Our mission

1. We are elevating the profile of the interpreting and translation profession

Why? The work of interpreters and translators is still overlooked and sometimes considered superfluous, even though it not only facilitates but often enables communication between individuals and groups.

How? We post information about our profession on all platforms available to us, participate in events for professionals and the general public, and publish recommendations for users of interpretation and translation services.

2. Connecting generations of interpreters and translators

Why? We believe that each generation has something to pass on, some way in which they can help others. We try to prevent generation gaps.

How? We organise professional and social events where members of all generations can come together and mingle.

3. We provide information about current events in the field

Why? As we strongly believe that up-to-date information benefits the profession, JTP aims to make it easy for members to get access to information.

How? We publish the quarterly magazine ‘ToP’ (Tlumočení/Překlad) and regular industry updates to keep members abreast of events in the Czech Republic and abroad, sourcing information from the network of contacts JTP has built up over the years. We invite local and international experts to give talks and seminars.

4. We support new interpreters and translators and increase the knowledge and skills of established interpreters and translators

Why? By supporting individuals in growing professionally, we improve the overall quality of the industry.

How? We organise training events especially for newcomers to the profession, but also for veteran interpreters and translators. We cooperate with institutions teaching translation studies — students, teachers, and researchers – and we have developed a mentoring system. We also organise professional events for the general public.

5. We are strengthening the market position of interpreters and translators and are helping to educate the market

Why? Interpreters and translators must be and must remain in touch with current developments in the field.

How? We motivate industry professionals to attend local and international conferences (we provide travel grants), and we hold competitions that promote the quality of our work.

6. We advise members in disputes with customers and employers

Why? When faced with a dispute, interpreters and translators often find the cards are stacked against them and they need support.

How? We work towards mediating an amicable solution between the two parties and provide legal assistance when necessary.

7. We promote cooperation among and network with professional translation and interpretation associations

Why? Our principle is that cooperation, not competition, is empowering, productive, and positive.

How? We share information, provide discounts for each other’s members, organise joint events and much more.

8. We are a meeting place

Why? The majority of interpreters and translators work as freelancers and are not part of any larger office or team.

How? We regularly organise social events , such as parties, trips, and sightseeing tours, where members have a chance to meet each other in person.