunodeficiency virus

SHO (Eng) senior house officer

SHP (Eng) small heterodimer partner

SHPT (Dan) sekundær hyperparatyroidisme

SHR (Eng) spontaneously hypertensive rats

SHT (Ger) Schädel-Hirn-Trauma

SHU (Fr) syndrome hémolytique urémique

SHx (Eng) social history

SI (Dutch) sacro-iliacaal (gewricht)

SIAD (Fr) soins impossibles à domicile

SIADH (Eng) syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion

SIAK (Ger) Schweizerisches Institut für Angewandte Krebsforschung

SIC (Port) segundo informações colhidas

SICU (Eng) surgical intensive care unit

s.i.d (Latin) semel in die (once a day)

SIDA (Fr) syndrome d’immunodéficit acquis

SIDS (Eng) sudden infant death syndrome

SIG (Ger) Sakroiliakalgelenk

SIGA (Fr) (présentation) sacroiliaque gauche inférieure

SIGAD (Eng) selective IgA deficiency

SIH (Fr) système d’information de radiologie

SIJ (Eng) sacroiliac joint

SIK (Dan) steril intermitterende katerisation

SIL (Eng) squamous intraepithelial lesion

SI-ledstest (Dan) sakroiliacaledstest

SILK (Swe) Svensk Internmedicinsk Leverklubb

SIM (Fr) soins materno-infantils (WHO)

SIMS (Eng) secondary ion mass spectroscopy

SIMV (Eng) synchronised intermittent mandatory ventilation

SIN (Span) Sistema Internacional de Numeractión

sin (Latin) sinistralis

s.in. (Latin) solve in [= dissolve in]

SINDIF (Swe) Svenska Instrument- och diagnostikaföreningen

SIO (Fr) sphincter inférieur de l’oesophage

SIOP (Fr) Société Internationale d’Oncologie Pédiatrique

SIP (Eng) sickness impact profile

SIPP (Fr) service interne de prévention et protection au travail

SIR (Dan) standardiseret incidensratio

siRNA (Eng) small interfering RNA

SIRS (Dan) sepsis og systemisk inflammatorisk respons

SiS (Swe) Statents institutionsstyrelse [National Board of Institutional care]

SISCOMEX (Port) sistema integrado de comércio exterior

SIV (Eng) simian immunodeficiency virus

SJ (Eng) supinator jerk

SJCA (Eng) systemic juvenile chronic arthritis

sjd (Swe) sjukdom

sjd förl (Swe) sjukdomsförlopp

sjg (Swe) sjukgymnast

SJS (Dan) Stevens-Johnsons syndrom

SK (Eng) streptokinase

sk (Swe) subkutant

SKA (Dan) Sammenslutningen af Kræftafdelingen

SKAK (Ger) Schweizerische Studiengruppe für komplementäre und alternative Methoden bei Krebs (see ’SCAC’)

SKL (Ger) Schweizerisches Krebsliga

SKP (Dutch) samenvatting van de kenmerken van het product (= SPC)

SKS (Dan) Sygehusvæsenets Klassifikationssystem

SKT (Ger) Syndrom-Kurztest

Skt (Ger) Skalenteilung (= scale division in liquid chromatography)

SL (Fr) sinus longitudinal

s.l. (Eng) sublingual(ly)

sl. (Span) sublingual

SLA (Eng) Service Level Agreement

SLAF (Fr) sclérose latérale amyotrophique familale

SLAM (Eng) signaling lymphocyte activation molecule

SLAP (Latin) superior labrum anterior posterior

SLD (Eng) scapholunate dissociation

SLE (Dan) systemisk lupus erythematosus

Slg (Ger) Sammlung

SLI (Fr) stimulation lumineuse intermittente

SLK (Ger) Spitalleistungskatalog [Switzerland]

SLMF (Swe) Svensk Lungmedicinsk Förening

SLN (Eng) sentinel lymph node

SLO (Eng) scanning laser ophthalmoscopy

SLP (Ital) sopravivenza libera de progressione

SLR (Eng) straight leg raise/raising

SLS (Fr) sinus longutidinal supérieur

SLT (Span) síndrome de lisis tumoral

SLV (Norw) Statens legemiddelverk

SLVL (Eng) splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes

SM (Eng) site manager

sm. (Dan) smerte

SMA (Dan) spinal muskelatrofi

SMAL (Ital) servizio locale della medicina preventiva

SMART (Eng) Submission Management and Review Tracking

sMAST (Eng) short MAST

SMBG (Eng) self-monitoring of blood glucose

SMC (Eng) smooth muscle cell

SMCC (Eng) silicified microcrystalline cellulose

SMD (Fr) syndrome myélodysplasique

SME (Eng) significant medical event

SMF (Eng) Site Master File

SMG (Fr) splénomégalie

SMI (Swe) Smittskyddsinstitutet

SML (Swe) smittskyddslagen

SMON (Eng) subacute myelo-optic neuropathy

SMP (Fr) scintigraphie myocardique de perfusion

SmPC (Eng) summary of product characteristics

SMR (Dan) standardiseret mortalitetsrate

SMRP (Eng) serum mesothelin-related protein

SMS (Ital) soffio mesosistolico

SMUR (Fr) Service Médical d’Urgence et de Réanimation

SMX (Fr) sulfméthoxazole

SMZ (Eng) sulfamethoxazole

SN (Dan) spasmus nutans (børneneurologisk tilstand)

SMR (Dan) standardiseret mortalitetsratio

SNA (Fr) système nerveux autonome

SNAP (Eng) sensory nerve action potential

SNARL (Eng) suggested no adverse response level

SNB (Eng) sentinel node biopsy

SNC (Fr) système nerveux central

SNDA (Eng) supplemental new drug application

SNDS (Eng) supplementary new drug submission

SNF (Eng) skilled nursing facility

SNG (Fr) sonde naso gastrique

SNIP (Eng) sniff nasal inspiratory pressure

Snjmg (Fr) Syndicat National des Jeunes Médecins Généralistes

SNOMED (Eng) Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine

SNOMED-CT (Eng) Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terms

SNP (Eng) single nucleotide polymorphism

SNR (Eng) signal-to-noise ratio

SNRIs (Eng) Serotonin and Noradrenaline Re-uptake Inhibitors

SNUR (Eng) significant new use rule

SNV (Fr) système nerveux végétatif

SO (Swe) sjukvårdsområde

SOA (Dutch) seksueel overdraagbare aandoeningen

SOAP (Eng) Subjective (data), Objective (data), Assessment (and) Plan

SOB (Eng) shortness of breath

SOBAR (Eng) shortness of breath at rest

SOBOE (Eng) shortness of breath on exertion

SOC (Eng) system organ class

Socl (Swe) Socialläkare

SaO2 (Eng) arterial oxygen saturation

SVO2 (Eng) mixed venous oxygen saturation

SOC (Eng) system organ class/classification (in MedDRA)

SOD (Eng) superoxide dismutase

SOEB (Swe) salpingo-ooforektomi bilateral

SOEP (Dutch) subjectieve (gegevens), objectieve (gegevens), evaluatie en plan

SOFA (Eng) sepsis organ failure assessment

SOFAS (Eng) Social and Occupational Functioning Assessment Scale

SOFCOT (Fr) Société Française de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologie

SOL (Eng) space-occupying lesion

SoL (Swe) Socialtjänstlagen

SOM (Dan) sekretorisk otis media

SOMF (Span) sangre oculta en materia fecal

soln (Eng) solution

SOM (Eng) secretory otitis media

SOMPK (Fr) syndrome des ovaires micropolykystiques

SOP (Eng) standard operating procedure

SOREM (Eng) sleep-onset REM period

SOS (Ital) soffio olosistolico

Sös (Swe) Södersjukhuset (Stockholm)

s.o.s. (Latin) si opus sit (if necessary)

SP (Fr) potential sensitive

sp (Fr) sams particularités

S/P (Latin) status post (e.g. S/P cardiac arrest)

Sp (Dan) spinalvæske

SPA (Eng) single-photo absorptionometry

SP-A (Dan) surfaktant protein A

SPAP (Eng) systolic pulmonary artery pressure

SPC (Eng) summary of product characteristics

SPD (Eng) symphysis pubis dysfunction

SPE (Eng) solid phase extraction

spec (Fr) specimen

SPECT (Eng) single photon emission computed tomography

SPEP (Eng) serum protein electropheresis

SPF (Eng) specific pathogen-free

SPGR (Eng) spoiled gradient reversal (in MR)

sp gr (Eng) specific gravity

sph (Ger) sphärisch

SPI (Fr) sciatique poplité interne

SPID (Fr) syndrome polyalgique idiopathique diffuse/disséminé

SPIE (Fr) service provincial d’information sur l’environnement

SPIHA (Eng) solid-phase indirect haemadsorption assay

SPIO (Eng) small particles of iron oxide

SPIR (Dan) spironolacton

SPJ (Fr) services de protection de la jeunesse

SPL (Dan) spironolacton

SPM (Eng) statistical parametric mapping (in PET scan)

s.p.m. (Ital) secondo prescrizione medica

SPMS (Eng) secondary progressive MS

SPN (Dan) solitære pulmonale noduli

SPO (Fr) suites post-opératoires

SPP (Fr) service de soins pédiatriques

SpR (Eng) specialist registrar

SPR (Fi) Suomen Punainen Risti (= Finnish Red Cross)

Spri (Swe) Sjukvårdens och socialvårdens planerings- och rationaliseringsinstitut

SPRM (Eng) selective progesterone receptor modulator

SPS (Fr) soins primaires de santé

SPT (Dan) hudpriktest

SPUK (Ger) spezialisierte Unterkommission

SRT (Fr) série de rapports techniques (WHO)

SPV (Dutch) sociaal-psychiatrische verpleegkundige

SPVI (Dan) segmental ostial pulmonal veneisolation

SQ (Eng) subcutaneous

sqp (Eng) sufficient quanitity of product

Sr (Ger) Schwester

SR (Dan) sænkningsreaktion

SRA (Fr) système rénine angiotensine

S/RA (Port) sem roncos aparentes

SRAA (Fr) système réticulé activateur ascendant

SRAS (Fr) syndrome respiratoire aigu sévère

SRC (Dutch) Specialisten Registratie Commissie

SRE (Fr) système réticulo-endothélial

SRF (Eng) sustained release formulation

SRH (Fr) système réticulo-histiocytaire

SRHR (Swe) sexuell och reproduktiv hälsa och rättigheter

SRID (Eng) single radial immunodiffusion

SRIF (Eng) somatoproin release inhibiting factor

SRIS (Span) syndrome de respuesta inflamatoria sistémica

SRIs (Eng) Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors

SRLF (Fr) Société de la Réanimation de Langue Française

SRM (Eng) specified risk materials

SRN (Eng) state-registered nurse

SRO (Fr) syndrome respiratoire obstructif

SROM (Eng) spontaneous rupture of membranes

SRP (Eng) Separation Research Programme

SRS (Dan) somatistatinreceptorskintigrafi

SRS-A (Eng) slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis

SRT (Eng) Simple Reaction Time

SRY (Eng) sex-determining region of chromosome Y

SS (Dan) sallasygdom

ss (Fr) sans

S/S (Port) sem poros

S&S (Eng) signs and symptoms

SSA (Eng) sicca syndrome A

SSB (Eng) sicca syndrome B

SSC (Eng) study site coordinator

SSCP (Eng) single-stranded conformational polymorphism

SSD (Eng) surface shadow display

SSE (Eng) soap suds enema

SSEP (Eng) somato-sensory evoked potentials

SSF (Swe) Svensk sjuksköterskeföreningen (Swedish Society of Nursing)

SSFA (Ital) Società di Scienze Farmacologiche Applicate

SSG (Fr) syndrome septique grave

SSI (Dan) Statens Serum Institut

SSIAD (Fr) supplémentaires de soins infirmiers à domicile

ssk (Swe) sjuksköterska

SSKI (Eng) saturated solution of potassium iodide

SSL (Ger) Scheitel-Steiß-Länge

SSLF (Eng) sacro-spinous ligament fixation

SSM (Eng) superficial((ly)) spreading melanoma

SSN (Eng) Swedish Society of Nursing

SSNS (Eng) sick sinus node syndrome

SSO (Eng) superior sphincter of the oesophagus

SSP (Fr) service de soins palliatifs

SSPE (Eng) subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

SSPP (Fr) solution stable de protéine plasmatique

SSR (Eng) surface shadow rendering

SSRI (Eng) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor

ssRNA (Eng) single-strand RNA

SSRS (Eng) Social Skills Rating System

SSS (Eng) sick sinus syndrome

SSSS (Eng) staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome

SST (Eng) scalp stimualtion test

SSTI (Eng) skin and soft-tissue infections

SSVD (Ital) Struttura Semplice a Valenza Dipartimentale

SSVF (Dan) Statens sundhedsvidenskabelige Forskningsråd

SSW (Ger) Schwangerschaftswoche

SsyPC (Span) sensibilidad superficial y profunda conservadas

ST (Fr) sang total

S/T (Eng) spontaneous/timed (mode)

St (Fr) stade

STa (Eng) heat-stable toxin

Stabw. (Ger) Standardabweichung

STAI (Eng) state-trait anxiety inventory

STAKES (Fi) Sosiaali- ja terveysalan tutkimus- ja kehittämiskeskus (National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health)

STAT (Eng) signal transducer and activator of transcription

stat (Latin) statim [= immediately]

St bic (Eng) standard bicarbonate (‘alkali reserve’ is more usual)

STC (Span) syndrome del tunnel carpiano

St.c. [et p.] (Latin) stethoscopia cordis [et pulmonum] (used in Danish)

STD (Eng) sexually transmitted disease

St. d (Ital) stato dopo

STD 10 (Eng) severe toxicity or death in 10%

std. (Norw) stadium

Stdl (Swe) Stadsdistriktsläkare

1:eStdl (Swe) Första stadsdistriktsläkare

StE (Ger) Stärkeeinheit

STEAR (Eng) selective tissue estrogen activity regulator

STEL (Eng) short-term exposure limit

STEMI (Eng) ST-elevation myocardial infarction

ster. (Latin) sterilisatus

Sterlab (Dutch) Stichting Erkenning Laboratoria

STG (Ger) Strömungsgeräusch

STH (Eng) somatotropic hormone

STI (Eng) sexually transmitted infection

STIKO (Ger) Ständige Impfkommission (des Bundesgesundheitsamtes)

STIR (Eng) short TI inversion recovery (MR)

Sti VD (Fr) stimulation ventriculaire droite programmée

STK (Span) estreptoquinasa

stl. (Ger) seitlich

st.L. (Ger) stenopäische Lücke

STLY (Fi) Suomen Työterveyslääkariyhdistys ry (Finnish Association of Occupational Physicians)

STN (Eng) subthalamic nucleus

St.n. (Ger) Status nach

stoffr. (Dan) stoffraktion

stofk. (Dan) stofkoncentration

stofm. (Dan) stofmængde

st p (Latin) status post

STP (Eng) standard temperature and pressure

St.p. (Dan/Latin) stethoscopia pulmonum

STPD (Eng) standard temperature and pressure, dry

stph (Swe) stenopeiskt hål

STPM (Fr) syndrome de tension prémenstruelle

STR (Eng) single twitch response (EMG)

STRAMA (Swe) Strategigruppen för Rationell Antibiotikaanvändning och Minskad Antibiotikaresistens

strep (Eng) Streptococcus

STS (Eng) single twitch stimulation (EMG)

STT (Eng) serial thrombin time

STTB (Fr) syndrome de la traversée thoraco-brachiale

STX (Eng) stricture

STZ (Eng) serum-treated zymosan

SU (Fr) système urologique

SUA (Eng) serum uric acid

SUB (Dan) selvundersøgelse af brystet

subl. (Latin) sublimates

subt. (Latin) subtiliter [= finely]

SUCC (Span) succión

SUD (Eng) sudden unexpected death

SUDEP (Eng) sudden unexpected death in epilepsy

SUE (Eng) serious unexpected event

SUI (Eng) stress urinary incontinence

SUNCT (Eng) sudden unilateral neuralgiform pain with conjunctival tearing

SUP (Dan) Standardiseret Udtræk af Patientdata [database]

Sup (Fr) supérieur

sup. (Span) supositorio

SUPAC (Eng) scale-up and post-approval changes

suPAR (Dan) den soluble urokinasereceptor

suPAR(I-III) (Dan) Tre-, to- og et-domæne suPAR

suppo (Eng) suppository

SUS (Fr) soins urgents specializes

SUSAR (Eng) suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions

SUSP (Span) supensión

susp (Fr) suspicion

SUV (Eng) standardised uptake value (PET scan)

SV (Dan) slagvolumen

SVA (Ger) Schweizerischer Apothekerverein

SLB (Ger) Salbenverband

SVC (Eng) superior vena cava

SVD (Eng) swine vesicular disease

SVES (Eng) supraventricular extrasystole

SVG (Eng) saphenous vein graft

SVI (Eng) stroke volume index

SVK (Ger) Schweizerischer Verband für Gemeinschaftsaufgaben der Krankenversicherer

SVLS (Dan) systemisk vaskulær lækagesyndrom

SVM (Fr) syndrome vasomoteur

SVO (Port) Serviço de Verifição de Obitos

SvO2 (Eng) mixed venous oxygen saturation

SVOT (Ger) Schweizerischer Verband der Orthopädie-Techniker

SVP (Eng) saphenous vein patch

SVR (Eng) systemic vascular resistance

SVRI (Eng) systemic vascular resistance index

SVT (Eng) supraventricular tachycardia

sv.t. (Dan) svarende til

SW (Eng) social work

SWD (Eng) synthetic wound dressings

SWEDIS (Eng) Swedish side-effects register

SWI (Eng) stroke work index

Swissmedic (Eng) Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products

swk (Dutch) schildwachtklier

SWM (Eng) spatial working memory

SWS (Eng) slow wave sleep

SWV (Eng) Swiss Vancouver (mice)

Sx (Eng) symptoms

SXR (Eng) steroid xenobiotics receptor

Sympto (Fr) symtomatique

Sz (Eng) seizure

SZA (Dutch) specifiek ziekenhuisafval

SZE (Fr) syndrome de Zollinger-Ellison

SZR (Eng) seizure

T (Eng) temperature

T0 (Fr) température

T1/2 (Eng) half-life

T1DM (Dan) type 1-diabetes mellitus

T2A (Fr) tarification à l’activité

T2DM (Dan) type 2-diabetes mellitus

T3 (Eng) triidothyronine

T4 (Eng) thyroxine (tetraiodothyronine)

T4 (Fr) lymphocyte coopérateur

T8 (Eng) suppressor T-cells (=TS)

t+ (Fr) toux

T&A (Eng) tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

tA (Ger) technischer Assistent

Ta (Span) temperatura

Ta; Tp (Eng) atrial wave (cardiology)

tR (Eng) retention time

TA (Dan) Takayasus arteritis

T&A (Eng) tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

TAA (Dan) tumorassocieret antigen

TAB (Eng) therapeutic (induced) abortion

tab. (Span) tableta

TABC (Fr) tronc artériel brachio-céphalique

Tabs (Eng) tablets

TAC (Eng) total aerobic count

TACFA (Fr) tachy-arythmie complète par fibrillation auriculaire

TACI (Eng) total anterior circulation infarct

TachyC (Fr) tachycardie

TAD (Span) tension arterial diastólica

TAE (Dan) transarteriel embolisering

TAF (Dan) total antal formalia

TAG (Eng) therapeutic advisory group

TAH (Eng) transient arterial hyptertension

TAH BSO (Eng) total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingoophorectomy

TAM (Fr) technicien agent de maîtrise

TAMI (Eng) thrombolysis angioplasty in myocardial infarction

TAMO (Span) transplante autólogo de médula ósea

TAO (Dan) thyroidea-associeret orbitopati

TAP (Fr) tachycardie auriculaire paroxystique

TAPE (Eng) three-axis peritoneal evaluation

TAPP (Eng) transabdominal pre-peritoneal

TAPSE (Fr) tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion ratio

TAR (Fr) traitement antireflux

TARGA (Span) tratamiento antiretroviral de gran actividad

TARV (Port) terapia antiretroviral

TAS (Eng) Therapeutic Alliance Scale (psychotherapy)

TASH (Ital) titolo antistreptoialuronidasico

TASK (Ital) titolo antistreptochinasico

TASL (Ital) titolo antistreptolisinico

TAT (Eng) turnaround time

Tat (Eng) transcription and translation

TATI (Eng) tumour-associated trypsin inhibitor

TATT (Eng) tired all the time

TATTA (Fr) transposition antérieure de la tuberosité tibiale antérieure

TAX (Span) temperatura axilar

TB (Dan) tuberkulose

Tb (Port) tuberculose

tb. (Ger) tastbar

TBARS (Eng) thiobarbituric acid reactive substance

Tbc (Ger) Tuberkulose

TBC (Ital) tuberculosi

tbc (Swe) tuberkulos

TBF (Fr) très basse frequence

TBG (Eng) thyroxine-binding globulin

TBI (Eng) total body irradiation

TBII (Eng) TSH binding inhibitor immunoglobulin

TBK (Eng) total body potassium

TBNA (Dan) transbronkial nåleaspirationsbiopsi

TBO (Fr) traitement de base optimisé

TBRF (Eng) tick-borne relapsing fever

TBSA (Eng) total body surface area

TBW (Eng) total body weight

TC (Fr) tarif contractual

Tc (Fr) traumatisme crânien

T&C (Eng) type and crossmatch

TCA (Dan) tricykliske antidepressiva

TCC (Fr) traumatisme cranio-cérébral

TCD (Eng) thermal conductivity detector

TCE (Ital) tomografia computerizzata per emissione

TCG (Fr) tumeur à cellules géantes

TCI (Dan) transitorisk cerebral iskæmi

TCID (Eng) tissue culture infectious dose

TCK (Fr) temps de céphaline-kaolin

TCM (Fr) triglycérides à chaine moyenne

T&CM (Eng) type and cross-match

TCMH (Fr) teneur corpusculaire moyenne en hémoglobine

TCPC (Eng) total cavo-pulmonary connection

TCS (Span) tejido cellular subcutáneo

TC sans PC (Fr) traumatisme crânien sans perte de connaissance

TCT (Fr) thyrocalcitonine

TCVP (Ital) trasposizione completa delle vene polmonari

Tc-99m (Eng) technetium-99m

TBE (Eng) tick-borne encephalitis

TBG (Eng) thyroxine-binding globulin

TBI (Eng) thyroid-binding index

TBIAb (Eng) thyrotropin-binding inhibiting antibodies

Tbl. (Ger) Tablette

TBPA (Eng) thyroxin-binding prealbumin

TBR (Dutch) terbeschikkingstelling door de regering

TBS (Eng) tris-buffered saline

TBW (Eng) total body water

T&C (Eng) type and cossmatch

TC (Eng) total cholesterol

tc (Eng) tachycardic

TCA (Dan) tricyklisk antidepressivum

TCBS (Eng) thiosulphate citrate bile salt sucrose

TCC (Eng) transitional cell carcinoma/cancer

TCD (Dan) transkraniel Doppler(-bestemt)

TCDD (Eng) threshold-contrast detail detectability

TCE (Ital) trauma cranio-encefalico

TCF (Eng) T-cell factor

TCGF (Eng) T-cell growth factor

TCI (Dan) transistorisk cerebral iskæmi (= TIA)

TCID (Eng) tissue culture infective dose

TCK (Fr) temps de céphaline-kaolin [= APTT]

TCM (Eng) traditional Chinese medicine

TCMH (Fr) teneur corpusculaire moyenne en hémoglobine [= MCH]

TCO (Eng) CO transfer

TCP (Eng) thienylcyclohexylpiperidine

TcPO2 (Fr) tension cutanée en oxygène

Tc-PYP (Eng) Technetium pyrophosphate

TCT (Eng) Toxicity, Clinical Trials and Therapeutic Efficacy Subcommittee (of CSM)

TCYT (Eng) cytotoxic T-cell

TD (Dan) thiaziddiuretika

TD50 (Eng) median toxic dose

TDA (Fr) test direct à l’antiglobuline

TDBH (Span) test de granulación de basofilos

TdC (Fr) troubles de la conduction

TDCI (Fr) troubles dus à la carence iodée

TDR (Fr) troubles de rhythme

TDDU (Eng) telediaphalography in conjunction with Doppler ultrasound

TDF (Eng) tenofovir

TDI (Dan) toluen diisocyanat

TDM (Eng) therapeutic drug monitoring

TdP (Fr) torsade de pointe

TDR (Fr) test diagnostique rapide

TdR (Fr) troubles du rhythme

TDS (Eng) Technical Database Services, Inc.

tds (Eng) three times daily

TDUC (Fr) tolérance dose unitaire croissante

TDWBAT (Eng) touch down weight bearing as tolerated

TE (Dutch) totaal eiwit

T+E (Fr) (orienté) temps et espace

TEA (Dan) trombendarektomi

TEBG (Eng) testosterone estradiol binding globulin

TEC (Fr) technicien d’études cliniques

TEDS (Eng) thromboembolic disease support

TEE (Eng) trans[o]esophageal echocardiography

TEER (Eng) transepithelial electrical resistance

TEG (Eng) thromboelastogram

TEM (Dan) transanal endoskopisk mikrokirurgi

TEMP (Fr) tomographie à emission mono-photonique [= SPECT]

temp. (Eng) temperature

TEN (Dan) toksisk epidermal nekrolyse

TENS (Dan) transkutan elektrisk nervestimulation

TEOAE (Ger) transistorisch evozierte otoakustische Emissionen

TEP (Eng) total extraperitoneal patch

TEP/TDM (Fr) tomographie par émission de positons et tomodensitométrie

TEQ (Eng) toxicity equivalent

TERB (Eng) terbutaline

TERM (Dan) the extended reattribution and management model

TES (Fr) traitement enzymatique substitutif

TET (Span) tubo endotraqueal

TEV (Portq) trombo-embolismo venoso

TEWL (Eng) transepidermal water loss

TF (Eng) tissue factor

TFCC (Eng) triangular fibrocartilage complex

TFG (Fr) temps de filtration glomérulaire

TFH (Span) tests de función hepatica

TFI (Fr) troubles fonctionnels intestinaux

TFL (Fr) tenseur fascia lata

TFM (Eng) Test Facility Management

TFR (Fr) tarif forfaitaire de responsabilité

TFPI (Eng) tissue factor pathway inhibitor

TFS (Dan) transfedtsyre

TFs (Eng) tube feeds

TFT (Eng) thyroid function test

TG (Eng) tolmetin glucuronide

Tg (Fr) thyroglobuline

TGA (Eng) transposition of great arteries

TGD (Fr) transit gastro-duodénal

TGE (Eng) transmissible gastro-enteritis

TGF (Eng) trissue growth factor

TGI (Latin) tractus gastro-intestinalis

TGK (Ger) toxische Grenzkonzentration

tgl. (Ger) täglich

TGMH (Fr) teneur globulaire moyenne en hémoglobine

TGO (Fr) transaminase glutamo oxaloacétique [= ASAT/AST]

TGP (Fr) transaminase glutamo pyruvique [= ALAT/ALT]

TGV (Eng) thoracic gas volume

TH (Eng) see T4

THA (Dan) total hoftealloplastik

THAM (Fr) tris hydroxyméthyl-aminométhane

THBR (Eng) take-home baby rate (IVF)

THC (Dan) tetrahydrocannabinol (hash)

ThD (Eng) internal thoracic diameter (cardiology)

THE (Fr) tétrahydrocortisone

THEO (Eng) theophylline

THF (Eng) tetrahydrofuran

THFA (Eng) tetraydrofolic acid

THI (Eng) tissue harmonic imaging

THL (Eng) tetrahydrolipstatin

THP (Dutch) totale heupprothese

THR (Eng) total hip replacement

THS (Fr) traitement hormonal substitutif

THSK (Ger) Thorakoskopie

THTA (Eng) tumour-associated transplant antigens

thv (Dutch) ter hoogte van

TI (Eng) tricuspid (valve) incompetence

t.i. (Dutch) total ingesloten

TIA (Dan) transitorisk iskæmisk attak/anfald

TIAR (Eng) tiaramide

TIBC (Eng) total iron-binding capacity

TIC (Eng) trypsin inhibitory capacity

tid (Latin) ter in die (three times a day)

TIF (Eng) tumour inhibiting factor

TIFF (FEV1/VC) (Dan) Tiffenau-indeks = FEV1/VC

TIG (Fr) immunoglobulines contre le tétanos

TIH (Fr) thrombopénie induite par l’héparine

TIL (Eng) tumour-infiltrating lymphocyte

TIMI (Eng) thrombolysis in myocardial infarction

TIN (Port.) taxa internacional normalizada

TINU (Eng) Tubulo-interstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome

TIPMP (Fr) tumeurs intracanalaires papillaires et mucineuses pancreas

TIPS (Eng) transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt

TIS (Eng) ThinPrep imaging system

Tis (Fr) tumeur in situ

TISS (Eng) therapeutic interaction scoring system

TIU (Span) transfusion intauterina

TIVADs (Eng) totally implantable venous access devices

t.i.w. (Eng) three times a week

TJ (Eng) triceps jerk

TJS (Fr) turgescence jugulaire spontanée

tjs (Fr) toujours

TK (Eng) tyrosine kinase

TKA (Dan) total knæalloplastik

T-klap (Dan) tricuspidalisklap

TKO (Eng) to keep open

TKP (Dutch) totale knie prothese

TKR (Eng) total knee replacement

TL (Ger) Technische Leistung

Tl. (Ger) Teilchen

TLC (Eng) thin-layer chromatography

T-L (Eng) thoraco-lumbar

TLE (Dan) temporallapsepilepsi

TLG (Eng) tubal ligation

TLR (Eng) toll-like receptors

TLS (Dan) translæsionsyntese

TLV (Eng) threshold limit value

TM (Eng) tympanic membrane

Tm (Fr) capacité maximale de transfert

TMA (Eng) tissue micro-analysis

tmax (Eng) time after dosing when Cmax occurs

TMB (Eng) tetramethylbenzidine

TMD (Eng) temporomandibular disorder

TME (Dan) total mesorektal excision

TMF (Eng) trial master file

TmG (Fr) capacité maximale de réabsorption tubulaire rénale de glucose

TMJ (Eng) temporomandibular joint

TMLR (Eng) transmyocardial laser revascularization

TMN (Eng) tumour-metastases-nodes [tumour staging system]

TMP (Eng) trimethoprim

TmPAH (Fr) capacité maximale d’excrétion tubulaire rénale de PAH

TMR (Fr) temps moyen de residence

TMS (Eng) trimethyl silyl

TN (Eng) tenascin

Tn (Eng) temperature normal [vet]

t n (Swe) till natten

TNA (Eng) total nutrient administered

TNB (Fr) trinitrobenzène

TNF (Dan) tumor nekrotisk factor

TNF-α (Dan) tumornekrotiserende faktor α

TNFRSF1B (Eng) tumour necrosis factor receptor superfamily 1B

TNI (Eng) troponin I

TNM (Eng) tumour, nodes, metastases (tumour grading system)

TNS (Eng) transcutaneous nerve stimulation

TNT (Eng) troponin T

TNTC (Eng) too numerous to count

TO (Fr) traitement optimisé

TOA (Eng) tubo-ovarian abscess

TOB (Eng) tobacco

TOC (Eng) total organic carbon

TOD (Eng) target organ damage

TOF (Eng) train-of-four (EMG)

TOF-MRA (Eng) time of flight magnetic resonance angiography

TOGD (Fr) transit oeso-gastro-duodénale

TOL (Eng) Tower of London (test)

TONE (Eng) superiorly ramped RF pulse for MRA

TOP (Eng) termination of pregnancy

TopSS (Eng) topographic scanning system

TOPV (Eng) trivalent oral polio vaccine

TORCHS (Eng) toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, syphilis

TORP (Eng) total ossicular replacement prosthesis

TOS (Eng) thoracic outlet syndrome

TOX (Eng) toxicology

TOXO (Eng) toxoplasmosis

TP (Eng) total protein

Tp. (Dan) temperatur

t-PA (Dan) vævsplasminogenaktivator

TPA (Eng) 12-0-tetradecanoulphorbol-13-acetate

tpA (Eng) tissue-type plasminogen activator

TPB (Ital) (bronchial provocation test)

TPC (Eng) thrombocyte particle concentration

TPER (Ger) Typhus-Paratyphus-Enteritis-Ruhr

TPF (Eng) Threshold Amplitude for Perception of Flickering Light

TPH (Dan) tryptofanhydroxylase

TPHA (Eng) treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay

TPI (Eng) treponema pallidum immobilisation

TPK (Swe) tromcytpartikelkoncentration

TPMT (Dan) thiopurinmethyltransferese

TPN (Eng) total parenteral nutrition

TPNL (Eng) tumeur primaire nodulaire lymphatique

TPO (Dutch) Toetsingscommissie Patiëntgebonden Onderzoek

TPP (Eng) transpulmonary pressure

TPPA (Span) tromboplastina parcial activado

TPR (Dutch) tricepspeesreflex

TPRn (Eng) temperature, pulse and respiration all normal

TPRI (Eng) index of total peripheral resistance

TPSV (Ital) tachicardia parossistica sopraventricolare

TPTE (Span) transplante

TPZ (Ger) Thromboplastinzeit

TQ (Fr) temps de Quick [= PT]

TQE (Eng) top quality embryo

TQM (Eng) total quality management

tR (Eng) retention time (toxicol.)

TR (Eng) tricuspid regurgitation

Tr (Eng) trace

TRAb (Eng) thyrotropin receptor antibody

TRACE (Eng) trandolapril cardiac evaluation

TRALI (Eng) transfusion-related acute lung injury

TRAM (Eng) transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous

TRAP (Eng) tartaric acid-resistant acid phosphatase

TRAPS (Eng) TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome

Trble (Fr) trouble

TRC (Fr) temps de récupération complète

trc (Swe) trombocyttal

Trcs (Dan) thrombocytter

TRE (Dutch) thyroid-responsieve elementen

TREM-1 (Eng) triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1

TRH (Eng) thyrotropin-releasing hormone

TRICH (Eng) trichomonas

Trig (Fr) triglycerides

TRIPS (Eng) trade related aspects of intellectual property rights

TRIV (Fr) temps de relaxation isovolumique

TRL (Dan) triacylglycerolrige lipoproteinpartikler

tRNA (Eng) transfer RNA

TRNAV (Fr) tachycardie par réentrée dans le noeud auriculo-ventriculaire [= AVNRT]

trr (Fr) temps relatif de retention

TRT (Eng) treatment

TRU (Span) traumatología

TRUL (Swe) transrektal ultraljud

TRUS (Eng) transrectal ultrasound

TS (Dan) Tourettes syndrom

T&S (Eng) type and screen

TSA (Fr) tronc supra-aortique

tSAH (Eng) traumatic subarachnoic haemorrhage

TSAI (Fr) tronc secondaire antéro-interne

tsAMF (Russ) (cyclic AMP)

Ts&As (Eng) tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

TSAb (Eng) thyroid stimulating antibody

TSCA (Eng) Toxic Substances Control Act

TSE (Eng) transmissible spongiform encephalopathy/encephalitis

TSH (Eng) thyroid-stimulating hormone

TSH-Bab (Eng) TSH blocking antibody

TSH-R (Eng) thyroid-stimulating hormone-receptor

TSI (Eng) thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulins

TSM (Fr) taux de substitution molaire

tsp (Eng) teaspoon

TSR (Eng) total systemic resistance

TSRM (Ital) Tecnici Sanitaria di Radiologia Medica

TSS (Eng) toxic shock syndrome

TSSA (Eng) tumour specific surface antigen

TSST (Eng) toxic shock syndrome toxin

TST (Eng) tuberculin skin test

TSV (Fr) tachyardie supraventriculaire

TSVP (Fr) tacycardie supraventriculaire paroxystique

TT (Dan) trombintid

TTA (Eng) transtracheal aspiration

TTB (Fr) traverse thoraco-brachiale

TTC (Eng) triphenyltetrazolium chloride (agar)

TTD (Eng) temporary total disability

TTE (Dan) transtorakal ekkokardiografi

tte (Fr) traité

TTF (Fr) taux de transfert foetal

TTFO (Eng) ‘too trivial for outpatients’ (the official version!)

tTGA (Eng) tissue transglutaminase

TTK (Ger) Tagestherapiekosten

TTL (Fi) Työterveyslaitos (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)

TTNAB (Dan) transtorakal nåleaspirationsbiopsi

TTO, tto (Port) tratamento

TTO (Eng) to take out

TTP (Dan) tid til progression

TTPa (Span) tiempo de tromboplastina parcial activada (tiempo de cefalina)

TTS (Eng) transdermal transfer system

TTT (Fr) traitement, e.g. Cxttt = corticothérapie, Rxttt = radiothérapie, chimiottt = chimiothérapie, ATBttt = antibiothérapie

TU (Port) tumor

TUI (Eng) Therapist Understanding and Involvement [psychotherapy]

TULES (Fi) tuki- ja liikuntaelimistön sairaus (musculoskeletal disorder)

TUM (Dan) tykkelsesuklassificerbart melanoma

TUMAP (Eng) tumour-associated peptide

TUMT (Eng) transurethral microwave thermotherapy

TUR (Eng) transurethral resection (of bladder)

TURB (Dan) transuretral resektion af prostata

TURBT (Eng) transurethral resection bladder tumour

TURP (Eng) transurethral resection of the prostate

TV (Eng) tidal volume (in respiration)

t.v. (Dutch) trommelvlies

TVAO (Port) troca de válvula aorta

TVB (Ger) Thrombozyten-Verteilungsbreite

TVC (Eng) true vocal cord

tvf (Swe) tvärfinger

TVH (Eng) transvaginal hysterectomy

TVM (Port) troca de válvula mitral

TVNS (Ital) tachicardia ventricolare non sostenuta

TVO (Fr) trouble ventilatoire obstructif

TVP (Fr) thrombose veineuse profonde

TVR (Eng) target vessel recanalisation

TVS (Fr) thrombose veineuse superficielle

TVT (Eng) tension-free vaginal tape

TW (Ger) Tränenweg

TWA (Eng) time-weighted average

TWAR (Eng) Taiwan acute respiratory (disease)

TWBC (Eng) total white blood cells

TWRS (Eng) tranquilliser withdrawal rating scape

TX (Eng) thromboxane

Tx (Eng) treatment/therapy

T&X (Eng) type and crossmatch

TXA (Eng) tranexamic acid

TxA (Dan) tromboxan

TxA2 (Eng) tromboxane A2

TxPA (En) toxicity preventing activity

TXR (Span) radiografia del tórax

TyE (Span) turgencia y elasticidad

Tyn (Ger) Tyndall

TZ (Ger) Thrombinzeit

TZW (Ger) Thromboplastinzeitwert

U (Dan) urin

U2, U3 usw. (Ger) Untersuchung 2, 3 (child development screen tests, stages 2, 3…)

UA (Eng) urinalysis

U.A. (Dan) universal anaesthesie [= general anaesthetic]

u.a. (Dan) uden anmærkninger

UAA (Fr) uvéite antérieure aiguë

UADM (Fr) unité d’accueil et de déchoquage médical

UADT (Eng) upper aero-digestive tract

UAGSt (Ger) Unterarmgehstutze

UAH (Fr) unité anti-héparine

UAP (Eng) unstable angina pectoris

UARS (Eng) upper airway resistance syndrome

UAS (Eng) ultrasonically activated scalpel

UAW (Ger) unerwünschte Arzneimittelwirkung

UB (Dan) ukonventionel behandling

UBG (Eng) urobilinogen

UBR (Ger) Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsraum

UBT (Ger) urea breath test

UC (Eng) ulcerative colitis

UCC (Eng) urgent care center

UCCM (Ital) Unità di Cura Coronarica Mobile

UCCMA (Fr) Union des Caisses Centrales de la Mutualité Agricole

UCD (Eng) usual childhood diseases

UCDA (Dan) ursodeoxycholsyre

UCG (Eng) ultrasound cardiogram

UCI (Span) unidad de cuidados intensivos

UCIC (Ital) unità di cura intensive cardiologica

UCIN (Span) unidad de cuidados intensivos neonatal

UCIP (Span ) unidade de cuidados intensivos pediatricos

UCL (Eng) Utrecht Coping List

UCM (Fr) uréthro-cystomanométrie

UCN (Span) unidad de cuidados neurológicos

UCO (Span) unidad coronaria

UCP (Eng) uncoupling protein

UCS (Span) unidad cuidados semiintensivos

UCTD (Eng) undifferentiated connective tissue disease

UCX (Eng) urine culture

u.d. (Swe) under diagnos

UD (Ger) Universitätsdozent

UDA (Dutch) uitsluitend door de arts

UDD (Dutch) uitsluitend door de dierenarts

UDCA (Eng) ursodeoxycholic acid

UDGA (Eng) uridine diphosphate glucuronic acid

UDI (Fr) usagers de drogues injectables

Udlv (Dan) udleveringsregel

UDP (Eng) uridine diphosphate

UDPG (Eng) uridine diphosphoglucose

UDS (Eng) urodynamic study

UE (Dan) underekstremitet

U&E (Eng) urea and electrolytes

u.e. (Dan) underekstremitet

U-Ebene (Ger) untere Schoßebene [Hodge’s planes]

UEI (Span) unidad enfermedades infecciosas

UEMO (Fr) Union Européenne des Médecins Omnipraticiens

UEMS (Fr) Union Européene des Médecins Spécialistes

UER (Fr) unité d’enseignement et de recherche

U+Es (Eng) urea and electrolytes

UF (Dutch) ultrafiltratie

UFC (Fr) unité formant des colonies

UFH (Eng) unfractionated heparin

UFK ZH (Ger) Universitäts-Frauenklinik Zürich

UFH (Dan) ufraktioneret heparin

UFR (Fr) Unité de Formation et de Recherche

UFT (Dan) uracil-tegafur

UG (Dan) urogenitalt

UGD (Fr) ulcère gastroduodénal

UGI (Eng) upper gastrointestinal

UGR (Span) unidades de glóbulos rojos

UH (Dan) ufraktioneret heparin

UHCD (Fr) unité d’hospitalisation de courte durée

UHMW (Eng) ultra-high molecular weight

UHN (Eng) unreamed humeral nail

UI (Dan) urininkontinens

UIBC (Eng) unsaturated iron binding capacity

UIC (Fr) unites de l’Institut Choay

UICC (Fr) Union Internationale Contre le Cancer

UIF (Span) uveítis inducida por fármacos

UIK (Fr) unite inhibitrice de la kallicréine

UIPP (Fr) Union des Industries de Protection des Plantes

UIS (Port.) unidades inibidoras de sacarase

UIV (Fr) urographie intraveineuse

UK (Dan) udskrivningskort

UKA (Fr) Unité King Armstrong

UKECA (Eng) United Kingdom Ethics Committee Authority

UKG (Ger) Ultraschallkardiographie

UKT (Ger) Universitätsklinikum

UKV (Eng) urinary potassium excretion

Ul (Swe) Underläkare

UK (Dan) udskrivningskort

UK (Eng) urinary potassium concentration

UKE (Ger) Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

UKG (Ger) untere Kelchgruppe

UL (Dan) ultralyd

ULBF (Eng) ultralow-frequency ballistocardiogram

ULD (Eng) upper limb disease

ULK (Dan) ultralydskontraststof

ULN (Eng) upper limit of normal

ULSS (It) (azienda) unità locale socio sanitaria

üLT (Ger) überdrehter Linkstyp

UM (Fr) unité motrice

UMAP (Fr) unités pour malades agités et perturbateurs

UMAS (Swe) Universitetssjukhuset MAS (Malmö)

UMBO (Eng) umbilical

UMC (Dutch) Universitair Medisch Centrum

UMCU (Dutch) Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

UMD (Fr) unité pour malades difficiles

UMH (Fr) Unité Mobile Hospitalière

UMN (Eng) upper motor neuron(e)

UMNL (Eng) upper motor neuron lesion

UMO (Dutch) urine microscopisch onderzoek [Belgium]

UMP (Eng) uridine monophosphate

UMRH (Dan) utilsigtet medicinrelateret hændelse

UNA (Eng) urea nitrogen appearance

UNA (Eng) urinary sodium concentration

UNAFORMEC (Fr) Union Nationale des Associations de Fomation Médicale Continue

UNAM (Fr) Union Nationale pour l’Avenir de la Médecine

UNAPL (Fr) Union Nationale des Professions Libérales

UNAV (Eng) urinary sodium excretion

UNDP (Eng) United Nations Development Programme

UNFB (Ger) Ultra-niedrigfrequenz-Balllistokardiograph

UNEP (Eng) United Nations Environment Programme

UNG (Eng) uracil-DNA glycosylane

ung (Latin) ointment

UNHPI (Eng) Human Nutritional and Intestinal Physiology Unit

UNICEF (Eng) United Nations Iinternational Children’s Emergency Fund

UNOF (Fr) Union Nationales des Omnipraticiens de France

UNOS (Eng) United Network of Organ Sharing

UNPF (Fr) Union Nationale des Pharmacies de France

UNS (Norw) uten nærmere spesifikasjon

UNSA (Eng) unstable angina

UO (Eng) ureteral obstruction

UOER (Dan) urin-orosomukoid-udskillelseshastighed

UOPS (Ital) Unità Operativa di Pronto Soccorso

UP (Fr) unité de production

UPA (Fr) unite de paquets par an

uPA (Dan) urokinaseplasminogenaktivator

UPAG (Span) Unidad de Pancreatitis Aguda Grave

UPD (Eng) uniparental disomy

UPDRS (Eng) Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale

UPEP (Eng) urine protein electrophoresis

UPID (Fr) unite psychiatrique intersectorielle départementale

UPIGO (Fr) Union Professionnelle Internationale des Gynécologues et Obsétriciens

UPP (Eng) urethral pressure profile

UPPP (Eng) uvulopalatopharyngeoplasty

UPR (Fr) urétéropyelegraphie rétrograde

Upuriert (Ger) ultra-puriert

uPVC (Eng) uplasticised polyvinyl chloride

UQ (Eng) upper quartile

UQU (Span) unidad quemados

UR (Dutch) uitsluitend op recept

URCAM (Fr) Unions régionales des caisses d’assurance maladie

URI (Eng) upper respiratory infection

URML (Fr) Union Régionale des Médeins Libéraux

URO (Span) urología

URPA (Spsn) unidad de recuperación post-anestésica

URQ (Span) unidad de raquis

URS (Eng) uretero-renoscopy

URT (Eng) upper respiratory tract

URTI (Eng) upper respiratory tract infection

U/S, US (Eng) ultrasound

US (Fr) ultrason

us (Nor) undersøkelse

u.s. (Ital) ultimo scorso

USAN (Eng) United States Approved Name

USC (Fr) unité de surveillance continue

USG (Ger) unteres Sprunggelenk

USI (Fr) unité de soins intensifs

USiL (Swe) Unversitetssjukhuset i Lund

USINV (Fr) unité de soins intensifs neuro-vasculaire

USK (Ger) Ultraschallkardiogramm

USL (Ital) unità sanitaria locale

USP (Eng) United States Pharmacopoeia

USPA (Fr) unite de soins post-anesthésique

USPHS (Eng) United States Public Health Service

USPIO (Eng) ultra-small particles of iron oxide

USP/NF (Eng) United States Pharmacopopeia/National Formulary

USS (Eng) ultrasound scan

usu (Eng) usually

UTD (Eng) up to date

UTH (Dan) utilsigtet hændelse

UTI (Eng) urinary-tract infection

UTIC (Ital) unità di terapia intensiva coronarica

UTIN (Span) unidad de terapia intensive/intermedia neonatal

UTIP (Fr) Union Technique InterPharmaceutique de formation continue

utl. (Swe) utlåtande

utpl. (Swe) utplånad (of the cervix (effaced) in obstetrics)

UTN (Eng) unreamed tibial nail

UTP (Eng) uridine triphosphate

UTR (Dan) utranslateret region

utv (Swe) utveckling

utv (Swe) utvändigt

UV (Eng) urine volume

u.v. (Latin) ulcus ventriculi

UVA (Swe) uppvakningsavdelning

UV-A (Eng) ultraviolet light type A, used in treatment of psoriasis

uva (Swe) utan vidare anmärkning

UVE (Ger) ultraviolet-aktivierte Eigenbluttherapie

UVG (Ger) Unfallversicherungsgesetz

UVI (Span) unidad de vigilancia intensiva

UVPP (Fr) uvulo-palato-pharyngoplastie

UVV (Ger) Unfallverhütungsvorschriften

UVVU (Dan) Udvalget vedrørende Videnskabelig Uredelighed

UWS (Eng) unstimulated whole saliva

UZ (Ger) Untersuchungszeit

UZG (Dutch) Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

UZS (Ger) Uhrzeigersinn

V (Eng) ventricle [pacemakers]

v+ (Fr) vomissements

V- (Eng) vomiting absent or diminished [vet]

V+ (Eng) vomiting [vet]

V++ (Eng) moderate vomiting

V+++ (Eng) severe vomiting

V (in cardiology) (Eng) unipolar leads

VE (cardiology) (Eng) unipolar chest leads from the xiphoid process

Vmax (Eng) maximal velocity of contraction (in cardiology)

v (Eng) venous (in respiration)

v. (Span) ver

VA (Eng) alveolar ventilation (in respiration)

VE (Eng) respiratory minute volume

VCO2 (Eng) CO2-output (in respiration)

VO2 (Eng) oxygen consumption (in respiration and cardiology)

V/Q (Eng) ventilation/perfusion ratio (in respiration)

V (respiration) (Eng/Ger) volume / Volumen

VD (Eng) respiratory dead space

VDanat. (Eng) anatomical dead space (respiratory)

VDphys. (Eng) physiological dead space

VT (Eng) tidal volume (in respiration)

VT/VO2 (Eng) ventilation equivalent

V.a. (Ger) Verdacht auf

VA (Eng) alveolar ventilation

v a (Dutch) volgens aanwijzing

VAA (Ger) vorderer Augenabschnitt

VAC (Eng) vacuum-assisted closure

VAD (Eng) ventricular assist device

VADS (Fr) voies aérodigestives supérieures

VAERS (Eng) vaccine adverse event reporting system

VAF (Eng) virus antibody free

VAG (Dutch) vesiculair ademgeruis

VAI (Ital) vie aeree inferiori

VAIN (Eng) vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia

vaio (Dutch) verpleeghuisarts in opleiding

VAOx3 (Span) vigil, alerta, orientado en persona, tiempo y espacio

VAP (Eng) ventilator-associated pneumonia

VAPP (Eng) vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis

VAR (Eng) variation assessment report

VAS (Dutch) visueel analoge schaal

VAT (Fr) vaccination antitétanique

VATS (Dan) videoassisteret torakoskopisk kirurgi

vav (Swe) varannan vecka

VAX (Eng) vaccine

VB (Dan) væskebalance

VBAC (Eng) vaginal birth after caesarean section

VBEH (Fr) voies biliaires extrahépatiques

VBIH (Fr) voies biliaires intrahépatiques

vb (Swe) vederbörande

v b (Swe) vid behov

VBP (Fr) voies biliaires principales

VBG (Eng) venous blood gas

VC (Eng) vital capacity (in respiration)

v.c. (Eng) visually clean

Vc (Swe) vårdcentral

VCA (Ital) vasi cerebroafferenti

VCG (Eng) vector cardiogram

VCI (Latin) vena cava inferior

vCJ (Dutch) variant van CJ (ziekte van Creutzfeldt-Jakob)

vCJD (Eng) variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

VCL (Span) venoclisis

VCLFA (Eng) very long chain fatty acids

VCM (Fr) volume corpusculaire moyen

VCN (Fr) vitesse de conduction nerveuse

VCS (Fr) vitesse de conduction sensitive

VCT (Eng) voluntary counselling and testing

VCUG (Eng) voiding cysto-urethrography

VCZ (Span) peso vestido con zapatos

VD (Eng) volume of distribution

VDC (Ital) velocità di conduzione

VDDI (Fr) ventricule droit à double issue

VDF (Port) volume diastólico final [= EDV]

VDH (Eng) valve disease of the heart

VdK (Ger) Verband der Kriegs- und Wehrdienstopfer, Behinderten und Sozialrentner Deutschlands

VDR (Dan) vitamin D-receptor

VDRL (Eng) Venereal Disease Research Laboratory

VE (Eng) vaginal examination

-  ve (Eng) negative

VEB (Eng) ventricular ectopic beats

VEC (Span) (déficit de) volumen extracelular

VEE (Eng) Venezuelan equine encephalitis

VEF (Span) volumen espiratorio forzado

VEGDS (Span) video esofagogastroduodenoscopia

VEGF (Eng) vascular endothelial growth factor

VEGFR (Eng) vascular endothelial growth factor receptor

VEM (Fr) volume expiratoire maximum

VEMS (Fr) volume expiratoire maximal seconde [= FEV1]

ven. (Latin) venalis

VENC (Eng) velocity-encoding gradient (in MR)

VEP (Eng) visual(ly) evoked potentials

VER (Eng) visually evoked response

VES (Eng) ventricular extrasystole

VF (Dan) ventrikelflimren

Vfib (Eng) ventricular fibrillation

vg (Dutch) vrijheidsgraden

VG (Dutch) voorgeschiedenis

VGB (Dutch) verklaring van geen bezwaar

VGDS (Eng) voluntary genomic data submission

VGM (Fr) volume globulaire moyen (= mean corpuscular volume)

VGPR (Eng) very good partial response

VGT (Fr) volume globulaire totale

VG&T (Dutch) Vereniging voor Gender en Technologie

vH (Ger) von Hundert

VHA (Fr) virus de l’hépatite A

VHB (Fr) virus de l’hépatite B

VHC (Fr) virus de l’hépatite C

VHF (Ger) Vorhofflimmern

vHL (Dan) von Hippel-Lindaus sygdom

VHR (Eng) very high risk

VHT (Dutch) vingerhuidtemperatuur

VHV (Ger) Vorhalteversuch

VI (Eng) virus isolation

Vib (Eng) vibration sense

VICH (Eng) International Co-operation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements of Veterinary Medicinal Products

VID (Eng) vincristine, idarubicin, dexamethasone

VId (Span) diámetro diastólico del ventriculo izquierdo

VIE (Eng) Vienna units

VIF1 (Ital) volume inspiratorio forzato in 1 secondo

VIFAB (Dan) Videns- og Forskningscenter for Alternativ Behandling

VIH (Fr) verre ionomère hybride

VIM (Fr) véhicule d’intervention médicale

VIN (Eng) vulvar intra-epithelial neoplasia

VIP (Eng) vasoactive intestinal polypeptide

VIR (Fr) volume inspiratoire de réserve

VIs (Span) diámetro sistólico del ventriculo izquierdo

VK (Ger) Vitalkapazität (in respiration)

VKA (Eng) vitamin K antagonist

VKF (Dutch) voorkamerfibrillatie

VKGN (Dutch) Vereniging Klinische Genetica Nederland

VKL (Ger) Vorderkammerlinse

VKMI (Swe) index för vänsterkammarmassa

VLA-1 (Eng) very late activation antigen

VLBI (Eng) very long baseline interferometry

VLDL (Eng) very low density lipoprotein

VLM (Dan) virtuelle læringsmiljøer

Vln (Latin) Vulnus lacerocontusum

VLP (Eng) virus-like particle

VLR (Eng) very low risk

VLV (Dan) vanskelig luftvej

VM (Fr) ventilation mécanique

Vm (Eng) mean velocity

VMA (Dan) vanillinmandelsyre

VMC (Span) volumen minuto cardiaco

VMD (Dan) vægtet mediandifference

VME (Fr) valeur moyenne d’exposition

VMFRG (Eng) Veterinary Mutual Recognition Facilitation Group

VMI (Port) ventilação mandatória intermitente

vmi (Eng) very much improved [vet]

VMIS (Port) ventilação mandatória intermitente sincronizada

VMNI (Port) ventilação mecânica não invasiva

VMO (Port) vasto medial obliquo

VMP (Span) volumen minuto pulmonar

VMS (Fr) veine mésentérique supérieure

VMx (Fr) ventilation maximale volontaire

VN (Eng) virus-neutralising (antibody titre)

VNG (Dan) videonystagmografi

VNI (Fr) ventilation non-invasive

Vnr (Dan) varenummer (= Nordic Article Number, NAN)

VNS (Eng) vagus nerve stimulation

VNTR (Eng) variable number of tandem repeats

VO (Fr) version originale

vo. (Span) vía oral

VO2 (Eng) oxygen uptake

VO2 max (Eng) maximum oxygen consumption/uptake

VoB (Fr) voies biliaires

VOC (Dan) videoassisteret operation med central adgang

VOD (Eng) venous obstructive disease

VOL (Dan) videoassisteret operation med lateral adgang

Vol. ex. (Fr) volume extractible

volfr. (Dan) volumenfraktion

VOR (Eng) vestibulo-ocular reflex/response

VO2I (Eng) oxygen consumption index

VP (Eng) ventriculoperitoneal

vp (Span) venas pulmonares

V&P (Eng) vagotomy and pyloroplasty

VP-16 (Eng) etoposide (anti-cancer drug)

VPA (Dan) valproat

VPB (Eng) ventricular premature beat

VPC (Eng) ventricular premature complex

VPF (Eng) vascular permeability factor

VPH (Fr) vasoconstriction pulmonaire hypoxique

VPI (Fr) virus parainfluenza

VPM (Ital) volume piastrinico medio [= MPV]

VPN (Fr) valeur prédictive négative

VPP (Fr) valeur prédictive positive

VPPIN (Fr) ventilation en pression positive intermittente nasale

VPS (Eng) ventilation/perfusion scanning

VPT (Fr) volume plasmatique total

V/Q (Eng) ventilation-perfusion ratio

V/Q Scan (Eng) ventilation perfusion scan

VR (Eng) venous return

VRAM (Dan) vertikal rectus abdominus muskulokutan [fx lapplastik]

VRB (Eng) violet red bile (agar)

VRE (Fr) volume de réserve expiratoire

VRBG (Eng) violet red bile glucose agar (VRBG agar)

VRI (Fr) voies respiratoires inférieures

VRMB (Dutch) Verdrag inzake de rechten van de mens en de biogeneeskunde

VRS (Fr) virus respiratoire syncytial

VRSU (Swe) vaginal-rektal spekulumundersökning

VRT (Eng) variance residence times

VRU (Swe) vaginal- och rektalundersökning

VS (Eng) vital signs

VSAI (Fr) ventilation spontanée avec aide inspiratoire

VSC (Eng) volatile sulphur compounds

VSD (Ger) Vorhofseptumdefekt

VSF (Port) volume sistólico final [= ESV]

VSG (Span) velocidad de sedimentación globular

VSH (Fr) veine sus-hépatique

VSI (Fr) veine saphène interne

VSIP (Fr) volume sanguin intrapulmonaire

VSL (Fr) véhicule sanitaire léger

VSM(C) (Eng) vascular smooth muscle (cell)

VSNR (Ger) Versicherungsnummer

VSOP (Dutch) Vereniging van Samenwerkende Ouder- en Patiëntenorganisaties betrokken bij erfelijke en/or aangeboren aandoeningen

VS-PEP (Fr) ventilation spontanée avec pression expiratoire positive [= CPAP]

VSR (Dutch) ventrikelseptumruptuur

VSS (Eng) vital signs stable

VSTB (Swe) Vårdplaneringsgruppen för Solida Tumörer hos Barn

V.st.r (Norw) venstre sternalrand

V/S/TOP (Eng) vaginal suction termination of pregnancy

VSZ (Span) peso vestido sin zapatos

VT (Dan) ventrikulær takykardi

Vt (Fr) volume courant

V Tach (Eng) ventricular tachycardia

VTAS (Eng) Vanderbilt Therapeutic Alliance Scale (psychotherapy)

VTD (Dutch) Vlaamse transfusiedienst

VTE (Dan) venøs tromboemboli

VTED (Eng) venous thromboembolism disease

VTI (Eng) velocity time integral

VTP (Dan) vævstromboplastin

VTS (Fr) volume télésystolique (= ESV)

VTX (Eng) vertex (referring to fetal head)

VU (Eng) variable units

V.U. (Dan) værdi ved udskrivelsen

VUB (Swe) vidareutbildning

VUDE (Eng) video-urodynamic examination

VUMC (Dutch) Vrije Universiteit Medisch Centrum

VUR (Eng) vesico-ureteral reflex

VV (Eng) varicose veins

vv (Dutch) volgens voorschrift

VVC (Fr) voie veineuse centrale

VVF (Dan) vesikovaginal fistel

VvIK (Dutch) Vereniging van Integrale Kankercentra

VVP (Fr) voie veineuse péripherique

VVs (Eng) varicose veins

VW (Ger) Vorderwand

vWF (Eng) von Willebrandt factor

VWF (Eng) vibration white finger

VWI (Ger) Vorderwandinfarkt

VWO (Dutch ) Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs

VWP (Dutch) vruchtwaterpunctie

VWS (Dutch) ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport [Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport]

Vx (Fr) vaisseaux

V y S (Span) vivo y saludable (= Eng. L&W)

VZ (Dutch) vetzuur

VZR (Dutch) voetzoolreflex

VZV (Eng) varicella zoster virus

W (Eng) Wistar (rat)

W. (Ger) weiblich

WAI (Eng) Working Alliance Inventory (psychotherapy)

WAIS-R (Eng) Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Revised

WAS (Eng) Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome

WASP (Eng) Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein

WB (Eng) western blot

WBAT (Eng) weight bearing as tolerated

WBB (Ger) weisses Blutbild

WBC (Eng) white blood cell count

WBL (Eng) web-based learning

WBO (Dutch) Wet op de bevolkingsonderzoeken

WBS (Eng) work breakdown structure

WCB (Eng) working cell bank

WCBP (Eng) women of childbearing potential

WCC (Eng) white cell count

WCM (Eng) well-circumscribed masses

WCPV (Dutch) Wet Collectieve Preventie Volksgezondheid

WCST (Eng) Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

WD (Eng) well developed

Wd (Eng) ward

WDWN (Eng) well developed, well nourished

WECT (Eng) water enema CT

WED (Eng) Weekly Epidemiological Record

Wet BIG (Dutch) Wet op de beroepen in de individuele gezondheidszorg

WFNS (Eng) World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies

WG (Dan) Wegeners granulomatose

Wgb (Dutch) Wet gewasbeschermingsmiddelen en biociden

WGBO (Dutch) Wet inzake de geneeskundige behandelingsovereenkomst

WGO (Dutch) Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie

WGP (Dutch) Wet Geneesmiddelenprijzen [Medicines Pricing Act]

WH (Eng) withhold

wh (Ger) wohnhaft

WHF (Eng) World Health Forum

WHHL (Eng) Watanabe heritable hyperlipidaemia (of rabbit)

WHI (Eng) Women’s Health Initiative

WHO (Eng) World Health Organisation

WHOART (Eng) World Health Organisation Adverse Reaction Terminology

whs (Ger) wahrscheinlich [used in Switzerland]

WiB (Dutch) Wet inzake Bloedtransfusie

WIN (Eng) World Immunodeficiency Network

WINAp (Dutch) Wetenschappelijk Instituut Nederlandse Apothekers

wk (Eng) week

WL (Ger) weiblicher Luer (connector)

wl. (Ger) weiblich

WLD (Ger) Wärmeleitdetektor

WMD (Eng) weighted mean difference

WMI (Eng) wall motion index

WMO (Dutch) Wet Medisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek met Mensen

WMSI (Eng) Wall motion score index

WN (Eng) well nourished

wnl (Eng) within normal limits

wnwd (Eng) well nourished, well developed

WO (Dutch) Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs

W/O (Eng) without

wo (Eng) weeks old [vet]

w.o.b.m. (Dutch) wetenschappelijk onderzoek bij mensen

WOE (Eng) weight of evidence

WOG (Dutch) Wet op de Geneesmiddelenvoorziening [Supply of Medicines Act]

WPA (Eng) World Psychiatric Association

WPW (Eng) Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

WR (Eng) ward round

W/R (Eng) ward round

WRAC (Eng) Worldwide Regulatory Affairs Committee

WRUEMD (Eng) Work Related Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders (aka RSI)

WRULD (Eng) Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (aka RSI)

WS (Ger) Wirbelsäule

WSC (Eng) Working Strategy Consensus [in psychotherapy]

WSG (Ger) Wirbelschichtgranulator

WSV (Eng) working seed virus

Wt (Eng) weight

wte (Eng) whole time equivalent (staff)

WTG (Dutch) Wet Tarieven Gezondheidszorg [Health Care Tariffs Act]

WTO (Eng) World Trade Organisation

W/U (Eng) workup

WUR (Ger) Wandunregelmäßigkeiten

WUWHS (Eng) World Union of Wound Healing Societies

WV (Ger) Wiedervorstellung (= repeat visit)

W/V (Eng) weight-per-volume

WVG (Dutch) Wet Voorziening Gehandicapten

w.v.i. (Dutch) water voor injectie

WWU (Ger) Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (Münster)

WZV (Dutch) Wet ziekenhuisvoorzieningen

x (Eng) except

X1 (Span) una vez por día

X2 (Span) dos veces por día

X/12 (Eng) X months

X/52 (Eng) X weeks

X/7 (Eng) X days

XAD (Eng) xanthine dehydrogenase

XIe (Fr) chirurgie

XLA (Eng) X-linked agammaglobulinaemia

XLIS (Dan) X-bundet lissencefali

XLMTM (Eng) X-linked myotubular myopathy

XLP (Eng) X-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome

XLR (Eng) crossed leg raise

Xm (Eng) median value

XO (Dan) xanthinoxidase

XR (Dan) kønsbunden recessiv

XRF (Eng) X-ray fractiometer

XRT (Eng) X-ray therapy

XSCID (Eng) X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency

XTC (Eng) ecstacy

Y (Eng) Y-graft

y (Eng) year

y/52 (Eng) y weeks

YAG (Dan) yttriumaluminiumgranat

Y-BOCS (Eng) Yale-Brown obsessive-compulsive (disorder) scale

YG (Swe) yttre genitalia

YH (Swe) yttre hörselgången

YLD (Eng) years lived with disability

YLL (Eng) years of life lost

ymm (Swe) yttre modersmunnen (i.e. ostium uteri)

YMRS (Eng) Young Mania Rating Scale

yo (Eng) years old [vet.]

YST (Span) yeyunostomía

ytl (Swe) ytlig

ytl lgll (Swe) ytliga lymfkörtlar

Z (Fr) (X-rays, etc. - in French health service)

z/12 (Eng) z months

ZAP (Eng) zeta associated protein

z.A. (Ger) zur Analyse (reagent grade, analytical grade)

ZAP-70 (Dan) Zeta-associeret protein-70

ZAV (Ger) Zentralarterienverschluß

z.B (Ger) zur Beobachtung

ZBA (Span) zona basica de salud

ZBPI (Eng) zoster brief pain inventory

ZCA (Dutch) Ziekenhuiscentrum Apeldoorn

ZD (Ger) Zwischendiagnose

ZDV (Ger) zentrale Datenverarbeitung

ZE (Eng) Zollinger-Ellison syndrome

Ze (Ger) Zellen

ZEEP (Eng) zero-endexpiratory pressure

ZF (Ger) Zwerchfell

ZFW (Dutch) Ziekenfondswet [Health Insurance Act]

zh (Dutch) ziekenhuis

z.Hd. (Ger) zur Hand (Eng. fao)

ZHTCD (Fr) zone hospitalier de très courte durée

ZIG (Eng) specific zoster immune globulin

ZIH (Dutch) ziekenhuisinformatiesysteem

ZIP (Eng) zoster immune plasma

ZKH (Dutch) ziekenhuis

ZLB (Ger) Zulassungsbescheinigung

ZLV (Ger) Zulassungsverfügung

ZMF (Ger) zahnmedizinische Fachhelferin

ZMP (Ger) zahnmedizinische Prophylaxehelferin

ZMV (Ger) zahnmedizinische Verwaltungshelferin

z.n. (Dutch) zo nodig

z.N. (Ger) zu Nacht

Z.n. (Ger) Zustand nach

ZN (Eng) Ziehl-Neelsen (staining)

ZNS (Ger) Zentralnervensystem

ZPP (Eng) zinc protoporphyrin

ZRI (Ger) Zentrales Röntgeninstitut

ZS (Ger) zirkumskripte Sklerodermie

ZTLM (Ger) zahntechnischer Lehrmeister (Switzerland)

ZTM (Ger) Zahntechnikermeister

ZV (Fr) zona-varicelle

ZVD (Ger) zentralvenöser Druck

ZVK (Ger) zentraler Venenkatheter

ZVT (Ger) Zentralvenenthrombose

ZWL (Ger) Zwischenwirbelloch

ZWR (Ger) Zwischenwirbelraum

ZZR (Ger) Zwischenzehenraum