Considering joining JTP but wondering what the benefits are?

  • Use the JTP site to promote your services to help customers find you.
  • All JTP events, training courses and seminars are either free or offered at a deep discount to JTP members.
  • Got a remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) job and need hardware? Use JTP’s.
  • Members receive the quarterly magazine ‘ToP’ (Tlumočení/Překlad) and regular industry updates (in Czech). 
  • You can join the JTP mentoring program.
  • JTP runs a Facebook group and a Google Group with access restricted to JTP members only. 
  • The JTP library includes five thousand publications, mostly dictionaries, covering most conceivable language and fields. Available to JTP members and students only.
  • As JTP is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT), you can enjoy membership discounts on events hosted by other FIT member organisations such as BDÜ, CBTI and others. 
  • JTP member discounts are offered by leading developers of dictionaries, software and other tools used by interpreters and translators.
  • Every year JTP hosts professional and social events that help you network with your linguist peers. 
  • Want to attend a professional event in the Czech Republic or another country, but the costs put it just out of reach? You may qualify for JTP funding support. 

There are three levels of JTP membership:

Full membership is open to full-time interpreters and/or translators. The full annual membership fee is


Discounted membership is open to part-time interpreters and/or translators – those who have another primary occupation or are pensioners. The discounted annual membership fee is 


Associate membership is open to translation and interpreting students who are not professionals yet and to former translators and interpreters who have fully retired. Associate members enjoy all member benefits except voting at General Meetings and being listed in the JTP member database. The annual fee for associate members is 


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    *) JTP members may join the JTP Trade Union (OSJTP) free of charge. For more about OSJTP, click here.