Anglický slovníček lékařských zkratek 2

18.6 2015
A&AS Advisory & Assistance Service

A&G Acquisitions & Grants

A&G Administrative & General

A&R Audit & Reimbursement

A-PT ActionPhase Topic

A/P Accounts Payable

A/R Applicant and/or Recipient

A109 OMB Circular "Major Systems Acquisitions (ADP)"

A121 OMB Circular "Charge Back for ADP Services Provided to Multiple Users"

A130 OMB Circular "Management of Federal Information Resources"

A2HA American Association of Hospital Accountants

A76 OMB Circular "Policies for Acquiring Commercial or Industrial Products or Services

AA Associate Administrator

AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration

AAA American Automobile Association

AABB American Association of Blood Banks

AABH Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare

AACN American Association of Colleges of Nursing

AACR American Association for Cancer Research

AADA Abbreviated Antibiotic Drug Application

AAF Aplastic Anemia Foundation

AAFES Army & Air Force Exchange Services

AAFP American Academy of Family Physicians

AAGEG Administrative Analysis Grade Evaluation Guide

AAHA American Association of Homes for the Aging

AAHP American Association of Health Plans

AAHSA American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging

AAI Applications Alarms Infrastructure (GTE/MTS)

AAKP American Association of Kidney Patients

AAMC Association of American Medical Colleges

AAO American Academy of Ophthalmology

AAP American Academy of Pediatrics

AAPC American Association of Professional Coders

AAPCC Adjusted Average Per Capita Cost

AAPD American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

AAPHR American Association of Physicians for Human Rights

AAPP Affirmative Action Program Planning

AARG Average Annual Rate of Growth

AARP American Association of Retired Persons

AARR Approval, Adjustment & Reject Response

AB (BC/BSA's) Administrative Bulletin

ABA American Banking Association

ABA American Bar Association

ABD Aged, Blind & Disabled

ABEND Abnormal Ending

ABENDAID ABEND Analysis Software

ABG Arterial Blood Gases

ABH Association of Behavioral Healthcare

ABN Advanced Beneficiary Notice

ABR American Board of Radiology

ABS Annual Beneficiary Summary

AC Actual Charge

AC Allowable Cost

ACA Amputee Coalition of America

ACC American College of Cardiology

ACC Automated Change Control

ACCT Action Plan by Electronic Claims Transaction Institute

ACD Audit Clearance Document

ACD Automatic Cancellation Date

ACE (Carrier) Automated Claims Examination

ACEI Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

ACEP American College of Emergency Physicians

ACERS Annual Contractor Evaluation Reporting System

ACF Administration for Children & Families

ACGIH American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists

ACH Automated Clearing House

ACHE American College of Healthcare Executives

ACIP PHS Immunization Practice Advisory Committee

ACL Access Control Lists

ACLI American Council of Life Insurance

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

ACM Association of Computing Machinery

ACMP Audit/Civil Monetary Penalties

ACMS Advanced Cost Management Systems

ACO Administrative Contracting Officer

ACOG American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

ACP American College of Physicians

ACPS Advanced Claims Processing System

ACPV Average Cost per Visit

ACR Adjusted Community (Contract) Rate

ACR American College of Radiology

ACRG Annual Compound Rate of Growth

ACRP Adjusted Community Rate Proposal

ACRS Accelerated Cost Recovery System

ACS Accredited Standards Committee

ACS American Cancer Society

ACS American College of Surgeons

ACS Automated Cartridge System

ACSC Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions

ACSI American Customer Satisfaction Index

ACSS Advisory Council on Social Security

ACT Access Control Table

ACTG AIDS Clinical Trials Group

ACTS Automated Case Tracking System

ACU Automatic Calling Unit

ACV Arithmetic Coefficient of Variation

ACYF Administration on Children, Youth & Families

AD Admitting Diagnosis

ADA American Dental Association

ADA American Dietetic Association

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

ADAD After Date of Award Document

ADAMHA Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Administration

ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program

ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Services Organization

ADARS Automated DASD Archival Restoration System

ADC Adult Day Care

ADG Ambulatory Diagnostic Group

ADG-HOSDOM Ambulatory Diagnostic Group Hospital Dominant

ADHA American Dental & Hygienists Association

ADJ Adjusted Claim

ADL Activities of Daily Living

ADMC Advance Determination of Medicare Coverage

ADMS Administrative Message

ADMS Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health Services

ADOBI Advanced DOB Information (System) (SSA)

ADP (Medicaid) Alternative Disposition Plan

ADP Advance Planning Document

ADP Automated Data Processing

ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution (EEO)

ADR Automated Date Review

ADR Automated Desk Review

ADS Alternative Delivery System

ADS Amount, Duration & Scope

ADS Automated Data System

ADS Automated Development System

ADSB Application Development System Batch

ADSO Application Development System Online

ADT Admission/Discharge Transfer

ADWOH Average Day's Work On Hand

AE Administrative Enhancement

AEP Appropriateness Evaluation Period

AEP Annual Coordinated Election Period

AEP Annual Enrollment Period

AERO Automatic Earnings Recomputation Operation (MBR)

AF Administrative Function

AFA Alternative Form of Annuity

AFCEA Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association

AFDC Aid to Families with Dependant Children (Title IV of the SS Act)

AFDS Alternative Financing & Delivery System

AFEHCT American Federation of Electronic Health Care Transactions

AFEHCT Association for Electronic Health Care Transactions

AFFIRM Association of Federal Information Resources Management

AFHHA American Federation of Home Health Agencies

AFIPS American Federation of Information Resources Societies

AFN Accumulation File Number

AFPS Accounting for Pay System

AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees

AG Affiliated Group

AGA Association of Government Accounts

AGNS AT&T Global Network Services

AGPAM American Guild of Patient Account Managers

AHA American Heart Association

AHA American Hospital Association

AHCA American Health Care Association

AHES Average Hourly Earnings

AHFSA Association of Health Facility Survey Agencies

AHIMA American Health Information Management Association

AHP Accountable Health Partnership

AHP Accountable Health Plan

AHP Alternative Health Plan

AHP Average Historical Payment

AHPA American Health Planning Association

AHPB Adjusted Historical Payment Basis

AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

AHSEA Adjusted Hourly Salary Equivalency Amount

AHSS Adhoc Sampling Survey

AI Audit Intermediary

AIC Amount In Controversy

AICC Anti-Inhibitor Coagulant Complex

AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

AICR Alternative Internal Control Review

AID Agency for Informational Development

AID Agency for International Development

AIF Applications Interface Facility

AIIM Association for Information & Image Management (trade association)

AIM Automated Insertion Machine

AIMS Audit Information Management System

AINS Advanced Information Network System

AKF American Kidney Fund

ALBN Amount of Last Billing Notice

ALC Active License Counter

ALC Active Location Counter

ALC Alternate Level of Care

ALE Annual Loss Expectancy

ALFA Assisted Living Federation of America

ALJ Administrative Law Judge

ALNF Auto Liability NoFault

ALOS Average Length of Stay

ALS Advanced Life Support

ALS Advanced Logistics System

ALSO Automatic Lump Sum Operation (MBR)

ALT Average Length of Treatment

AM Adjustment Module

AM Amplitude Modulation

AMA American Medical Association

AMASDS Asset Management & Automated Software Distribution System

AMCP Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

AMCRA American Medical Care & Review Association

AMCS Automated Medical Coding System

AMHPS Association of Minority Health Professional Schools

AMI acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)

AMIA American Medical Informatics Association

AMIS American Management Information System

AML Arithmetic Mean of the Logarithm

AMOC Automated Manual Ordering Cycle

AMP Average Manufacturer's Price

AMR Acquisition Management Review

AMRA American Medical Records Association

AMS Activities Management System

AMW Average Monthly Wage

AN Account Number (also A/N)

ANA Administration for Native Americans

ANA American Nurses Association

ANCHR Access to the NCH Repository (online query to 5% sample)

ANCI American National Standards Institute

ANDA Abbreviated New Drug Applications

ANNA American Nephrology Nurses Association

ANSCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange

ANSI American National Standards Institute

ANSI X12 837 American National Standards Institute Health Data Committee X12 file format 837

AO Accreditation Organization

AOA Administration on Aging

AOA American Optometric Association

AOA American Osteopathic Association

AOLS All Other Local Screens

AONE American Organization of Nurse Executives

AOPA American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association

AOR After Outliers Removed

AOR Application Owning Region

AP Award Processing

APA American Pharmaceutical Association

APA American Psychiatric Association

APACHE Acute Physiology & Chronic Health Evaluation

APC Ambulatory Payment Class

APC Average Per Capita

APC Average Projected Costs

APCSS Automated Production Control & Scheduling System (at HDC)

APD Advanced Planning Documents

APDA Accretion Premium Due Amount

APDSR Average Per Diem State Rate

APF Authorized Program Facility

APG Ambulatory Patient Group

APG Ambulatory Payment Group

APHA American Public Health Association

APHP Acute Partial Hospitalization Program

APHP Applied as Hospital Insurance Premiums

APHSA American Public Human Services Association

API Application Programming Interface

APM Admission Pattern Monitoring

APM Audit Priority Matrix

APMA American Podiatric Medical Association

APME Advisory Panel on Medicare Education

APO Awards Processing Operation

APP Application Portability Profile

APPC Advanced ProgramtoProgram Communication

APPS (GHP) Automated Plan Payment System

APR Acquisition Procurement Request

APR Agency Procurement Request

APR Average Payment Rate

APR - DRG all payer refined - diagnosis related groups

APS Acquisition Planning Schedule

APS Acute Physiology Score

APS Adjudication Payment System

APS Annual Person Summary System

APS Application Productivity System

APSA American Political Science Association

APT Automated Production Turnover

APTD Aid to the Permanently & Totally Disabled

APWA American Public Welfare Association (changed to APHSA)

AQI Audit Quality Initiative

AQL Acceptable Quality Level

AQRP Audit Quality Review Program

AR Accounts Receivable

AR Alpha Representation

ARA Assistant Regional Administrator

ARA Associate Regional Administrator

ARC AIDS Related Complex

ARC American Red Cross

ARC Association for Retarded Citizens

ARCS Accounts Receivable & Collection System

ARF Actuarial Reduction Factor Program (MBR)

ARF Area Resource File

ARIMA Arithmetic Moving Average

ARK Arkansas Part B System

ARMIS Ad Hoc Reports Management Information System

ARMS Adhoc Reports Management System

ARMS Automated Resource Management System

ARO Annualized Rate of Occurence

ARP Admission Review Program

ARS Active Record Status

ARS Advanced Record System (GSA)

ARS Advanced Retrieval System

ARS Age/Race/Sex

ARS Agricultural Research Service

ARS Altanthus Response System

ARSTOP ARS Telephone Communications Operating Procedures

ARTEMIS (mainframe project management software testing tool)

ARTS Automated Reporting & Tracking System

ARU Audio Response Unit

ARU Automated Response Unit (Phone system with automated routing)

AS Administrative Simplification

AS Advanced System (AJS)

AS American Samoa

AS Application System

ASAP Automated Standard Application for Payments

ASAP American Society of Automation in Pharmacy

ASBCA Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

ASBCA Armed Services Board of Contract/State Assessments

ASC Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI)

ASC Ambulatory Surgical/Surgery Center

ASCA Administrative Simplification Compliance Act

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange (see ANSCII)

ASCM Application Software Configuration Management

ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology

ASCP American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

ASCPT American Society of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

ASCT American Society of Cytotechnology

ASCW Audit Selection Criteria Worksheet

ASER/SA Annual State Evaluation Report/State Assessments

ASF Automatic System Facility

ASH Assistant Secretary for Health

ASHP American Society of Hospital Pharmacists

ASHP American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists

ASHRM American Society of Healthcare Risk Management

ASI Alert Screen Initiative

ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ASIM American Society of Internal Medicine

ASIS Association Society of Industrial Security

ASM Annuity & Survivors Master (OPM file)

ASMB Assistant Secretary for Management & Budget

ASMH Assembler H Software

ASMT American Society for Medical Technologists

ASO Administrative Services Only

ASO Application Services Organization

ASP Acquisition Strategy Plan

ASPA American Society of Public Administrators

ASPE Assistant Secretary for Planning & Evaluation

ASPEN Automated Survey Processing Environment

ASPER Assistant Secretary for Personnel

ASTER Automated System for Transaction Exception Resolution

ASTHO Association of State & Territorial Health Offices

ASTM American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTME31 ASTM Committee 31

ASTS American Society of Transplant Surgeons

ATARS Audits Tracking & Reporting System

ATB All Trunks Busy

ATBCB Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

ATLA Association of Trial Lawyers of America

ATM Aschronous Transfer Mode

ATP Advanced Technology Projects (GTE)

ATRA American Therapeutic Recreation Association

ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (EPA)

AUF Automatic Update Facility

AUSA Assistant United States Attorney

AUSCT Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation

AUSU Assistant U S Attorney

AUTO3480 HDC LMS Robotic Processing software

AVERT AntiVirus Emergency Response Team (McAfee)

AVGS Ambulatory Visit Groups

AVP Assistant Vice President

AVT Automated Voice Technology

AWAS Automated Work Administration System

AWP Actual Wholesale Price

AWP Average Wholesale Price (Drugs)

AWP Average Wholesale Price

AZT Azidothymidine (AIDS drug therapy)

B&P Bid & Proposal

BA Basic Agreement

BA Budget Administration

BA Budget Authority

BA Business Associate

BAAADS Budget Apportionment Allotment Allowance & Database System

BAC Beneficiary Advisory Committee

BAC Billing Action Code

BACOM Beneficiary Annotation & Communication Operation

BAR Beneficiary Adjustment Report

BARS Bid Analysis & Reporting System

BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

BBA Balanced Budget Act of 1997

BBA Balanced Budget Act

BBRA Balanced Budget Refinement Act of 1999 (PL 106113)

BC/BS Blue Cross/Blue Shield

BCA Board of Contract Appeals

BCB Beneficiary Confidentiality Board

BCBSA Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association

BCC Billing Cycle Code

BCC Block Check Character

BCCE Baltimore Computer Conference & Exposition

BCCP Business Continuity & Contingency Plan

BCD Binary Coded Decimal

BCF Benefit Correction Form

BCN Batch Clearance Notice

BCSS Batch Completion Status Summary

BD Budget Distribution

BDAM Basic Data Access Method

BDF Bulk Data Facility

BDOD Beneficiary Date of Death

BDP Beneficiary Database Prototype

BDPC Breakthrough Drug Pricing Committee

BDPP Beneficiary Database Prototype Project

BDTS Batched Data Transmission System

BEA Budget Expense Account

BEA Bureau of Economic Affairs

BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEA Business Enterprise Area

BEAM Brain Electrical Activity Mapping

BEAU Budget Expense Account Unit

BEER Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record

BEI Budget Estimating Initiative

BENDEX Beneficiary & Earnings Data Exchange System

BENDEX Beneficiary Data Exchange

BERT (EDB) Beneficiary Enrollment Retrieval System

BESS Part B Extract & Summary System (nee BMAD)

BEST Beneficiary Eligibility State Tape (EDB Bene Alpha File)

BEST Beneficiary State Totals (from SPACE System)

BETOS Berenson Eggers Type of Service

BF Beneficiary File

BGN Beneficiary Given Name

BHO Behavioral Health Organization

BHS Business Health Services

BI Background Investigation

BI Benefits Integrity

BI Buy In

BIA Business Impact Analysis

BIC Beneficiary Identification Code

BICEQN BIC Equate Number

BIEC BuyIn Eligibility Code

BIER Billing Information Exchange Record

BIF Beneficiary Insurance File

BIF Benefit Information Form

BIMF Beneficiary Inactive Master File

BIPA Benefits, Improvements & Protection Act of 2000

BISC Benefit Integrity support Center

BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication (IBM data communications protocol)

BIT Beneficiary Inquiries Taskforce

BITF Beneficiary Implementation Task Force

BITS Beneficiary Information Tracking System

BITS Beneficiary Inquiry Tracking System

BITSMIS BITS Management Information System

BIW Beneficiary Inquiries Workgroup

BL Black Lung

BLASER Black Lung Automated Search & Edit Routine

BLM Bureau of Land Management

BLP Bypass Label Processing

BLS Basic Life Support

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics (DOL)

BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics

BLUC Bottom Line Unit Cost

BLUES Blue Cross/Blue Shield associations

BMA BioMedical Applications

BMACS Part B Medicare Automated Claims Systems

BMCHRD Bureau of Maternal & Child Health & Resources Development

BOA Basic Ordering Agreement

BOAN Beneficiary's Own Account Number (SSN)

BOCMIS Beneficiary Overpayment Control & Management Information System

BOD Bid Opening Date

BOIS Beneficiary Online Inquiry System (HI/SMI online in HCFA)

BOM Bill of Materials

BOMA Building Owners & Managers Association

BOME Bureau of Medical Examiners

BOR Before Outliers Removed

BOSS Best on Open Systems Solutions

BOSSN Beneficiary's Own SSN

BP Benefit Period

BP Best Price

BP Business Partner

BPA Blanket Purchase Arrangement (or Agreement)

BPC Base Period Charge

BPO Bargain Purchase Option

BPR Budget & Performance Requirements

BPR Business Process Reengineering

BPS Budget Preparation System

BPST Bill Processing System Test

BQAS Part B Quality Assurance System

BR Budget Request

BRA Business Resumption Assessment

BRC Base Rate Calculation

BRDPI Biomedical Research & Development Price Index

BRDS Bill Review Documentation Summary form

BRI Basic Rate Interface

BRI Benefit Rate Increase

BRRR Bills Received & Returned Report

BRS Bibliographic Retrieval Service

BRT Business Roundtable

BSA Business Software Alliance

BSC Binary Synchronous Communication

BSF Benefit Stabilization Fund

BSP Business Systems Planning

BSR (Part B) Bill Summary Records

BSRS Benefit Savings Reporting System

BSS Beneficiary Satisfaction Survey

BSS Benefit Summary Statistics

BTW Bill Type Weight

BUCS Budget Under Control System

BUR Billing Update Record

BUTE Beneficiary Database Update Transaction System (HDBUTE)

BVR Budget Variance Report

BVS Bureau of Vital Statistics

BY Budget Year

C&P Compensation & Pension (DVA)

C/BR Cost/Benefit Ratio

C/BR Cost/Burden Reduction

C/O Center or Office

C/S Client/Server

C/SPS Cost/Scheduling Performance System

C:D Connect:Direct

C2IW CAFM II Implementation Workgroup

CA Certification Authority

CA Change Administration

CA Claims Analyst

CA Competitive Advocate

CAAS Certificate for Advisory & Assistance Services

CAAS Contracted Advisory & Assistance Services

CABBS Carrier Bulletin Board System

CABG coronary artery bypass graft

CABLE Combined A/B Local Eligibility

CABS Carrier Access Billing System

CABS Contractor Administrative Budget & Cost Reporting System

CABWF Combined A/B Working File (also see CWF)

CAC Carrier Advisory Committee

CAC Categorical Assistance Code

CAC Contractor Advisory Committee

CACO Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer

CAFM Contractor Administrative, Budget & Financial Management

CAGE Contractor & Government Entity Code (formerly FSCM)

CAH Critical Access Hospital

CAHHS California Association of Hospitals & Health Systems

CAHP Consumer Assessment of Health Plan

CAHPS Consumer Assessments of Health Plans Survey

CAHSA California Association of Home Services for the Aged

CALPERS California Public Employees Retirement System

CALSO (Death Termination System (SSA))

CAMP Carrier Accountability Monitoring Project

CAMS Customer Account Management System

CAN Claim Account Number

CAN Common Accounting (or Account) Number

CANDA Computer Assisted New Drug Applications

CAP Change Acceleration Process

CAP Corrective Action Plan

CAP community acquired pneumonia

CAP-REL Capital Related

CAPI Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (software)

CAPS Capitated Ambulatory Plan

CAPS Claims Automated Processing System (SSA MBR)

CAR Corrective Action Review

CAR Cost Accounting Report

CARE Center for Analytical Review & Education

CARES Contractors Analysis & Reporting System

CARF Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

CARRPR Carrier Payment Record

CAS Cost Accounting Standards

CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board

CASE Committee on Academic Science & Engineering Report

CASE Computer Aided (or Assisted) Software Engineering

CASE Computer Assisted Systems Engineering

CASF Carrier Alphabetic State File

CASL Competition Advocate Shopping List

CASO (HI) Combine & Sort Operation

CASPER Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting

CASPRO Clinical Area Support PRO

CASR Contractor Audit & Settlement Report (System)

CAST Carrier Alpha State Microfilm/Microfiche System

CAST Carrier Alpha State Tape

CAST Contractor Assessment Security Tool

CASU Cooperative Administrative Support Program

CAT Computerized Axial Tomography

CAWR Combined Annual Wage Reporting

CB Consolidated Billing

CB Cost Benefit

CBA Cost/Benefit Analysis

CBC Cipher Block Chaining

CBC Center for Beneficiary Choices

CBI Confidential Business Information

CBO Congressional Budget Office

CBR CASE Based Reasoning

CBR Cost Based Reimbursement

CBS Current Beneficiary Survey (by OACT)

CBSR Cost Benefit Savings Report

CBSS Customer Billing Services System

CBT Computer Based Training

CC Ceiling Cost

CC Claims Control

CC Complication or Comorbidity

CC Condition Code

CC Configuration Control

CCA Catastrophic Coverage Act

CCA Child Care Association

CCB Change Control Board

CCC Change Control Coordination

CCC Civilian Conservation Corps

CCC Comprehensive Care Center

CCDR Contract Cost Data Report

CCDRS Contract Cost Data Reporting System

CCHCC Coordinating Center for Home & Community Care

CCI Correct Coding Initiative

CCIP Chronic Care Improvement Programs

CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone & Telegraph

CCLR Claims Collection Litigation Report

CCM Common Cap Module

CCN Carrier Control Number

CCN Claim Control Number

CCN Correspondence Control Number

CCO Claims Collection Officer

CCP Change Control Planning

CCP Comprehensive Care Provider

CCP Coordinated Care Plans

CCP Comprehensive Compliance Program

CCPR Coordinated Comprehensive Provider Review

CCR Cost to Charge Ratio

CCR Coverage Compliance Reviews

CCRC Continuing Care Retirement Community

CCRC Continuum of Care Residential Center

CCS Community Care Setting

CCS Contract Control System

CCU (Carrier) Cost Containment Unit

CCUITT Consultive Committee on International Telegraphy & Telephony

CD Civil Defense

CD-RISC Clinically Detailed Risk Information System for Costs

CDB (Carrier) Correspondence Database System

CDC Center for Disease Control

CDC Corporate Data Center

CDE Core Data Element

CDF Children's Defense Fund

CDI Catastrophic Drug Insurance (Trust Fund)

CDM (Hospital) Charge Description Master (Files)

CDOC Covered Days of Care

CDP Computerized Decision Procedures

CDR Continuing Disability Review

CDR Critical Design Review

CDRG Children's Diagnosis Related Groups

CDRL Contract Data Requirements List

CDRTS COMDISCO Disaster Recovery Services

CDS Central Distribution System

CDS Chain Directory System

CDT Current Dental Terminology

CDW Collision Damage Waiver

CDWOH Calendar Days Work on Hand

CE Covered Entity

CEA Cost Effectiveness Analysis

CEA Council of Economic Advisors

CEB Contractor Efficiency Benchmark

CEB Cost Efficiency Benchmark

CEBMA Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association

CED Committee for Employees with Disabilities

CELIP Claim Expansion & Line Item Processing

CEMS CostEffectiveness Measurement System

CER Capital Expenditure Review

CER Combined Exchange Record (from the MBR) (nee URIC)

CER Comprehensive Evaluation Report

CER Cost Estimating Relationship

CERT Comprehensive Error Rate Testing

CES Cost Estimating System

CES Credential Evaluation Service

CF Case Folder Control System

CF Conversion Factor

CFB Cipher Feedback

CFE Contractor Furnished Equipment

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CFOA Chief Financial Officer's Act of 1990

CFPP Contracting for Prepaid Plans

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CFSR Contract Funds Status Report

CGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practice

CHA Catholic Health Association

CHA County Health Authorities

CHAFF Change of Address System (MBR)

CHAIN Chain Provider Director System

CHAMPUS Civilian Health & Medical Programs of the Uniformed Services (Now TRI-CARE)

CHAMPVA Civilian Health & Medical Program of the Veterans Administration

CHAP Child Health Assurance Program

CHAP Community Health Accreditation Program

CHAPS Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey

CHBI Commission on Health Benefits & Integration

CHC Community Health Center

CHC Comprehensive Health Center

CHC Continuous Home Care

CHCC Center for Hospital & Community Care

CHCL Center for Health Care Law

CHDR Center for Health Dispute Resolution

CHDS (National) Charge Distribution System

CHER Center of Health Economics Research (aka HERI)

CHF Congestive Heart Failure

CHHA Certified Home Health Agency

CHHC Continuous Home Health Care

CHI Catastrophic Health Insurance

CHICN HI Enrollment Cards Operation (HECHICN)

CHICO Combined Health Insurance & Checkwriting Operations

CHIM Center for Healthcare Information Management

CHIME College of Healthcare Information Management Executives

CHIP Catastrophic Health Care Program

CHIP Child Health Insurance Program

CHMSA Critical Health Manpower Shortage Area

CHN Community Health Network

CHO Community Health Organization

CHOW Change of Ownership

CI Catastrophic Indicator

CI Configuration Identification

CI Configuration Item

CI Control Interval

CIA Commercial Industrial Activity (also GCIA)

CIADV Carrier/Intermediary Advance Notice

CICA Competition in Contracting Act (1984)

CICG Critical Infrastructure Coordination Group

CICO Commercial Industrial Control Officer

CICS Customer Information Control System (replaces SSADARS)

CID Commercial Item Description

CIEP Contractor Inspection & Evaluation Program

CIM Corporate Information Management

CIM Coverage Issues Manual

CIMS Case Investigation Management System

CIN Common Identification Number

CIO Chief Information Officer

CIP Claims In Process

CIP Competitive Incentive Program

CIP Continuous Improvement Process Program

CIP Customer Initiated Payments

CIPS (FRC) Center Information Processing System

CISC Complex Instruction Set Computing

CISTR Correspondence Image Storage, Transmission & Retrieval

CITIC Consolidated Information Technology Infrastructure Contract

CKD Count Key Data

CKM Constructive Key Management

CLAIM Community Leaders Assisting the ICA (Insurance Counseling Assistance) in Missouri

CLCCP Comprehensive Limiting Charge Compliance Program

CLFS Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule

CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (of 1965) (Amendments 1988)

CLIA Clinical Laboratory Interstate Act (or Amendments)

CLM Current Logical Model

CLMA Clinical Laboratory Management Association

CLOE (Carrier) Claims Only Entry System

CLT Certified Lab Technician

CLUW Coalition of Labor Union Women

CM Complexity Metrics

CM Configuration Management

CM Configuration Manual

CMA Contract Management Action

CMA Current Month Accrual

CMD Carrier Medical Director

CMD Contractor Medical Directors

CMFMRA Consolidated Master File of Military Retirees & Annuitants

CMG Case Mix Group

CMG Computer Measurement Group

CMG Contractor Management Group

CMHC Community Mental Health Center (or Clinic)

CMHS Continuous Medical (or Medicare) History Sample (or Study)

CMI Case Mix Index

CMIS Communications Management Information System

CMM Capability Maturity Model

CMN Certified Medical Necessity

CMP Capacity Management Program

CMP Career Management Program

CMP Change Management Process

CMP Civil Monetary Penalty

CMP Competitive Medical Plan (under TEFRA)

CMP Comprehensive Medical Plan

CMP Configuration Management Plan

CMP Competitive Medical Plan

CMP-EIS CMP Executive Information System

CMPL Civil Monetary Penalty Law

CMPL Civil Monetary Penalty Liability

CMPTS Civil Monitory Penalty Tracking System

CMR Comprehensive Medical Review

CMRI California Medical Review, Inc.

CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (HCFA prior to July 1, 2001)

CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMSA Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area

CMSS Council of Medical Specialty Societies

CMTI Customized Claims System Identifier

CN Claim Number (also C/N)

CNACO Community Nursing & Ambulatory Care Organization

CNBC Congress of National Black Churches

CNH Community Nursing Home

CNPB Clean NonPIP Bills

CNV Conversion Phase

CO Central Office

CO Change Order

CO Coinsurance

CO Contract Officer

CO Control Officer

COA Change of Address

COB Close of Business

COB Coordination of Benefits

COB Coordination of Benefit

COBA Coordination of Benefits Agreement

COBC Coordination of Benefits Contractor

COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (of 1985)

COC Certificate of Competency

COCA Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation

COF Carrier Option File

COFFE Council of Former Federal Employees

COG Continuity of Government

COGME Council On Graduate Medical Education

COI Certificate of Indebtedness

COI Change of Intermediaries

COM Centralized Office Minicomputer

COM Computer Output Microfilm

COM Current Operating Month

COMPAS COMDISCO Plan Automation System

COMSEC Communication Security

CON Certificate of Need

CONOPS Concept of Operations

CONUS Continual U.S. (48 Contiguous states & DC, aka: CONTERMINOUS U.S.)

COO Chief of Operations

COO Chief Operating Officer

COOP Continuity of Operation Plan

COP Concept of Operations Papers

COP Conditions of Participation

COP Continuation of Pay

COPC Community Oriented Primary Care

COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPES Community Options Program Entry System

CORC Carrier of Record Control

CORF Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

CORTS Calculation of Overpayment Recovery Timeliness System

COT Chain of Trust

COTF Chain Organization Task Force

COTR Contract Officer's Technical Representative

COWAPS Council on Wage & Price Stability

CP Claims Processing

CP Contractor Profiles

CP/M Control Program for Microprocessors

CPA Cost Plus Award

CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee

CPAP Common Provider Audit Program

CPAP Continuous positive airway pressure

CPAS Claims Processing Assessment System

CPCM Certified Professional Contract Manager

CPD Competitive Pricing Demonstration

CPD Cost Per Discharge

CPDA Current Premium Due Amount

CPDAH CPDA Hospital Insurance

CPE Certified Public Expenditures

CPE Contractor Performance Evaluation

CPEP Contractor Performance Evaluation Program (or Profile)

CPFA Cost Plus Fee Award

CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee

CPHA Commission on Professional Hospital Activities

CPI Consumer Price Index

CPI Coverage Period Indicator

CPI-PD Consumer Price Index for Prescription Drugs and Medical Supplies

CPI-U Consumer Price Index for Urban Areas

CPIC Certification Package for Internal Controls

CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee

CPM Claims Processing Manual

CPM Clinical Performance Measure

CPM Contractor Performance Management (Module)

CPM Critical Path Method

CPM Current Payment Month

CPM/EIS Contractor Performance Management / Enterprise Information System

CPMD Continuous Passive Motion Device

CPO Care Plan Oversight

CPO Chief of Purchasing Office

CPPC Cost Plus Percentage of Cost

CPQC Claims Processing Quality Control

CPR Comparative Performance Report

CPR Computerized Patient Record

CPR Contractor Performance Report

CPR Cost Performance Report

CPR Customary, Prevailing & Reasonable (Charge)

CPRI Computer-based Patient Record Institute

CPRS Contractor Performance Reporting System

CPS Center for Policy Studies

CPS Classified Position System

CPS Critical Payment System

CPSC Consumer Products Safety Commission

CPSR Contractor Purchasing (or Procurement) System Review

CPT Claims Processing Timeliness

CPT Common Procedural Terminology

CPT Cost Per Treatment

CPT Current Procedural Terminology

CPT-4 Current Procedural Terminology, Version 4

CPU Central Processing Unit

CPV Cost Per Visit

CQAS Carrier Quality Assurance System (now Part B QAS)

CQI Continuous Quality Improvement

CQMR Carrier Quarterly Medical Review

CR Change Request

CR Continuing Resolution

CR Cost Report

CR Cross Reference

CRAG Contractor Risk Assessment Guide

CRAH Change Request Approval History

CRAM Cross Region Access Method

CRB Change Review Board

CRC Capital Related Costs

CRC Career Resource Center

CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRCC Compensation Related Customary Charges

CRD Chronic Renal Disease (aka: ESRD (preferred))

CREP Cost Report Evaluation Program

CRESUS Cost Report Evaluation System subsystem

CRF Change Request Form

CRG Carrier Representative Group

CRI Client Record Index

CRI Controlled Rate of Increase

CRIPA Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act

CRLE Cost Reimbursement Level of Effort

CROWD Contractor Reporting of Operational & Workload Data

CRP Common Rules Processor

CRP Consolidated Review Program

CRS Congressional Reporting System

CRS Congressional Research Service

CRSL Cost Report Settlement Log

CRTS Cuff Records Tracking System

CRVR Catastrophic Repeal Validation Review

CRVS California Relative Value Study

CRWH Change Request Work History

CS Claims Services

CS Covered Services

CS Abbreviation for Customer Service

CSA Computer Security Act of 1987

CSA Cross Service Agreement

CSAMS Customer Service Assessment & Management System

CSAP Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

CSAT Computer Security Awareness Training

CSC Customer Service Center

CSCC Customer Service Call Center (nee SPOC, now CSC Customer Service Center)

CSD Customer Service Desk

CSF Critical Success Factor

CSI Computer Security Institute

CSIRC Computer Security Incident Response Capability

CSMI Corporate Storage Management Initiative

CSMM Customer Support for Medicare Modernization

CSO Community Service Offices

CSO Customer Service Order

CSOT Customer Service Outstation Team (also OCST)

CSP Certified Systems Professional

CSP Customer Service Plan

CSP Customer Service Program

CSR Core Security Requirements

CSR Customer Service Record

CSR Customer Service Representative

CSR Customer Service Request

CSR Abbreviation for Customer Service Representative

CSRA Civil Service Reform Act of 1978

CSRS Civil Service Retirement System

CSSP Computer Systems Security Plan

CSSR Communications System Segment Replacement

CSSR Cost Schedule Status Report

CST Consumer Service Team

CSTE Council of State & Territorial Epidemiologists

CSTP Carrier System Testing Project (or Program)

CTC Certified Transplant Center

CTMP Contractor Task Management Plan

CTR Contingency Plan Report

CTS Clear To Send

CTS Contracts Tracking System

CUI Customer User Interface

CVA Current View Area

CVE Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures

CVF Current Value of Funds

CWF Common Working File (see NCHS)

CWF/MSP Common Working File / Medicare Secondary Payer

CWFA Common Working File Part A

CWFB Common Working File Part B

CWFDOCO Common Working File Documentation File

CWFHPEP Common Working File Host Performance Evaluation Program

CWFINFOBASE Common Working File Information Database

CWFM Common Working File Maintenance

CWFM/IV&V Common Working File Maintenance / Independent Verification & Validation

CWFMC Common Working File Maintenance Contractor

CWFMQA CWF Medicare Quality Assurance System

CWFQAS Common Working File Quality Assurance System

CWRS Contractor Workload Reporting System

CWS Compressed Work Schedule

CWS Contractor Workload System

CY Calendar Year

CY Critical Year

D&F Determinations & Findings

DA Data Acquisition

DA Data Administration

DA Data Administrator

DA Data Analysis

DA Data Architecture

DA Direct Access

DA Dynamic Allocation

DA&A Drug Addiction & Alcoholism

DAB Departmental Appeals Board

DAC Discretionary Access Control

DACA Days After Contract Award

DAD Data Access Diagram (aka: DSD)

DAE Data Entity

DAF Discretionary Adjustment Factor

DAMA Data Administration Management Association

DAP Data Administration Plan

DAP DMERC Advisory Panel

DARC Delete Automatic Renewal Clause

DARO Days After Receipt of Order

DAS Distributed Application Services

DASD Direct Access Storage Device (also Global DASD)

DASM Data Administration Standards Manual

DASMB (HHS) Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management & Budget

DAT Decision Analysis Team

DAT Digital Audio Tape

DATAMED Medicaid Quality Control System

DAWN Drug Abuse Warning Network

DB Direct Billing

DBA Data Base Administrator

DBA Database Administration

DBA Doing Business As

DBC Drug Benefit Calculator

DBDB Direct Billing Data Base

DBE Data Base Environment

DBF Data Base File (also DB/F)

DBI Direct Billing Integration

DBIS Direct Billing Integration System

DBM Database Management

DBMS Database Management System

DBPC Direct Billing Premium Collection

DBPS Drug Bill Processors

DBRP DB Rules Processors

DBS Direct Billing System

DC Data Communications

DC Data Controls

DC Deck Checks (also D/C)

DC Diagnostic Code

DC Discharge

DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCB Data Control Block

DCC Debt Collection Center

DCCA Data Computer Corporation of America

DCD Data Carrier Direct

DCF Dually Certified Facility

DCG Diagnostic Cost Group (Demonstration)

DCIA Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1966

DCIS Debt Collection & Improvement Act

DCIS Department Contract Information System

DCN Document Control Number

DCO Directed Change Order

DCO Directed Charge Order

DCP Data Conversion Plan

DCP Department of Carrier Procedures

DCS Debt Collection System

DD Data Dictionary

DD day (i.e., mmddyyyy)

DD Developmental Disabilities

DD/DBA Designation of Data / Database Administration

DDDL Data Dictionary Definition Language

DDE Direct Data Entry

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange

DDI Data Distribution Initiative

DDL Data Description Language

DDP Direct Dealing Provider

DDP Distributed Data Processing

DDPS Drug Data Processing System

DDR Discharge During Referral

DDS Data Dictionary System

DDS Disability Determination Service

DDS Distributed Database System

DEA Delegated Examining Authority

DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (or Agency)

DEAR Department of Energy Acquisition Regulations

DEBCO Debit & Benefit Conversion Operation (MBR)

DEC Dual Entitlement Code

DECC Dental Content Committee

DED Data Element Dictionary

DEERS Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DOD, CHAMPUS)

DEFRA Deficit Reduction Act of 1984

DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement

DEL Delivery

DEMOST Dual Entitlement Maintenance Operation System

DEP Deputy

DEPO Division of Enrollment and Payment Operations

DEPPM Data Exchange & Participating Physician Monitoring

DES Data Encryption Standard

DES Dollar Equivalency System (FTE hrs. worked x $ paid to employee)

DESI Drug Efficacy Study & Implementation Program

DESY Data Extract Software System

DF/DSS Data Facility/Data Set Service (Utility Software)

DFD Data Flow Diagram

DFLSD Death File Limiting State Death (SSA DUMAS National Death Repository)

DFP Data Facility Product

DFWA DrugFree Workplace Act of 1988

DHHS Department of Health & Human Services

DHHSAA DHHS Audit Agency

DHWHIM Daily Health Insurance Master Health Insurance Merge

DI Disability Insurance

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIB Data Integrity Board

DIB Disability Insurance Beneficiary

DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine

DIDO Duplication In, Duplication Out

DII Defense Information Infrastructure

DIMES Departmental Information Management Exchange System

DIP Dual InLine Package

DIRT Distributed Index of Rejected Transactions

DIS Disabled (beneficiary)

DISA Data Interchange Standards Association

DISA Direct Inward System Access

DISC Departmental Independent Study Center

DIU Defense Intelligence University

DJ Department of Justice (DOJ)

DL Data Language

DLL Dynamic Linked Libraries

DLRO Designated Lead Regional Office

DM Data Manager

DM Data Model

DM&S (DVA) Department of Medicine & Surgery

DMCL Data Base Management Control Language

DMD Data Model Diagram

DME Distributed Management Environment

DME Durable Medical Equipment

DMEFS Durable Medical Equipment Fee Schedule

DMEPOS Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetic, Orthotics & Supplies

DMERC Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier

DML Data Management Language

DML Data Manipulation Language

DMP Data Match Project

DMS Data Mass Storage

DMS Disk Management System

DMS/OS DASD Management System

DMSS Data Management SubSystem Capabilities

DNA Data Normalization Analysis

DNC Data Network Contractor

DNMNTR Denominator System

DO Data Owner

DO District Office

DOA Department of Agriculture

DOB Date of Birth

DOC Days of Care

DOC Department of Commerce

DOD Date of Death

DOD Department of Defense (DoD)

DOD Department of Defense

DODCI Department of Defense Computer Institute

DOE Date of Entitlement

DOE Department of Energy

DOEH Date of Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (Medicare Part A)

DOES Date of Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance (Medicare Part B)

DOG Day One Group

DOI Department of Interior

DOIAC District Office Intermediary Action Cases

DOIAC District Office/Intermediary Aged Cases (OBSOLETE)

DOJ Department of Justice

DOL Department of Labor

DOLA Delegation of Leasing Authority

DOLBA Date of Last Billing Action

DOM Developmental Office Minicomputer

DOME (Society of Health Systems) Directors of Management Engineering

DOORS Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System

DOS Date of Service

DOST Date of Suspension or Termination

DOT Department of Transportation

DOTH Date of Termination of Hospital Insurance

DOTS Date of Termination of Supplementary Medical Insurance

DP Data Processing

DP Disability Pension

DP Distinct Part

DPA Delegation of Procurement Authority

DPD Deferred Payment Date

DPF Distinct Part Facility

DPM Deputy Program Manager

DPNA Denial of Payment New Admissions

DPP Disproportionate Patient Percentage

DQC Data Quality Committee

DQSC Data Quality Steering Committee

DR Desk Review

DRA Data Release Agreement

DRA Deficit Reduction Act of 1984

DRA Disaster Recovery Assessment

DRAFT Dictionary/Repository Access Facility & Tools System

DRAIN Desk Review Artificial Intelligence Network

DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory

DRG Diagnostic Related Group (patients with similar illness)

DRI Drug Rebate Initiative

DRP Disaster Recovery Plan

DRS Data Review System

DRUG Data Release Users Guide

DS Data Set

DSAF Decision Support Access Facility

DSCN Data Service Centers & Network

DSD Data Structure Diagram (aka: DAD)

DSD Detailed Systems Design

DSH Disproportionate Share Hospital

DSM Diagnostic & Statistical Manual

DSM-IV Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition

DSMD Discount Schedule & Marketing Data

DSMO Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations

DSMS Development & Support Management System

DSN Data Set Name

DSN W/W Defense Switched Network Worldwide

DSP Design Specification Package

DSP Disproportionate Share Payments

DSR Data Set Ready

DSR Design Manager

DSS Decision Support System

DSS Department of Social Services

DSTU Draft Standard for Trial Use

DTC Design to Cost

DTE Data Terminal Equipment

DUA Data Use Agreement

DUCS Daily Update Control System (HDDUCS)

DUDEX Daily Update Data Exchange System

DUMAS Daily Update Master Accounting System (MBR)

DUNS Data Universal Numbering System

DUO Daily Update Operation

DUR Drug Utilization Review

DVA Department of Veterans Affairs (nee VA)

DVAAP Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program

DVR Data Validation Review

DWA Disabled Working Aged

DWARF Data Warehouse Access & Retrieval Facility

DWB Disabled Widow's Benefits

DWI Data Warehouse Initiative

DWI Disabled & Working Individual (see QDWI)

DWOH Days Work On Hand

DX Diagnosis

DXGROUP Diagnosis Group

E-PSA Electronic Public Service Announcement

E/M Evaluation & Management

EA Emergency Assistance

EA Exception Analyst

EAB Enumeration at Birth (SSA)

EAC Estimate at Completion

EAC Estimated Acquisition Cost

EAC Executive Advisory Committee

EACH Essential Access Community Hospital

EAJA Equal Access to Justice Act

EAL Evaluation Assurance Level

EAQC Equal Access Quality Committee

EAR Early Alert Report


EBCDIC Extended BinaryCoded Decimal Interchange Code

EBNE Eligible But Not Enrolled

EBRI Employee Benefit Research Institute

EC Enrollment Control

EC Evaluation Criterion

EC Event Cycle

ECB Electronic Code Book

ECD Executive Development Council

ECF Extended Care Facility

ECFMG Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

ECI Employment Cost Index

ECKD Extended Count Key Data

ECM Electronic Counter Measures

ECP External Counterpulsation

ECP Electronic Claims Processing System

ECP Engineering Change Proposal

ECR Electronic Cost Report

ECRD Early Complaint Resolution Process

ECRS Electronic Correspondence Referral System

ECS Electronic Certification System

ECS Extended Care Services

ECTI Electronic Claims Transaction Initiative

ED Electronic Commerce

ED Emergency Department

EDB Enrollment Database (CMS Medicare beneficiary entitlement record)

EDB Enterprise Database

EDBCCB EDB Change Control Board

EDBCRP EDB Common Rules Processor

EDBFPS EDB Five Percent Sample


EDBOTP EDB OnLine Transaction Processing

EDBP Enrollment Database PRISM (Staff)

EDBS Enrollment & Direct Billing System

EDBTP EDB Transaction Processors

EDBUPT EDB Online Update Facility

EDBW EDB Workbench

EDEES ESRD Data Entry & Editing System

EDF Execution Diagnostic Facility

EDG Emergency Department Group

EDG Enterprise Database Group

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EDIFWG Electronic Data Exchange Federal Work Group

EDIPAC Electronic Data Interchange / Payment & Collection

EDOH Executive Director, Office of Hearings

EDP Electronic Data Processing

EDPO EDB Printout

EDTA European Dialysis & Transplantation Association

EDW Electronic Data Warehouse

EEG Electroencephalograph

EEVS Enrollment Eligibility and Verification System

EF Exposure Factor

EFC Exclusions From Coverage

EFT Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTS Electronic File Transfer System (GHP large volume transfer to HDC)

EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System

EGHP Employer Group Health Plan

EH Emergency Hospital

EHNAC Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission

EHS Abbreviation for Environmental Health & Safety

EIA Electronic Industries Association

EIA 232-C EIA electrical interface standard 232C

EIB Employer Insured Beneficiary

EIN Employee Identification Number (aka SUEI)

EIN Employer Identification Number

EIS Enterprise Information System

EIS Environmental Impact Statement

EIS Executive Information Systems

EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture

EJR Expedited Judicial Review

EKMS Electronic Key Management System

ELAN Extended Local Area Network

ELF Extremely Low Frequency

EM Enrollment Module

EMATS Electronic Memo Acceptance Tracking System (TSO to NCC)

EMB Eligible Medicare Beneficiary

EMBER Edit for Multiple Bene Entitlement Records

EMC Electronic Media Claim

EMCP Electronic Media Claims Processing

EMCSES Electronic Media Claims Standard Enforcement Software

EMEVS Electronic Medicaid Eligibility Verification System

EMI/EMC Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMIA Educators Mutual Insurance Association

EMSS Emergency Medical Service System

EMT Emergency Medical Technician

EMTALA Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act

ENDOP End of Month Operation

ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer

ENOA Elimination of Notice of Admission (also EONA)

ENQ Enquiry Control Character

ENROLL Enrollment

ENS Electronic Network Services

ENTMRG Prior Entitlement Merge (HDENTMRG)

ENTRAP ENrollment TRAnsaction Processors

EO Executive Order

EOB Explanation of Benefits

EOC Episode of Care

EOIS Enrollment Online Inquiry System (use EDBOIS)

EOM End of Month

EOMB Executive Office of Management & Budget

EOMB Explanation of Medical Benefits

EONA Elimination of Notice of Admission (also ENOA)

EOP Executive Office of the President

EOQ Economic Order Quantity

EOS Economies of Scale

EOT End of Transmission

EOY End of Year

EP Enrollment Period

EP STUDIES Electrophysiological Studies

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EPAAR EPA Acquisition Regulations

EPC Emergency Protection Coordinators

EPESE Established Populations for Epidemic Logic Studies for the Elderly

EPICS Eligibility Programs Integrated Computer System

EPM Electronic Post Mark

EPOC External Point of Contact

EPSDT Early & Periodic Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment Program (or Services)

ER EntityRelationship

ERA Electronic Remittance Advice

ERD EntityRelationship Diagram

ERIC ERISA Industry Committee

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)

ERMA Edit & Reformat Maintenance Operation (HMERMA)

ERMA Edit & Reject Monthly Accumulation Report System

ERN Electronic Remittance Notice

ERNIE EDB Enrollment Retrieval New Interactive Edit System

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

ERQ Engineering Requirements

ERS Experimental Reimbursement System

ERV EntityRelationship Verification

ES Emergency Service

ESA Enterprise System Architecture

ESA Exceptional Service Award

ESA Extended Structure Architecture

ESA Extended Systems Architecture

ESP External Services Providers

ESQ Entitlement Status Query

ESRD EndStage Renal Disease

ESRD End Stage Renal Disease

ESRD PMMIS ESRD Program Management & Medical Information System

ESRDBF EndStage Renal Disease Beneficiary File

ESS Estimating System Survey

ESTS Enrollment Statistical Tabulation System

ET Expenditure Target

ETB End of Block

ETC Estimate to Complete

ETL Extraction Transformation & Loading

ETM Extended Terminal Multiplexer

ETV Estimated Test Volume

EVAN Electronic Verification of Alleged Number

EVPN Enhanced Virtual Private Network

EVS Eligibility Verification System

EVS Enumeration Verification System

EWU Equivalent Work Unit

EXA EExtended Architecture

F&A Fraud & Abuse

F&D Findings & Determination

FA Field Audit

FA Fiscal Agent

FA Functional Area

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAC Federal Acquisition Circular

FAC Freestanding Ambulatory Care

FAC Freestanding Ambulatory Center

FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act

FACCT Foundation for Accountability

FACP Final Administrative Cost Proposal

FACS Final Administration Cost System

FACS Financial Accounting System

FACTS Federal agency Centralized Trial Balance System

FADPUG Federal ADP Users Group

FAFD Federal Assistance Financing Division

FAH Federation of American Hospitals

FAHS Federation of American Health Systems

FAIR Fund for Assuring an Independent Retirement

FAQ Frequently Asked Question

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulations (48 CFR, Ch. 1)

FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation

FARA Federal Acquisition Regulation Automated System

FARC Federal Archives Records Center

FARS Financial Assistance Reporting System

FASA Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994

FASA Federated Ambulatory Surgery Association

FASAB Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

FASB Federal Accounting Standards Board (or Bureau)

FASC Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center

FASEB Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

FAT First Article Testing

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBR Federal Benefit Rate

FC Final Claim

FC Folder Control

FCA Farm Credit Administration

FCA Functional Configuration Audit

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCCA Federal Claims Collection Act of 1966 (31USC3711 & 4CFR)

FCCA Federal Computer Crime Act of 1984

FCCBC Federal Coordinating Committee on Breast Cancer

FCD First Claims Development

FCM First Credit Month

FCT File Control Table

FCW Freedom of Choice Waiver

FDA Food & Drug Administration

FDA Food and Drug Administration

FDG Fluorodeoxyglucose

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDO Formula Driven Overpayment

FDOEH First Date of Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (Part A)

FDOES First Date of Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B)

FEC Federal Election Commission

FEC Freestanding Emergency Center

FED-STD Federal Standard

FEDSIM Federal Computer Performance Evaluation & Simulation Center

FEDSIM Federal Systems Integration Management

FEDSTRIP Federal Standard Requisitioning & Issue Procedures

FEDWIRE Federal Wire Transmission System

FEHBP Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEPCA Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990

FERAS Front-End Risk Adjustment System

FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERCCA Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act of 2000

FF Facility File

FFB Federal Financing Bank

FFMIA Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996

FFP Federal Financial Participation

FFP Federal Fixed Price (contract)

FFRDC FederallyFunded Research & Development Centers

FFS Fee for Service

FFUND Fixed Income Index Investment Fund

FFWG Federal Finance Functional Workgroup

FFY Federal Fiscal Year

FGSTF Federal Government Service Task Force (Congressional caucus)

FHA Federal Highway Administration

FHA Federal Housing Administration

FHIBA Federal Health Insurance Benefits Accounts

FHP Family Health Plan

FI Fiscal Intermediary

FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FICARR Fiscal Intermediary/Carrier

FID Fraud Investigation Database

FIFO First In/First Out

FIG Fiscal Intermediary Group

FILS Federal Information Locator System

FIM Facer Identification Mark

FIPO Freedom of Information & Privacy Office

FIPR Federal Information Processing Resources

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards

FIPSPUB FIPS Publication

FIQAS Fiscal Intermediary Quality Assurance System

FIRMPOC Federal Information Resources Management Policy Council

FIRMR Federal Information Resources Management Regulations

FIRS Federal Information Relay Service

FIRS Federal Information Reporting System

FIRS Financial Information Reporting System

FIS Forms Information System

FISCAM Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual

FISS Fiscal Intermediary Standard (or Shared) System

FITA Federal Information Technical Architecture

FLC Federal Liason Committee

FLM Future Logical Model

FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act

FM Financial Management

FM Frequency Modulation

FM-TAG Financial Management Technical Advisory Group

FMA Federal Managers Association

FMAP Federal Medical Assistance Payments

FMAP Federal Medical Assistance Percentage

FMC Facility Management Contract (Contractor)

FMC Federal Maritime Commission

FMC Foundation for Medical Care

FMCS Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service

FMFIA Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act of 1992

FMFIA Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act

FMIS Field Management Information System

FMM Financial Management Manual

FMR Focused Medical Review

FMS Federal Monitoring Survey

FMS Federal Monitoring System

FMS Financial Management Service (Treasury Dept.)

FMS Financial Management System

FMSNET Financial Management System Network

FMSS Financial Management System Software

FMV Fair Market Value

FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association

FNS Food & Nutrition Service (DOA)

FO Field Operations

FO Financial Operations

FOB Freight On Board

FOC Full Operating Capacity

FOI Freedom of information

FOIA Freedom of Information Act of 1966, etc.

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FOP Financial Operating Plan

FORTRAN Formula Translation

FOSC Freestanding Outpatient Surgery Center

FOSE Federal Office Systems Exposition

FOSE Field Office Systems Enhancement (Claims Modernization Project)

FP Fixed Price

FPAF Fixed Price Award Fee

FPC Fiscal Policy Committee

FPDC Federal Procurement Data Center

FPDS Federal Procurement Data System

FPEFA Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment

FPI Fixed Price Incentive

FPIST Fixed Price with Successive Targets

FPL Federal Poverty Level

FPLE Fixed Price Level of Effort

FPMS Federal Productivity Measurement System

FPMS Forms & Printing Management System

FPOC Fixed Price Options Clause

FPR Final Project Report

FPR Fixed Price Redeterminable (contract)

FPRA Forward Pricing Rate Adjustment

FPS Five Percent Sample

FPSC Federal Product & Services Codes

FQA Functional Quality Assurance

FQHC Federally Qualified Health Center

FQHC Federally Qualified Health Centers

FQI Federal Quality Institute

FR Federal Register

FR Final Rule

FR (F/R) Formal Review

FRA Federal Railway Administration

FRCS Federal Reserve Communication System (Treasury Dept.)

FRD Functional Requirements Document

FRO Field Regional Office

FRS Federal Reserve System

FS Final Settlement

FS Financial Statement

FS Fixed Standard

FSA Family Services Administration

FSA Family Support Administration

FSA Federal Service Area

FSA Flexible Savings Account

FSCM Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers (OBSOLETE now called CAGE)

FSE Federal Software Exchange

FSIIS Field Staff Information & Instruction Series

FSIL First State Issuing License

FSP Federal Specific Portion

FSPML First State Professional Medical License

FSS Florida Shared System

FSY Fee Screen Year

FT FrontEnd Edit

FT Full Time

FTAPE Foreign Tape System

FTC Federal Trade Commission

FTCA Federal Tort Compensation Act of 1988

FTI Federal Tax Information

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FTR Failed Transaction Report

FU Followup

FULS Federal Upper Limits (of Medicaid drug pricing) System

FUSA Families USA

FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act

FWA Fraud, Waste & Abuse

FWS (U.S.) Fish & Wildlife Service

FWS Federal Wage System

FY Fiscal Year

FY/CY Fiscal Year/Calendar Year

FYE Fiscal Year End or Ending

FYTD Fiscal Year To Date

G&A General & Administrative (costs)

G-CPR Government ComputerBased Payment Related Project

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards

GAB Grant Appeals Board

GAF Geographic Adjustment Factor

GAGAS Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards

GAM General Administration Manual

GAMSS General American Medicare Standard System

GAO (U.S.) General Accounting Office

GAO Government Accounting Office

GAS Government Auditing Standards

GASB Government Auditing Standards Board

GB Global Budget

GBL Government Bill of Lading

GCB Geographic Code Book

GCIA Government Commercial Industrial Activity (also CIA)

GCIP General Defense Intelligence Program

GCPI Geographic Cost of Practice Index

GDC Government Data Center

GDG Generation Data Group

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GEB General Enrollment Beneficiaries

GED General Graphics Editor

GEP General Enrollment Period

GFE Government Furnished Equipment

GFI Government Furnished Information

GFI Government Furnished Items

GFM Government Furnished Materials

GFP Government Furnished Property

GFR Government Furnished Resources

GFUND Government Securities Investment Fund (GSIF)

GHP Group Health Plan

GHPPS Group Health Plan Payment System

GHPS Group Health Processing System

GI Geographic Index

GIC General Inpatient Care

GIS Geographic Information Systems

GIS Gentran Integration Suite

GL General Ledger

GMATS Grants Management & Tracking System

GMIS Grants Management Information System

GMRA Government Management & Reform Act of 1994

GNMA Government National Mortgage Administration

GNP Gross National Product

GOALS Government Online Accounting Link System

GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated activity

GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile

GOTS GovernmentOffTheShelf

GP Generalized Claims Systems Procedures

GPCI Government Practice Cost Index

GPCI Government Purpose License Rights

GPI Group Practice Indicator

GPNPI Group Practice National Provider Indicator

GPO Government Printing Office

GPO Government Project Officer

GPO Group Purchasing Organization

GPP Group Practice Plan

GPP Group Premium Payor

GPPP Group Practice Prepayment Plan

GPRA Government Performance & Results Act of 1993

GPS Generic Performance Standards

GQS Generic Quality Screens

GRC General Research Corporation

GRECC Geriatric Research, Education & Clinical Center

GRH GrammRudmanHollings Act

GROUCH GHP Report Output User Communications Help

GRS General Records Schedule

GS General Schedule

GSA General Services Administration

GSAR General Services Acquisition Regulation

GSBCA General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals

GSD General Systems Design

GSS General Support System

GT Growth Target

GTL Government Task Leader (contracts)

GTM Government Task Monitor

GTR Government Transportation Request

GTR Guaranteed Test Region

GWAC Government Wide Acquisition Contract

HA HI Reinstating Operation

HAA Hispanic Agenda for Action

HAASC Hospital Affiliated Ambulatory Surgical Center

HART HCFA Accounting Records Tracking System

HAS Hospital Annual Survey

HAS Health Savings Account

HASEALP HA Search Alpha Program (Beneficiary Alpha Match/Reinstate Operation)

HAVEN Home Assessment Validation & Entry System

HBP HospitalBased Physician

HBP Hospital Based Physician

HC Hardcopy Claims

HC HI Control Operations

HCA Hospital Corporation of America

HCBWP Home & Community Based Waiver Program

HCC Health Care Compare

HCC Hierarchical Coexisting Condition

HCC Hierarchical Condition Category

HCCA Health Care Commuting Area

HCFA Health Care Financing Administration (renamed CMS effective July 1, 2001)

HCG Health Care Group

HCH Health Care for the Homeless

HCIRC Health Care Information Resource Center

HCIS HCFA Customer Information System

HCIS Health Care Information System

HCLEACON HC Report SSI Leads Activity Operation

HCM Hardware Configuration Management

HCPC HCFA Common Procedure Code

HCPCS Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

HCPP Health Care Prepayment Plan

HCQII Health Care Quality Improvement Initiative

HCQIP Health Care Quality Improvement Program

HCR Health Care Reform

HCRIS Healthcare Provider (or Hospice) (or Hospital) Cost Report Information System

HCRS (Maintain) HCRIS Process

HCTP Health Consumer Training Program

HD Handicapped/Disabled (do not use Handicapped, use IWD or PWD)

HD Health Insurance Daily Operations

HDBUTE Health Insurance Database Update Program

HDDUCS Health Insurance Daily Update Control System

HDENTMRG Health Insurance Daily Prior Entitlement Merge

HDHIDAD HD Health Insurance Daily Actions Dispersion System

HDHIDUP HD Health Insurance Daily Update Program

HDHISS HD Health Insurance Segmented Sort System

HDI Health Data Institute

HDID HI Daily Identification (also see BOIS)

HDLC HighLevel Data Link Control

HDMEDMRG HD Medicaid Merge Program

HDMUPS HI Daily Master Update Processing System

HDPRENT HD Prior Entitlement Program

HDRIM Health Insurance Retrieve Inactive Master System

HDSEX HD Sorted Exceptions Program

HDSQRD HD Monthly Sequential Read Program

HDSS Hospital Data Support System

HE HI Enrollment Operations

HECHICN HE Health Insurance Enrollment Cards Operation

HEDIS Healthplan Employer Data Information Sets

HEDIS Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set

HEO Hispanic Employee Organization

HEP Hispanic Employment Program

HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Attraction

HEZ Health Economic Zone

HF HI Database Specifications Format

HFMA Healthcare Financial Management Association

HG HI General Documentation

HH Hold Harmless

HH Home Health

HHA Home Health Agency

HHABN Home Health Advanced Beneficiary Notice

HHC Home Health Care

HHCOV Home Health Coverage

HHI Home Health Intermediary

HHL Home Health Line

HHPPS Home Health Prospective Payment System

HHQI Home Health Quality Initiative

HHQIS Home Health Quality Indicator System

HHRG Home Health Resource Group

HHS (Department of) Health & Human Services (also DHHS)

HHS Home Health Services

HHS Department of Health and Human Services

HHSAR Health & Human Services Acquisition Regulation (48 CFR, Ch.3)

HHSSA Home Health Services & Staffing Association

HI Health Insurance (Medicare)

HIAA Health Insurance Association of America

HIAM Health Insurance Alpha Microfilm

HIB Health Insurance Benefits (Medicare)

HIB Hospital Insurance Benefits (Part A)

HIBRR Health Insurance Benefits Rights & Responsibilities

HIC Health Information Center

HIC Health Insurance Claim

HIC Health Insurance Company

HIC Home Intensive Care

HIC Health Insurance Claim number used by CMS

HICAN Health Insurance Claim Account Number (Medicare Number)

HICDA Hospital International Classification of Diseases Adapted

HICN Health Insurance Claim Number (Medicare Number)

HICR Health Insurance Correction Request

HIDA Health Insurance Distributor's Association

HIDAD HI Daily Actions Dispersion System

HIDUP HI Duplicate Payments Systems

HIFA Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability

HIICAP Health Insurance Information, Counseling & Assistance Program

HIIM Health Insurance Inquiries Manual

HIM Health Insurance Manual

HIMA Health Industry Manufacturers Association

HIMA Health Insurance Master

HIMBEX Health Insurance Master Billing Exception Process

HIMF Health Insurance Master File

HIMICS (OHPS) Management Information Control System

HIMR HI Master Record

HIMSS (AHA's) Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society

HIN Health Industry Number

HIN Health Insurance Networks

HIN HI Number (see HICN)

HINN HospitalIssued Notice of Noncoverage

HIO Health Insurance Organization

HIP Health Insurance Pamphlet

HIP Health Insurance Plan

HIPAA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996

HIPDB Healthcare Integrity & Protection Data Bank

HIPO Hierarchical Input Processing & Output

HIPPS Health Insurance Prospective Payment System

HIPPS Health Insurance Prospective Payment System, a CMS payment code system

HIQA Health Insurance Query A (Part A inquiry data)

HIQR Health Insurance Online Query Response

HIRAM Health Insurance Reinstating Alphabetic Master

HIRD HI Reduction Data (30 QC field on MBR)

HIRO Health Insurance Regional Office

HIRTF Health Insurance Reform Task Force

HIS Health Information Systems (3M Inc.)

HIS Health Interview Survey

HIS Indian Health Service

HISAC Health Insurance Screening & CrossReferencing (HMHISAC)

HISB Health Informatics Standards Board

HISB Healthcare Informatics Standards Board

HISDG HCFA Information Systems Development Guide

HISKEW Health Insurance Skeleton Eligibility Writeoff

HISM Handbook of Information Security Management

HISPP Healthcare Informatics Standards Planning Panel

HISS Health Insurance Segmented Sort System (HDHISS)

HISTM Health Insurance System Test Module

HIUM Health Insurance Utilization Master (or Microfilm)

HIURPS Health Insurance Utilization Records Processing System

HJ HI Direct Billing Operations (SOBER)

HJCOIN Health Insurance Central Office Inquiries

HL7 Health Level Seven

HLM HCFA Logical Model

HLQ High Level Qualifier

HM HI Maintenance Operations

HMA Higher Monitoring Authority

HMB Hospital Market Basket

HME Home Medical Equipment

HMERMA HM Edit & Reformat Maintenance Operation

HMHISAC HM Health Insurance Screening & CrossReferencing Operation


HMO Health Maintenance Organization

HMO/CMP HMO Competitive Medical Plan

HMODR CMS Medicare Outpatient Data Review

HMPSA Health Manpower Shortage Area


HMS Housekeeping Monitoring System

HMSA Health Manpower Shortage Areas

HMUPHMO HI Master Update HMO

HMWHIM Health Insurance Master Weekly Health Insurance Merge

HO Hearing Officer


HOP Hospital Orientation Program

HOS Health Outcomes Survey

HOST Healthcare Open Systems & Trials

HP HI Payment Records Operations

HPA Health Policy Agenda

HPAC HI Premium Amount Collectable (MBR / BCM)

HPB Historical Payment Basis

HPBSS HCFA Part B Standard System

HPEP Host Performance Evaluation Program\

HPG Homogeneous Patient Groups

HPMS Health Plan Management System

HPPC Health Plan Purchasing Cooperative

HPSA Health Professional (or Personnel) Shortage Area

HQ HI Query Operations

HR Human Resources

HRA Health Reimbursement Account

HRCI Human Resources Certification Institute

HRET (AHAs) Hospital Research & Educational Trust

HRG Health Research Group

HRGA High Rate Geographical Area

HRSA Health Resources & Services Administration (formerly HRA, formerly PHS)

HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration

HS HI Updating Provider Files Operations

HSA Health Service Area

HSA Health Services Administration

HSA Health Systems Agencies

HSA Historical SPAC Amount

HSC (Army) Health Services Command

HSI Health Systems International

HSP Hospital Specific Portion

HSR Hospital Specific Rate

HSRA Health Resources & Services Administration

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

HTR HowToRead

HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

HUD (Department of ) Housing & Urban Development

HUQA (Part A inquiry data)

HURA Health Underserved Rural Area

HWI Hospital Wage Index

HYBC Hypothetical Base Year Calculations

I-CASE Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering

IA Information Access

IA Information Assurance

IA Inter/IntraAgency Agreement

IAC Industry Advisory Council

IAC InterAgency Committee

IACS Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services

IADL Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

IAG Interagency Advisory Group

IAM Innovative Access Method

IAPD Implementation Advance Planning Document

IAR Inventory & Assessment Report

IBD Initial Billing Date

IBIS Industrial Base Information System

IBN Incorrect Bill Notice

IBNR Incurred But Not Reported

IBPO Initial Bill Processing Option

IBPR Intermediary Benefit Payment Report

IBPR Intermediary Benefits Payment Report

IBR Intermediary Benefit Payment

IC Individual Consideration

IC Initial Claims Operations

IC Integrated Circuit

IC Internal Controls

ICA Information Control Area

ICA Information, Counseling & Assistance

ICA Insurance Counseling Assistance (Program)

ICA Internal Control Area

ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing

ICB Information Collection Budget

ICB Inner Company Billing (Code)

ICC Interstate Commerce Commission

ICCB Infrastructure Change Control Board

ICCP Individual Community Care Plan

ICCSHE Interagency Committee on Computer Support of Handicapped Employees

ICD Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

ICD Interface Control Document

ICD International Classification of Diseases

ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases 9th Edition Clinical Modification

ICDA International Classification of Diseases Adapted for the U.S.

ICEP Initial Coverage Election Period

ICF Intermediate Care Facility

ICF/MR Intermediate Care Facility for Mental Retardation

ICFS/MR Intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded

ICMA Individual Case Management Association

ICMS Information Center Management System (Cullinet)

ICN Inhouse Claim Number

ICN Inquiry Control Number

ICN Intercontractor Notices

ICN Intermediary Control Number

ICN Internal Control Number

ICN Inventory Control Number

ICP Internal Control Program

ICPR Informal Dispute Resolution

ICQ Internal Control Questionnaire

ICR Image Copy Recognition

ICR Incomplete Claims Reject

ICR Information Collection Requirement

ICR Intelligent Character Recognition

ICR Internal Control Review

ICR Investigative Claims Report

ICST Institute for Computer Sciences & Technology

ICSTP Intermediary/Carrier System Testing Project

ID Identification (Number)

ID Identifying Data

ID Implementation Date

IDB Information Data Base

IDD Integrated Data Dictionary

IDE Investigational Device Exemptions

IDEF Integrated Data Engineering Facility

IDIQ Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity

IDIQ Indefinite Duration, Indefinite Quantity

IDMS Information Data Management System

IDMS Integrated Database Management System

IDMS/R Integrated Database Management System/Relational

IDRC Improved Data Recording Capability

IDS Integrated Delivery System

IDS Intrusion Detection Software (or System)

IDTF Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

IE Industrial Engineering

IEC International Electrotechnical Task Force

IEF Information Engineering Facility

IEP Initial Enrollment Period

IEQ Initial Enrollment Questionnaire

IER Interim Expenditure Report

IER Intermediary Expenditure Report

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IEVS Income & Eligibility Verification System

IFB Invitation for Bids

IFC Interim Final Rule with Comment

IFQ Invitation for Quote

IG Implementation Guide

IG Inspector General

IGA Interim Geographic Adjustment

IGAA Inspector General Act Amendments of 1988

IGCE Independent Government Cost Estimate

IGLAS Integrated General Ledger Accounting System

IHPP Intergovernmental Health Policy Project

IHS Indian Health Service

IIA Information Industry Association

IIA Institute of Internal Auditors

IIB Impact & Implementation Bargaining

IIC Inflation Index Charge

IIHI Individually Identifiable Health Information

IJST Internal Job Stream Action (MBR)

IL Intermediary Letter

ILDJ Interactive Language Dependent Job

IM Information Memorandum

IM Intermediary Manual

IMA Individual Medical Account

IMC International Medical Center

IMCAS Intervening Medical Care Analysis System

IMD Institution for Mental Disease

IME Indirect Medical Education

IMF Individual Master File (ICR)

IMI Infant Mortality Initiative

IMI Interim Manual Instructions

IMN Internal Machine Number

IMP Implementation Phase

IMPACC Immediate Payment Critical Case Process (MBR)

IMPACT Integrated (or Improved) Management of Personnel Administration thru Computer Technology

IMRP Instruction Manual for Renal Providers

INFOMAN Information Management

INFOSEC Information (System) Security

INRA Immigration Nursing Relief Act of 1989

INS Immigration & Naturalization Service

INS SAVE Immigration & Naturalization Service's Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements

IOC Inspection of Care

IOF Input Output Facility

IOF Interactive Output Facility

IOL Intraocular Lens

IOM Institute of Medicine

IOR Individual Operating Report

IORM Intermetrics Oversight & Risk Management

IOU (CWF) Identify Ownership Utility

IP/SNF Inpatient SNF

IPA Independent Practice Association

IPA Individual Practice Association

IPAC Immunization Practice Advisory Committee

IPAP Interagency Placement Assistance Program

IPC Information Processing Center

IPL Independent Physiological Lab

IPL Initial Program Load

IPMG Investment Planning & Management Group

IPO Initial Program Offering

IPOA InterPlan Operating Agreement

IPP Individual Practice Plan

IPP Individual Program Plan

IPP Integrated Planning Process

IPP Integrated Project Planning

IPPB Intermittent Positive Pressure Breathing

IPR Independent Professional Review

IPRP Interim Payment Review Program

IPS Institutional Provider of Service

IPS Interim Payment System

IQC Integrated Quality Control (System)

IQC Internal Quality Control

IQUE Inplant Quality Evaluation

IR Incident Report

IR Information Requirement

IR&D Independent Research & Development

IRA Initial Review Analysis

IRAC Information Resources Administration Councils

IRB Institutional Review Board

IRB Intern & Resident to Bed (ratio)

IRC Informal Resolution Conference

IRC Information Resource Center

IRC Inpatient Respite Care

IRC Internal Revenue Code

IRCA Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986

IRD Intercomponent Review Draft

IRD Internal Research & Development

IRDS Information Resource Depository System

IRDS Information Resource Dictionary System

IRE Independent Review Entity

IRF Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

IRIS Interim & Resident Information System

IRIS Interns & Residents Information System

IRM Information Resources Management

IRMP Information Resource Management Program (or Plan)

IRMS Information Resource Management Service

IRP Incentive Reward Program

IRP Insurance Reimbursement Program

IRP Interim Review Package

IRR Implementation Readiness Review

IRS Identical, Related & Similar (drugs)

IRSAP Internal Revenue Service Acquisition Procedure

IRU Initial Review Unit

IS Information Sharing (QC)

IS Information System

IS/T Information Systems/Technology

ISA In Service Area

ISA Internet Security Assessment

ISBN International Standard Book Number

ISC Information Strategy Council (senior management team)

ISC Intersystem Communication

ISCLT International Society for Clinical Laboratory Technology

ISES Information System Empowerment Strategy

ISFUG Integrated Software Federal Users Group

ISM Information Systems Management

ISO Interconnection System Operation (OSI Model)

ISO International Standards Organization

ISR Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

ISSO Information Systems Security Officer

ISSP Information Systems Security Plan

ISTP Intermediary System Testing Program

ISW Information Systems Workgroup (also ISWG)

IT Information Technology

IT Integration Team

IT-IRB Information Technology Investment Review Board

ITA Information Technology Architecture

ITA International Trade Association

ITAG Information Technology Architecture Group

ITAR International Trafficking Acquisition Regulations

ITC Information Technology Council

ITC International Trade Commission

ITMRA Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996

ITPIL Initial Three Percent Investigation List

ITS Information Technology Systems

ITS Inspection Tracking System

ITV InterAgency Transfer Voucher

IU International Unit

IUC Incurred But Unreported Claims Reserve

IV&V Independent Validation & Verification

IVR Interactive Voice Response

IWD Individuals With Disabilities

JAD Joint Applications Design (or Development)

JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association

JAS Job Accounting System

JAS Joint Agreement Statement

JCA Jewish Council for Aging

JCAHCO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations

JCAHO Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Organizations

JCHACO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCHACO)

JCL Job Control Language

JCP Joint Committee on Printing

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JES Job Entry Subsystem

JES2 Job Entry System MVS/XA

JFMIP Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

JOA Joint Operating Agreement

JOFOC Justification for Other than Full & Open Competition

JRC Job Rehabilitation Contact

JRC Joint Review Committee

JTR Joint Travel Regulation

JUA Joint Underwriting Association

JURIS Justice Retrieval & Inquiry System

JURIS RRB Jurisdiction Change Operation

JV Journal Voucher

KAL Key asset List

KBIT KnowledgeBased Intelligence Tracking

KBMS Knowledge Base Management System

KBSA KnowledgeBased Software Assistant

KD Knocked Down

KE Knowledge Engineering

KFL Key Facilities List

KIDS KnowledgeBased Integrated Design System

KIP Key Intelligence Position

KIQ Key Intelligence Question

KMC Key Management Center

KMID Key Material Identification Number

KRA Key Result Areas

L-H Labor Hour

LAC Library Advisory Committee

LAE Limitation on Administrative Expenses

LAF Ledger Account File (code)

LAG Local Application Group

LAG Logical Application Group

LAN Local Area Network

LAP Last Action Processed

LARPA Locality Adjusted Reduced Prevailing Amount

LARPA Locality Area Reduced Prevailing Allowance

LBRS LockBox Bank Remittance System (DB)

LCC Lesser Cost or Charges

LCC Life Cycle Cost

LCD Local Coverage Determination

LCDM Life Cycle Development Methodology

LCER Limiting Charge Exception Report

LCL Lowest Charge Levels

LCP Letter Charge Proposal

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LDBM Local Database Manager

LDD Logical Database Design

LDDI LDD Implemented

LDM Logical Data Model

LDO Legally Defined Overpayment

LEACON Report SSI Leads Activity Operation (HCLEACON)

LEIE List of Excluded Individuals & Entities

LEP Late Enrollment Penalty

LET Liaison Education Team


LIA Litigation Information Action

LIHEA Low Income Home Energy Assistance

LIL Limitation of Liability

LIS Low-Income Subsidy

LISP List Processor

LM Line Manager

LMRP Local Medical Review Policy

LOB Line of Business

LOC Letter of Credit

LOC Level of Care

LOC Lines of Code

LOE Level of Effect

LOE Level of Effort

LOI Letter of Intent

LOINC™ Logical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes ™

LOS Length of Stay

LP Legislative Projects

LPC Locality (or Locally) Prevailing Charge

LQC Local Quality Control

LRD Lifetime Reserve Days

LRF Logical Record Facility

LRI Laboratory Roll In

LRO Lead Regional Office

LRS Labor Relations Staff

LSA Local Systems Administrator

LSC Life Safety Code

LSI Large Scale Integration

LSR Limited Service Rural (Hospital)

LSR Local Shared Resource

LSS Litigation Support System

LSU Last Summary Update

LT Location Type

LTC Long Term Care

LTCF Long Term Care Facility

LTCIAC Long Term Care Insurance Advisory Council

LTCM Long Term Care Management

LTCP Long Term Care Program

LTCU Long Term Care Unit

LTD Live Test Demonstration

LTE Less Than Effective (drug)

LTP Lifetime Psychiatric Days

LU Logical Unit (data connection)

LUMI Last Update Month Indicator

LUPA Low Utilization Payment Adjustment

LVAD Left Ventricular Assist Device

LVE Low Volume Exemption

LVRS Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

LW Living With

M&M Medicare & Medicaid

M+C Medicare + Choice

M+C NSF Medicare + Choice National Standard Format

M+CO Medicare + Choice Organization

MA Major Action

MA Medicaid Agency

MA Medical Assistance

MA Medicare Advantage (formerly Medicare+Choice)

MA BSF Medicare Advantage Benefit Stabilization Fund

MA-PD Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans

MAA Medical Assistance Agency

MAA Memorandum of Advance Agreement

MAABD Medical Assistance to Aged, Blind & Disabled

MAAC Maximum Allowable Actual Charge

MAAR Mandatory Annual Audit Requirement

MAC Major Ambulatory Category

MAC Maximum Allowable Cost (or Charge)

MAC Medicare Appeals Council

MACE Medicare Alternate Claim Entry System

MADC Major Ambulatory Diagnostic Categories

MADCAP Manual Adjustments Credits & Awards Program (MBR)

MADRS Medicare Automated Data Retrieval System

MADS Mass Adjusted System

MADS Medicare Actuarial Data System

MAF Medical Assistance Facility

MAFDUDE MBR Master File Duplication Detection Operation

MAFDUP Abbreviated MBR File in MAFDUDE Operation

MAH Most Accessible Hospital

MAISARC Major Automated Information Systems Acquisition Review Committee

MAN Medicare Automated Network

MANRLINE Menu-driven Access to 100% Near-Line Claims Files System (NCH)


MAO Medical Assistance Only

MAO Medicare Advantage Organization

MAP Manufacturing Automated Protocol

MAP Maturity Actions Program (MBR)

MAP Medical Assistance Payments

MAP Medical Assistance Program

MAPC Maximum Allowable Prevailing Charge

MAPD Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug

MAPSA Medicare A Provider Services Assistants

MARI Medicare Administrative Reform Initiatives

MARK Mechanized Assignment & Record Keeping (System)

MARS Management & Administrative Reporting System

MARS Management Administration Reporting Subsystem

MARS Medicare Accounts Receivable System

MARX Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug System

MAS Medicare Appeals System

MAS (GSA) Multiple Award System

MAT Master Account Title

MAU Memorandum of Advance Understanding

MAU Multistation Access Unit

MAX Medicaid Analytic Extract

MB Market Basket

MBA Monthly Benefit Amount (SSA)

MBAS Medicare Benefit Accounting System

MBCIS Medicare Compliance Issues System

MBCS Medicare Budget & Cost System

MBCSP Medicare Beneficiary Customer Service Program

MBD Medicare Beneficiary Database

MBD Medicaid Beneficiary Database

MBDA Minority Business Development Agency

MBE Medicaid Budget & Expenditures

MBES Medicaid Budget & Expenditures System

MBHCW (Medicare or Medicaid) Home & Community Based Services Waivers System

MBI Minimum Background Investigation

MBN Medicare Benefit Notice

MBO Management by Objectives

MBPRP Monthly Bill & Payment Records Processing System

MBR Master Beneficiary Record (SSA)

MBSCAN Maximum Direct Record Scans (searches)

MBSPAS State Plan Amendments System

MC Maintenance Contractor

MCA Management Control Area

MCA Maternity Center Association

MCAB Medicare Contractor Administrative Budget

MCAC Medical Coverage Advisory Committee

MCBFMR BESS Focused Medical Review

MCBS Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey

MCCA Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 (PL 100360)

MCCB Medicare Change Control Board

MCCOY Managed Care Online Information System (GHP)

MCCRA Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Repeal Act of 1989 (PL 101234)

MCD Medicare Coverage Database

MCD Medicare Coverage Documents

MCDATA MedicareMedicaid Common Data Initiative

MCDC Medicare Contractor Data Center

MCE Medicare Code Editor

MCE(S) Medical Care Evaluation (Studies)

MCF Master Control File

MCH Maternal & Child Health Services

MCI Medicare Claims Inquiry

MCIGLAS Medicare Contractor Integrated General Ledger Accounting System

MCM Medicare Carrier Manual

MCO Managed Care Operation

MCO Managed Care Organization

MCOB Medicare Contractor Oversight Board

MCP Management Control Plan

MCP Monthly Capitation Payment

MCPI Medical Care Component of the Consumer Price Index

MCPI Medicare Contractor Productivity Improvement

MCPS Medicare (Part A) Claims Processing System (Veritus)

MCR Management Control Review

MCS Mandatory Claim Submission System

MCS MultiCarrier System

MCSC Medicare Customer Service Center

MCSID Medicare Contractor Systems Information Database

MCSS Medicare Contractor Standard System

MCSSMR Medicare Contractor Standard Systems Medical Review

MCWRS Medicare Contractor Workload Reporting (System)

MCWS Medicare Contractor Workload System

MD Medical Director

MDAS Medicaid Override Application System

MDC Major Diagnosis Category

MDC Medicare Data Center

MDCN Medicare Data Communications Network

MDH Medicare Dependent Hospital

MDRI Medicaid Drug Rebate Initiative

MDS Medicare Decision Support

MDS Minimum Data Set

MDS Mortality Data System

MDSRH Medicare Dependent Small Rural Hospital

MDSS Medicare Decision Support System

MDTA Manpower Development & Training Act

MDW Modernized Development Worksheet

ME Medical Effectiveness

ME Medical Endurance

MEASURES Medicare/Medicaid Automated Survey Reporting System

MECA Medicare Expanded Choice Act of 1987

MECCA Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 (also MCCA)

MECT Multiple Electroconvulsive Therapy

MED Medicare Enrollment Data (System)

MED Medicare Exclusion Database

MED-ED Medical Education

MEDAL Medicare/Medicaid Eligibility Data Linkage

MEDB Manage the EDB System

MEDB Medicare Part B

MEDIBAPS Medicare Budget Allocation Process System

MEDICAID Medical Aid (State administered health insurance program)

MEDIGAP Medicare Gap (Medicare complementary insurance program)

MEDIRS Medicaid Eligibility Determination & Information Retrieval System

MEDMRG Medicaid Merge Program (HDMEDMRG)

MEDPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

MEDPAR Medicare Provider Analysis & Review

MEDPARD Medicare Participating Physician/Supplier Directory

MEDSTAT Medicaid Statistical Information (Reporting) System (now MSIS)

MEDTEP Medical Treatment Effectiveness Program

MEF Master Earnings File (SSA)

MEI Medical Economic Index

MEI Medicare Economic Index

MEQC Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control (System)

MES Medicare Entitlement System

MET Medicaid Eligibility Terminal

MEWA Medicare & Multiple Employer Welfare Associations

MEWA Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement

MFAIC Medicare Fraud & Abuse Information Coordinator

MFCU Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

MFIS Medicare Fraud Information Specialist

MFS Medicare Fee Schedule

MFSDB Medicare Fee Schedule Database

MFSR Medicare Focused Medical Review Status Report

MGA Medicaid Grant Awards

MGCRB Medical Geographical Classification Review Board

MGCRB Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board

MHB Maximum Hospital Benefit

MHCRS Maintain HCRIS Process

MHOS Medicare Health Outcomes Survey

MHS Medical History Sample

MI Manual Issuance

MI Medical Insurance (Part B or SMI)

MIA Mark Interface Application

MIB Medical Information Bureau

MIB Medical Insurance Bureau

MICH Maternal, Infant & Child Health

MICO Midwestern Consortium (Chicago & Kansas City HIROs)

MIDES (Intermediary) Medicare Internal Data Entry System

MIG Medicare Insured Group

MIH Maternal & Infant Health Initiative

MIIR Management Information Integrated Repository

MIM Medicare Intermediary Manual

MIMS Medicare Information Management System

MIP Medicare Integrity Program

MIR Medicare Information Request

MIRPS Miscellaneous Information Reference PostEntitlement System (SSA MBR)

MIS Major Information Systems

MIS Management Information System

MIS Manual Issuance System

MISCOR Miscellaneous MBR Correction Operation

MISF Management Information System Facility

MLS MultiLevel Security

MLT Multiple Logical Tasking

MM Media Management

MM Month or Minutes (i.e., mmddyyyy)

MMA Medicare Modernization Act (of 1999)

MMACS Medicare/Medicaid Automated Certification System

MMAP (AARP) Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program

MMCITS Medicaid Managed Care Information Tracking System

MMCQI Medicare Managed Care Quality Improvement

MMCS Medicare Managed Care System

MMDDCCYY Month-Month/Day-Day/Century-Century/Year-Year (i.e., 02/26/2001) (also MMDDYYYY)

MMDDYY MonthMonth/DayDay/YearYear

MMIS Medicaid Management Information System

MMORP Medicare Management & Open Review Program

MMP Mixed Model Plan (GPP/IPP combination)

MMPS Medicare Mortality Predictor System

MMR Monthly Membership Report

MMS (U.S.) Minerals Management Service

MMS Manpower Management System

MMS Metropolitan Medicare System

MMWR Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report

MN Medical Necessity

MN Medically Needy

MNIL Medically Needy Income Levels

MO Management Office

MO Multiply Occurring

MOC Management Oversight Council

MODEM ModulatorDemodulator

MOE Method of Evaluation

MOL Maximum Order Limitation

MOLI Mirtel OnLine Inquiry System (HCFA access to RRB Database)

MOPD Maintenance Operations Protocol Loader Daemon

MOR Medicaid Overpayment Report

MOSS Mandatory Offsite Storage System

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MOUT Maximum Output

MP Master Processor

MPA Master Pending Accretion

MPARTS Mistaken Payment Recovery Tracking System

MPC Medical Patterns of Care

MPCC Medicare Premium Collection Center

MPCS Medicare Premium Collection System

MPD Medicare Provider Database

MPDB Medicare Prescription Drug Beneficiaries

MPF Master Provider File

MPFS Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

MPFSDB Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Data Base

MPI Medicare Provider Inventory

MPIER Medicare Physician Identification & Eligibility Registry (or Record)

MPIES Medicare Physician Identification & Eligibility System

MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching

MPP Massive Parallel Processing

MPR (carrier) Master Procedure Record

MPR Mathematical Policy Research

MPRS Medical Policy Retrieval System

MPS Market Penetration Survey

MQA Medicare Quality Assurance (CWF data validation)

MQAG Medicare Quality Advisory Group

MQC Medicaid Quality Control

MQFE Medicare Qualified Federal Employment

MQGE Medicare Qualified Government Employee

MQIS Medicare Quality Indicator System

MQM Medicare Quality Monitor

MQSA Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1992

MR Management Review

MR Master Record

MR Medical Review

MR Mortality Ratio

MR/DD Mentally Retarded / Developmentally Disabled

MR/UR Medical Review / Utilization Review

MRA Minimum Retirement Age

MRAR Medical Review Annual Report

MRB Medical Review Board

MRCRA Medicare Regulatory & Contractor Reform Act of 2001

MRI Medical Records Institute

MRO Multiple Region Option

MRO MultiRegion Operation

MRP Material Requirements Planning

MRP Maximum Reimbursement Point

MRRS Medicaid Retrospective Reimbursement System

MRS-1 Medical Review System Version 1 (aka: Part B Medical Review Savings Reporting System)

MRT Medical Review Team

MRTAG Mortality Review Technical Advisory Group

MS/R MultiState/Regional (Contractor)

MSA Major Service Area

MSA Medical Savings Accounts

MSA Medical Statistical Area

MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area (for PPS)

MSA Monthly Statement of Accounts

MSA Medicare Savings Account

MSAT Medicaid Strategic Analysis Team

MSC Medicare Status Code

MSC Message Switching Centers (SSA ARS/SSADARS)

MSHIP Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance Programs

MSIS Medicaid Statistical Information System (formerly MedStat)

MSIS Medicaid Statistical Information System

MSN Medicare Summary Notice

MSOM Modernized Systems Operations Manual (SSA)

MSP Manager Software Products

MSP Medicare Secondary Payor

MSP Message Security Protocol

MSPFQA Medicare Secondary Payer Functional Quality Assurance (Steering Committee)

MSPLS Medicare Secondary Payer Litigation Support

MSPPAY Medicare Secondary Payor Payment Module

MSPQA Medicare Secondary Payer Quality Assurance

MSR MidSession Review

MSS Medical Social Sevices

MSS Medicare Statistical System

MSSC Medicare Systems / State & County (Reimbursement)

MTAG Medicare Technical Advisory Group

MTD Month to Date

MTEA Medical Treatment Effectiveness Agenda

MTI Medicare Telephone Inquiry

MTM Methods Time Measurement

MTMC Military Traffic Management Command

MTMP Medication Therapy Management Program

MTOP Multiple Type of Provider

MTS Medicare Target Scenario

MTSO Medical Transcription Service Organization

MTUS Miles/Times/Units/Service

MUA Medically Undeserved Area

MUDD Maximum Direct Output

MUDS Medicare Utilization Data System

MUP Master Update Processor

MUPPET Medicare UPdate Processors for Enrollment Transactions (nee NEWDUP)

MUPS (HI) Maintenance Update Processing System

MUR Minimum Utilization Rate

MVPS Medicare Volume Performance Standard

MVS/ESA MVS/Enterprise System Architecture

MWRS Medicare Workload Report System

N&R Needs & Requirements

NAAP National Association of Activity Professionals

NAATP National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

NAAV National Average Actuarial Value

NABP National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

NAC National Association of Counties

NACDS National Association of Chain Drug Stores

NACHA National Automated Clearing House Association

NACHC National Association of Community Health Centers

NACHRI National Association of Children's Hospitals & Related Institutions

NACI National Agency Check & Inquiry

NACRH National Advisory Committee on Rural Health

NADSA National Adult Day Services Association

NAEYC National Association of Education for Young Children

NAF NonAppropriated Fund

NAHC National Association for Home Care

NAHDO National Association of Health Data Organizations

NAHFE National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives

NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners

NAIT National Alliance for Infusion Therapy

NAM National Association of Manufacturers

NAMDRC National Association for Medical Directors of Respiratory Care

NAMES National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers

NAMI National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NAP National Advisory Council

NAPA National Academy of Public Administration

NAPH National Association of Public Hospitals

NAPHS National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems

NARA National Archives & Records Administration

NARA National Association of Rehabilitation Agencies

NARD National Association of Retail Druggists

NARF National Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

NARFE National Association of Retired Federal Employees

NAS National Academy of Sciences

NASA National Aeronautic & Space Administration

NASBO National Association of State Budget Officers

NASIRE National Association of State Information Resource Executives

NASIS National Association of State Information Systems

NASLTCOP National Association of Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

NASMD National Association of State Medicaid Directors

NASOP National Association of State Ombudsman Programs

NAUGH Network Administrator's Users Group

NAV (Carrier) Name & Address Verification

NAWRS National Association for Welfare Research & Statistics

NBME National Board of Medical Examiners

NBS National Bureau of Standards

NC Network Council

NCA National Coverage Analysis

NCAI National Coalition for Adult Immunization

NCAL National Coalition for Assisted Living

NCC Network Coordinating Counsel

NCCAP National Certification Council for Activity Professionals

NCCLS National Council of Clinical Laboratory Services

NCCNHR National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform

NCCR National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

NCD National Coverage Determination

NCGME National Council on Graduate Medical Education

NCH National Claims History

NCH National Clinical History

NCHA National Clearing House Association

NCHBPL National Claims History Beneficiary Program Liability

NCHDB National Claims History Database

NCHICA North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance

NCHLS National Council on Health Laboratory Services

NCHPR National Claims History Processing Reports

NCHQA National Claims History Quality Assurance

NCHS National Center for Health Statistics

NCHS National Center for Health Statistics (or Studies)

NCHS National Claims History System (CWF)

NCHSR National Center for Health Services & Research

NCHSTS National Claims History Statistical Tabulation System

NCHSUM National Claims History Summary

NCI National Cancer Institute

NCIP National Inventory Control Point

NCITS National Committee for Information Technical Standards

NCMA National Contract Management Association

NCNHR National Coalition on Nursing Home Reform

NCOA National Change of Address (SSA & USPS)

NCOA National Council on the Aging

NCOCIC National Coordination Office for Computing, Information & Communications

NCP National Coverage Policy

NCPDP National Council of Prescription Drug Programs

NCPDP National Council for Prescription Drug Programs

NCPSSM National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

NCQA National Committee for Quality Assurance

NCQHC National Committee for Quality Health Care

NCR National Cash Register Corp.

NCS National Communications System

NCSA National Computer Security Association

NCSB Neurological, Cognitive, Sensory & Behavorial (Variables)

NCSC National Computer Security Center

NCSC National Council of Senior Citizens

NCSI National Capitol Systems Inc.

NCSL National Conference of State Legislatures

NCTL National Computer & Telecommunications Laboratory

NCVHS (PHS) National Center for Vital & Health Statistics

NCVHS National Center for Vital and Health Statistics

NDAA National Defense Authorization Act of 1991

NDC National Drug Code

NDEP National Diabetes Education Program

NDG Network Design Group

NDI National Death Index

NDM Network Data Mover

NDMS National Disaster Medical System

NDPS National Drug Pricing System

NDR National Death Repository (SSA)

NDRR National Data Reporting Requirements (System)

NDS Netware Directory Services

NEA National Endowment for the Arts

NEARLINE NCH Nearline update and maintenance System

NECMA New England County Metropolitan Area

NEHA New England Health Assembly

NEIC National Electronic Information Clearinghouse

NEJM New England Journal of Medicine

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NEPSC Northeast Program Service Center, SSA

NESRD NonEnd Stage Renal Disease

NETT National Emphysema Treatment Trial

NF Nursing Facility

NFA Net Fixed Assets

NFC National Finance Center

NFID National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

NGA National Governor's Association

NGFR NonGovernment Furnished Resources

NGFSFHP National Guaranty Fund for SelfFunded Health Plans

NH Nursing Home

NHA Nursing Home Administrator

NHAC National Health Advisory Committee

NHB National Health Board

NHC Nursing Home Certifiable

NHCAA National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association

NHCAA National Health Care AntiFraud Association

NHCMQ Nursing Home Case Mix & Quality Demonstration

NHDAC National Health Data Advisory Council

NHE Nation's Health Expenditures

NHE National Health Expenditure

NHELP National Health Law Program

NHI National Health Insurance

NHI Nursing Home Information

NHII National Health Information Infrastructure

NHIS National Health Interview Survey

NHO National Hospice Organization

NHSC National Health Service Corps

NHTSA National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration

NIA National Institute on Aging

NIAID National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases

NIAMSD National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases

NIAP National Information Assurance Partnership

NICOA National Indian Council on Aging

NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse

NIDDKD National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Diseases

NIDR National Institute of Dental Research

NIE Net Impact Estimate

NIF National Insurance File

NIF Not In File

NIH National Institutes of Health

NII National Information Infrastructure

NIMA National Imagery & Mapping Agency

NIMBE Not Including Medicare Benefits Exhausted

NIMH National Institute of Mental Health

NIMMS National Integrated Medicaid Management System

NINDS National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

NIP National Improvement Project

NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Center, FBI

NIRA National Industrial Recovery Act (New Deal)

NISC (OPM) National Independent Study Center

NIST National Institute of Standards & Technology

NIT National Internal Telecommunications (MTS)

NIT Network Information & Technology

NKF National Kidney Foundation

NLA National Limitation Amount

NLM National Library of Medicine

NLN National League of Nursing

NLRB National Labor Relations Board

NMAO NonMedical Assistance Only (Cash/Deemed Cash)

NMC National Maintenance Contractor

NME National Medical Enterprises

NMEP National Medicare Education Program

NMES National Medical Expenditure Survey

NMES Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

NMFA National Medicare Fraud Alert

NMFAI National Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Institute

NMS Network Monitoring System (MTS)

NMUD National Medicare Utilization Database

NNWP Noncontact Normothermic Wound Therapy

NOA Nature of Action

NOA Notice of Admission

NOA Notice of Award

NOAA National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration

NOBA Notice of Budget Approval

NOC Network Operation Center

NOC Not Otherwise Classified

NOCHD Notice of Correction Hearing Decision

NOCO Northeastern Consortium (Boston, New York & Philadelphia HIROs)

NODMAR Notice of Discharge & Medicare Appeal Rights

NOEU National Obscenity Enforcement Unit

NOF Not On File

NOI Notice of Intent

NOMCI Notice of Medigap Claim Information

NOOH Notice of Opportunity for Hearing

NOPA National Office Products Association

NOPA Northwest Organ Procurement Agency

NOPR Notice of Program Reimbursement

NORA National Operational Research Agenda

NORQS Number of Temporary Procedures

NOS National Operating Services (GTE)

NOSIP Network Operations System Implementation Project

NOU Notice of Utilization

NP Nurse Practitioner

NP/PA Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants

NPA Network Performance Analyzer

NPA National PACE Association

NPC NetPost Certified

NPDB National Practitioner Data Bank

NPF National Provider File

NPI National Provider Identifier

NPII NPI Initiative

NPIP Non Periodic Interim Payment

NPP Narrative Project Plan

NPP National Privacy Panel

NPR National Performance Review

NPRG National Partnership for Reinventing Government

NPRM National Provider Reimbursement Manual

NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making

NPRM Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NPS National Provider System

NQF National Quality Forum

NQLC National Quality Leadership Conference

NQMP National Quality Management Program

NRA National Recovery Administration

NRA National Rifle Association

NRAA National Renal Administrators Association

NRC National Research Council

NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRHA National Rural Health Association

NRM Notice of Rule Making

NRODC Northwest Regional Organ Donation Center

NRP Network Resource Planning (tool)

NRU Nurse Review Unit

NSA National Security Agency

NSA National Standardized Amount

NSA Network Security Assessment

NSC National Security Council

NSC National Supplier Clearinghouse

NSCLC National Senior Citizens Law Center

NSDD National Security Decision Directive

NSEF National Standard Electronic (Media) Format

NSEMC National Standard Electronic Media Claims

NSF National Science Foundation

NSF National Standard Format

NSF NonStandard Format

NSF Not Sufficient Funds

NSN National Stock Number

NSNA No Stock Number Assigned

NSR NonShared Resource

NSS National Systems Support

NSTISSI National Security Telecommunications & Information Systems Security Institute

NT New Technology

NTAG National Technical Advisory Group

NTE Not to Exceed

NTEU National Treasury Employees Union

NTH NonTransplant Hospital

NTI National Technical Information

NTIA National Telecommunications & Information Administration

NTIOLS New Technology IntraOcular Lenses

NTIS National Technical Information Service (NBS, DOC)

NTRS National Therapeutic Recreation Society

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NUBC National Uniform Billing Committee (AHA)

NUCC National Uniform Claim Committee (AMA)

NUL National Urban League

NVA NonVeterans Administration

NVAC National Vaccine Advisory Committee

NVP National Vaccine Program

NWI National Wage Index

O&M Operations & Maintenance

O&M Organization & Management

O/H Overhead

OA Office Automation

OA Office of the Administrator, CMS

OAA Old Age Assistance

OAA Older Americans Act

OAC OASIS Automation Coordinator

OACT Office of the Actuary

OASB Old Age & Survivors Benefits

OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability & Health Insurance

OASDI Old Age, Survivors & Disability Insurance

OASH Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

OASI Old Age & Survivors Insurance

OASIS Outcome & Assessment Information Set

OATS Operation Assignments Tracking System

OBQI Outcome Based Quality Improvement

OBQIM Outcome Based Quality Improvement Management

OBQM Outcome Based Quality Monitoring

OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

OBRA Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981/1987/1989/1990

OCD OIG Clearance Document

OCD Operational Capability Demonstration

OCE Outpatient Code Editor (System)

OCESAA Omnibus Consolidated & Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for FY 1999

OCFAA Office of Civil Fraud & Administrative Adjudication

OCHAMPUS Office of Civilian Health & Medical Program of the Uniformed Services

OCI Organizational Conflict of Interest

OCR Office of Civil Rights

OCR Optical Character Recognition

OCR Office for Civil Rights

OCSE Office of Child Support Enforcement

OCST Outstation Customer Service Team (also CSOT)

ODA Occupancy Depreciation & Amortization

ODIE Online Data Input & Edit (Subsystem) (OSCAR frontend system)

ODL Outpatient Diagnostic Laboratory

ODSN Organization Development Services Network

OEC OASIS Educational Coordinator

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEO Occupant Emergency Organization

OEP Open Enrollment Period

OEPI Open enrollment period for institutionalized individuals

OEPNEW Open Enrollment Period for Newly Eligible Individuals

OES Occupational Employment Survey

OF Optional Form

OFA (FSA) Office of Family Assistance

OFB Outpatient Feedback

OFCCP Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

OFPP Office of Federal Procurement Policy

OGC (HHS) Office of the General Council

OGE Office of Government Ethics

OHCDS Organized Health Care Delivery System

OHDS Office of Human Development Services

OHTA (PHS) Office of Health Technology Assessment

OI Office of Inspections

OI Office of Investigations, OIG

OIA Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

OIC Opportunity to Improve Care

OICS Office of Internal Customer Support, CMS

OIFO Office of Investigations Field Office

OIG Office of the Inspector General

OIRA Office of Information & Regulatory Affairs

OIS Office of Information Services, CMS

OIS Office of Information Systems

OJT OnTheJob Training

OL Office of Legislation, CMS

OLAP OnLine Analytic Processing

OLM Online Mapping

OLMR Office of Labor Management Relations

OLQ Online Query

OLTC Other Long Term Care

OLTP OnLine Transaction Processing

OMB (HHS) Office of Management & Budget

OMB Office of Management and the Budget

OMCH Office of Maternal & Child Health

OMESP Omnibus Medicare Enrollment System Processor

OMM Office of Medicaid Management, MB

OMP Operational Management Plan

OMR Office of Medical Review

OMR Optical Mark Reading

OMRA Other Medicare Required Assessment

OMS Oversight and Management System

OOP Object Oriented Programming

OOSA Out of Service Area (use OSA)

OP Organization Purpose

OP Outpatient

OP Overpayment

OPA Organ Procurement Agency

OPAC Online Payment & Accounting Collection (System) (Treasury)

OPD OutPatient Department

OPDIV OPerating DIVision

OPI Office of Primary Interest

OPI Other Processing Information

OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OPL Operation Policy Letter

OPM Office of Personnel Management (formerly CSC)

OPM Office of Personnel Management

OPO Organ Procurement Organization

OPPS Outpatient Prospective Payment System

OPR Office of Public Relations, CMS

OPS Output Performance Standards

OPSA Office of Professional & Scientific Affairs

OPTN Organ Procurement & Transplantation Network

OQ Office of Qualification

OQC Operations Quality Council

ORA (see OBRA)

ORBTUP Orbit Update (MBR)

ORDI Office of Research, Development, and Information, CMS

ORF Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

ORHP (HRSA) Office of Rural Health Policy

ORR Office of Refugee Resettlement

ORSI Office of Retirement & Survivors Insurance

ORT Operation Restore Trust

ORTIS Operation Restore Trust Information System

ORUS Operations Resources Utilization System

OS Office of the Secretary

OS Organization Structure

OS/ES Office of the Secretary / Executive Secretariat

OSA Out of Service Area (also OOSA)

OSC Office of Standards & Certification

OSC Office Systems Coordinator

OSCAR Office of Standards & Certification Automated Retrieval System

OSCAR Online Survey Certification & Reporting (System)

OSDIT Office of Software Development & Information Technology

OSE Office Systems Equipment

OSE Open Software Evaluation

OSE Open Systems Environment

OSERS Office of Special Education Rehabilitation Services

OSH ACT Occupational Safety & Health Act

OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OSI Open System Interconnection

OSI/SAS Optimum System Incorporated/Shared Arkansas System

OSP Outpatient Speech Pathology

OSPATS OnSite Surveyor Performance Assessment & Training Survey

OSTP Office of Science & Technology Policy

OTA (Congressional) Office of Technology Assessment

OTA Office of Technical Assistance

OTC OneTimeCost

OTC Over the Counter

OTIS Office of Telecommunications & Information Systems

OTIS Online Telecommunications Information System

OTP OneTime Payment

OTR Off theRecord

OTR On theRecord

OTS OneTime Source

OWCP Office of Worker's Compensation Programs

OWL Older Women's League

OWTDS Office of Washington Training & Development Services

P Process

P&E Parenteral & Enteral

P&T Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic

P/B Provider / Beneficiary

P/N Part Number

PA Privacy Act of 1974

PA Project Assessment

PAC Patient Assessment Computerized (System)

PAC Personal Access Code

PAC Political Action Committee

PAC PreAdmission Certification

PAC Premium Amount Collectible

PAC Products of Ambulatory Care

PAC Professional & Administrative Careers

PAC Professional, Administrative, Clerical

PAC Project Account Code

PACE Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

PACE Planning, Assigning, Controlling & Evaluating System

PACE Professional & Administrative Career Examination

PACE Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly

PACEMKR Pacemaker System

PACO Principal Administrative Contracting Officer

PACS Patient Care & Services

PAG Policy Advisory Group

PAHP Prepaid Ambulatory Health Plan

PAL Patient Accounting Language (IBM software)

PAL Provider Audit List

PAM Priority Audit Memorandum

PAM Project Administration Manual

PANAPT (APCSS Automated Production Turnover software)

PANVALET (APCSS source code management software)

PAO Procurement Assistance Office

PAO Property Accountable Officer

PARD Provider Audit & Reimbursement Department

PARL Physician/Supplier Assignment Rate List

PART A Medicare Hospital Insurance

PART B Medicare Supplementary Medical Insurance

PAS PreAward Survey

PAS Premium Accrual Stop

PAS Professional Activity Study

PAS Public Appearances Staff, OPA

PASARR Preadmission Screening & Annual Resident Review

PASS Policy Access Support System

PASS Procurement Automatic Source System

PAT Planning Action Team

PATCO Professional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical Other

PATHVU Path View

PAYERID Payer Identification (national provider identifier initiative)

PBA Part B Advisory

PBA Pharmacy Benefit Administrator

PBC Premium Billing Code

PBGC Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

PBIS PerformanceBased Incentive System

PBMS Pharmacy Benefit Managers

PBO Payment Bill Option

PBP Plan Benefit Package

PBP Provider Based Physician

PBR Process Bill Register

PBX Private Branch Exchange

PC Partnership Council

PC Procurement Cycle

PC Professional Component

PC Project Coordinator

PCA Physical Configuration Audit

PCA Physicians Comparability Allowance

PCA Principle Certification Authority

PCA Progressive Corrective Action

PCA Private Collection Agency

PCAM Punch Card Accounting Machines

PCAS Patient Care Algorithm

PCC Per Capita Cost (System)

PCCM Primary Care Case Management

PCCMP Primary Care Case Management Provider

PCD Premium Conversion Date

PCDB Provider/Contractor Data Base

PCE Personal Care Expenditures

PCH Primary Care Hospital

PCIE President's Council on Integrity & Efficiency

PCMI President's Council on Management Improvement

PCO Procurement Contracting Officer

PCP Primary Care Physician (or Provider)

PCPR Provider Claims Processing Requirements

PCR Private Consumer Rate

PCR Procurement Center Representative

PCR Prospective Composite Rate

PCRP Per Capita Rate Payment

PCRS (Carrier) Performance Control Reporting System

PCS Permanent Change of Station

PCS Position Classification Standard

PCT Project Coordination Team

PCYA Presidential Classroom for Young Americans

PD Physical Database

PD Position Description

PD Premium Deducted

PD Process Description

PD Program Development

PDA Premium Due Amount

PDBO Public Disability Benefit Offset

PDD Physical Database Design

PDD Preliminary Design Document

PDD Presidential Decision Directive

PDD63 Presidential Decision Directive #63

PDE Prescription Drug Event

PDED (same as PDD directly above)

PDF Program Development Facility

PDFS Prescription Drug Front-End System

PDLO Printing & Distribution Liaison Officer

PDM Parallel Development Manager

PDM Personalized Documentation Manager

PDM Program Decision Memorandum

PDMA Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1988

PDOTH Prior Date of Termination of Hospital Insurance

PDP Program Decision Package

PDP Prescription Drug Plan

PDP Private Prescription Drug Plan

PDR Physician's Desk Reference

PDS Partitioned Data Set

PDS Peer (Review Organization) Data System

PDSC Phased-Down State Contribution

PDT Physical Design Team

PDV Program Data Vector

PE Performance Evaluation

PE Post Entitlement

PE Program Evaluation

PEB Performance Evaluation Board (contracts)

PEBES (SSA) Personal Earnings & Benefit Estimate Statement

PEBS Personal Earnings & Benefit Statement

PEBTAG Provider Electronic Billing Technical Advisory Group

PEC Performance Engineering Corp. (SAIC subcontractor)

PECOS Provider Enrollment, Chain & Ownership System

PED Project Engineering Development

PEI Postentitlement Internet (MBR Query)

PEL (OSHA) Permissible Exposure Limits

PENVAL Post Entitlement Notices Validations (SSA)

PEO Program Executive Officer

PEP Partial Episode Payment

PEP Partnerships in Education Program

PEP Performance Evaluation Program

PEP Proposal Evaluation Plan

PEPP Payment Error Prevention Program

PEPPER Post Entitlement Premium Payment & Enrollment Program (SSA)

PERT Program Evaluation & Review Technique

PERVU Practice Expense Relative Value Units

PESO Post Entitlement Scheduling Operation (SSA)

PESO Post Entitlement System Operation (SSA)

PET Positron Emission Tomography

PET Provider Education & Training

PET Provider Evaluation & Training

PETS Problem & Enhancement Tracking System (GHP)

PETT Position Emission Transverse Tomography

PEW PRO Efficiency Workgroup

PFCRA Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act

PFF Physician Fee Freeze

PFFS Private FeeForService Plan

PFFS Private Fee-For-Service Plan

PH Partial Hospitalization

PHCE Personal Health Care Expenditures

PHCP Prepaid Health Care Plan

PHDDS PRO Hospital Discharge Data Set

PHEC PostHospital Extended Care

PHHH PostHospital Home Health

PHI Personal Health Information

PHI Premium Hospital Insurance

PHI Protected Health Information

PHIC Partnership for Health Insurance Counseling

PHIP Pharmacist's Incentive Program

PHOS Post Hospital Outcome Study

PHP Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP Prepaid Health Plan

PHPO Prepaid Health Plan Option

PHPO Private Health Plan Option

PHR Professional in Human Resources

PHRMA Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Researchers of America

PHTP Priority Health Training Programs

PHUS Payment History Update System

PHY/SUP Physician/Supplier

PI Penalty Indicator

PI Performance Indicator

PI Productivity Investment

PI Program Integrity

PI Project Initiation

PIA Primary Insured Amount (MBR)

PIC Policy Information Center (DHHS)

PIC PRO Intermediary Carrier

PIC Program Information Coordinator

PICC Peripherally-inserted central catheter

PICS Plan Information Control System

PICS Program Information Control System

PID Payer Identification System

PID Program Inspections Division, OIG

PID Project Idea Document

PIDS People or Individual with Disabilities (aka POIWD)

PIE Post Implementation Evaluation

PIG Program Integrity Group, OFM, CMS

PIHP Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan

PIIS Program Instructions Issuance System

PIM Personal Information Manager

PIMR Program Integrity Management Reporting

PIN Personal Identification Number

PIN Physician Identification Number

PIN PreInvitation Notice

PIN Primary Insured Number (MBR)

PIN Provider Identification Number

PINQ Premium Inquiry

PIP Performance Improvement Plan

PIP Periodic Interim Payment

PIP Physician Incentive Plan

PIP Productivity Improvement Program

PIP Projects in Progress

PIPC Public Information Program Circular

PIPDCG Principal Inpatient Diagnostic Cost Group

PIR Periodic Interim Reimbursement

PIR Post Implementation Review

PIT Process Improvement Team (ALJ)

PITS PRO Information Tracking System

PJS Personal Job Scheduler

PL Performance Level

PL Proposed Legislation

PL Public Law

PL99-474 Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of 1986

PLAN Plain Language Action Network

PLAN Protection for Long Term Assistance Needs

PLANNET Plan Network

PLT Production Lead Time

PM post meridiem

PM Procedure Manual

PM Program Management

PM Program Memoranda

PM Project Manager

PM-PET Program ManagementProvider Education & Training

PM/PM Per Member/Per Month

PMA PreMarket Approval

PMA Prior Month Accrual

PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge

PMC Patient Management Categories

PMCS Program Management Control System

PMCS Project Management Collection System

PME Partial Month Eligible (Medicaid)

PME Prior Month Ending

PMI Project Management Institute

PMIS Program Management Information System

PMIS PSRO Management Information System

PMMIS Program Management & Medical Information System

PMO Project Management Office

PMO Property Management Officer

PMP Preventive Maintenance Program

PMP Project Management Plan

PMRS Performance Management & Recognition System

PMRS Performance Management Rating System

PMS Payment Management System

PMS Personnel Manual for Supervisors (SSA)

PMS Program Management System

PMS Property Management System

PMSA (BLSC) Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area

PMTT Programmable Magnetic Tape Terminal (or Transmission)

PNM Price Negotiation Memorandum

PO Post Office

PO Privacy Officer

PO Procurement Office

PO Project Officer

PO Purchase Order

POAM Plan of Action & Milestones

POC Patterns of Care

POC Plan of Care

POC Plan of Correction

POC Point of Contact

POC Principal Operating Component

POCI Physician Ownership/Compensation Interest

POE Plan of Expenditures

POIWD People or Individuals with Disabilities (aka PIDS)

POL Physician Office Laboratories

POMS Program Operations Manual System (SSA) (formerly Claims Manual CM))

POR Print/Utility Owning Region

POR Provider Overpayment Recovery

POR Provider Overpayment Report

PORA Principal Official Responsible for Acquisition

PORS Provider Overpayment Recovery System

PORS Provider Overpayment Reporting System

PORT Patient Outcome Research Team (or Treatment)

PORTS Patient Outcome Research Teams

POS Place of Service

POS Point of Sale

POS Point of Service

POS Provider of Service(s) (System)

POSIX Portable Operating System Interface Exchange

POT Plan of Treatment

PP Project Plan

PP Prospective Payment

PP&A Plan Performance & Assistance

PPA Premium Paid Amount

PPAC Practicing Provider Advisory Council

PPAC Prospective Payment Assessment Commission

PPB Planning, Programming, Budgeting

PPC Processing Payment Cycle

PPG Primary Care Physician Groups

PPI Producer Price Index

PPL Potentially Penalty Liable

PPLS Policy Planning Liaison Staff

PPM Parts Per Million

PPNA Program Planning & Needs Analysis

PPO Preferred Provider Organization

PPP Preference Procurement Program

PPP Production Program Profile

PPR Physician Payment Reform

PPR Prospective Payment Review

PPR IMI Physician Payment Reform Impact Monitoring Initiative

PPRC Physician Payment Review Commission

PPRMS Physician Payment Review Monitoring System

PPRTF Physician Payment Reform Task Force

PPS Prepayment Screen

PPS Primitive Process Specification

PPS Proposed Price Setting

PPS Prospective Payment System (Medicare Part A)

PPS Prospective Pricing System

PPS Prospective Payment System

PPSMS Printing & Paper Stock Management System

PPSP Physician's Primary Sponsor Plan

PPSSCC President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control

PPV Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor

PPWY Productivity Per Work Year

PQE Prior Quarter Ending

PR Peer Review

PR Program Requirement

PR Purchase (or Procurement) Request

PRA Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980

PRA Per Resident Amount

PRA Percent Reactive Antibody

PRACP Project Review and Coordination Panel

PRAF Physician Reviewer Assignment Format

PRB Payment Record Batch

PRB Performance Review Board

PRCP Project Review & Coordination Panel

PRENT Prior Entitlement Program (HDPRENT)

PRES Policy Review & Evaluation Staff

PRG Performance Recognition Group

PRI Procurement Request Information

PRICER (PPS pricing software for inpatient stays system)

PRISM Project to Redesign Information Systems Management (begun in 1984, ended in 1991 when funding expired)

PRM Provider Reimbursement Manual

PRMDS Provider Minimum Data Set

PRO Peer Review Organization (renamed to QIO)

PRO Principal Regional Official

PRO Professional Review Organization

PRO/FI Professional Review Organization / Fiscal Intermediary

PROM Protocol for Regional Office Monitoring

PROMPTS Peer Review Organization Monitoring Protocol & Tracking System

PROPAC Prospective Payment Assessment Commission (Task Force)

PRP Prospective Reimbursement Plan

PRP Provider Reimbursement Profile

PRPD Payment Reform Policy Development

PRRA Paperwork Reduction Reauthorization Act

PRRB Provider Reimbursement Review Board

PRS Payment Reconciliation System

PRS Parameter Release Study

PRS Prepayment Review System

PRUCOL Permanently Residing Under Color of Law

PRVSF Provider Summary File

PS Physician Sequential

PS&E Performance Standards & Evaluation

PS&E TAG Performance Standards & Evaluation Technical Advisory Group

PS&RR Provider Statistical & Reimbursement Report

PSA PreSolicitation Announcement

PSA Problem Statement Analysis

PSA Public Service Announcement

PSAF Physician/Supplier Action File

PSC Product & Service Code

PSC Program Safeguard (or Safety) Contractor

PSC Program Service Center (SSA) (formerly Payment Center (PC))

PSC Program Support Center (DHHS)

PSC Public Service Commission

PSF Provider Specific File

PSGH Policy Standards & Guidelines Handbook

PSI Problem Source Identification

PSL Problem Statement Language

PSM Physician Summary Master

PSO Physician Security Officer

PSO Provider Sponsored Organization

PSO Provider-Sponsored Organization

PSOR Physician & Supplier Overpayment Report

PSOR Physician Supplier Overpayment Recovery

PSOR Provider Statistical & Overpayment Report

PSP Provider/Supplier Service Plan

PSPRICE Physician Fee Schedule System

PSR Proposal Submission Requirements

PSR Provider Statistics & Reimbursement Report (aka PS&R)

PSR Provider Summary Report

PSRB Performance Standards Review Board

PSRO Performance Standards Review Organization

PSRO Physician Service Review Organization

PSRS Provider Statistical & Reimbursement System

PSS Packet Switch Service (FTS2000)

PSS Programed Symbol Set (board)

PT Processing Time

PT Proficiency Testing

PTA Part A (of Medicare)

PTA Point of Total Assumption

PTA Prior To Admission

PTA Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty

PTAC Premium Target Advisory Commission

PTAG Program Training Advisory Group

PTAMUS Part A Medicare Utilization System

PTAPTT Part A Processing Times Tabulation

PTB Part B (of Medicare)

PTO (U.S.) Patent &Trademark Office

PTP Performance Test Platform (PRISM)

PTP Portable Training Package

PTP Proficiency Testing Program

PTS Provider Terminal System

PU/ME/DE Public Use / Medical Effectiveness / Demonstration & Evaluation

PUC Public Utilities Commission

PUDI Prior Unqualifing Disabled Indicator (also RISI)

PUF Public Use Files

PUFF Proposed Uses of Federal Funds

PUFS Public Use Files System

PUP Provider Update Operation

PUT Payment Update Transaction (MBR)

PV Performance Value

PV Present Value

PVA Priority Value Assessment

PVA Project Valuation Assessment

PVB Provider Bills

PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit

PW Project Workbench

PW Public Welfare

PWBA Pension Welfare & Benefits Administration

PWD Persons With Disabilities

PWS Performance Work Standard

PWS Payment Withhold System

PX Post Exchange

PY Prior Year

PYE Prior Year Ending

Q&A Questions & Answers

QA Quality Assessment

QA Quality Assurance

QAE Quality Assurance Evaluator

QAHB (Carrier) Quality Assurance Program Handbook

QAI Quality Assessment Index

QALY Quality Adjusted Life Year

QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

QAM Quality Assurance Monitoring

QAP Quality Assurance Program

QAR Quality Assurance Representative

QAS Quality Assurance Standards

QAS Quality Assurance System

QATAP Quality Assurance Through Attributes Program

QBE Query By Example

QBL Qualified Bidders List

QC Quality Control

QC Quality Council

QC Quarters of Coverage (SSA)

QCEM Quality Control Enforcement Mechanism

QCM Quality Call Monitoring

QCM Quality Care Monitoring

QCP Quality Control Program

QDN Quality Deficiency Notice

QDR Quality Deficiency Report

QDWI Qualified Disabled & Working Individual (aka QWDI)

QDWIS Qualified Disabled and Working Individuals

QI Quality Indicator

QIES Quality Improvement Evaluation System

QIO Quality Improvement Organization

QIP Quality Improvement Process

QIP Quality Intervention Plan

QIPRO Quality Improvement Professional Research Organization

QIS Qualifications Information Statement

QIS Qualified Individuals

QISMC Quality Improvement System for Managed Care

QIT Quality Improvement Team

QM Quality Management

QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (OBRA 1989 PL101239,Sect.6013)

QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries

QMCE Qualified Management Care Facility

QML Qualified Manufacturers List

QMMP Quality Measurement & Management Project

QMRP Qualified Mental Retardation Professional

QMS Quality Measurement System

QO Qualification Officer

QOC Quarterly Operational Cost

QPDA Questionable Premium Due Amount

QPL Qualified Products List

QR Quarterly Refund

QR Quarterly Report

QRO Quality Review Organization

QRS Quality Review Studies

QSS Quality Systems & Software

QST Quality Support Team

QUEST Quality Assurance Expert System Testbed

QUEST Quality Evaluation of Settlement

QUGS Quality Utilization Generic Screens

QW Quick Reference

QWDI Qualified Working Disabled Individual (aka QDWI)

R&A Repair & Alteration (contract)

R&C Reasonable & Customary

R&D Research & Development

R/C Report of Contact

RA Regional Administrator

RA Remittance Advice

RA Risk Assessment

RAAC Risk Adjustment Advisory Committee

RAB Register Accreditation Board

RAC Reimbursement Advisory Committee

RACF Resource Access Control Facility (software)

RAD Rapid Application Development

RAD Requirements Analysis Document

RAD Respiratory Assist Device

RADAR Radio Detection & Ranging

RADAR RSDI Account Data Record

RADARS (HCFA) Ranking & Data Analysis Reporting System

RADARS Rapid Data Retrieval System

RAFO Research & Find Out

RAI Resident Assessment Instrument

RAID Redundant Array of Independent Disk

RAP Ready Assessment Packages (Y2k)

RAP Request for Accelerated Payment

RAP Resource Allocation Plan

RAP Request for Anticipated Payment

RAPS Risk Adjustment Processing System

RAPS Risk Adjustment Processing System

RAPS Resident Assessment Protocol System

RAS Risk Adjustment System

RASC Regional Administrative Support Center, HHS

RAT Remote Access Trojan

RBAC RoleBased Access Control

RBBS Remote Bulletin Board System

RBRVS ResourceBased Relative Value Scale

RBRVU ResourceBased Relative Value Use

RBS Report of Benefit Savings

RC Reasonable Charge (or Cost)

RC Regional Carrier

RCA Refugee Cash Assistance

RCAS Reconsideration Control & Appeals System

RCC Ratio of Cost to Charges

RCCAC Ratio of Charges to Charges Applied to Costs

RCCS Revenue Center Code System

RCE Reasonable Compensation Equivalent

RCICS Registry Customer Information Control System

RCL Report Card Listing (SSA)

RCL Routine Cost Limit

RCP Reasonable Charge Pricing

RCP Report of Contractor Performance (ACER replacement)

RCSRS Resource Cost Reporting System

RCT Randomized Clinical Trials

RCT Registered Care Technologist

RCT Religious Compensatory Time

RD&E Research, Demonstration & Evaluation

RDBMS Relational DBMS

RDEM Regional Office Data Exchange Manager

RDES Regional Data Exchange System

RDF Renal Dialysis Facility

RDO Resource Definition Online

RDS The Retiree Drug Subsidy Program

RDS NUMBER see Plan Sponsor number

RDT&E Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

RE (Carrier) Reasonable Expectancies (or Expectations)

REA (U.S.) Rural Electrification Administration

REACH Regional Education About Choices in Health

REACT Return Check Action (MBR)

REBUS Renal Beneficiary & Utilization System

RECONS (Online) Reconsideration Information System

RECOUP Recovery of Unpaid Premiums (MBR)

REGO Reinventing Government

REGTRK Regulations Tracking System

REINS Reduced Expenditure Initiatives

REIT Real Estate Investment Trust

REL Recommended Exposure Limits

REM Remark Line

REMAS Recovery Management & Accounting System

REMAS Report on Medicare as Secondary Payor System

REMIS Renal Management Information System

REPORE Report Output Retrieval System

RESDAC Research Data Assistance Center

RETAP Regular Transcript Selection & Attainment Pass (SSA)

REVS Recipient Eligibility Verification System (Mass. DPW)

REXX Restructured Extended Executor Language

RFA Regulatory Flexibility Act (5USC 601612)

RFA Request for Applications

RFA Reason for Assessment

RFC (Treasury) Regional Financial Center

RFC Request for Comment

RFC Request for Contract

RFI Request for Information

RFP Request for Proposal

RFQ Request for Quotation

RGT Requirements Gathering Techniques

RH Rural Hospital

RHC Rural Health Center

RHC Rural Health Claim

RHC Rural Health Clinic

RHHI Regional Home Health Intermediary

RHHIPEP Regional Home Health Intermediary Performance Evaluation Program

RHIR Resident Health Insurance Representative

RHP Rebundling of Hospital Payment

RI Regional Intermediary

RI Routing Indicator

RIA Regulatory Impact Analysis

RIC Record Identification Code

RIL Regional Informational Letter

RIM Retrieve Inactive Master System

RIMS Reconsideration Information Management System

RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computing

RISC Regulatory Information Service Center

RISI Renal Insured Status Indicator (also PUDI)

RIT Reorganization Implementation Team

RJE Remote Job Entry

RM Release Management

RMA Referral & Monitoring Agency

RMA Refugee Medical Assistance

RMAPS Rocky Mountain Part A Processing System

RMF Resource Measurement Facility (software)

RMFA Restricted Medicare Fraud Alert

RMP Resource Management Plan

RMRP Regional Medical Review Policy

RMS Record Management System

RMS Regional Management System

RMS Requirements Management System

RMS Retention Management System

RMT Requirements Management Team

RMU Resource Management Unit

RN Recruitment Notices

RN Registered Nurse

RNHCI Religious NonMedical Health Care Institution

RNO Race & National Origin

RO Regional Office

RO Abbreviation for Regional Office.

ROADV Regional Office Advance Copy Note


ROAMS Regional Office Appeals Management System

ROAR Recovery of Overpayments Accounting & Reporting System (SSA)

ROAR Regional Office Automating Representatives for Managed Care Operations (ROAR for MCO)

ROC Report of Contact (also R/C)

ROC Report of Contact

ROC Resumption of Care

ROCL Regional Office Contractor Letter

ROE Report of Eligibility

ROE Return on Equity

ROF Regional Office Flag

ROI Return on Investment

ROM Regional Office Manual

ROMGRS Regional Office Managers

ROPES Regional Office Performance Evaluation System

ROPO Regional Office Project Officer

ROSTAR Regional Office System Tracking for Audit Reimbursement

ROUG Regional Office Users Group

RPA Renal Physicians Association

RPBC Rejected Provider Bill Control (Process)

RPC Remote Procedure Call

RPCH Regional Primary Care Hospital

RPCH Rural Primary Care Hospital

RPD Run Processing Date

RPG Report Program Generator

RPL Reasonable Performance Level

RPL Reemployment Priority List

RPM Revolutions Per Minute

RPO Regional Personnel Officer

RQC Regional Quality Council

RR Rate Review

RRB Railroad Retirement Board

RRC Rural Referral Center

RRIA Resource Requirements for Impact Analysis

RRP Reimbursement Review Program

RS Random Search

RSC Record Status Code

RSC Reimbursement Statistics by State & County System

RSDHI Retirement, Survivors, Disability, & Health Insurance

RSDI Retirement, Survivors, & Disability Insurance

RSF Renal Services Facility

RSI Retirement & Survivors Insurance

RSVP Retired Senior Volunteer Project

RT Record Type

RT Recovery Team

RT Respiratory Therapy

RTC Reports to Congress

RTC Resolution Trust Corporation

RTG Return to Government

RTI Return to Intermediary

RTN Routing & Transit Number

RTP Request for Technical Proposal

RTP Return To Provider (or Plan)

RTS Recovery Tracking System

RTS Request to Send

RTS Return (tapes) to Stock

RUG Resource Utilization Group

RUNT RRB Universal RIC

RUR Recurring Utilization Report

RV Residual Value

RVS Relative Value Scale (or Schedule)

RVU Relative Value Unit

RWJF Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

RZIP Residence ZIP (Code)

S&C Survey and Certification

S&E Staff & Equipment

S&I Supervision & Interpretation

S-MIME Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

S/HMO Social Health Maintenance Organization

S/W Software

SA Scheduled Allowance

SA Security Administrator

SA Settlement Agreement

SA State Agency

SA State Assessment

SA Supplemental Agreement

SA Systems Administrator

SA Systems Analyst

SA-CMM Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model

SAC Special Action Code

SAC Statistical Analysis Contractor

SACP (AHA) Society for Ambulatory Care Professionals

SAD Service Area Directory (SSA)

SAD Simultaneous Accretion/Deletion

SAD Self Administered Drug

SADBUS Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization Specialist

SADMERC Statistical Analysis Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier

SAEP State Agency Evaluation Plan

SAF Standard Analytic File

SAGE-204 SAS interface to M204 databases

SAHD Staff Assisted Home Dialysis

SAI Special Audit Initiative

SAIC Science Applications International Corp. (PRISM software contractor)

SALT Suspensions & Life Terminations System (MBR)

SAM Software Asset Management

SAMHSA Supstance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

SAR (microfilm) Storage & Retrieval unit

SAR Safeguard Activity Report

SAR Service Area Report

SAS Single Award Schedules

SAS Statement of Auditing Standards

SAS Statistical Analysis Software

SAS Statistical Analysis System

SAS/C SAS Compiler

SAVE Systematic Alien Verification of Eligibility

SB Standards Board

SBA Small Business Administration

SBC School Based Clinics

SBI Single Scope Background Investigation

SBI State Buy In

SBIGPPP State BuyIn Group Practice Prepayment Plan

SBIR Small Business Innovation Research (Program)

SBR Supplemental Budget Request

SBRS Senior Biomedical Research Service

SBSA Small Business SetAside

SBU Sensitive But Unclassified

SBU Strategic Business Unit

SC State & County

SC Sub Contractor

SCACA Seniors Coalition Against Catastrophic Act

SCAR Significant Correspondence Assignment Report

SCC (Service Area) State/County Code

SCC Security Control Center

SCD Service Computation Date

SCE Separate Cost Entity

SCH Sole Community Hospital

SCHIP State Child Health Insurance Program

SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program

SCIC Significant Change In Condition

SCIF Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility

SCIP Survey & Certification Improvement Project

SCLM Source Code Librarian Manager

SCM Software Configuration Management

SCN Strategic Communication Network

SCOPE Share Cost Options for Private Employees

SCORE Service Corps of Retired Executives

SCP Sole Community Provider

SCSA Significant Change in Status Assessment

SCT Specialty Care Transport

SDA Software Design Activity

SDA System Design Alternatives

SDB Small &Disadvantaged Business

SDBU Small &Disadvantaged Business Utilization

SDC Secondary Diagnostic Category

SDD Software Design & Development

SDF Standard Deviation Factor

SDLC System Development Life Cycle

SDM Structured Development (or Design) Methodology

SDM/S Systems Development Methodology / Structured

SDO Servicing District Office (SSA)

SDO Standards Development Organization

SDO System Design Overview

SDP Service Delivery Point

SDP Single Drug Pricer

SDPS (PRO) Standard Data Processing System

SDR System Design Review

SDX State Data Exchange

SEALP Search Alpha Program (Beneficiary Alpha Match/Reinstate) (HASEALP)

SEALP State Agency Evaluation Program

SEC (U.S.) Securities & Exchange Commission

SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology & End Results (Program)

SEF Separated Employee File

SEF Software Engineering Facility

SEI Software Engineering Institute

SEI-CMM Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model

SEIU Software Engineering Institute Union

SELF (HHS) Secretary's Executive Leadership Forum

SEMS Security Management System

SEP Special Enrollment Period

SEP Special Election Period

SEPG Software Engineering Process Group

SEPSC Southeastern Program Service Center, SSA

SER Scientific, Engineering & Research

SER Summary Earnings Record

SES Standards Enforcement Software

SES System External Specifications

SET Secure Electronic Transaction

SET Software Engineering Technology

SEX Sorted Exceptions (HDSEX)

SF Standard Form

SF-36 Medical Outcomes Study 36 Item Short Form Health Survey

SFI Statement of Financial Information

SFO Solicitation for Offers (contract)

SFRO SanFrancisco Regional Office

SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol

SG Surgeon General

SGA Substantial Gainful Activity

SGF State Guaranty Funds

SGL Standard General Ledger

SH Systems Handbook

SHA Secure Hash Standard

SHC Select Health Care

SHCC State Health Coordinating Council

SHI Supplemental Health Insurance

SHINE Serving Health Information Needs of Elders

SHIP (AFGE) Supplemental Health Insurance Plan

SHIP (Medicare) Supplemental Health Insurance Programs

SHIP Senior Health Insurance Program

SHIP State Health Insurance Assistance Program

SHMO Social Health Maintenance Organization

SHN State Health Notes

SHPDA State Health Planning & Development Agency

SHRM Society for Human Resource Management

SHS Society for Health Systems

SHTIP Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

SI Single Intermediary

SI System Integrator

SI Systems Inventory

SIC (DOL, BLS) Standard Industrial Classification

SIC Special Indicator Code

SIC State Insurance Commission

SICE Social Insurance Claims Examiner

SID (Supplemental) Security Income Data

SID Special Income Deduction

SIED (Supplemental) Security Income Entitlement Date

SIFT Security Income file Type

SIG Special Interest Group

SIGCAT Special Interest Group CDROM Applications & Technology

SIGOMET Special Interest Group on Optical Media in Education & Training

SII Security/Suitability Investigation Index

SIM Society for Information Management

SIMS Standard Information Management System

SIN Special Item Number

SIPP Systems Issues, Policies & Procedures (nee HIPP, BIPP)

SIR (Carrier) System Improvement Request

SIR System Implementation Roadmap

SIRLIB (change control for M204 user language programs software)

SIRMON (M204 performance monitoring & operational control tool software)

SIRT Security Incident Response Team

SIS Strategic Information Strategy

SIS System Internal Specifications

SISC (Supplemental) Security Income Status Code

SISSO Senior Information Systems Security Officer

SLA Service Level Agreements

SLAE State & Local Administration Expenditure

SLAMS Second Level Appeals Management System

SLE Single Loss Expectancy

SLIAG State Legislation Impact Assistance Grants

SLIM Software Life Cycle Maintenance

SLIMB Specified LowIncome Medicare Beneficiary

SLIP-A Supplemental Low Income Patient Adjustment

SLM Service Level Metrics


SLMB Special Low-Income Beneficiaries

SLMB Specified Low-income Medicare Beneficiary

SM System Manager

SMART System for MSP Automated Recovery & Tracking

SMDA State Medicaid Directors Association

SME Subject Matter Expert

SMF System Measurement Facility

SMF Systems Management Facility

SMG State Medicaid Group

SMI Standardized Medreview Instrument

SMI Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B of Medicare)

SMIB Supplementary Medical Insurance (also Part B)

SMIRK SOBER Miscellaneous Input Record

SMIS Safety Management Information System

SML Solicitation Mailing List

SMM State Medicaid Manual

SMP System Modernization Program

SMP Special Needs Plan

SMQC System for Monitoring Quality of Care

SMRF State Medicaid Research Files (aka SMURF)

SMS Shared Maintenance System

SMS Storage Management System

SMS System Managed Software

SMS System Managed Storage

SMS Systems Management Specialist

SMS/SPS Shared Maintenance System / Shared Processing System

SMSA Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

SMURF State Medicaid Uniform Research File (aka SMRF)

SNAP Standard National Accounting Program (BC/BS)

SNC Skilled Nursing Care

SNCRIS Skilled Nursing Cost Reporting Information System

SNCT Sensory Nerve Conduction Threshold

SNF Skilled Nursing Facility

SNFMDS SNF Minimum Data Set

SNI System Network Interface

SNIP Strategic National Implementation Process

SNMA Student National Medical Association

SNSP Safety Net Surveillance Project

SO Successful Offerer

SOB Statement of Benefits

SOB Shortness of breath

SOC Start of Care

SOC SubObject (Classification) Code

SOCO Southeastern Consortium (Atlanta & Dallas HIROs)

SOD Superintendent of Documents

SOI Statement of Intent

SOL Solicitation

SOM SOBER Operating Month (DOE 1 or COM +1) (OBSOLETE)

SOM State Operations Manual

SON Submitting Office Number

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SOP Status of Provider

SOP Style of Practice

SOR (Carrier) Section Operating Report

SOR System of Record

SORCES Service Office Record Computer Entry System (MTS)

SORS Systems of Records

SORT Seniors Organized to Restore Trust

SOU Statement of Understanding

SOW Scope of Work

SOW Statement of Work

SP Sample Persons

SP Special Project

SP Standard of Performance

SP Systems Performance

SPA State Plan Amendment

SPAC SMI Premium Amount Collectable (MBR / BCM)

SPACE SMI Premium Accounting, Collection & Enrollment (System)


SPAMS Small Purchase Automated Management System

SPAP State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

SPARC Stroke Prevention Awareness Recognition Campaign

SPARCS Statewide Planning & Research Cooperative System

SPAS State Plan Amendment System

SPAW State Plan Amendment Waiver

SPBA Society of Professional Benefit Administrators

SPC State Program Characteristics

SPC Supervisory Project Coordinator

SPD Standard Position Description

SPD Summary Plan Description

SPDATA State Profile Data System

SPECT Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography

SPECTRUM State Performance Evaluation & Comprehensive Test of Reimbursement Under Medicaid

SPF Sequential Processing Facility

SPH Shared Processing Host

SPI Software Process Improvement

SPIDER System to Provide Immediate Data on Eligibility for Reimbursement (now CWF)

SPIES Shared Project & Information Exchange System

SPIN Standard Prescriber Identification

SPIN Supplier Profile Identification Number

SPMS Storage Products Management System

SPO Self Protection Organization (CD)

SPO Servicing Personnel Office

SPOC Single Point of Contact (now CSCC)

SPOC Single Point of Contact

SPOE Secure Point of Entry

SPOE Secure Point of Entry

SPOF Single Point of Failure

SPP Select Provider Program

SPP SMI Premium Penalty

SPPS State Plan Profile System

SPR Safeguard Procedures Report

SPR Standard Paper Remittances

SPR Systems Performance Review

SPRDRS SPR Data Reporting System

SPRY Setting Priorities for Retirement Years

SPS Schedule of Providers Serviced

SPSP State Payment of SMI Penalty

SQA Software Quality Assurance

SQIG Supplier Quality Information Group

SQL Structured (or System) Query Language

SQRD Monthly Sequential Read Program (HDSQRD)

SR Service Representative (SSA)

SR Service Request

SR Systems Requirements

SRA Significant Regulatory Actions

SRA Systems Research Associates

SRC Status Report Coordinator

SRD Systems Requirements Definition

SRD Systems Requirements Design

SRD Systems Requirements Document

SRMC Statistical Report Medicaid Services

SRMS Statistical Report (HCFA2082) on Medicaid Services System

SRS Social & Rehabilitation Service

SS Seconds (i.e., ssmmddyyyy)

SS Sequential Search

SS Shared Systems

SS Short Stay

SS Social Security

SS Standard Systems

SS1 Selective Signaling (Equipment)

SSA Social Security Act

SSA Social Security Administration

SSA State Survey Agency

SSA Systems Security Assessment

SSACCS SSA Claims Control System

SSADO Social Security Administration District Office

SSAFO Social Security Administration Field Office

SSARA SSA Reform Act of 1994 (establishes SSA as independent agency)

SSB Social Security Board (now SSA)

SSC Standard Source Code

SSC Systems Security Coordinator

SSD (GSA) Standard Solicitation Document

SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance

SSG Staffing Support Group

SSG Standard Systems Group

SSH Short Stay Hospital

SSI Supplemental Security Income

SSIDUP SSI Duplicate Payment

SSIPML Second State Issuing Professional Medical License

SSM Standard System Maintainers

SSM Sterling Space Monitor

SSMP Systems Security Management Program

SSN Social Security Number

SSO Social Security Office (also DO)

SSO Systems Security Officer

SSOP Second Surgical Opinion Program

SSP State Supplemental Payments

SSP System Security Plan

SSPM System Security Plan Methodology

SSPML Second State Professional Medical License

SSR Social Security Rulings

SSR Supplemental Security Income Record

SSS Senior Scientist Service

SSSA Senior Systems Security Advisor

SSSGS Similarly Sized Subscriber Groups

SST Supplemental Systems Test

STAG System Technical Advisory Group (aka STAG)

STAPE Short Format State Magnetic Tape File (HIM)

STAR (Medicaid) Systems Test for Alternative Reimbursement

STAR Standard Administrative Reporting

STAR System for Tracking Audit & Reimbursement

STD ShortTerm Disability

STM Staff Time Measure

STP Satellite Ticket Printer

STROBE (Performance Management System application monitoring tool)

STS Safety Tracking System

STU System Testing Unit

STX Start of Text

SUBC State Uniform Billing Committee

SUEI Standard Unique Employer Identifier (HCFA0047F) (aka EIN)

SUL Standard User Label

SUR Surveillance & Utilization Review (aka S/UR)

SURS Surveillance & Utilization Review Subsystem (S/URS)

SUT System User Test

SVC Supervisor Call

SVCS Services

SVES State Verification & Exchange System (SSA)

SVRS Statistically Valid Random Sample

SW Step Weight

SW-CMM Software Development Capability Maturity Model

SW/T Structured Walkthrough

SWAT Specialized Work Action Team

SWBI State Welfare BuyIn Enrollment Profile System

SWICA State Wage Information Collection Agency

SYS OCO systems support application system code

T&D Training & Development

T&M Time & Materials

T1 Title I of the Social Security Act (Grants for OldAge Assistance & Medical Assistance for Aged)

T10 Title X of the Social Security Act (Aid to the Blind)

T14 Title XIV of the Social Security Act (Grants to States for Aid to the Disabled

T16 Title XVI of the Social Security Act (SSI)

T18 Title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare)

T19 Title XIX of the Social Security Act (MAA (Medicaid))

T2 Title II of the Social Security Act (SS benefits)

T2R Title II Redesign (SSA)

T4 Title IV of the Social Security Act (AFDC)

TA Termination Actions (MBR)

TA Technology Assessment

TAA Time Account Adjustment (Schedule or Report)

TAC Technology Advisory Committee

TAC Type of Activity Code

TACT Total Audit Concept Technique

TACT Transfer, Automate, Contract Out and/or Terminate Project

TAG Technical Advisory (or Assistance) Group

TAMRA Technical & Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988

TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TAP Technical Advisory Panel

TAP Terminal Acquisition Project (SSA)

TAPEDSN Tape Data Set Protection

TARS Telephone Action Requests System

TASC (OWTDS) Training Assistance Services Cadre

TASC Transportation Administration Service Center

TAVERN Terminations & Attainments Validation & Enforcement of Returned Notices

TB Transaction Branch, DMOS (formerly GPABS or PM)

TBA To be Announced

TBC Transit Benefit Coordinator

TBD To Be Determined

TBO Transaction Back Out

TBP To Be Provided

TBP Transit Benefit Program

TBSR Total Business Systems Review

TC Technical Component

TC Technology Component

TC Telecommunications

TC Total Cost

TC Transaction Code

TCAB Technical Computer Advisory Board

TCC Technical Control Center

TCC Temporary Continuation of Coverage

TCD Trauma Code Development

TCP Transitional Corridor Payments

TCS Telephone Customer Service

TCSDB Test Case Specification Database

TD Treasury Department

TDC Training & Development Center

TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

TDEA Triple Data Encryption Algorithm

TDOC Total Days of Care

TDP Testing Designated Positions

TDY Temporary Duty Travel

TEAM Technology Evaluation & Acquisition Methods

TEC Technical Evaluation Criteria

TEDBA Target Enrollment Database Architecture

TEDH Third Party Entitlement Date for Hospital Insurance

TEDS Third Party Entitlement Date for Supplementary Medical Insurance

TEFRA Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (PL97248)

TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

TENS Transcutaneous Electrical (or Electronic) Nerve Stimulator

TEP Technical Evaluation Panel

TEP Transfer Enrollment Period

TEP Technical Experts Panel

TERMID Terminal ID

TFCS Treasury Financial Communications Systems (aka FEDWIRE)

TFSS Task Force for Standard Systems

TH Teaching Hospital

THD Total Hospice Days

THE Trailblazers Health Enterprises, Inc. (MD component of TX BC/BS)

TI Texas Instruments

TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TIM Technical Instruction Manual

TIMS Text Information Management System

TIN Tax Identification Number

TINA Truth In Negotiations Act

TIPPS Test of Intermediary Prospective Payment System

TIS Technical (or Technology) Information Services

TIS Therapeutic Intervention Scoring (System)

TITLE I Grants to States for old age assistance & medical assistance for the aged

TITLE II Federal old age, survivors & disability insurance benefits (OASDI)

TITLE IV Grants to States for aid & services to needy famlies with children (AFDC)

TITLE X Grants to States for aid to the blind (AB)

TITLE XIV Grants to States for aid to the permanently & totally disabled (DI)

TITLE XIX Grants to States for medical assistance programs (MAA)(Medicaid)

TITLE XVI Grants to States for aid to the aged, blind and disabled (ABD) & Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

TITLE XVIII Health Insurance (Medicare)

TITLE XX State operated home health care entitlement program

TITLE XXI State Child Health Programs

TLC Total Location Counter

TLS Transport Layer Security

TLV Threshold Limit Exposure Values

TMIS Training Management Information System

TMJ Temporomandibular Joints

TMP Task Management Plan

TMR Transmyocardial Revascularization

TMS Tape Management System

TN Transmittal Number

TNHP Teaching Nursing Home Program

TNIF Transaction NIF

TNIF True Not In File

TO Task Order

TO Training Office

TOB Type of Bill

TOC Transition Office Contact

TOP Trade Opportunities Program

TOP Transitional Outpatient Payment

TOP Treasury Offset Program

TOP Triple Option Package

TOP Type of Provider

TOPR Type of Program Record

TOPS Transitional Outpatient Payments System

TOR Terminal Owning Region

TOS Type of Service

TP Third Party

TP Transaction Processor

TPA Third Party Administrator

TPA Tissue Plasminogen Activator

TPAO Third Party Annotation Operation

TPBEST Third Party Billing Extract Statistical Totals

TPBLAST Third Party BuyIn Liability Accretions for Screening & Taping

TPCH Third Party Code for Hospital Insurance

TPCS Third Party Code for Supplementary Medical Insurance

TPDB Third Party Data Base

TPEXLAX Third Party Expel Lapsed, Antiquated & XR Records

TPF Third Party File

TPG Third Party Groups

TPL Third Party Liability

TPLAB Third Party List Agency Billing

TPM Third Party Master

TPN Total parenteral nutrition

TPNS Teleprocessing Network Simulator

TPO Treatment, Payment, Operations

TPPAYD Third Party Payment Data

TPPC Third Party Premium Collection

TPPG Third Party Private Group

TPQY Third Party Query System

TPR Third Party Record

TPRP Third Party Rules Processor

TR (T/R) Team Review

TRACE Third Party Recovery Audit Coordinated Effort

TRACS Teleprocessing Remote Access Control System

TRADE Training & Development Exchange

TRASOP Tax Reduction Act Stock Ownership Plan

TRC Technical Review Committee

TRC Transaction Reply Code

TRID Telecommunications Routing Indicator Directory


TRIM Target Rate Implementation Monitoring

TRIM Total Resources Information Management System

TRM Technical Reference Model

TRO Tax Refund Offset

TROMP Track Recovery of Mistaken Payments

TROOP True Out-of-Pocket

TRPBETA Third Party BuyIn Exceptions for TP Agencies

TRR Transaction Reply Report

TS Technical Strategy (official meaning)

TS Tentative Settlement

TSC Technical Service Center

TSCOG TSC Operator Guide

TSG The Surgeon General

TSIPML Third State Issuing Professional License

TSO Time Sharing Option

TSO Time Sharing Option

TSO/ISPF TSO Interactive System Productivity Facility

TSP Teleprocessing Services Program

TSP Terminal Simulator Panel

TSR Terminate & Stay Resident

TST Testing Phase

TT Trust Territories (Micronesia, Marshalls, Palau)

TTDH Third Party Termination Date for Hospital Insurance

TTDS Third Party Termination Date for Supplementary Medical Insurance

TTSF Test Time Sharing Facility

TTY Text Telephones

TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

TVA Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

TVIP Testing, Validation & Implementation Plan

TVS Test Value Sets

TWA Time Weighted Average

TWA Transaction Work Area

TWG Technical Work Group

TWP Trial Work Period

TWWIA Ticket to Work & Work Incentives Act of 1999

U&C Usual and Customary

U/I Unit of Issue

UA Unit & Analysis

UAMCDS Uniform Ambulatory Medical Care Data Set

UAT User Acceptance Testing

UAW United Auto Workers

UB Uniform Bill

UB-92 Uniform Billing form 92

UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax

UC Utilization Control

UCAS Uniform Cost Accounting Standards

UCC Uniform Commercial Code

UCC User Communication & Control (System)

UCDS Uniform Clinical Data Set


UCF Universal Control Facility

UCFT Uniform Claim Form Taskforce

UCR Uniform Cost Report

UCR Usual, Customary & Reasonable (Charges)

UCR/PACE Ususal, Customary & Reasonable / Performance & Cost Efficiency

UCRD Uniform Cost Report Demonstration

UDB Utilization Database

UDE User Defined Exit

UDR Uniform Desk Review

UE User Etract

UFAS Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

UGMT Users Group Management Terminal

UHCIA Uniform Health Care Information Act

UHDDS Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set

UHIN Utah Health Information Network

UHIS Unbundling of Hospital Inpatient Services

UHP Unbundling of Hospital Payment

UHP United Health Plan

UL Underwriters Laboratory

UL User Language

ULP Unfair Labor Practice

UMBI Utilization Management & Benefit Integrity

UMO Utilization Management Organization

UMPC Union Management Partnership Council

UMS Universal Measured Service

UMW United Mine Workers

UNAI Uniform Needs Assessment Instrument

UNCEFACT United Nations Centre for Facilitation of Procedures and Practices for Administration, Commerce, and Transport

UNEDIFACT United Nations Rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport

UNIBILL Uniform Bill (Intermediary Submitted Files of Processed Medicare Provider Bills)

UNICEP Uniform Contractor Evaluation Program

UNOS United Network for Organ Sharing

UPD Unilateral Price Determination

UPIN Unique Physician Identification Number

UPIN Universal Provider Identification Number

UPL (Medicaid) Upper Payment Limit

UPN Universal Product Number

UPPS Uninterruptible Premium Power Supply

UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply

UPS United Parcel Service

UPT User Proposal Team

UR Upon Receipt

UR Utilization Review

URAC Utilization Review Accreditation Commission

URC (Intermediary) Utilization Review Coordinator

URC Utilization Review Committee

URF User Request Form

URL Uniform Resource Locator

URO Utilization Review Organization

URQ User Requirements

US User Services

USAID United States Agency for International Development

USARC United States America Registration Committee

USBC Uniform State Bill Committee

USC United States Code

USCA USC Annotated

USCM United States Conference of Mayors

USCS United States Code System

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USERID User Identification

USGAO United States General Accounting Office

USGS United States Geological Survey Department

USHIK U.S. Health Information Knowledgebase

USIA United States Information Agency

USP U.S. Pharmacopoeia

USPCC United States Per Capita Cost

USPS United States Postal Service

USQ Utilization Status Query

USRDS United States Renal Data System

USTF Uniformed Services Treatment Facility

UTL Unable To Locate

UTL Utilization Database application system code

V&V Verification & Validation

VA Department of Veterans Affairs

VAD Ventricular Assist Device

VADATS Veterans Administration Data Automatic Transmission System

VAM Volume Allocation Manager

VAN Value Added Network

VAR Value Added Reseller

VAX Value Added Exchange

VAX Voice Activated Exchange

VBA Visual Basic architecture

VC Value Code

VC Voluntary Closing

VCPR Visit Code Comparative Performance Report

VDRE Value Driven Reengineering

VDS Voluntary Data Sharing

VDSA Voluntary Data Sharing Agreement

VECP Value Engineering Change Proposal

VERA Voluntary Early Retirement Act of 1993

VICP Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

VICS Virtual Integrated Communications System

VIP Voucher Insurance Plan

VIPS Viable Information Processing Systems

VISION Vital Information System to Improve Outcomes in Nephrology

VLSI Very Large Scale Integration

VMS Viable Medicare Systems

VMS VIPS (Viable Information Processing Systems) Medicare System

VMS VIPS Medicare System

VMS Virtual Multiple Storage

VMX Voice Message Exchange

VNA Visiting Nurses Association

VOLSER Volume Serial Number

VOS Virtual Operating System

VPAC Variable Premium Amount Collectable

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPS Volume Performance Standard

VPS VTAM Printer Support System

VRA Veteran's Readjustment Appointment

VRR Validation Readiness Review

VRU Ventilator Rehabilitation Unit

VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method

VSCR Virtual Storage Constraint Relief

VTAM Virtual Total Access Method

VWA View Work Area

WA Working Aged

WAC Wholesale Acquisition Cost

WAEPA Worldwide Assurance for Employees of Public Agencies

WAR Working Aged Recovery

WASC (OPM) Washington DC Area Service Center

WATS Wide Area Telephone Service

WBS Work Breakdown Structure (or Schedule)

WBT WebBased Training

WC Workers Compensation

WCF Working Capital Fund

WEAL Women's Equity Action League

WECO Western Consortium (Denver, San Francisco & Seattle HIROs)

WEDI Workgroup on Electronic Data Interchange

WEL Women's Executive Leadership

WEP Windfall Elimination Provision

WERS Work Experience Reporting System

WFE Weekly FrontEnd Bill & Payment Records Processing System

WFP Workforce Planning Initiative

WG Workgroup

WHCOA White House Conference on Aging

WHCRA Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act of 1998

WHIM Weekly Merge File of all HI Processed Transactions

WHIP Write HI Printout (Format Printout Responses) (HDWHIP)

WHO World Health Organization

WI Wage Index

WIC Western Integrity Center

WIC Women, Infant & Children Program, DOA

WINDEX Widow (and Widowers) Indexing

WIP Work in Progress

WIS Warehouse Inventory System

WIS WWMCCS Information System

WITS Washington Interagency Telecommunications System

WIX Wage Index System

WKFL Workflow (Customer Inquiry System)

WMTI Women's Management Training Initiative

WNPSC Western Program Service Center, SSA

WOC Workplan Objective Code

WOCN Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses

WORKGP Work Group Membership Tracking System

WPA Whistleblower Protection Act

WPA Works Progress Administration

WPC Washington Publishing Company

WWMCCS World Wide Military Command & Control System

WY Workyear (formerly manyear)

XA Extended Architecture Operation System (SSA)

XAC Cross Reference Account Code

XCN Executive Control Number

XCOM External Communications System

XDE Extended Development Environment

XDP Extended Data Processing

XDR Extended Data Representation

XID Exchange Identifier

XIV Title 14 Grants to States for Aid to the Permanently & Totally Disabled

XIX Title 19 Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs (MAA)

XIXED Title 19 Entitlement Date

XL Excelerator (CASE tool software)

XLD Excelerator Dictionary

XMBA Executive Masters in Business Administration

XMS Cross Memory Services

XMT Transmit

XMTL Transmittal

XQA Expanded Quality Assurance

XRAN Cross Reference Account Number

XVI Title 16 Grants to States for Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled or Aid & Medical Assistance for the

XVIII Title 18 Medicare

XX Title 20 State operated home health care entitlement program

XXI Title 21 State Child Health Program

Y2K Year 2000

YOB Year of Birth

YR Year

YTD YearToDate

YYYY Year (i.e., mmddyyyy)

ZBB Zero Base Budgeting (OMB Circular A115)

ZD Zero Defects

ZI Zonal Index

ZIP Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP Codes)

ZIP+4 9 digit ZIP Code Plan

ZO Zero Overpricing

ZST Zone Standard Time

ZULU Greenwich Mean Time

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European Commission International Federation of Translators Asociace konferenčních tlumočníků v ČR Komora soudních tlumočníků ČR Česká komora tlumočníků znakového jazyka Obec překladatelů Svaz českých knihkupců a nakladatelů Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze Filozofická fakulta UMB v Banskej Bystrici Svět knihy Opus arabicum Slovenská spoločnosť prekladateľov odbornej literatúry Pražský Literární Dům iLiteratura STAR Group Paraple Centrum


JTP je nezávislá, dobrovolná, profesní organizace profesionálních tlumočníků a překladatelů otevřená všem, kteří chtějí podpořit její činnost. JTP byla založena v roce 1990, aby hájila profesní, pracovně právní a sociální zájmy svých řádných členů, napomáhala jim k dalšímu vzdělávání, propagovala je na trhu práce a informovala je o pracovních příležitostech. JTP dbá na povznesení společenské prestiže profese i kvality překladu a tlumočení. JTP je členem Mezinárodní federace překladatelů FIT.



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