JTP :: Paul Rayson: Exploring interoperability between corpus tools
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Paul Rayson: Exploring interoperability between corpus tools

čtvrtek 31. května 2012.
úterý 12. června 2012.

Ústav Českého národního korpusu FF UK
Vás srdečně zve na přednášku

Paula Raysona
Lancaster University

která se bude konat
v úterý 12. června 2012 ve 13 hodin
v pracovně Ústavu Českého národního korpusu FF UK
Národní 37 – Platýz, 1. patro, Praha 1

The corpus methodology is now well established in linguistics and many more researchers are using software tools to produce frequency lists, examine concordances, extract key words, collocations and n-grams. Academics from related areas such as literary stylistics and translation studies may have a small learning curve for corpus tools. However, given that the corpus methods are beginning to reach other areas in the social sciences and humanities (e.g. psychology and history), it is vital that we re-evaluate computational approaches and software support for the corpus methods because the learning curve will be much steeper for researchers in these communities. In this talk, I will describe a project looking at interoperability between corpus tools in which we have focused on four core web-based tools (Wmatrix, CQPweb, Intellitext and WordTree). We have surveyed the four tools and other similar systems (Manatee, Sketch Engine, BNCweb, eMargin) and considered ways in which we can link methods and components together. By connecting them we aim to open up new pathways of enquiry, and encourage researchers to try research methods which are established in other disciplinary communities, but are not yet familiar in their own. The integration of the corpus tools means that it will be considerably easier for researchers to move from one platform to another, and draw on the affordances of different tools to enhance research outcomes in their own fields of research. Integration will also assist tool developers to link to complementary components and interfaces in other existing tools.

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