Jiří Lonský


Location: Moravian-Silesian Region

Source language(s)

  • English
  • Czech

Target language(s)

  • English
  • Czech


  • Medicine

Software and hardware

  • SDL Trados Studio2021
  • SDL MultiTerm2021
  • MemSource
  • XTM
  • TWS XliffEditor
  • LTB
  • HSTE
  • ApSICXbench

About me

Professional experience: Summary of medicine, pharma and life sciences projects 2012–2018.

Project category Words (x 103)
Medical records: hospital discharge summaries; medical, hospital, patient transfer, examination, laboratory and autopsy reports 60 288
Medical technology: operation and maintenance manuals to medical and laboratory systems, devices and equipment 1,383 86
Medical publications: abstracts and articles for publication; published articles 73 173
Clinical trials – patient facing: informed consent forms and information sheets; patient diaries, reported outcomes; QoL questionnaires, scales, instruments 655 153
Clinical trials – physician facing: case report forms, clinical study reports, investigator’s brochures, protocols 604 186
Clinical trials – regulatory: regulatory authorities decisions, ethics committees materials, core letters, educational materials 139 140
Clinical trials – agreements: clinical trial agreements, investigator and specialist agreements, medical device loan agreements, deeds of donation 288 139
Medicinal products: product information leaflets, summary of product characteristics, labels, pharmacological reports, prescribing information 150 56
Science: non-medical articles for publication; scientific and research institutions reports, texts and websites; patent documentation 4 32


Across all categories, I process about 600,000 words of proofreading, revision, validation and harmonization combined for every 1,000,000 words of translation.

On average, three quarters of my output are from EN to CZ, and one quarter is from CZ to EN.

Contact me

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Contact details

  • +420 731307597
  • Palackého 168, 738 01 Frýdek-Místek