The representative bodies of JTP are elected for a three-year term of office by the General Meeting.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

The members of the Executive Committee elected for the period 2021–2024 are:

Amalaine Diabová

President and Board Member (Statutory Representative)

diabova@jtpunion.org, ama.diab@seznam.cz
+420 604 449 691

Conference interpreter (Czech, French, Arabic and English).
Founding member of JTP, accredited interpreter for European institutions, member of AIIC and ASKOT.
President of JTP since 2002.

Edita Jiráková

Vice-President and Board Member (Statutory Representative)


Conference, court and audio-visual interpreter and translator (Czech, English, Russian and Mongolian). Member of ASKOT, the Chamber of Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic, and the Association of Teachers of Czech as a Foreign Language.
Member of the initiative For a Better Law on Court Interpreters and Translators.

Petr Kautský

Secretary (Statutory Representative and Board Member)


Conference interpreter and translator (Czech and Italian). Honorary member of JTP and editor-in-chief of ‘ToP’ magazine. Organises St. Jerome’s Days. Represents JTP on the management committee for the building on Senovážné Square.

Tomáš Svoboda

Committee and Board Member
(cooperation with institutes of higher education, quality certification)


Translator (Czech, German and English), teacher at the Institute of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University. Organizes the JTP competition for the best master’s/bachelor’s thesis in translation studies (SOUND).

Andreas Weber

Committee and Board Member


Interpreter and translator (German and Czech).

Alena Šourková

Committee and Board Member


Interpreter and translator (Czech, English and German). Secretary of the Dictionary of the Year competition. Organises walks in the countryside and visits to heritage sites.

The JTP Board is a wider management body that decides on important issues that arise between general meetings.

In addition to the members of the Executive Committee listed above, the Members of the Board are:

Katarzyna Filgasová – Board Member


Conference and court interpreter and translator (Polish and Czech). Organises most JTP courses.

Vladimíra Hudáková – Board Member for the Slovak Republic


Court interpreter and translator (Slovak, French, Italian and Czech).

Monika Martinková – Board Member for Moravia and Silesia


Translator (Czech, English, German and Polish). Member of JTP since 1999, organises occasional meetings of translators, interpreters and university teachers in Ostrava.

Miroslav Pošta – Board Member for audio-visual translation


Translator (English and Swedish), teacher, and head of the audio-visual translators’ working group. Member of JTP since 2019.

Gabriela Ganczarczyk – Board Member

ganczarczyk@jtpunion.org, gabinaga@seznam.cz
+420 608 545 375

Translator (Polish and Czech), teacher of Polish.

René Durčák – Board Member


Conference interpreter (French and Czech).

The Auditing Committee oversees the financial management of JTP.

Its members are:

Lenka Martinková


Conference and court interpreter and translator (Czech and German).

Andrej Rády


Conference and court interpreter and translator (Slovak, Czech, Finnish and German). Honorary member and founder of JTP, President of JTP from 1990 to 2002.

Barbora Stejskalová

stejskalova@jtpunion.org, barbora_s@seznam.cz

+420 736 420 175

Interpreter and translator (Czech, Norwegian and English). Worked in the diplomatic service from 1999 to 2013.


Jana Hašková

(+420) 224 142 312